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Archived: English Roadsters

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Competition posted by: Wings on 12/1/2000 at 8:07:28 PM
Now you must know that I was very happy riding my Varsity from 1964 to 1986 - for $35 it got me everywhere I wanted to go so I never looked at higher end bikes! So I therefore only know of higher end bikes from what I read here!

Today I was given a Raleigh Competition (Black paint).
Reynolds 531 tubes.
Reynolds 531 fork.
Normandy Deluxe Competion hubs.
AVA Rims (sew ups) (I only found a sticker on the rim-no writing --What are they? I vever heard of them.)
Huret derailers and downtube shifters.
TA Crank (2 chain rings) (10 speed)
Weiman Brakes
Condition = Approx. 8 to 8.5

What do I have? What is its approximate value?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Competition posted by willie leong on 12/1/2000 at 8:28:17 PM
This sounds like a mid-high sports/racer from the early-mid 1970's. Can't guess the valus, used racing bikes, even very high quality ones, do not seem to sell for much

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Competition posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 12/2/2000 at 9:36:51 AM
Well it is a 531 bike and 531 isn't offered anymore, it seems the new owners of Reynolds tubing do not make it anymore. It is not the best that Raleigh made but it isn't a bad bike either. I have a color catalog of the bike, I don't think it was top of the line in it's day. Too bad it doesn't have Campy equipment. Not bad for free though.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Competition posted by Sheldon Brown on 12/2/2000 at 9:52:25 AM
It was 3rd from the top. If you have the Huret Jubilee derailers, they are quite valuable if in good shape...more valuable than the more common Campagnolo NR, because these were the all-time light weight champs.

I've got one of these frames which I've made into a sort-of "Raleigh Sports that died and went to heaven" It's got a Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub, lightweight 700C wheels, aluminium all-rounder handlebars, Shimano 323 SPD/cage pedals, Brooks Champion Flyer saddle, gold-anodized Stronglight crankset and gold Mafac brake calipers.

There's a picture of it at http://sheldonbrown.com/journal/journal-0003.html#042600 but it has been changed a bit since then. It now has somewhat thinner tires (Panaracer Roll-y Pol-y) that let me install black ESGE fenders, and a Brooks Touring bag.

It's a pretty cool bike, with some of the flavor of a Raleigh Sports, but considerably higher performance.

MISC:   NEW RECORD!!!! 8 months without a single adjustment!!! posted by: Wes K on 12/1/2000 at 4:06:51 PM
Greetings to all my fellow planetary gearheads!!! I have been riding
my Raleigh Sport for 8 months now and have not had to do anything but
check tyre pressure and put a couple drops of oil in the hub! Of course,
having said this the bike will completely fall to bits the next time I
ride it!! But seriously, I've never been able to go that long on a bike which
gets ridden as frequently as that. The brakes haven't even needed a touch-up, and
the cables are the original ribbed type. All I've done is oiled!!!
Raleigh, truely perfection engineered!!!!!

FOR SALE:   Brooks B72 posted by: Wendell on 12/1/2000 at 11:37:45 AM
I have a Brooks B72 Brown off a 1969 Sport. I want a B66 Honey. The saddle I have is in really nice shape. It has been used but it is not dried out. Anyone interested in this sadlle for trade or sale please e-mail me. Thanks!

AGE / VALUE:   SOURCE OF BICYCLE TOOLS posted by: Albert on 12/1/2000 at 8:39:35 AM
A question for the planetary community: Can anyone recommend a source of bicycle tools? The Third Hand, a mail order company in Oregon, is scheduled to go out of business in March and I'm looking for a new source. The tools I would be interested in would be other than those available Nashbar, etc.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SOURCE OF BICYCLE TOOLS posted by bicyclepriest on 12/1/2000 at 12:31:26 PM
Bummer that the third hand is going out of business. They had
some unique tools. Another comparable one is www.bikepartsusa.com
maybe they have what you need. maybe not

