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Archived: English Roadsters

MISC:   Aluminum rims posted by: David on 10/10/2002 at 11:25:43 PM
I wonder how much interest there is in 32-hole aluminum alloy rims for Sports. Sun will do custom drilling for as few as 100 rims. Perhaps Vin would be interested in putting together an order if there were enough commitments to buy a few. I'd take at least two, maybe more, if the price were right. I'd sure like to have better front brakes before slippery season!

   RE:MISC:   Aluminum rims posted by sam on 10/11/2002 at 1:01:33 AM
Speaking of Aluminum rim,did ya'll know Weinmann makes 28"x1&1/2" alum.rims(36 hole) right here in the good old U.S.ofA.!!Only one catch---they don't sell them here.Got to go to deep Mexico to find them.And with all those 36 hole S/A hubs made for American bikes always on ebay-----!!!!It's enough to make me nuts---sam

   RE:MISC:   Aluminum rims posted by dafydd on 10/11/2002 at 4:51:57 AM
Interested, let me know how much a small batch like that would cost. 40-hole would be killer as well.

   RE:MISC:   Aluminum rims posted by David on 10/11/2002 at 1:33:32 PM
I thought that if you could have only one (32 or 40) the front wheel would be better to have; better for braking. If you're interested, drop me an email with the # you would go for (if the price were $20 or less, say).

FOR SALE:   Lots of parts added. posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 10/10/2002 at 9:51:40 PM
We've posted a bunch of parts and owner's manuals on these pages:
http://OldRoads.com/fs_p_eng.html (English Parts page)
http://OldRoads.com/nos_misc.asp (Misc. NOS Parts page)
http://OldRoads.com/fs_p_mis.html (Misc. Literature page)

Also, we've got some great leather saddles to post and English bicycles.
Our local repair season is finally slowing down and we can now take the time to get more inventory posted on our site.

VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com

AGE / VALUE:   Kiwi Shoe polish, The magical cure for what ails that bike's paintwork posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/10/2002 at 7:24:22 PM
INCREDIBLE! Why repaint that bike now?
I took this polish to another old bike, chaincase and all. I have to tell you that I am completely, utterly amazed at how it came out. Really!
This thing was all icky looking, ugh! Old bike too! I already had gone over it with waxes and the Kitt Scratch Out. I had given up, believed that it was as good as it was going to get save re-painting!WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!
I daubed it on, rubbed about in a spot by spot then removed and buffed. Bit by bit all over the bike.
IT LOOKS TOTALLY NEW, I SAT THERE STUNNED.I'm all out of this and going to get more tins of miracle polish.
Like a bolt from the sky, an answer from the gods! "The answer" in a tin ! Now I'm wondering why Raleigh did not recommend that people use Kiwi Shoe polish on bikes. Rebadge it as "Uncle So and So's" magical bike polish. Print Raleigh on the can, a little picture or logo and go for it! They should have gotten a licence to sell it as bike poilsh!
It works! To heck with the Kitt Scratch Out! Really though, Raleigh said to use mild soap and water on enamel. Why was no brand of wax goop ever offered by the makers of these bikes? Raleigh, Phillips, all the companies. This was a product they missed to boat on. Perhaps they did not want customers accidently removing box lining or decals .However, my box lining is intact with this stuff being used.

Think of all the faded bikes out there that could be brought back to new condition! There are no fingerprints on the bike after I touch it. Go to remote parts of the world with this stuff, they'd all be sitting in a little circle going "OOH and AHH" I'd sell out of tins of black polish Kiwi! Why have I never heard of this before? Only one person had a tin of Kiwi in the bike's leather pouch and I thought he was nuts. Nobody else ever said this! I don't think folks know how great this works.
I have not tried the "neutral" shade on the other colored bikes in the fleet, I'll let the group here know! Whoever told us this wonderful revelation, I think it was David, THANKS!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kiwi Shoe polish, The magical cure for what ails that bike's paintwork posted by Mark R. on 10/10/2002 at 11:17:38 PM
Much the same reaction the first time I tried this way back when. I have heard others on this site mention it before. Another "secret" that probably every body already knows but I will mention anyway: high quality furniture polish removes the haze from faded black plaint. You spray it on, and rub, and it removes the haze, and makes otherwise good paint shine. Afterwards use the shoe polish, and cry..

