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Archived: English Roadsters

FOR SALE:   More NOS Brit bits posted by: Ray on 2/6/2001 at 5:40:10 AM
Have posted more British bicycle NOS parts on ebay under my seller name of Wheelman@nac.net check it out and finish that project before spring.

   RE:FOR SALE:   More NOS Brit bits posted by Ray on 2/9/2001 at 8:08:07 AM

AGE / VALUE:   Rebuilding the Hercules posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 2/5/2001 at 2:36:48 PM
Awful horrible rust! I hate it! I took the handlebars off and am going to give them a good scrubbing and they should come out looking surprisingly good. British chrome is wonderful! I sprayed the fittings with amonia and let it sit awhile. I see this model in one of my color foldout booklets and then I put down the sheet and look at the remains of the example before me and I ask What happened to the lousy fenders(mudguards)? Where is the syncro switch? All the lovely gold box lining is gone! Completely wiped away except this one little bitthat was hidden underneath the rod brake hardware. Iv'e been gathering bottom bracket parts and headset fittings and I have set of fenders and so it is coming along nicely.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rebuilding the Hercules posted by mark gray on 2/16/2001 at 2:18:07 PM
i have a herculese bicycle (circa 1930)(1 unessemballed from maker), can you send me a picture/photo

AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A.Partrooper bicycle handlebar grips posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 2/5/2001 at 7:06:41 AM
These are the handlebar grips that go to the B.S.A. Paratrooper bicycle. Exactly except the these do not have the three piled rifles and the B.S.A. letters. These are not seen offered to much and these are mint condition. A lot of English bikes had these grips. Perfect to complete that project! (Not my auction, no relation to seller)

Item # 554363437 2 Pair NOS Bicycle grips Raleigh Hercules

MISC:   update on Dawes Kingpin posted by: bicyclepriest on 2/4/2001 at 1:51:49 PM
update on 11/28/00 thread on Dawes Kingpin. Nice bike. twenty inch. There must have been a folding and nonfolding version like the Raleigh Twenty. I have the nonfolding version. Will refurbish and give to my spouse. These english bike feel very solid and sure. Has SA 3-speed with "79" stamped on it. Stainless steel fenders. Sort of a light blue color.

AGE / VALUE:   swap meet in NZ posted by: Paul on 2/4/2001 at 12:02:33 PM
I'm organizing a swap meet, display and ride. In Thames, New Zealand March !0th. If Any one will be here on holiday? Lots of 28" bikes and bits and pieces( new old mudguards still in there wrapping, Tyres Etc) There will also be a get together of the old racers from the 1930s-40s. E-mail me for more info.

AGE / VALUE:   Stop! But How? History, developement and design of the bicycle brake posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 2/4/2001 at 11:56:09 AM
E mail me for a copy of an excellent copy of an article on the history of bicycle brakes.

AGE / VALUE:   help i have a western flyer bike posted by: rob on 2/4/2001 at 10:35:39 AM
help i have a old western flyer bike and i have the serial numbers but i dont know how or where to look to find the age or vaule of it it .it has the original lights but not the generator for it original seat and all original paint ect... wanting to find value of it to finance a new hobby had it for a long time now and rather the new hobby any help would be appreiciated thank you please email me with response thanks again

AGE / VALUE:   phillips on ebay posted by: sam on 2/3/2001 at 7:59:36 PM
Not mine,wish it were.I did enjoy lookin at this one!check out ebay # 553395587---sam P.S. if any of you go to the move"Finding Forrester"check out the poster for me.The one that was given to me shows the bike in reverse,are they all that way?

   Finding Forrester posted by John E on 2/4/2001 at 7:26:53 PM
My wife and I greatly enjoyed Finding Forrester this weekend. The lobby poster at our local 1928-vintage single screen art-deco La Paloma Theater ("where the theater is part of the show") had the correct parity, with the Raleigh Tourist's drive on the right side. For the most part, Sean Connery practiced reasonable vehicular cycling, except when he went the wrong way on a one-way-street.

   RE:Finding Forrester posted by ChristopherRobin on 2/5/2001 at 6:47:20 AM
Perhaps they did this on purpose. I mean, in the story the man was a hermit who never went out of the apartment. Good eye, I didn't catch that.