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SOURCE OF BICYCLE TOOLS posted by Sheldon Brown on 12/1/2000 at 2:37:38 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SOURCE OF BICYCLE TOOLS posted by ChristopherRobin on 12/2/2000 at 9:41:39 AM
You just had to go and remind me about the impending loss of Third Hand didn't you? Order something before they are gone.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Part for DL-1 chaincase posted by: Leon on 11/30/2000 at 8:50:26 AM
Not sure where to turn but I'm missing the lid for the "peek-a-boo" window" for a DL-1 chaincase. I suspect that this part is easily lost or simply laid aside and forgotten. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Part for DL-1 chaincase posted by: Leon on 11/30/2000 at 8:50:26 AM
Not sure where to turn but I'm missing the lid for the "peek-a-boo" window" for a DL-1 chaincase. I suspect that this part is easily lost or simply laid aside and forgotten. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Part for DL-1 chaincase posted by Paul R. on 12/1/2000 at 5:10:54 AM
This part is commonly missing from the full chaincases. I have made passable replicas for some of my bikes out of thin aluminum, the main difference being the absence of the raised rib on the original. I could send you a sketch if you are interested in this approach.

WANTED:   Grips for 69 Raleigh Sport posted by: thetoyking on 11/29/2000 at 7:04:34 PM
I have a question and a request. I was wondering what the correct grips for a 69 Sport would be. If you have info please drop me a line or if you have a NOS set to sell. Thanks!

   RE:WANTED:   Grips for 69 Raleigh Sport posted by thetoyking on 12/1/2000 at 11:49:27 AM
Still need that info! Would someone please tell me what color the grips are for a 69 Bronze Green sport. Any suggestions would be helpful

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Grips for 69 Raleigh Sport posted by phil on 12/2/2000 at 7:21:28 AM
I have 2 early 1970 Sports, both have black ribbed grips, that I'm sure are original.. My 1967 Sprite has replacement grips on it. That's the closest I can come.

   RE:WANTED:   Grips for 69 Raleigh Sport posted by Dale Oswald on 12/7/2000 at 10:01:19 AM
My Superbe had grey shock grips (the ones with the vertical ribs.) It also had grey cables. This was on a green bike, color of trim might have changed with frame color. This was before I worked in a Raleigh shop so I don't know any more.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Delights of originality posted by: dave on 11/28/2000 at 6:15:41 PM
Just wanted to share this with my fellow enthusiasts: a couple of years ago I bought a 1941 Raleigh Club Sport at an auction in England. It was claimed to have been used for less than 100 miles before the owner marched off to fight for King and country, never to return.
It needed a minimum of tidying and had the most beautifully shaped set of drop handlebars you'll ever see, a Wright Olympic saddle, S-A rear wheel dynamo and other neat stuff. Being a believer in using and enjoying machinery, whether vintage cars or vintage bikes, I took this Raleigh for a ride about 2 months ago.
Folks, it was hard to believe how smooth this bike was. Not a single noise, squeak, click, clack, nothing...like riding on a two-wheeled magic carpet with beautifully spaced ratios. It's astonishing how much quality and pleasure Raleigh packed into such bicycles for so little money. You can't beat the feel of originality no matter what amount of
restoration you do. I love this bike...

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Delights of originality posted by WIngs on 11/28/2000 at 10:44:23 PM
I guess you are saying: "It rides just like a Schwinn!"

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Delights of originality posted by Randy on 12/1/2000 at 1:23:20 PM
Dave, could you put up some pictures of this bike somewhere, please? I'd love to see it.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Delights of originality posted by ChristopherRobin on 12/2/2000 at 9:54:05 AM
Wonderful bike, a little gem there you have and it's great you appreciate it and welcome to our little group! It is unfortunate the owner did not return home to enjoy this bike more. A lot of good people sacrificed and died to defend the things they loved, held dear to their hearts, and believed in. You hold a piece of history in your hands. I think the man would want you to ride it and enjoy yourself.

AGE / VALUE:   Crank length question posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 11/28/2000 at 3:49:11 PM
Check out E-bay item #1103046117.This is not my bike, and I have a question. This bike appears to have 7 inch cranks but this is a 26 inch wheel machine not a 28 inch wheel version. Shouldn't this have the shorter cranks?(6 inch cranks) Were you able to choose diffrent lengths with this model or not? Does it matter? I mean is this safe and/or correct? What happens if you have the crank down and you make a radical leaning turn? I mean you should know how to turn and everything, but still. I doubt if the wrong length was installed but then again I hardly ever see long cranks on this size wheel frame. Take a look at these cranks and tell me what you think. Perhaps I am wrong but I always thought you shouldn't put 7 inch or larger cranks on a 26 inch wheel bike.