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kiwi Shoe polish, The magical cure for what ails that bike's paintwork posted by Mark R./Mucus on 10/10/2002 at 11:21:36 PM
By the by, the neutral worked just fine on my red Cannondale! Didn't fill any defects, but polished up real fine:-)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kiwi Shoe polish, The magical cure for what ails that bike's paintwork posted by David Poston on 10/10/2002 at 11:26:52 PM

I'm going to go to Wal-Mart tonight and get me a tin. The paste, you said? I've been using Meguair's Auto Polish and got decent results, so I didn't try this stuff. It just seems odd that shoe polish would work better on paint finish than stuff that is marketed specifically for paint.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kiwi Shoe polish, The magical cure for what ails that bike's paintwork posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/11/2002 at 8:22:15 PM
There is an burgandy colored Kiwi wax, meant for mens shoes. The mens shoes in this color used to be called Ox Blood shoes.
I'll try that on the maroon bikes.

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Sports on Ebay posted by: michael k on 10/10/2002 at 6:08:24 PM
Not my sale, just tooling around eBay...complete old Raleigh Sports...


AGE / VALUE:    posted by: dafydd on 10/10/2002 at 2:42:04 AM
Picked up the main body of a 26" chaincase at a swap last Sunday. Are the remaining parts the same as for a 28" chaincase?

MISC:   Bicycle bells posted by: michael k on 10/9/2002 at 11:07:20 PM
I have a couple bells that came on Raleighs--anyone have any expertise with bike bells? I'm trying to figure out where, when made, etc...I won't post the gory particulars if no one has any leads on bells...

   RE:MISC:   Bicycle bells posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/10/2002 at 7:05:30 PM
The old British bicycle bells are way cool. They are all gone. No longer made. Their distinct ring is part of the wonderful-ness of these bicycles. No other bell sounds the same as the old British bells. I went chasing after one company, played "Whatever happened to?" and got a reply. I found that somebody else has the name today and that
the factory and machine tooling and stock of old completed bells and their parts was sold at a scrap auction. Building/land sold and that today the bicycle bells come from Germany with kids cartoon pictures on them and sales were up. Glad for them, sorry for the cycle industry.
I have not gopne down the list of bell makers but the sad fact is likely, it's all gone. From another era. People buy the Bee brand double ringer China made bells at mall stores and they think it's antique! That's the best new moder bell you can find. It's made in China.
The sad fact is that the new bells are crap, quality wise and that something wonderful and distinctly British was lost. Tinny,cheaply made garbage for folks that don't know any better and don't have a real choice. If you want to see catalog sheets about cycle bells, the real deal, then e- mail me your postal address and I'll get some sheets out to you free. This is from when bells were bells and bikes were bikes!
There is a fellow on e- bay who offered bells new in boxes he is in Nicossea, near Greece. Other sellers on e- bay offer vintage bells. Troll on e- bay, search for bells, and may the highest bidder win!
I have a collection of bells that are framed on a wall. I love old bicycle bells, there are collectors who have a 'thing' for old bells and what they have would knock your socks off. I'm searching for a bike and the source has told me that the bike's bell was sold to a collector already years back. I don't know what became of the bike itself.
I have a bombay India Rickshaw horn that is so large it wakes the dead. Oh, it's a lot of fun, the funky cool mascots. The flag masts, flags, watch clips, map holders, all the tail lights, headlights, generators, Yippe!
My pal when he unwraped the new in box Koba lights from the swinging 60's asked where I got this stuff. Whole discussion about vintage lights. Wish I was finding more of this stuff.
e- mail me for bell pics.