FOR SALE:   RALEIGH SPORTS posted by: Robert on 2/3/2001 at 6:22:01 PM
This is a mens 26" model as best as I can tell, with a really nice green paint job(original). This bike is complete. This is the 3 speed with kick back brake (Sturmey 74 4 s3c), the front brake being the standard lever action. The tires are sun rotted, but otherwise this is a real beauty. This bike will be sold as is. Buyer will pay shipping and handling costs from San Diego, Calif. all interested parties please either post here or email me directly. Thanks.


   RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH SPORTS posted by Jason on 2/5/2001 at 10:08:49 AM
What was your asking price? You did not list it.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH SPORTS posted by Robert on 2/5/2001 at 3:16:48 PM
How about $150.00 ? Any takers?


   RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH SPORTS posted by Bob on 2/5/2001 at 7:17:25 PM
Robert -- email me, please. I'd like to discuss the Raleigh Sports. thanks, Bob

   RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH SPORTS posted by Robert on 2/10/2001 at 10:33:56 AM
Just a note. This bike has sold. Thank you.


FOR SALE:   RALEIGH TOURIST posted by: Robert on 2/3/2001 at 6:06:54 PM
This is the rod brake tourist. The bike is all original. I just picked this bike up last week. Paint has scratches, there is alot of surface rust on all chrome parts, but it will most likely come clean. The tire are 28" and are flat. I was going to clean the bike before selling but I have'nt the time. This is the 3 speed version with a Sturmey hub marked 78 5 AW. This will be sold as is, with the buyer paying the shipping and handling costs. Bike will be shipped from San Diego, Calif. Any interested parties please contact me by either posting here or emailing me directly. Thanks.


   RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH TOURIST posted by Jason on 2/5/2001 at 10:10:27 AM
I see there is no asking price here too. How much? Thanks.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH TOURIST posted by Robert on 2/5/2001 at 3:20:25 PM
I would part with this one for only $200 bucks. I will offer both bikes here first, then perhaps a bike swapmeet if they don't sell. Thanks for the inquery.


   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   RALEIGH TOURIST posted by Robert on 2/6/2001 at 9:37:27 PM
Well, so I decided to tackle the chrome anyway, and I was correct. That good 'ol Brit chrome came clean as a whistle. Perhaps a little scub would'nt hurt either. What! No takers yet???? What's a fella to do???

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dyno Luxe auxillary battery posted by: Bruce on 2/2/2001 at 4:45:58 PM
I have a 58 Raleigh Superbe 4-speed that is the best I've had. I sold all my other bikes to come up with the money to buy it. I am looking for some advice on the auxillary battery, both the lights work well but the battery does not. Is there somewhere I can find a battery to put in the case or does someone fix these? I live in Texas and it's hard to find anyone that can work on these British bicycles. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

   RE: Dyno Luxe auxillary battery posted by Sheldon Brown on 2/2/2001 at 7:18:02 PM
I believe they're meant for 3 normal "D" cells.

Sheldon Brown

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dyno Luxe auxillary battery posted by Brian Hayes on 2/2/2001 at 7:48:33 PM
The following link contains some wiring information about the dry battery unit and may prove helpful. It's a PDF file that'll take a while to download but may be worth the wait.
Please note that you'll have to substitute a tilde character before hadland to get the proper address because this forum converts the tilde to an apostrophe for some reason.


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dyno Luxe auxillary battery posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 2/3/2001 at 9:22:20 AM
Check out the Hadland site. You could not be in better hands. I have the same bicycle and all the paper manuels and so forth and I can try to help you if you need me to.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dyno Luxe auxillary battery posted by Bruce on 2/4/2001 at 7:30:02 AM
Brian, Christopher & Sheldon. thank you for the information and the site mentioned, I feel comfortable tackling this project now. Bruce (this site has a wealth of information)

