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Archived: English Roadsters

AGE / VALUE:   Hudson brand posted by: Michael Pasqualini on 5/7/2002 at 6:42:10 PM
I am looking for some help. I am new to this hobby and I have an old bicycle with ballon tires and springs above the front tire. The name on the badge says 'Hudson" but I cannot find any info about this brand. Anyone have an idea on if this is an offshoot brand (american, english) or vintage (approx) ? Thanx

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hudson brand posted by Cal on 5/8/2002 at 1:32:11 PM
First have a look in the picture database and the other stat? feature?) database and see if there are any Hudsons listed.

Second, you should re-ask this question under the balloon tire bicycle topic.

Third, be sure to include the tire dimensions and any other information you can.

If it has balloon tires and a springer, you've probably got a great collectible and it could be from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s.

If the Hudson name is at all related to the Hudson automobile then it's value goes up more (like Cadillac, Triumph, Harley Davidson and other auto and motorcycle-branded bicycles)

Welcome to the hobby. It's not like collecting beanie babies or hummels. Once you spend hours researching and fixing up an old bike, and then actually take it for a RIDE, you'll be hooked for life!

MISC:   Chinese Copies of English Roadsters posted by: Ian on 5/7/2002 at 9:01:15 AM
For those of you who would like to see one of the brands of Chinese bicycles which still produces an old English style roadster with rod brakes and full chainguard go to http://great.chinabicycleguide.net and then to Products and then to "Heavy Duty". I do know of other brands and will soon be picking up a pair (mens and ladies) of Wu Yuang brand which look just like early DL1's but this is the only Chinese web site I have come across. Regards, Ian.

   RE:MISC:   Chinese Copies of English Roadsters posted by geo on 5/8/2002 at 2:44:44 PM
Along the same lines, I stumbled across this page the other day http://www.infobanc.com/catcycl1.htm . I believe these bikes are made in India. Hope this helps.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   DL1 on ebay posted by: David on 5/7/2002 at 3:54:48 AM
Nice newer short-framed DL1 on ebay (NMA). Chaincase, B66, etc.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Info needed on British Hub (BH) Racelites posted by: Bob Hufford on 5/6/2002 at 9:16:24 PM
Any British component gurus out there? I can't seem to find out anything about BH Racelite hubs. I've got a set of wheels built up from an NOS set of these. They are a one piece alloy shell (versus the old Airlites with the steel barrel). Pics at: http://members12.clubphoto.com/bob580816/759892/guest.phtml

Thanks in advance (and I did crosspost to the Vintage Lightweight group).

MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by: Genebald "Pilgrim" Hawthorne on 5/6/2002 at 8:56:06 PM


   RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by Chris on 5/12/2002 at 6:17:17 PM
Yes, it is a real Raleigh.

MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by: Genebald "Pilgrim" Hawthorne on 5/6/2002 at 8:56:06 PM


   RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/6/2002 at 11:41:01 PM
Raleigh was hugemongous! They shiped bikes to all sorts of countries. In other countries they set up plants and assembled or made the whole thing there. Still, the headquarters was (is) in Nottingham, England.

A wide variety of bikes over 100 years time. The serial number chart works for some folks and not for others. Some bikes were on a different list too.

So don't let the fact that your serial number doesn't match with what we have upset you. I doubt you have a fake copy. It appears that the chart is not complete somehow. Much of this information has been lost or is buried someplace. I think we will dig it out someday and get it posted. There are so many English bicycle fans. Raleigh absorbed so many other companies and they had a slew of names they made up and used. Those bicycles had serial numbers too! We don't have the charts to them.

If the badge says Nottingham, England on it. I think you are assured of Raleigh quality.
Please describe your bike to us in further detail and where are you?
I understand that you are probably wanting to find the year it was made and without a year stamp on a rear 3 speed hub this is impossible. Except I recommend that you go to Sheldon Brown's site at http://www.SheldonBorown.com and look for the Raleigh bicycles section and the old bicycle section until you find the part where he shows running changes with decals and other features where you can get a rough idea of the year the bike was made.
Enjoy the bike, it is something wonderful and special!


   RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by Wayne on 5/9/2002 at 1:45:35 PM
I may have the info you need to figure out your Raleigh.
One site, Retro Raleighs, at


has a Raleigh serial number chart that goes into the 1970's
and 1980's. I have used it successfully to date a number of
older Raleighs.
Starting in 1972 Raleigh went to another numbering system
starting with 2 letters followed by a series of numbers. From
what you say it appears you have one of these.
The first letter is for the factory where it was made. I am
in Canada, and all Canadian made Raleighs from that time start
with R. I do not know which factory used B. The second
letter will be the "fortnight" in which it was made, C being
March. The first number, which you did not include, will be the
year of manufacture, but 3, for example, could be 1973 or 1983.
I have dated a number of Raleighs from that time and I do know
that the Canadian made ones were stamped with an R and the
ones made in Nottingham England were stamped with an N. I have
no knowledge of their other factories.
I hope this helps,

   RE:RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by Edward in Vancouver on 5/9/2002 at 3:54:31 PM
Tried to visit the mentioned address by copying and pasting the site, but all I got was the Speakesy Main site. Any hints on how to find this site?

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by Wayne on 5/9/2002 at 6:32:59 PM
Hi again,
Well there ya go. In spite of the fact that I did a copy
and paste for the original URL, a typo snuck in...
This is the correct link for Retro Raleighs...


It seems that the tilde (') didn't copy over properly.
You may get the same problem.
Talk to you later,

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   SERIOUS DOUBTS ON ENGLISH ROADSTERS... posted by Wayne on 5/9/2002 at 6:38:27 PM
And once more...
It appears that the editor here does NOT want to take a tilde
when one enters text here. Again, in the reply I just wrote,
it sustituted an apostrophe. So the URL is


EXCEPT substitute a tilde for the apostrophe.
(The tilde is the uppercase symbol for the key to
the left of 1 on the main keyboard.)
I am being obvious with this 'cause it wasn't THAT
long ago that I didn't know what that one was called.
Talk to you later,

MISC:   QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH ROADSTER posted by: Mario Romano on 5/6/2002 at 7:55:50 PM
Recently I bought an Raleigh english roadster with all stock parts, including 28" tires, rod brakes and sprocket disk. But, sadly, the bicycle have his stock paintwork on a very bad condition. I found an bicycle shop who performs the restauration according with the original specifications and decided to pay for see my old Raleigh new one. Of course, I have a lot of doubts on the Raleigh original paintwork, have Raleigh bicycles the end of the mudguards painted in white? Have Raleigh bicycles, thin red and yellow stripes painted along the frame, fork and mudguards? Have Raleigh Bicycles an metal flag upon the front mudguar? Raleigh bicycles was made with single speed? My bicycle doesn't have an internal gear hub, have 28" tires, rod brakes and BC53180 serial number, how old it is?

Any answers will be very well accepted

Mario Romano - Brazil

   RE:MISC:   QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH ROADSTER posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/6/2002 at 11:49:02 PM
Mario, Everything sounds normal. Yes, they were made with single speeds, yes the thin gold and red lines are part of a Raleigh bicycle. We call this box lining and Raleigh did this. So did others too, but other bikes looked differently, their box lining looked diffrent. Metal flag on front mudguard? Please describe this flag.
Who's flag? What country? Sounds like this flag is an front fender ornament. Added afterwards. Sounds like a Raleigh to me. One would have to see a photo of your bike to tell for certain. I don't know why the paint would not be right. Are you saying the origonal paintwork is shoddy?

Raleigh's paint was always top flight. Do you have origonal decals in the paint?