   How do you tune them, adjust them? posted by David Poston on 10/10/2002 at 11:36:43 PM
I've actually built up a collection of the dome bells, all NOS. One I got from Andreou (the seller on e-bay who lives on a little island called Cyprus and somehow got access to a whole lot of NOS, boxed English parts); it's a Lucas King of the Road bell. Three I got from a fellow in England (one Lucas, one Miller, one Adie). He said he'd send me another Miller because I didn't like the chime of the one he sent me. The Lucas ones are the best. When I first tried the Lucas one which Andreou sent me, it was LOUD and CLEAR! It rang a full minute long. I hadn't heard a clearer bell in my life.

One question I have (maybe Christopher knows) is this: how do you tune them? One my bells twangs a bit and sounds "out of tune." It doesn't quite have the clear ring that my Lucas bell has. Another thing is that the moving parts inside feel like they need a bit of adjustment on some of the bells. They feel "rough" when you pull the lever. Maybe I need to oil them? My bells look spotless, by the way, with bright chrome that looks like it was made yesterday. Not a speck or hint of rust.


   RE:How do you tune them, adjust them? posted by Oscar on 10/12/2002 at 1:30:22 AM
Might the bell be screwed on too tight? Can you insert a felt washer between the screw and the hole of the bell?

   RE:RE:How do you tune them, adjust them? posted by Chris on 10/12/2002 at 4:06:51 PM
I do not know how you tune these, Try the felt washer to see if that works.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Ladies hercules posted by: Dave on 10/9/2002 at 9:08:41 PM
We just picked up three (at least we think they're all Hercules) ladies Hercules bikes for cheap cheap at a local auction. Just wondering how one goes about dating and identifying them?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Ladies hercules posted by Dave on 10/9/2002 at 9:20:40 PM
Heres some info...

One is single speed with Rod Brakes, Lycetts Imperial Leather Saddle (like new!!!) Black, with gold and red pinstripes through out. Extreme curvature to top tube (for Skirts I assume. Perhaps 4-5" from down tube to top tube at BB. 28" x 1 2/4 Dunlop Roadster tires. Head Badge (Decal but may have had another headbadge over top (Holes and wear marks oval in shape). Serial # WZ3287

Second looks newer to me. Chrome tip on fender, same colour, newer style bar. Perry coaster rear hub "HR pattern F" Same colour scheme and frame style.

Third looks to be older. Same basic style. Canvas or oilskin chain guard and skirts on rear fender. Huge headtube (13+ inches but same basic style as 1 and 2. Been painted twice with a brush, but rides like a dream. Coaster hub.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Ladies hercules posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/9/2002 at 9:40:15 PM
These are really rather old, definitly pre-war(WW2)
These were made way, way before the Raleigh merger so they are origional.
The canvas or oilskin chainguard is something we very rarely hear about here. These could date back to like 1914 or something. Really dude, you have leather chaincases!
The Lycettes Imperial saddle is really a wonderful rare saddle. We saw one of these on e- bay awhile ago. I was amazed. You got a really good deal. Paint can be removed. Take the thing apart. Remove the handlebars and unscrew the front fork and look for a swatch of original paint on the steer tube of the front fork. A collision shop can referr you to a paint supply shop where the origonal color can be matched and made up.Decals or transfers as we call them are available from Nick Tithecloth of 'Nick at LLoyds' in England. Type in "Nick at LLoyds" on the net. It'll pop up. Can you post pictures somehow? give us a web address where we can go look at these bikes?
The serial numbers do us no good because the decoder table guide thingie (the information sheet) is missing, lost in time and space, buried in some archive someplace and yet to be discovered. Or it is in the hands of some collector who has not decided to get it posted on the net and shared amongst the fellow collectors seeking ansewers. We need to track down any surviving Hercules Co.former owners and get to the bottom of what happened to the serial number chart for Hercules made bikes.

The Vetran Cycle Club in England has what they call a marque enthusiast and perhaps if you look them up you can learn who is covering Hercules and coorespond with that individual or individuals. Take some photos.
Hercules catalogs showing your bike are out there on e- bay. We see these pop up for sale. Look around and e- mail anybody you think may have info.
Once again, Jolly Good show old boy!

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Ladies hercules posted by Dave on 10/9/2002 at 10:15:20 PM
I will post some pics to our website in the coming days. www.nspathways.com under the link restoration project. All three bikes will be restored by local youth and put up for sale...check out our website for more info and to follow the projects to completion.So $70 CDN was fair?

