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Archived: English Roadsters

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Russian Roadster posted by: Tom on 11/7/2002 at 2:59:03 AM
Now this is one cool ride. Beats my favorite roadster anyday. Too bad it would cost a fortune to go to the local pub. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1871775187&rd=1
Just kidding I would keep my roadster.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Russian Roadster posted by David on 11/7/2002 at 5:40:51 PM
One expensive hobby!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Russian Roadster posted by Michael K on 11/8/2002 at 12:05:55 AM
Just for those quick jaunts...like over the ocean and back for spare parts...

Incidentally, 146 bids made, last I checked...

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Sturmey Archer TCW III vs. AW posted by: David Poston on 11/6/2002 at 9:52:47 PM
This is a question for all you "techies":

What's the difference between an SA TCW (III) vs. a regular AW hub? Is the TCW just as reliable and easy to maintain as an AW? I'm thinking about getting a bike with a TCW, and I don't know what to expect.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Sturmey Archer TCW III vs. AW posted by Clyde on 11/7/2002 at 12:20:17 AM
Check archives for numerous discussions on problems with TCW. It apparently had the pesky little problem of NO BRAKES AT ALL if its adjustment was off. That problem solved in subsequent S-A coaster brake 3-speed hubs.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Sturmey Archer TCW III vs. AW posted by Chris on 11/7/2002 at 1:15:49 AM
Well that's about the best reason to not use one of these hubs.
Besides, it was never offered in an alloy shell. I love having an alloy shell hub. Except for one off the wall alloy hub that was badged T.C.W.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Parts Needed for DL-1 posted by: Lane on 11/6/2002 at 9:03:57 PM
I have just purchase a '69 DL-1 Raliegh. it is weathered but solid. Missing are the front fender, a locking nut for the front down rod, and the left side front brake pad extender between the pad and the cromed stirrup. I plan to ride it as is, so if anyone has a front fender ( I do have the wire brace) thats not that great in the paint department but paintable/usable or the brake parts I'd love a chance at them so I can get it on the road. Thanks, Lane

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Parts Needed for DL-1 posted by P.C. Kohler on 11/6/2002 at 9:41:55 PM
Congrats on the DL-1. This should have the older "square cut" mudguards as opposed to the later rounded style. If you are not fussy, Cycles of Yesteryear (UK) stock new Indian made mudguards in the rounded style for DL-1. OK, but just don't look too closely at the lining! They also have the rod anchor nuts. You can also get these on this very site. The extender for the brake block is the anti-vibration plate; I am not sure if this is available as it was a Raleigh patented thing. But it's not essential; the brake blocks can be mounted directly to the stirrup.

The only caveat for ordering from Cycles of Yesteryear: the cost of shipping from the UK. Ouch!

Now... didn't David have a posting a few days ago with a load of DL-1 parts 'n stuff he wants to sell? Check it out.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Parts Needed for DL-1 posted by Lane on 11/9/2002 at 2:53:37 AM
Thanks for the information. Lane

AGE / VALUE:   Some frames are more friendly to hybrid conversion than others posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 11/6/2002 at 4:17:16 PM
The Raleigh Lenton Sports Reg Harris Road Model machine did not fight me one little bit! It cooperated, not like some of the other bikes do when I try to do a hybrid conversion with them. It was wide enough in the back wheel department and it took the Sturmey Archer 4 speed F.W. and the Cyclo cog and I sliped in washers and serrated frame fitting washers and the Huret Svelto went in nicely and now I have a 24 speed bike. (Double in front)
Campagnolo cranks too. Now this is a 531 frame in Lenton Green. Alloy rims, changed the handlebars and it's light and really fast. No frame spreader was needed.
No fighting, no mechanic telling me, "Not with that one, you won't"
A joy to assemble and ride!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Too nice to ride posted by Chris on 11/6/2002 at 5:50:47 PM
Then again, with that very, very similar restored blue one fetching $910.00 on e- bay, I think I'll just hang it up on the living room wall and look at it.
A small sign telling me I'm not worthy to ride it might be proper too. Yes, I'd knock it over or it would fall over or I'd damage the mudguard or leave it unattended for a minute and be sorry.
Geez, the first one I have is Mint, original and I have all the parts. I got it way,way cheap. The other one is not too far off condition wise and the lugs are really incredible. That one was even cheaper too.
I sit here mouthing "Nine hundred ten dollars? As I stare at the pictures.
Ok, I'll get back on the Raleigh Sports with the 20/30 carbon tubing where I belong.
Watch clips are always cool.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Too nice to ride posted by Michael K. on 11/6/2002 at 9:35:28 PM
Chris, maybe I missed something...what's $900 and some change, and where is it?? Is it a Rudge??