   RE:RE:MISC:   QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH ROADSTER posted by Mario Romano on 5/7/2002 at 3:56:03 PM

Really, you is right! After I spoke with the ex-owner of this bicycle he told me the flag was an aftermarket item, added by him. The bicycle have 32 spokes on the front wheel and 40 spokes on the rear wheel, rubber block pedals, single speed, an leather saddle and an badge saying: "Raleigh" and "Nottingham". The stock paint of the bicycle are in very bad condition, so, I found a man on my town who will paint the bicycle again, including with the thin gold and red stripes on the frame! He does an all-professional job and already painted over 40 bicycles on my city, including another Raleighs, Humbers, Phillips and Görickes...
Thanks a lot,

Mario Romano

   RE:MISC:   QUESTIONS ABOUT ENGLISH ROADSTER posted by Wayne on 5/9/2002 at 2:02:51 PM
As I have already posted the info needed to date your bike
to a previous message, I won't repeat it again here. The
important numbers here are BC5. Again B is the factory where
it was made (I do not know which), C is the fortnight, March
And 5 will be the year of manufacture, probably 1975 (I think
1985 would be to new).

AGE / VALUE:   tire & dropout questions posted by: dafydd on 5/6/2002 at 3:25:10 PM
Hi, I've got two questions, relating to different projects:

1. Does anyone other than Kenda make 26 X 1 1/4 (597 bead) tires?

2. I'd like to take a modern road frame and make a lightweight three speed. Is there a minimum of dropout lenght required?

Thank you,

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   tire & dropout questions posted by paul on 5/7/2002 at 1:35:33 AM
I have Kenda 26X1and1/4 tires on a Westfield Compax Take-a-part Traveler of 1942 vintage. I was told these tires were put on this bicycle within the past 3 years. I've owned the bicycle almost one year. Check with a dealer selling Kenda tires, I believe they are in Taiwan. Hope this helps, Paul

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   tire & dropout questions posted by Dale on 5/8/2002 at 4:25:34 PM
Dropout length and diameter are important only in that you need to secure the axil soundly. The axil on geared hubs is part of the drivetrain (sun gear), thus it must be secured against turning. On frames made for SA wheels, the rear axil slot is narrow to match the flat sides of the axil. They also fit large keyed washers to keep the axil anchored.

If I were putting an SA wheel into a frame made for derailleur gears, I'd probably use thick, large washers. Maybe I'd fabricate one that matched the keying on the axil, too.

Sounds like a neat project that will yield a quality rider.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   tire & dropout questions posted by Warren on 5/9/2002 at 11:11:00 PM
In answer to question 1...I don't think so. I've got three pairs of NOS Michelins that I hope will last me till the end of my days. Go into every one bike shop you see and ask them to look hard...that's how I found mine. Luck.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   tire & dropout questions posted by dafydd on 5/11/2002 at 3:13:50 AM
Oh, poo... what possesed me to buy this wheelset... thanks Warren, hopefully I will find a good set of tires.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Almuzaffar Deluxe posted by: Brent on 5/5/2002 at 11:37:00 PM
I just found this one and I don't really have a clue what it is. Chrome frame with fenders and full chaincase and rod brakes. The logo looks alot like a Raleigh logo above a stylized A. Same fork as a Raleigh too. But it has 26" wheels that look original, no S/A stampings. I bought it as soon as I saw it and haven't had a chance to really inspect it for any other info.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Almuzaffar Deluxe posted by brent on 5/6/2002 at 2:37:55 AM
More info. Second look reveals no raleigh connection (at least that I can find). The badge is very similar and all the badging is in the same places as a sports. A light "made in taiwan" stamping. The wheels don't have any braking surface on the sides and use woods valves. There isn't much left of the rod brakes. Nothing of the front and just the linkages going to the rear. Oh and it has an old motorcycle like kickstand. It's looking alot like a asian knock-off. Maybe I can make this into my new bad-weather fixed gear commuter....

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Almuzaffar Deluxe posted by paul on 5/7/2002 at 1:43:43 AM
I have a Forever made in Shanghai. Your bicycle sounds similar. Mine has rod brakes 26 x 1 and 3/8 tires on Raleigh Pattern type rims with rod brakes, front and rear, with kickstand mounted on rear axle and chain stay. The frame is 21 inch seat tube and is a small Chinese roadster copy of 1936 Raleigh Tourist. Although it is a 3 speed derailleur system rather than 3 speed or single speed coaster. Allegedly lots of these in single speed versions in Cuba! Hope this helps, Paul

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by: marcus on 5/4/2002 at 12:37:46 PM
Can someone tell me the difference between the Sturmey Archer AW and SW 3 speed hubs. Is it in the gearing ratio?
Thank you.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by David on 5/4/2002 at 3:37:37 PM
The SW is wider ratio than the AW and is just plain different. See Sheldon's web site:

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by Albert on 5/6/2002 at 11:26:58 AM
My recollection is that there is virtually no difference in the gear ratio when comparing the AW to the SW. Cheers from Philadelphia.