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Raleigh DL1 posted by: Tom on 10/9/2002 at 3:29:23 PM
Did Raleigh make a DL1 bike in a single speed. I have a friend bringing a Raleigh bike for me to see. It is a 28" wheel bike with rod brakes. It is a single speed bike from what he tells me. Also full enclosed chainguard. He says it may be from the 30's. I will have to wait to see it but was hoping to get a little info before I see it. When did Raleigh start making DL1's. Is there any ID on the bikes that say what model a DL1 is. The bike is black from what he says. Any help is appreciated.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Raleigh DL1 posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/9/2002 at 3:51:34 PM
They made this particular bike for nearly 100 years. This bike was the first basic type model they made. It went throught some changes, but still it went rolling along. Still is, albeit in diffrent countries and diffrent names. A good many of these were single speed.Some people did not want the Sturmey-Archer hub going awry out in the middle of nowhere. The bicycle cost more with a Sturmey-Archer hub also.
The bike should say Raleigh Tourist on it. Or if it is as old as he says then it should say "Popular" or just "Tourist"
We do have a serial number chart here. It should cover this bike. Have you checked out Sheldon Brown's site at Sheldonbrown.com? Raleigh bicycles, English bicycles
He has a timeline showing decals and you should be able to date it somewhat by looking at this.Take the plunge and ogle what he has then come back here and let us know. Can you post pictures after you get ahold of this. We can tell by looking at lampbrackets also but that serial number chart should get it.Some of the single speed hubs had hub dates (some of them) this should tell you the date of manufacture of the whole bicycle as well. Wipe off the grime on the hub face and look it over.
Wow! an enclosed chaincase with it. Lucky You!

   Raleigh made many models, Tourists included posted by David Poston on 10/9/2002 at 8:48:02 PM
In my 1938 Raleigh catalogue, I found that Raleigh manufactured more than a dozen models, including rod-braked roadsters, "sports" roadsters, and lightweight clubman machines.

In the rod-brake class, they had the Dawn Safety Tourist, Dawn Super Safety, Sturmey Archer 3-speed, Raleigh Popular, Raleigh Tourist, Raleigh All-Weather (a totally blacked out bike with no chrome), etc. There are more; I just can't remember all of them. Some had chaincases; some didn't. No half-enclosed "hockey stick" chainguards, though. Either it had the full chaincase or nothing. The Tourist looked pretty much like the one from the 70's, as far as I can tell.

If I ever get a chance, I'll scan this whole catalogue and post.


AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by: David Poston on 10/9/2002 at 6:08:44 AM
I think a while back we were wondering (at least I was) whether whitewall tyres existed on an English roadster. Well, here they are.


The seller claims the tyres are original, and they appear to be from all appearances.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by Tom on 10/9/2002 at 3:54:29 PM
I think the old British bikes had in the past whitewall tires. I have a friend bringing a bunch of whitewall tires (NOS) to my house to look at in 2 weeks. Some are in the original wrap. He says they are from pre 60's. His father ran a Raleigh shop in the 40's to the 60's and the son has it now. I had the oportunity to see the 80 year old father lace up a wheel in a matter of minutes without putting it down. He did it in his lap and when finished it was straight and true without a trueing stand. I was amazed at haw fast he did it but after more than 50 years of doing this I guess he is a pro.
Back to the tires. I will have to wait to see what he has. He is also bringing some new tires for me to see. They are whitewalls in a few sizes. He has a supplier for whitewalls for the 28" Canadian and British rims. Also some 26" whitewalls. I will get a cost for them and post them here for anyone who wants then.
He also has a contact in Europe for rims in the 28" British size. He is checking on fully enclosed chainguards for me also. If he can get some that are like the Raleigh ones I will bring some over here. I will keep everyone posted in a few weeks.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by David Poston on 10/9/2002 at 8:51:49 PM

I am certainly very much interested in NOS whitewall tyres and full chaincases. I'll grab them as fast as they come. What would be even more desirable for me than whitewall are the all-white tyres from the early part of the century. If only they had these NOS! They would be 80-100 years old, though.