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Too nice to ride posted by P.C. Kohler on 11/6/2002 at 9:46:22 PM
If it was a Rudge, I would have been tempted! No, it was a 22" Raleigh "Clubman" 1951, restored and a delicious looking job. But $900? Sold last week on eBay.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Too nice to ride posted by Michael K on 11/6/2002 at 10:52:08 PM
Ahhhh, thanks P.C. I must have missed that one...do you have an eBay item number, so I can go back and take a look even tho the auction's over? $900...wow...


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Too nice to ride posted by P.C. Kohler on 11/6/2002 at 10:57:20 PM

Pix are also now in "Roll Britannia".

Gorgeous, eh?

P.C. Kohler

MISC:   Mudguard repair posted by: Peter on 11/6/2002 at 2:25:53 PM
Help wanted please.....anybody had experience of repairing damaged mudguards? My 1931 Raleigh Light Roadster has original mudguards and I would like to keep it that way. They are thinner gauge than thr DL1 equivalent.

The problem is not rust, it is metal fatigue. The rear guard has 6" of the back end snapped off, the flat stays are snapped off, and there are two or three radial splits in other places, one of which runs almost all the way across the guard.

Enquiries so far have come up with low temperature MIG welding, or finding a good tinsmith. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with practical experience of this task....


   RE:MISC:   Mudguard repair posted by sam on 11/6/2002 at 6:28:10 PM
I've used acetylene torch to brase the small cracks in mudguards on some of my 1920 american bikes.Body shops have all went to MIG welders as they are cheeper and easer to operate.Your case sounds serious,I'd talk to a radiator repair man or take the mudguard to a jewelery repairman.The jewelery repairman might be the best in your case,check out an antique mall they usualy have one there.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   BBC News Article: Bike building in Nottingham versus Shanghai posted by: Michael K. on 11/5/2002 at 11:43:44 PM
From Sept 2002, article discusses the differences in the bicycle business, both from Nottingham perspective (Raleigh plant closings) and Shanghai (business starting to boom)...


Incidentally, does anyone know anything about a novel by Alan Sillitoe? It's mentioned in the BBC article, and evidentally centers around the people who worked at Raleigh...no title given...

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   BBC News Article: Bike building in Nottingham versus Shanghai posted by Chris on 11/6/2002 at 1:55:55 AM
The book by Sillitoe is called Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning.
Whenever the Raleigh bicycle plant is mentioned this awful book comes out of the woodwork.
I will refrain from sharing my opinions.Personally, the bringing up of it makes me want to vomit.
Read the book, see the movie on video. It was a controversial and best selling book in its time. There was some mention about a possible recently to be released sequel but I don't remember the outcome about it.
Thanks for the tip.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   BBC News Article: Bike building in Nottingham versus Shanghai posted by Chris on 11/6/2002 at 2:01:13 AM
It centers around one fellow and a lady who work there. Not the other 99% of the Raleigh staff. It is set in the Raleigh factory.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   BBC News Article: Bike building in Nottingham versus Shanghai posted by Michael K. on 11/6/2002 at 4:52:49 PM
Well, I certainly didn't intend to make anyone retch by posting! Very sorry, didn't know what sort of hornets nest I was hitting...

After I posted, I did some major digging, and found that Sillitoe wrote the book that you refer to...but, from reading some detailed reviews, it certainly doesn't seem like "my cup of tea" to read...seems to be a depressing book, one that does not paint Nottingham in a very good light...so, I'm going to pass...