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by Stacey on 5/6/2002 at 7:43:21 PM
As usual... wrong again Albert.

AW ' 133.33 - 100 - 75
SW - 138.4 - 100 - 72.23

Looks to me like the SW is a wider ratio. But what does this unwashed trailer trash know?

See http://sheldonbrown.com/sturmey-archer.html for detailed information. But that would be like a sinner calling Satan as a witness. Ain't that right O Wise One?


   RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by Albert on 5/6/2002 at 11:16:53 PM
As with most epicyclic gear trains used on cycles, the input and output are reversed to provide the increase and decrease of tork or speed. Consequently, the low gear and high gear must be reciprocals. Ask for help from someone to to prove if your contention is true or false. Cheers!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: AW vs. SW hubs posted by Randy on 5/7/2002 at 12:29:44 AM
I kinda hate to point this out, Albert, it being a mathematical fact and all and not subject to opinion, but .7223 * 1.384 = .99966..., which does make them reciprocals.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: AW vs. SW hubs posted by Albert on 5/7/2002 at 11:16:40 AM
Of course you're correct Randy as was Stacey; I was hoping that Stacey, however, would be able to work out the math. Be that as it may, I have never been able to "feel" any difference between the SW and the AW. The SW is delightfully quiet--- while it's working.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: AW vs. SW hubs posted by Stacey on 5/7/2002 at 1:45:09 PM
I'm sorry to disillusion you Albert, but not everyone is as gifted at everything as you are. Personally, and I not ashamed to admit it, my higher math skills are lacking. Feeling superior now aren't you? Good for you! However, I don't try to distort facts with opinion. Just because you can't "feel" something dosen't mean it isn't so. Do us all a favor, get down off your bloody high horse, get laid and come back, perhaps a more plesant person.

    SW hub? Why do you want to borrow it? posted by Chris on 5/7/2002 at 9:17:54 PM
The neat thing about this hub is that it is quiet. No clicking pawls to announce your presence.This is "the stealth hub"!
Still,no alloy shell and it is unreliable. I don't like the delay in taking up drive either. It doesn't roll or spin as nicely as the A.W. or other hubs. I have the tires all pumped up and still it won't haul.Like something is holding me back.
Still, I could out run the babuska's with it. IF, I was that sort of a fellow.

Now, if you are out cycling late at night in a Greek village trying to secretly rendezvous with somebody special, some drop dead georgeous, raven haired Greek goddess who you spotted in the market. BUT she has angry brothers or a (angrier) husband or a overwrought lover and you want to avoid detection then, this is the hub for you! These villages are filled with nosey,tattle-tale, gossip-loving, Greek babuska's (all dressed up in black gowns and they probably carry cell phones too!) that will rat you out, drop a dime,fink,tell,and advertize your secret, indescresion filled, possibly alchol related, love tryst meeting to the whole gosh- darned village the second they see or hear you. Then it's the wooden rolling pin going KLONK, KLONK, KLONK! up side your head! A band of Greek babushka's all weilding rolling pins! RUN! The bad thing is that they see and tell EVERYTHING! You can't buy them off either! Not if you are male! And besides, Who can buy off a whole village full of babuskas? Gossip moves too fast! When you are going up against the "Babushka network" you need every advantage you can get.
Why do you think the men all sit around and drink espresso and smoke? They can't DO anything else! Not and get away with it.
It gets worse, my friend. There are Italian and Polish Babuskas too. All babushkas are player haters! The Origonal player hater's they are!
Now decent, loyal,faithful fellows need not worry about things like this. They can ride along with pawls clicking loudly with heads held up high in the noonday light and not be ashamed.
She waits patiently for me as I roll up on my S. W. equiped tandem with a picnic basket on the rear luggage rack for a 2a.m. moonlit dinner underneath the stars. (I brought along a chilled bottle of her favorite wine, too) (I don't think the Babushkas would like the fact I was getting her drunk, either)
"Do you want to awaken the whole household with that blasted bicycle hub going click, click, click?" "Why did you bring that stupid bike!" she hisses at me!
Ever see a Greek babushka astride a bicycle or motorcycle chasing some poor fellow? I don't think babushka's ride bikes. They just gossip and tell on you. Now the brothers or husbands,or lovers are another matter. They WILL give chase! That cycle better be made out of lightweight tubing!
Every once and a while I see a goddess worth getting one's head bashed in over.Not too often though. Soon I'll be sitting with the other old men in the town square drinking coffee and smoking.