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ROADSTER posted by: DON on 2/1/2001 at 1:17:30 PM
Hi. I stumbled across this site. don't know enough about bikes to be a regular, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about Indian bicycles. Were they made by the motorcycle company. worth? Also, I have an old schwinn collegiate from the mid 70"s. Wondering about the value there.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ROADSTER posted by Warren on 2/2/2001 at 6:51:22 AM
I don't know anything specific except that they are generally quite old. Bikes made by any of the traditional motorcycle companies also have a certain "cache" and are often very collectible and can be quite valuable in good condition.There are some Indian examples on the VVVintage picture database ranging from 1910 to around 1950. I really like the early example of the Indian Scout.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ROADSTER posted by Warren on 2/2/2001 at 8:10:03 AM
Not the Scout....the one with the Mohawk fender

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ROADSTER posted by Michael on 2/7/2001 at 6:20:50 AM
Hello, I just bought a Indian Scout bicycle. I researched the back ground on the Scout/Princess bicycles.
They were made in 1948 to 1953 by the Phillips bicycle company of England. Sold through the Indian motocycle company dealerships.
I've started a Indian bicycle club dedicated to these bicycles at the Yahoo site at:


Yo can go there to discuss these bikes and see the pictures posted there.


AGE / VALUE:   Rod type Avon cyles needed posted by: Steve on 1/31/2001 at 8:19:15 PM
I'm here in Southern California. I'm looking for Avon rod
type roadsters. I have a few Raleighs, and several Avon bikes
need 6 or more. used or needs work is fine, Looking for mens models
black, green, new , used ok. will pay according to condition
email me if you have pictures. Chinese, English, Indian versions
acceptable. steveignacio@earthlink.net. I need them february
2001, and maybe after that, but sooner is better. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rod type Avon cyles needed posted by Jim on 2/1/2001 at 7:14:21 PM
Call Derek of Recycled Sports of NH. He had a few last I knew and sold new models as well. His phone is 603.474.5695 Them him Jim from Bikeyard sent you.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rod type Avon cyles needed posted by jim on 2/1/2001 at 7:15:22 PM
should be tell him

AGE / VALUE:   Pleas Help me out here! posted by: Michael on 1/31/2001 at 6:04:20 PM
I have a FLEETWING ladies bicycle. It has a three speed sturmey and grip type shifter. It is CHROME. The serial number on the bike is as follows
Any information would be greatly apreciated!
Thanks Alot

AGE / VALUE:   Narrow section Westwood rims size 26 X 1 3/8 posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 1/31/2001 at 11:53:44 AM
This latest one is a Hercules rod brake bike with narrow section Westwood rims size 26 X 1 3/8 and as soon as I get these ancient Goodyear Rib G.T. tires off these rims and fit some modern high pressure gumwalls on it I will be flying down the street with this silly grin on my face. Oh, I love to ride these bike!! It's a nice shade of green and has an enclosed chaincase. I'll exchange the internals putting in four speed guts and keeping the shifter that came with this bike. First thing I looked at was the metal shifter to see if it was a 3/4 speed shifter and it is! This should have had the syncro shifter (Hercules own shifter) but it has a Sturmey instead and I'm not going to complain. This has the threaded driver because it is a Hercules. Hercules re-buildable pedals and Im a gonna be re building them! No fenders at moment but I can fix that because I have fenders somewhere. This has the Hercules H light bracket that some moron bent down but I bent it back up and cleaned it and it shines. Rims are true. The enclosed chaincase has a oil fitting a screw type plug underneath the bottom instead of on top like Raleigh did.I wonder why this is like this. The chaincase had the part there, it wasn't missing. I hate finding newer 1970's Schwinn or Union generator light sets on these bikes and they are the first to go with me scrambling to find a wrench in my box. They are good usable sets I just like it all British.

When did cycle makers first fit reflectors in the spokes in the wheels? I love the Hercules solid rubber pedal blocks but there are no reflectors there either.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Narrow section Westwood rims size 26 X 1 3/8 posted by sam on 2/3/2001 at 8:06:08 AM
Christopher,not sure of exact year that reflectors were added to wheels and pedals,but as I remember it was after 1975.It was part of bicycle laws passed to improve safty,the stick shifters on the top bars were outlawed at the same time--sam

   Reflectors posted by JimW. on 2/6/2001 at 6:11:16 PM
My all-original '73 Schwinn Connie has the spoke and pedal reflectors. I think they came in about '66, about the same time American cars started with amber front parking lights.