   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/9/2002 at 9:46:26 PM
The whitewall tires I have on the 1957 Raleigh Superbe 28 X 1 1/2 rod brake enclosed chainguard bike are white walls and they were made in the Bahamas of all places. These are breathtaking.
Gazelle in Holland recently made all white or cream tires and if you look you may turn up some. Ask Sam Lingo who hangs out here about this, Sam?
We see later day whitewall tires on e- bay every so often. Yes,I'd say there was a market for whitewall tires, good ones, here as we all are wanting to dress up our Raleigh's with these.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by sam on 10/10/2002 at 2:15:42 AM
I have only one set of whitewalls.Made the girl get three sets of black wall tires off the top rack to get to them!Hope Tom has some luck.And what is the name of those European tyres that are all white?(I only found Mexican White tires for the Girls rod brake 26" bikes and a set of all white studded balloon 26" tires)--sam PS They also sell All red 28"x1&1/2" made in far east

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by Max M. on 10/10/2002 at 3:41:46 AM
This may be slightly "off color" but my local Raleigh bike shop has all grey tires in 26 x 1 3/8s. I forgot to ask the price but they said that they get them for wheelchairs. Pyramid product imported by JB Importers. I will probably grab a pair just because they are different.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by Alonzo on 10/10/2002 at 6:25:50 AM
Wheelchair tires remind me. I met a guy riding a set of Sun rims on his '69 Phillips. They were 26 x 1 3/8", gray alloy, mountain bike rims, quite strong. I forgot to check whether they were 40/32 or 36H. He said they were sold for wheelchairs. Is this the brand that Sheldon Brown sells?

Also, a while back I purchased a set of 37-590mm whitewalls (also known as 26 x 1 3/8") marked Raleigh Record Ace. No idea when they were made, tho.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/10/2002 at 7:15:37 PM
Yes, grey tires for wheelchairs. Seen those about, I get a set from time to time. The alloy rim story is interesting, check with wheelchair sources for 26 X 1 3/8 rims. Sun rims are really good quality. That was a smart cookie. He loved to hop up his Phillips! See, I'm not alone! Ha!
I'll look on these tires and give the name of the tires and the company. Hopefully something will turn out.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/10/2002 at 7:23:40 PM
They probably went on a Raleigh Record Ace. My two bikes are 27 inch wheel machines but you could put 26 X 1 3/8 wheels on this bike. The G.B. Hidiminum brakes have extra long shoe caliper reach for using either 26 or 27 inch wheels. I'd remove these and sell them for that name to somebody.
The now defunct 'Planetary gear' shop in (I think San Francisco) had all white/cream tires and I don't know what happened to that guy. I'd love to ask him "Dude, Where did you get those tires?" He'd grin, tell me they are expensive. I think he got them somehow from Holland. People bring these back on trips but I heard that sources were drying up and harder to find.
This shop is gone, god knows where he went to and what all happened to what inventory he had I don't want to think about as I missed out, messed up, all at once.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Whitewall tyres confirmed posted by David Poston on 10/11/2002 at 12:17:41 AM
I learned that Vredestein makes all-cream tyres in Holland. The only thing is, I found out that they aren't quite white. I'm not sure what the originals were, but these look a bit darker and almost beige. Someone said the ones around 1900 were greyish white. I guess the Vredesteins will do for now, but I'd like to know how the originals looked. I'd love to get a bike from pre-1920 with the original tyres on it! The rims might be rotted away, though, if they were wood!