   RE: SW hub? Why do you want to borrow it? posted by Edward in Vancouver on 5/7/2002 at 11:05:20 PM
Whoa, let's just all get back on the straight and narrow path of "English Roadsters", O.K?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by Ben on 5/8/2002 at 2:48:20 AM
I recognize Christopher as the author of that wonderful monologue, by the way he spells "origonal"...

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   AW vs. SW hubs posted by martinh on 5/9/2002 at 5:22:04 PM
Here is a cool site about the SW:

MISC:   Modified 1952 Rudge Roadster posted by: Birmingham Is The Paradise on 5/2/2002 at 11:39:13 PM
I have an 1952 Rudge Roadster who, because the lack of parts, I modified and converted it in an all-new lowrider old bicycle. I changed it's stock chromed iron rims by new ones in blue-anodized aluminum, with whitewall tires sized 26x1.95 (with green dices as valvecaps), I replaced all brakes by an new one counterpedal brake (pedal it back and stop the bike!) heavy duty and chromed. I replaced the stock mudguards by 1968 Caloi (brazilian maker) mudguards, painted in white with black stripes. The bike was completely repainted in glare black, with the frame joints painted in glare white. I polished every piece of metal on this bike, so, it's really gloss finished.

lowrider rudge roadster

   RE:MISC:   Modified 1952 Rudge Roadster posted by David on 5/3/2002 at 10:42:12 AM
Please put up a picture and post the url. I wanna see this baby!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Modified 1952 Rudge Roadster posted by Mario Romano on 5/6/2002 at 8:12:26 PM

Sadly I don't could put this bike photo at the web, but it exists! When I digitalize it's picture I will drop one for you! Send me any questions by my e-mail...

Mario Romano
brazilian collector

MISC:   SPROCKET TEETH APPEARS TO BE WORN posted by: Mario Romano on 5/2/2002 at 11:29:50 PM
The teeth from the sprocket disk of my english roadster appears to be worn, it have "spike-shaped" teeth. It's normal? Where can I find another sprocket, if mine's finally wears down? My sprocket have an human hand format.

Mario Romano

   RE:MISC:   SPROCKET TEETH APPEARS TO BE WORN posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/2/2002 at 11:55:26 PM
No, Spike shaped teeth are a definite sign of wear. The hand is the Rudge symbol. Look around for another crank arm.

AGE / VALUE:   What have I gotten posted by: Bill on 5/2/2002 at 3:33:16 PM
Recently picked up a very old roadster in the UK, It has rod brakes, 28" wheels. no name badge. BUT, there are three large "S"s on the crank, like the way that BSA and Raliegh use to build in thier logo. Anyone have any ideas. Need a place to start. thanks!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What have I gotten posted by John on 5/4/2002 at 5:38:58 PM
I think that would be a "Sunbeam."

