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Archived: English Roadsters

AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Kaydex K3 posted by: Chris on 7/24/2003 at 4:54:15 PM
While trolling thru E- bay today I ran across this. With all the Brooks saddles I have seen before and with all the old catalogs I have and those of others have seen and despite all the obsessing/collecting and hunting I have done with Brooks saddles I have never seen this type saddle with it's unique badge before!
Until Now!

I saw no item # with this e- bay item so just type in the following:
British Leather Bicycle seat J.B. Brooks and co.

What is Kaydex? K3 is a Model # probably.

Is the Kaydex K3 the forerunner of the Brooks B-72?

Or were there more than one type saddle top to go atop the four wire loop underframe.

What time period is this one from?

The Brooks saddles have date stamps underneath them but this one does not have that showing in the sellers pics and the seller does not mention this stamping # likely due to not knowing about it!

I love this stuff! Just when you think you have seen or actually have, a well rounded Brooks saddle education, up pops something totally new to you!

Rats, I own no Kaydex seats in the stash either.

What about you chaps?
Ever see or hear of a Kaydex?
Perhaps another time.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Kaydex K3 posted by Jeff R on 7/24/2003 at 10:58:02 PM
The ebay # is 2184504803

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks Kaydex K3 posted by Mike on 7/25/2003 at 1:29:27 AM
If I recall correctly, the Brooks Kaydex is a knockoff made by someone else trying to capitalize on the Brooks name. Brooks got 'em to stop it. The Kaydex may have collectable value based on that alone. It was many years ago that I heard this, and it all may have been B.S. then. Maybe someone out there can verify??????

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Clubman posted by: Smitty on 7/24/2003 at 3:38:40 AM
Have you guys seen the clubman yet ebay #3619453277. I got get something. Watching my wife ride her lenton sports is killing me. Has anybody converted a 3spd shifter into a 4 I have NOS 3spd window type triger. All it needs is another notch in the cog thing or what ever you call it. It would have been nice if they would have made all the triggers 3 or 4spd. I just hate paying 50 plus for a good 4spd period trigger. The 3spd trigger is working but it would be nice to use top gear also .
(man i feel like dork riding a girls bike but man what a bike)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Clubman posted by Mark R. on 7/24/2003 at 11:01:24 AM
Smitty! Go for it man!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Clubman posted by Chris on 7/24/2003 at 5:09:00 PM
I have one that needs major repair. It has a nasty dent in it.
Find one without a dent in the thing and enjoy it.
They are out there......

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Clubman posted by Edward in Vancouver on 7/27/2003 at 6:37:05 AM
Go to Tony Hadland's site. There you will find drawings and explanations about the 3 and 4 spd triggers written and illustrated by J. Gill. I've tried one conversion from an old long-body style 3 spd trigger by taking it apart and filing a new notch. I'm unhappy to report that it wasn't a great success and the whole thing doesn't shift smoothly.

AGE / VALUE:   Spinning into space they go.... posted by: David Poston on 7/24/2003 at 12:17:51 AM
...Only to end up in Cyprus!


This is where all those missing "pie plates" go. Mystery solved.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spinning into space they go.... posted by Chris on 7/24/2003 at 12:40:13 AM
Thunk! I fainted.

As I came too with people standing over me, the first thing I said was.

"Oh, it's N.O.S. and original!"

Buy it now!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Spinning into space they go.... posted by P.C. Kohler on 7/24/2003 at 1:02:39 AM
Me, I want to meet the Raleigh salesman in Cyprus in the 1960s. This guy must have been some hustler... he sold what seems like 100 gross of every part and fitment to cycle shops that look like they never moved a single thing. Does anyone actually ride a bike on this island? Instead, it all goes to this eBay dealer. At £15 for a pie plate, I'd investigate an Asian knock-off for a bit of pressed steel and paint. But this guy sure comes up with the goods.

I'm still waiting for him to find the warehouse filled with NOS Dunlop tyres.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spinning into space they go.... posted by sam on 7/24/2003 at 3:35:32 AM
and if he did offer Dunlop tires look at them carful too.I think Dunlop of India still makes tires for bicycles!!Not that they would be bad tyres are anything,just not English Dunlops.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spinning into space they go.... posted by Ian on 7/24/2003 at 9:49:06 AM
This one looks to have a genuine parts tag on it but if it did not I would defy anyone to tell the difference between a Chinese one and the real Raleigh thing. After shuffling them three times I could not tell which was which so they should be available somewhere if you have an agent for the Great China Bicycle Co. I paid less than the equivalent of 15GBP for the whole Chinese chainguard. I have one on a BSA, one on a Rudge and one on a Wu Yang, so they fit most frames fine, just a matter of finding an importer.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spinning into space they go.... posted by Chris on 7/24/2003 at 4:39:01 PM
I like going with the original every time if it is available.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: M.R. on 7/23/2003 at 3:44:17 PM
Anyone have a CB77 superhawk they'd like to trade for a NOS DL-1?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by Me again on 7/24/2003 at 2:49:17 PM
I'm serious. If someone has a mid '60s superhawk, even if it needs some work, I'm interested in a trade. If it runs,and looks reasonably good, I'll include a new full chaincase on the bike. I've got pictures. I've got another DL-1, but no CB77.