The shifter is a 3 or 4 speed but is a version not seen too much. I only have one, and I've been hunting trigger shifters. Nice bike!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Crank length question posted by Paul R. on 12/1/2000 at 5:35:43 AM
Good eye! I agree that the ground clearance during cornering would be quite minimal. I suspect some parts swapping was done on this bike as it has later grips and pedals. It is interesting bike just the same. There is actually a virtual plethora of rod braked full chaincase bikes on eBay right now - four at last count! The green men's 26" Superbe (Dawn Tourist model with 21" frame) is pretty rare. I have a 23" frame version that is one of my favorite bikes to ride. I would like to have the green plastic pump which the eBay bike has...these are tough to find too!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Crank length question posted by ChristopherRobin on 12/2/2000 at 9:55:57 AM
I have a color catalog and the picture of the green Dawn tourist had me saying "Wow, look at that!"

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Crank length question posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 12/5/2000 at 4:26:59 PM
I have never seen these particular Stainless Steel rims before!! Not this pattern. I knew they made stainless steel spokes and the lightweight 27 X 1 1/4 rims were stainless but I never have seen these rims offered in stainless and these are beauties! That is not to say they never made them because this photo proves I have not seen everything they made over the years. Not by a long shot. I'll bet the key is missing. It is a lovely shade of green and it makes me so sad to see this in a state of partial decay. That one chainstay doesn't look too good. The cranks on this particular bike the green model look correct. Still it has survived intact.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   refurbished bottom bracket spindles posted by: Bill Putnam on 11/28/2000 at 8:23:26 AM
If anyone is interested, I have a friend who can turn the
bearing surfaces smooth on bottom bracket spindles. I have
been unable to locate new original replacement spindles for my
Raleigh Sports, and this may be a way to extend the life of
the original spindles. He charges $12.50 per spindle plus
shipping to/from Madison, WI, USA. I can e mail anyone a
photo of a refurbished spindle if they're interested.
If your BB cups are usable, this is a less expensive option
than a Phil Wood BB.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   refurbished bottom bracket spindles posted by ChristopherRobin on 11/28/2000 at 4:03:44 PM
I have seen people do the same thing to bottom bracket cups too. I do not think you could have a machinist turn out a new spindle for 12.50 plus shipping.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   refurbished bottom bracket spindles posted by Bill Putnam on 11/29/2000 at 6:25:46 AM
The machinist will turn the bearing surfaces on a used
spindle for US $12.50 +S&H, not fabricate a new one. I've
been thinking of how to do the cups-you would run the risk
of damaging the threads if you put it in a 3 jaw chuck, but
I suppose a collet lathe might do o.k. Otherwise, if you
had a tube with the correct 26 tpi internal threads you
could screw the cup into the tube and then turn the bearing
surface. I have found more cups to be in good condition
than spindles though.

   ChristopherRobin's thoughts on  refurbished bottom bracket spindles posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 12/2/2000 at 11:08:20 AM
A while ago, before the internet I chased this subject, this led me to kind of a dead end. I phoned Raleigh England for a brief chat and I had a discussion with somebody on the shop floor about 26 T.P.I. cups and cones. I asked direct questions and got a polite, truthful and direct reply. I wanted new front hub cones with the shoulders on them like on origonal Raleigh parts. The Raleigh man told me that they hadn't used 26 T.P.I. b.b. in like 30 years but I said the 1980 Raleigh Tourist had 26 T.P.I. and surely with all the millions of bikes out there they must of had some lying about.He said that they switched to 24 and had been for some time. That the area where older parts were kept wasn't that large that they had to clean it up and that the Notts Police has bought up spares and that it was discontinued stuff. Perhaps the older parts were in some wharehouse or old shop or likely now in landfil. My 1987 Raleigh Tourist,( one of the last 5 to leave the factory in 1988-89) had 24 T.P.I. brackets. I forget about what he said regarding the shouldered front hub cones. I do not know what happened to the tooling that made it. (Scraped or modified) I asked why some small number of old parts were not produced to satisfy people asking for spares. He said that there were nowhere not enough people like myself wanting these parts. That it was obsolete now, unprofitable to make, stock only to have it sit. Also that companies didn't do what doesn't pay. 24 T.P.I. worked for them and there were other reasons for the switch also. The man had to run and somebody gave me an adress for this unrelated shop where the guy wanted like 60 pounds sterling to refurbish your old bottom bracket cups! I called wondering if he was in possession of old Raleigh tooling but he was not. He did not have hardly any spares and if he knew where to get them he wasn't telling.