AGE / VALUE:   To the Victor goes the spoils of rummage sale! posted by: ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/2/2002 at 2:29:41 PM
Brief memo to myself and the group here too, before I resume my leave of absence.
Repeat after me: In order to get the best pick of the litter one must be willing to do what it takes.
Getting there first is not enough. You must join in and help, you must infiltrate this rummage sale by signing up to volunteer and put in a couple of days work.
Waiting 2 hours and being first in the door is not enough! One of the workers plucked it and carried it away. They get first shot at anything they want to buy. This is why you need to volunteer and help them set it up.
Make connections, learn and master the game! This is war!
Still! Chris does it half-baked!
When will I learn? When I see "Dan the Chopper man" smile at me as he wheels it past me?
The folding bike was gone! One of the best bikes I have seen there and I blew it!
I don't know if it was Brompton or a new Moulton or what but it was way cool and I screwed up. My head is bowed and I'm real quiet all during supper. In a weak, beaten, whisper tone I step forward and ask how to volunteer for the next sale.
I consoled myself with a yellow $15.00 Schwinn Continental with the Huret Alvit marked Schwinn and a Schwinn front derailer. Still, it was already passed over. Not good! More sales this week, I'll be first to enter the doors. But once again, I did not volunteer and I fear it will be the same situation!
Pink Huffys, worthless kids bikes. You watch. I don't know how many more of these I can stand.If I were to trip, I would get trampled. Rabid, middle aged, soccer moms, grown men, little kids to trip over. We're all packed in like sardines and I get claustrophobical too.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   To the Victor goes the spoils of rummage sale! posted by Ray on 5/2/2002 at 7:30:41 PM
Ahh, yes Chris, many of us have been there done that. Why I have been doing this for years and still I see the one that got away all to frequently. How many times have you gone to a garage/yard/tag or house sale that had the dreaded "No Early Birds" in the ad along with bicycles. You get up early, first on line, wait an hour or so in the cold damp morning air only to be told "Oh we sold that bike last night". You are right, it is war and all's fair.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   To the Victor goes the spoils of rummage sale! posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/3/2002 at 12:19:22 AM
There were two guys looking on as I grabed three bikes at once. They gave me the evil eye. I sliped in under them and while they were standing there making decisions wheather or not to go for it. I swooped in and did. I paid and left.
Boy that was close! Too many people in there for my liking. It was a miracle! A red Camelback Dunelt!(It has Bates Dunlop whitewalls worn of course) A Huffy Raleigh 3 speed! A Continental with Huret Alvit derailer with metal disc jockey wheels. Red buttons on the Vainqueer brake leavers. I have never seen those before. You push them in and let it snap back. This is so you can replace cables. I'll save the bars and brakes, and that luscious lime green plastic handlebar tape and pull the derailer stuff and give the rest away.The prices were way, way cheap. I spotted a white rear fender and that unmistakable English rear reflector. I gasped as the rest of the picture came into focus. There it was, a candy apple red Dunelt!

   hey christopher posted by schwinnderella on 5/3/2002 at 3:36:31 AM
I always enjoy reading your posts. I have often wondered what part of the country you live in? Canada perhaps? How about this story?
About 10 years ago a guy bought 3 bikes by my place to show them to me. He had bought them very cheaply at an auction. Two were junk middleweights , but the third was a prewar mercury balloon tire bike,needed restored but all there. I offered him $300.00 for the mercury but he declined. I also offered a very nice original Schwinn deluxe Hornet as a trade ,but no deal he wanted to keep the auction bikes. I gave him my number and told him should he decide to sell to let me know.
Several years ago when the village was having its annual spring clean up days,my buddy grabbed all three of them including the mercury off the curb.Go figure!!

   RE:hey christopher posted by Cal on 5/3/2002 at 5:02:54 PM
I hope your leave of absence is over!

Another thing about yard sales to always be sure to ask "Do you have any old bikes?" Or "Do you have any *other* old bikes?"

Sometimes people don't think anyone would be interested in the old crusty bike in the shed, like the 5-speed Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback I got last weekend for $3!

MISC:   ride posted by: rickey@knowlesbicycle334-756-7561 on 5/2/2002 at 2:46:48 PM
would you like to come ride this sat may 4 we will have 300 or more bike riders this is an annual event here in valley alabama 30 min. from columbus ga. 1 hr. south of atlanta ga. I-85 valley lanette exitlots of fun & activities an auction at the local kroger gro. in lanette al. to raise money for valley haven school call 334-756-2868 334-756-7801 or the local bicycle shop 334-756-7561 hope to see you thare