I suppose the BBC reported wanted to include some sort of realistic "touchstone" that would give his readers an immediate picture (however inaccurate) of 'life in Nottingham'...although I consider myself reasonably well-read, I had never heard of Sillitoe, nor the book...he's compared as a lesser D.H. Lawrence...Lawrence, now I've read him...

Thanks for the confirmation, Chris!

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   BBC News Article: Bike building in Nottingham versus Shanghai posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 11/6/2002 at 5:36:50 PM
I'd get it on video, Albert Finney is working at a lathe the author used at the factory.
It takes you back in time to the place and the people there.
Reading the book is fine, just don't go out and become like the fellow in the book.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Phillips pedals for my Raleigh? posted by: David Poston on 11/5/2002 at 11:25:26 PM
Will these Phillips (pre-Raleigh possibly) pedals work on my Raleigh cranks?


Please, oh please, don't steal these....


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Phillips pedals for my Raleigh? posted by Ben on 11/5/2002 at 11:34:19 PM
Oh, David, these would look wonderful on my '59 Phillips roadster....

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Phillips pedals for my Raleigh? posted by P.C. Kohler on 11/6/2002 at 12:28:34 AM
David.... DAVID...!! Phillips... PHILLIPS pedals on a Raleigh?!! Never. Ever! I mean that's just not done. These were the two arch rivals of the English cycle industry prior to the dreary days of the mid 1960s when everything was merged and muddled in the fight for survival. These are lovely pedals BUT on a Phillips. I wonder if the threading even works on a Raleigh. It's a long way from Triumph Works, Nottingham to Credenda Works, Smethwick: keep it that way!

Check out the cool Phillips pedals from my Phillips fitments catalogue c. 1949-50 in "Roll Britannia", especially the wonderful ones embossed with the Phillips logo type.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Phillips pedals for my Raleigh? posted by Ben on 11/6/2002 at 1:58:50 PM
David, please let me know if P.C, has dissuaded you from going after these pedals. I was mostly kidding the first time, but I could sure use new pedals.


MISC:   Rudge Kustom Restored posted by: Mario Romano on 11/5/2002 at 10:47:09 PM
I have a Rudge bicycle from 1952 that due to the lack of original parts (just the sprocket, the pedals, the frame, the front brake parts and the handlebar are original Rudge-made parts) I decided to turn it in a Kustom Restored Rudge.
First I put new fenders taken from old Caloi models (brazilian bicycle maker), installed an Falcon coaster brake hub on the rear wheel, replaced the 28" wheel (just the front wheel was 28") by chromed steel modern made 26" wheels and painted the bicycle sky blue (very light blue, almost white) and glare white (frame joints). The fenders was painted too glare white and with two transversal lowered stripes on sky blue. The wheels and spokes received heavy duty work on polishment and I put white wall tires front and rear. The bicycle looks great and fancy now.

   RE:MISC:   Rudge Kustom Restored posted by Chris on 11/6/2002 at 4:14:13 PM
Have fun, Mario.

AGE / VALUE:šššSell reality someplace else/ I'm all stocked up here. posted by: Humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 11/5/2002 at 8:51:14 PM
Well he's not gone bad really, just that he's older and tired and crabby and worst of all, uninterested.
The electric interest, thrill of the hobby, the devotion was gone and he didn't want to talk, so I let him go. I had this happen to another friend and he sat there looking at me and I was describing and explaining and he brightened up and got interested. So I manage to re- light the pilot light once in awhile. Sometimes I cannot and I fail to pull them out of it, can't snap them out of it. Something is wrong and the silence really bites.
Perhaps it's just moodiness or old age or worrying about lifes worries.
A whole friendship, knowing what the person is like and then one day I stroll in and it's all changed. He looks up at me a diffrent person, fearless and happy turns to something diffrent, something not good, something I don't want to see in my friend. I ask "What's happened?" and I search to see what I can do to bring back what I have seen before. Sometimes it's not too difficult, sometimes it's outside of what I can do.
Life, reality and real issues surface and I sit and think what can I do and I try to give my best advice.