AGE / VALUE:   what IS all this stuff? posted by: michael k on 10/8/2002 at 8:20:44 PM
What in the heck is all this Hmong stuff?? This board is supposed to be about English Roadsters, NOT personal, cryptic stuff about stalking...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what IS all this stuff? posted by David on 10/8/2002 at 8:50:06 PM
It started on the Lightweights board. Someone who's too impatient to wait for the message to be stored the first time seems to think that "David" is stalking him (on a computer!!??) Glad I'm not posting my email address!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what IS all this stuff? posted by Mucus on 10/8/2002 at 9:37:15 PM
Brother! First it was some hillbilly a few months ago ( don't know what we're gonna do with 'um...), now this. Why are there so many psychos in the internet. Now you know why I too don't like to give my e-mail!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   36H hubs posted by: Brian on 10/8/2002 at 6:04:51 PM
Just might do that David. No hubs in my parts box, though plenty of other cycling goodies! With the original hubs I can always build 'em up later if I find some really nice Raleigh (unlike the iffy ones I got now) rims. People on ebay are always amazing me with the nos stuff they turn up.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   36H hubs posted by David on 10/9/2002 at 1:25:58 PM
Besides stalking everyone, I seem to be ignorant about front hub widths. "Modern" hubs seem to be about 100mm. What's the nominal width of English 3-speed hubs? 90mm? 3 1/2 inches?

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   36H hubs posted by: Brian on 10/8/2002 at 6:04:51 PM
Just might do that David. No hubs in my parts box, though plenty of other cycling goodies!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   32/40H hubs posted by: Brian on 10/8/2002 at 11:31:35 AM
Thanks Warren,

I am aware of the older 32/40H hub setup on older Raleighs-I have several. The reason for the interest in 36H front hubs-is so I can build four wheels for my 1950's Raleigh and Humber with alloy rims. I want to keep the bikes original in every other way, but the alloy rims provide for really improved braking! The alloy rims only come in 36H patterns, thus the search for hubs. Should have grabbed 'em at this past Larz Anderson show. I got this idea of alloy rims per an older Sheldon Brown suggestion. I'm keeping the original rims/wheels though! Note* I use Frogs on my sport tourer, but have old Campagnolo steel cage pedals/clips/straps for those rides/events I want to ride original. I like both pedals, but the Frogs are better to my ankle/knees due to old injuries. Anyone got two 36H front hubs for older Raleighs they will part with?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   32/40H hubs posted by David on 10/8/2002 at 1:54:13 PM
As the rims won't be original, why bother with original hubs? You probably have perfectly good lightweight ones in your parts box right now

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Hey, Stalker, Put Your Crap In Tacos and Eat it posted by HmongHmoobHlubLover on 10/8/2002 at 7:19:33 PM
Thats all that needs to be said, for the Nanker Phelges, Joe Sourcherays, Jason Lewis' of the world, cowardly blank blank stalkers, all can go to the police, ALL CAN GO TO POLICE, AS YOUR LITTLE CRAP SIDE, LOVES TO DO, STIRRING UP TROUBLE

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Hey, Stalker, Put Your Crap In Tacos and Eat it posted by HmongHmoobHlubLover on 10/8/2002 at 7:19:34 PM
Thats all that needs to be said, for the Nanker Phelges, Joe Sourcherays, Jason Lewis' of the world, cowardly blank blank stalkers, all can go to the police, ALL CAN GO TO POLICE, AS YOUR LITTLE CRAP SIDE, LOVES TO DO, STIRRING UP TROUBLE

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Hey, Stalker, Put Your Crap In Tacos and Eat it posted by HmongHmoobHlubLover on 10/8/2002 at 7:19:36 PM
Thats all that needs to be said, for the Nanker Phelges, Joe Sourcherays, Jason Lewis' of the world, cowardly blank blank stalkers, all can go to the police, ALL CAN GO TO POLICE, AS YOUR LITTLE CRAP SIDE, LOVES TO DO, STIRRING UP TROUBLE

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   32/40H hubs posted by Mucus on 10/8/2002 at 9:40:21 PM
Hey David, I don't know about crap tacos or nuttin', but I think modern hubs are wider than english sports, and roadster hubs. I know they my Roadster won't fit in my bike carrier without spreading the forks.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   32/40H hubs posted by Warren on 10/9/2002 at 1:47:12 AM
FWIW...I have a very cool pair of "Salloy" brand aluminum rims in a Westrick pattern, 32/40 that came off of a bent, thrift store, '58 Sports. I have no idea if they are truly period...if they, are they are of some value to me anyway. They are very "hefty" for alloy and reside on my '61 Dunelt fixed club bike conversion.