Another thing is removing the bottombracket fixed cup. Raleigh didn't get enough requests for this old tool, they couldn't help me. Sheldon discusses this and his site is perhaps the best or one of the best for us. There is the Stein tool I hear about but I had a friend machine me a tool on lunch hour but I used it so much it is now useless having lost it's accuracy. I haven't gotten around to making a new one and what Sheldon reccommends works anyway so why bother? Raleigh were troupers when it came to supplying replacement parts but the market changed, Nobody really does this anymore. They sold replacement parts and tools for years but this type stuff ran out, became obsolete, things changed and moved on with the company offering new bikes and most componets were no longer made in house.
Hub gear spares are offered by enthusiasts and a very small number of parts for older hubs can be bought.

The Raleigh's did not comeback into vogue like the Schwinn Stingray did(lowrider bike craze) except for English Chopper fans and 30 something guys wanting a Stingray or similar interest in the balloon tire Schwinn Black Phantoms.The old Schwinn design gave birth to the Mountain bike with sharp, innovative people like Fisher and Kelly and others. This kind of thing didn't really happen with Raleigh's products did it?

I would love to see somebody take an old Raleigh and modify it into the next mountain bike! Somebody new and a whole new product to be the next hot thing to have. The next light alloy scooter.

Schwinn came out with a (new) Black Phantom and Diamond chain is using old tooling to offer again the skip tooth chain but I don't think Raleigh ever did a re-make of one of their classics. Why is this? It's hard to say. You would think the people making bikes in India, and Africa e.t.c would be making inroads to places like this but not yet if ever. Raleigh would offer replacement enclosed chainguards and similar parts like Schwinn has but perhaps it wouldn't pay. Now with the internet and e-bay things have changed and improved too. We aew lucky we can get what Schwinn does offer like slicks and other retro parts. Did the retro craze take hold in Europe? Raleigh doesn't mine their heritage as much as Schwinn has but things were diffrent over there with Raleigh. You can get wonderful Raleigh postcards however. Perhaps it wouldn't have paid for them to do what Schwinn did. Schwinn was bought up and in the hands of fresh hands and resources, Raleigh was not. The old Nottingham factory stood longer than the Schwinn factory did. I have a video where Keith Kingbay walks by the field and he is saying he could just cry to think we had perhaps the best bicycle factory here in Chicago. The bicycle buisness is cutthroat, wild and wooly. If you have an interest in the old stuff, and the history behind it the journey gets mysterious and bumpy when you take a liking and an interest in something as bicycles old and new.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   any infomation posted by: bicyclepriest on 11/28/2000 at 7:36:32 AM
My wife picked up a bicycle at a yard sale the other day while
she was at her mothers for thanksgiving. She did not have enough
room to bring it home so I am frantically waiting to see it.
She said it was made in England and had a Sturmey-Archer three
speed. She said the name of the bike was "Dawes Kingpin". Has
any one ever heard of this make of bike? Any worth?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   any infomation posted by ChristopherRobin on 11/28/2000 at 3:32:59 PM
Wasn't the Dawes Kingpin a folding bike? I think it was.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   any infomation posted by Wings on 11/28/2000 at 10:47:26 PM
You have been blessed with a fantastic woman!!!!