WANTED:   Looking to buy ladies 3-speed in good running condition posted by: David Poston on 11/5/2002 at 7:31:55 PM
I'm looking to purchase a ladies frame 3-speed in good mechanical condition, preferably tuned and ready-to-go; paint and chrome don't need to look so good. This is not really a restoration project; I don't want to spend hours polishing or big bucks getting it overhauled at the shop. I just need a bike to keep around at my parent's home for going to the store, etc. I'm looking for something around the $50-75 range. And it has to be a ladies frame.

Send me an e-mail.


AGE / VALUE:   Age and Value/Sears Owner's Manual posted by: Paul on 11/5/2002 at 6:24:16 PM
I have a mens 26in JC Higgins 3-speed touring bicycle and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what year it was made and the approximate value. I think it may be a very early Higgins. It's all original with no rust and quite good paint(deep maroon) and decals. It has the original leather seat, original working front wheel generator, head and tail light. Headlight has two settings and tail light has red glass lens. The pedals are white rubber with yellow reflector inserts. (Can't seem to find a frame pump that will fit between the welded brackets on the seat tube.) The bike has two aluminum eyeglass holders that are attached to the rear rack.
The bicycle has the following FRAME numbers:
503 46

The REAR SPROCKET is stamped with the following :
3 - SPEED 7

Any information on age/value would be appreciated and if anyone knows of a source for a copy of the Sears Owner's Manual for the bike. Thanks!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Indian roadsters posted by: Peter on 11/5/2002 at 11:26:45 AM
I'm not sure if you get these on ebay in the USA, but this might be of interest at least: -
This guy advertises regularly and the final price goes to about 75 pounds.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   RUDGE CATALOGUE posted by: Ian on 11/5/2002 at 7:50:43 AM
Got to hunting through a box of paperwork today that came with some recent purchases and discovered a very nice Rudge catalogue - only trouble is it is not dated so how do I tell what year(s) it applies to? It is after the Raleigh takeover - what year was that? It starts with the No103 Gents De Luxe Tourist Model with 22 and 24 inch frames and 28" wheels and rod brakes and Sturmey Archer AG gear and Dynohub. Also lists De Luxe Super Safety Tourist (21 and 23 inch frames, 26" wheels Model 113 with rod brakes and Model 124 with caliper brakes). Saddles are Brooks B73 as standard and gearcase and inflator are standard. Other models illustrated are No101 Standard Roadster which still has a Brooks B73 of "Best Butt Leather" but the three speed, Dynohub, gearcase etc are all extras. There is a Double Top Tube Model, a Super Safety Roadster (basic 26" wheel model), some Sports Light Roadsters (26" wheels and caliper brakes), an Ulster Sports Model (dropped bars, fixed and freewheel gears with three and four speeds as options) and an Aero Special lightweight using 27" wheels. This last one gives two fixed wheel sprockets as standard on a bike that shows a large touring bag on the back of the seat! It is the only one that does not list the colour as black (Flamboyant Electric Blue) although the catalogue does say that there are nine other colour options and shows samples of these. All models except the Aero still show the "Hand" chainwheel. Great to have and read, I love some of the descriptive language, but a lot more use if I knew what year it came out. Also got a nice little envelope with the guarantee written on the outside and the handbook inside although the hanbook is a purely Raleigh publication which does not mention Rudge by name but does show both Raleigh and Rudge type steering locks. Also now have a 1960 Cyclo Benelux catalogue if I can help anyone with that. Am not sure that any of these came out at the same time or relate to the bikes I got as the person they came from had been collecting stuff up for years. Regards, Ian.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   RUDGE CATALOGUE posted by Flavio Figliola on 11/5/2002 at 8:50:49 AM
Hi Ian i was wondering if you have any Rudge Ads from 1951. Fact is the i own a 51 Rudge WhitWorth English Roadster bicycle looking Ad to go with bicycle.Bike's color is a coffee color with gold pinstripe. let me know if you have any Ads that fit this desription. oh forgot bikes features locking front forks, leather saddle, headlamp, dry cell battery unit, chaincase,and rear light, michelin tires.Ok thanks.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   RUDGE CATALOGUE posted by P.C. Kohler on 11/5/2002 at 1:17:32 PM
Caro Flavio (Italiano, no?), I have the same Rudge (De Luxe Sports Tourist) as you do. Mine is a August '51 with cable brakes and dynothree hub. Is yours rod or cable? I have the '51 (or close to it) Rudge catalogue and scans of this are in "Roll Britannia":


I also have Rudge catalogues from '49, '56 and '57.