And Mucus is right about the spacing on the front forks. Best to get the real goods.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   32/40H hubs posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/9/2002 at 3:54:02 PM
Savilles was a store that had their name on some parts. The 'Salloy' means that Savilles offered an alloy rim.

AGE / VALUE:   Rudge on Ebay posted by: Michael on 10/8/2002 at 2:00:16 AM

Did Raleigh ever make Rudge's without the distinctive "hand" chainwheel?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rudge on Ebay posted by Chris on 10/8/2002 at 5:05:40 PM
That pattern crank was Raleigh's famous standard crank before the Heron crank pattern was introduced. It is the old standby that became part of the cheaper machines. I was dismayed at finding these and was told this by an old bike guy. Your question was, Did they switch to this style later on? I don't know exactly. Possibly. These things varied like this before the bike was withdrawn. Perhaps they were out of the hand pattern cranks that day.
The 'hand' is nicer it adds character to the bike and to not have it takes away from the whole thing.We would have to look at the old catalogs and see pictures of these right up to the end. I'll look at what I have.
Perhaps they rode it and wore out the crank and switched later on. I kinda doubt this still.
These were unplated sometimes when they put these in the enclosed guards. Just the arm itself was plated. This silver colored finish. What exactly is this? So when I go to have this duplicated at the re-finisher I'll know.A good metal finisher would know.

   RE: No stalking appreciated posted by Andy on 10/8/2002 at 6:46:58 PM
Well, off of icelist, funny, the names that appear on the mailing list, not there before, to play some stalking crap game, Michael, the Nanker Phelge, and all, the stupid kids on the block, can take it all to the police, any stalker is associated with rape, you leave me alone, you leave the Hmong girl alone, don't need Asian bullying in Edina, crime free men, don't need Vienamese bullying, couple stalking, at Fort Snelling, Mall of America, don't need Chinese female stalking, abuse and sexism, at the University of Minnesota, don't need your crap game, not mentioning rapist sexual abuse, of which you stalkers, will always be a part of. Officer Marshall, at Bloomington Police can find out all you are up to. Don't need worthless women of new mexico who don't work for jobs, carrying out harrassment at the University of New Mexico, don't need my landlady's remarks, don't need preferential treatment, lack of bigotry for people coming from Bangladesh, Kenya, China, Vietnam, don't need unemployment, don't need being prevented from meeting women, don't need innuendo, and the stalkers crap rape side should be sued.

For the Hmong girl, HLUB, Amore, don't associate with any of these crappy people. You are the reward for their sexism, crimes of cruelty, and their crap stalking, seeking to make their crimes okay, backed up by Catholic Church of Minneapolis St. Paul.

New Mexican women, aren't crap compared to the Hmong girl, let's hope she behaves herself, all goes to the Police, not the crap hole stalkers, controlling rape conversation, taking advantage of people by stalking them.

   RE:RE: STALKERS ARE BORES posted by Andy on 10/8/2002 at 7:00:46 PM
Stalkers, are big bores, with their ignoring mother killing, sex abuse, abuse of life, if the lovely Hmong girl, has anything to do with this, hey, your friend working fast food, hard work, but honorable, I or you, should not be exposed to the spittle of humanity, as these bores are, cowardly, rapist criminals, hope you listen and respect life,. same for those at Star Tribune, stalking, all can go to the police, nothing more needs to be said, let alone stalking bores.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rudge on Ebay posted by Willie L. on 10/11/2002 at 2:11:23 PM
I have a '63 Rudge 23 in. mens frame, so it's definetly a Raleigh Rudge, and it has plain cranks,not the hand cranks. Amazingly, I see quite a few Rudge bicycles in my home and work neighborhoods here in NYC. What I notice is that the women's frame bikes tend to have hand cranks while mens bikes have plain cranks.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Raleigh "Utility Model" posted by: j.m. spangenberg on 10/8/2002 at 1:22:56 AM
In my garage for many years has been an old black Raleigh (says Nottingham, England) "Utility Model". It is pretty grimy and needs work, etc. How old would this be and should I try to clean it up on my own? I think I got it back in the 1970's and rode it for a while, but it was somewhat old then. Thanks