FOR SALE:   1939 ?Francis Barnett posted by: Richard on 5/26/2007 at 6:21:02 PM
I have a rolling chassis for a 1939? Francis Barnett motorbike . Drop in a motor and tank and away you go .$200US + actual shipping .email for pics .

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   make and model posted by: deng on 5/20/2007 at 8:18:52 PM
hello, i want to know who build this engine, (year) model, specification or any information regarding this bicycle engine that i have. thanxxxxx


   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   make and model posted by Mike Schneider on 5/22/2007 at 9:40:20 AM
Looks like a Tanaka B-1 - Jim Wislon recently rebuilt one you can connact him at

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   make and model posted by dorell on 8/29/2007 at 5:22:58 PM
its not starting n iton my bike

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Marman 1948 posted by: Doug on 5/20/2007 at 6:23:27 PM
I hate to think about this but I may have to sell my 1948 Marman. I have the original title to it and the belt guard that is not in the picture. I have been told that the value was around $2000 without the belt guard but I do have that. If anyone is serious about this please email me. I have another project that needs some funds and this would be the only way to get it. I will know for sure in about a week if I need to sell it or if I get a very fair offer it might be sold anyway.
York, PA

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Marman 1948 posted by Ed on 7/14/2007 at 1:20:57 PM
I am interested in your Motor Bike .. I am in Pittsburgh and can pick it up call me 412-559-6880 anytime Thanks

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Carb. and wiring diagram for a 1978 free spirit posted by: Nick on 5/14/2007 at 10:04:24 AM
Hi i have a 1978 free spirit moped and i was wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram because some of the wires got pulled out of the plastic wiring box and also how many turns out does the idle on the carb. come out? thanks

MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   whizzer engine displacement 1951 posted by: dave on 5/9/2007 at 1:16:04 PM
I had a 1951 Whizzer motorbike when I was a kid, built on a Schwinn frame with 26" wheels. It had magneto lights, a front brake that didn't work, and two tailpipes: one flexible chrome and another louder pipe that was long, solid and chrome plated. What was its engine displacement? Were all Whizzers 49cc or less? I seem to remember it could generate 3 HP.

   RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   whizzer engine displacement 1951 posted by Geo. on 5/10/2007 at 9:20:37 PM
I believe they are all 148 cc.