Ian's catalogue sounds pre-1949. Rudge was taken over by Raleigh in 1943. I doubt they bothered with catalogues during the war so I'd reckon it's c. 1946. Surprised it shows a double top-tube model assuming it's a U.K. market publication. I thought these were export only.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   RUDGE CATALOGUE posted by Ian on 11/6/2002 at 12:36:42 AM
Thanks for the info P.C., it is quite probable that this is an export catalogue seeing as I found it here in New Zealand. In the bottom L.H. corner of the front cover it has "KAD3022" and on the R.H.side "GENERAL ENGLISH" both in very small print.

AGE / VALUE:   Appolo two seater posted by: jeff on 11/5/2002 at 4:59:28 AM
Looking for info on a two seater, made by the Appolo Cycle Co., in Birmingham England, has a faint decal below the seat, super steel bicycle. Does anyone have any information on the bike or the company? Looking on the net, seems the Germans may have bombed the factory in the war. Do not know if this is true. It is in fair condition, 28 inch tires, rod brakes, and also a cable to disc type brake on the second set of handle bars. Would the parts interchange from the raleigh bikes? Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Appolo two seater posted by Flavio Figliola on 11/5/2002 at 8:34:35 AM
Jeff,the two companies probably merge back in early fifties , your best bet is to email sheldon brown at harris cyclery. He list a lot of info on english bicycles . one bike that i own now is a 51 Rudge WhitWorth which i purchased at recycling yard the guys that work there were about to put in the machine crushes bulk metal i got there to see what it was there they were crushing i said to the owner of they recycling i liked to buy that bicycle, and what do you know he sold to me. it's a pretty bike and alot of neat features locking forks, leather saddle,dry battery unit, dynohub rear,headlamp tail light, thick roadster grip, Rides like a tank. it's a english bike that was made by Raleigh , well known that back in the fifites raleigh stamped it's serial numbers under seat , on end of seat tube. this bike has no name to it just gentlemen name on the chaincase Rudge Whitworth, merge with raleigh and manufactured a bike together. P.S. i, still trying to find out its true value.

AGE / VALUE:   Shimano ball ended cables with cool metal fittings posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 11/5/2002 at 1:47:49 AM
These are marked Shimano and so they probably Shimano. Old definitly! These are ball ended cables not barrel ended and it has a small oval brass washer and then the best part! The fittings that goes into the brake levers is not cheap white breakable plastic but polished alloy metal instead and these fit into the barrel ended brake levers and plus the cable is way thicker but it fits into the standard cable housing!
Weird but awesome. Now I already have these a plenty but I said to myself Hey Cool! I grabed them and for 1.00 a set of two I did well. These go on the Weinman/ Weinmann /Schwinn alloy levers that I like very much.
despite the fact that these are not sought after unless it is Schwinn Specific I still love them because they are lightweight.
There are lots of old weird cables gear, brake whatever! that I see and I am going "Waa?" And until I manage to look it up I never know what they go to.
I have never seen these before so they are before my time, I guess.
The fun and wonder continues! Having the strange off the wall stuff is cool but I want it to be in demand and worth having too.
No call for these cables so far but like I said, I think they're neat!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Shimano ball ended cables with cool metal fittings posted by Chris on 11/5/2002 at 8:37:20 PM
Putting these pieces into a necklace perhaps? Crazy bicycle jewlery?
Na, I already have a set of Raleigh front wingnuts as key fobs and they are probably the reason why I need a new ingition switch! The weight was what did it in.