AGE / VALUE:   Montgomery Ward Three Speed posted by: Janet on 7/23/2003 at 12:23:05 PM
I recently purchased a Montgomery Ward three-speed English-style bike at a garage sale for $2.00. (yes, 2 dollars). I'm trying to find out more about it, can anyone possibly help?

I am not a collector, just loved the the way the size of the frame fits me (I'm a short woman) and thought it would be a great bike to ride if it can be fixed up a little.  However, I am curious about the age of it and whether or not it was made by Raleigh for Montgomery Ward. I've done some research, and it looks to me like it is probably a late 60's or early 70's model.  Here is the info I can discern from the bike:
Gears and hub:  Shimano
Seat:  Mesinger
Handlebar grips:  Hunt Wilde Corp.
Numbers on headset:  Right side: 81169  Left side: 8 205 0822

The bike is rideable in its current condition. There are some photos of the bike here http://www.inletdunes.com/bike.htm if that will help.

Thanks very much for any help you can give.

Stay with us at Sunset Dunes on Florida's Emerald Coast!
4 BR, 2 BA Beach house

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montgomery Ward Three Speed posted by Ed on 7/23/2003 at 2:06:13 PM
A shadow makes it difficult to read the name on the headbadge.Is it possibly Murray? If so the bike is not an English Raleigh. This is only important to a collector. My advice is to ride and enjoy it and take pleasure in the fact that you got such a bargain. Good luck with it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montgomery Ward Three Speed posted by sam on 7/23/2003 at 10:53:13 PM
From the looks of the front sprocket,I'd say it's a Columbia built bike.---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Montgomery Ward Three Speed posted by Fred on 7/25/2003 at 4:49:46 PM
I too bought a Wards bike at a garage sale for $5. It also has the model name, (Hawthorne). The only reason I bought it was that my brother received a Hawthorne ballooner for Christmas in 1940, and it was my first exposure to 2 wheelers. I decided not to do anything with my new purchase when I spun the rear wheel. Runout-lots of runout. I can build and true wheels but this one is too far gone. The bike is too good in general to throw away but not worth the cost of fixing. I think I will put it at the roadsie with a sign saying, "take".

MISC:   More on the August 24th Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 7/22/2003 at 3:38:35 PM
Here are some answers to the questions we're asked about the upcoming Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet on August 24, 2003 in Bloomfield, CT

Q: Is this swap meet associated with the Larz Anderson Show?
A: No, it is not part of the Larz Show. We set up this swap meet in response to changes in the Larz show. The organizers of this year's Larz show were critical of the past few year's "Flea Market" environment of the swap (using a photo of our shop truck loaded with old bikes as an example of what was _not_ wanted...). The Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet _strives_ to be a flea market environment. Lots of bicycles and parts in all states of condition. Good selection, good prices, free admission, cheap vendor space, food, music, etc.

Q: Can I bring cycles to show and display, but not to sell?
A: Certainly!

Q: It's being held at the New England Musclebike Museum. Does that mean the swap is focusing on Musclebikes?
A: No. It is open to all styles: Antique, lightweight, balloon, roadster, motorized, whatever. Bring what ya got. We have registrations from vendors in all categories.

Directions, registration form and more info at: http://OldRoads.com/swap

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

AGE / VALUE:   Passed on it... but interesting anyhow. posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 7/22/2003 at 2:28:04 AM
Whilst cruising around the other day, I came across a ladies Columbia "roadster" of sorts. Ugly frame with chrome fenders... BUT... SA hubs front and rear with the SA trigger shifter. 27" rims. I pondered snagging it (yard sale) for the wheels thinking... I could convert one of my Sprites to 3-speed... but since I don't have access to any of my roadsters at the moment.... well, I passed on it.

Was definitely a surprise to find the SA stuff on an old Columbia though.