AGE / VALUE:   3 speed Raleigh posted by: Bill on 11/28/2000 at 6:06:36 AM
I recently bought a Ladies model 3 speed Raleigh at a garage sale.
I am trying to determine it's age. It is a Raleigh LTD-3. The serial
number under the seat post reads 140446. The hub does not appear to
have a number like the ones I have seen. It does have a small
indented sideways number 12 4. The badge and all the decals read
made in England. Has anyone heard of this model? It is blue
colored, rides nicely.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   3 speed Raleigh posted by Another Bill on 11/28/2000 at 11:48:51 AM
That 12 is probably a '72', so the year would be 1972.
The LTD was a lower-end Raleigh.

Hope this helps.

AGE / VALUE:   3 speed Raleigh posted by: Bill on 11/28/2000 at 6:06:36 AM
I recently bought a Ladies model 3 speed Raleigh at a garage sale.
Ia m trying to determine it's ge. It is a Raleigh LTD-3. The serial
number under the seat post reads 140446. The hub does not appear to
have a number like the ones I have seen. It does have a small
indented sideways number 12 4. The badge and all the decals read

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   3 speed Raleigh posted by Dale Oswald on 12/8/2000 at 10:50:43 AM
If memory serves me, the LTD had just been introduced in '72 or '73, and were still being sold in '75. I don't know how long they were sold after that.

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Twenty posted by: Aaron Perrott on 11/27/2000 at 6:33:46 AM
I have recently aquired a near perfect folding twenty for
free, and am wondering what it's value is. It is metallic
rootbeer brown, 3-spd, and perfectly original. Also,
where can I get fenders and a chain cover?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Twenty posted by Wings on 11/28/2000 at 1:51:45 AM
I also have a Raleigh twenty folder.
They seem to be selling between $200 and $300 on Ebay. There was one on Ebay recently -- check the old listings for price.
Check the previous posts here as we have had 20 folder posts quite often. Check Sheldon Brown's web site for pictures and modifications on his twenty folder.
I was going to sell mine, but I have decided to modify it and ride it!

AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Saddles posted by: Hilary Stone on 11/25/2000 at 8:15:44 AM
The good news is that Brooks Saddles has been saved. See text of press release below.

Hilary Stone

Press Release

Brooks Saddles free to build on fine heritage in £1 Million acquisition

The management team of Brooks, makers of fine leather bicycle saddles have
acquired the business from the liquidators of its parent company, Sturmey
Archer Ltd (in liquidation) of Nottingham.

Brooks, based at Smethwick, Birmingham had always been a separate
manufacturing centre from its parent company and so the team will be
straight back into production on Monday 6th November.

The acquisition was supported by private investors from within the bicycle
industry who have a high regard for the quality saddles that Brooks produce.
Brooks saddles sell to over 180 companies world wide with over 85% of
production going to discerning customers overseas. The saddles are used on a
comprehensive range of cycles including traditional and contemporary styled
bikes, touring cycles, tandems and performance road bikes.

Brooks Managing Director, Gordon Nixon is delighted to be back at work with
his loyal team of craftsmen, saying "We were deeply shocked when our parent
company went into liquidation through no fault of our own. Brooks was
founded in Birmingham over 130 years ago and we have always been immensely
proud of our heritage. We are now thankfully free to continue to build on
our reputation as the finest bicycle saddle maker in the world. We are
extremely grateful for all the support we have received, especially from our
customers who have stood by us and who have today, on our first day back,
given us orders in excess of a months production."

The acquisition of Brooks was overseen by Paul Bennett of the law firm
George Green (of Cradley Heath), acting with the investors in conjunction
with James Grenfell of Birmingham based Corporate Financiers, Invex Partners
Ltd. Banking facilities are being provided by HSBC, Birmingham.

----- * -----

Release: Immediate

For further information please call Gordon Nixon at Brooks - tel: 0121 565
- fax: 0121 565 1630

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Saddles posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 11/25/2000 at 8:52:50 AM
This is what a lot of people all over the world were wishing for. We were hoping that it would be saved somehow and this is happy news. Our grateful thanks go to all the people who made the various efforts to put the rescue into effect. A pat on the back and a round of applause is deserved.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Saddles posted by Kevin C. on 11/25/2000 at 8:26:49 PM
God saved the King (of bicycle saddles)!