   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Passed on it... but interesting anyhow. posted by Drew on 7/22/2003 at 11:02:05 AM
Sounds interesting, Those SA hubs have to be history's greatest gear system, showing up on such a wide varity of quality bikes...Schwinn Fastbacks to even a Hosteler Bavarian Roadster from the 30's!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Passed on it... but interesting anyhow. posted by sam on 7/22/2003 at 3:06:47 PM
S/A hubs were used on American bikes such as Dayton,Mead,Schwinn,Harley Davison,and Sears,in the teens!And contuned to be used on American bikes tru the 80s.I agree,what a great hub!---sam

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Passed on it... but interesting anyhow. posted by Chris on 7/22/2003 at 7:25:44 PM
I held my nose and covered my mouth while removing the SA hub/wheel and shifter stuff. The rest of the bike was so awful it hurt to handle it while removing the parts. I immediately set it at the curb afterwards.
Back in the day, Columbia was a lovely bike.
The thing I was picking up for parts to salvage off of it was a real piece.

AGE / VALUE:   1970's Dawes Galaxy posted by: Sandy Alexander on 7/21/2003 at 11:13:43 PM
I just repaired/tuned up a 1970's Dawes Galaxy Racing Bike , Campy Nuevo Record Drivetrain, Brown with Yellow Decals, Renoyold's 531 Steel. If anyone has any info on a bike like this(Year, History, Value) I would Appericiate it greatly. If you would be interested in purchasing it e-mail me rjacka4@hotmail.com for more info. Thanks

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Continental - Carlton - History posted by: Raul on 7/21/2003 at 5:34:45 PM
Does anyone know the history of the Raleigh Continental Road Bike? How old is it? It's value when new? and its value now?
This is a 12 speed bike and has the word Carlton on it as well. Where can I get more information on this bike?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Continental - Carlton - History posted by Ed on 7/22/2003 at 12:29:39 PM
There is a picture and catalogue page on the Carlton Continental displayed at www.clasicrendevous.com . Look under British isles and click on Carlton. Hope this helps.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Monkey see, Monkey do... posted by: Edward in Vancouver on 7/21/2003 at 1:19:18 AM
Picked up two wheels from a garage sale a few weeks back. The rims and spokes were toast but the hubs, a '78 AW and a Suzue front hub were salvageable. So last week I took out my Lineman's pliars and started to snip out the hubs. Snick-twiing, snick-twiing, my 5 yr son came in to investigate what the sound was. "Hey neat Dad, let me try!" I figured, what the heck, he can't damage the hubs, and he'll tire out after two spokes. Snick-twiing,-"This is too hard Dad". So I salvaged the hubs. Yesterday I left the garage door open as I did some gardening. As I returned to the garage to put away the tools, I heared that unmistakeable sound, Snick-twiing... There he was snipping away the spokes on his sister's bike, but he was eyeing my Superbe for next... I gotta be more careful!

   In more ways then one... posted by Ray on 7/21/2003 at 7:46:47 PM
Be careful from other aspects of removing hubs this way. If there is no tire or rim strip on the wheel then the spoke end can shoot out the hole like a sling shot and really cause some facial damage. Also, cutting out a hub can damage it especially if it is an alloy. Spokes under tension pull with a tremendous amount of force. Cutting one or two loose from a fully tensioned wheel can cause the other to stress the holes on the hub and cause some indentations that can lead to trouble down the road. It is best to loosen the spokes a bit first before you just cut them.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   S5 tough nut posted by: alonzo on 7/20/2003 at 9:58:27 PM
I‘ve got a wheel set from a ’67 Raleigh Sprite. The rear hub is an S5. It came with all the shifting parts except for the left-side bellcrank. So I ordered up a new bellcrank from VVVintage bikes. No luck. Either the axle shaft that switches gears is too short (protrudes 1/4 inch from the end of the axle) or there was a different bellcrank design in ’67 than what I bought. The new bellcrank works if I take off the left axle nut and screw the bellcrank as far as possible. Perhaps a thinner axle nut is in order. Please advise.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Got myself a Superbe! posted by: Mark Rehder on 7/18/2003 at 4:38:26 PM
Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted...

I have just acquired a very nice Superbe, with the SA hub dated 1 / 71, and it was bought from the original owner! It is almost complete, save for the original air pump (well, there are pegs for one) and its tires have been replaced at some point in its 32 year lifespan).

How it came about was this: since April I have been working at a local bike shop (this alone is worth its one separate tale!). One day I took a phone call from a woman asking if she could bring in two old bikes that need to get parts switched around. She mentioned that they were Raleigh 3-speeds, so I figured she'd be bringing in a pair of Sports. A few days later she arrives with a friend, and brings the bikes into the shop (we're a very small "sure, roll it right in here" kind of place). To my surprise they are a matched set of Superbes, one being a 23" men's frame, the other a 21" men's, resplendent in their faded Raleigh (Bronze?) Green. They both are running Dynohubs, and after a brief test I confirm that the front and rear lights work all around.

The woman told me that the 23" one she bought new back in '71 at a now-defunct area shop. She had later fitted a Brooks leather saddle and had put many happy miles on it. The 21" was found a few weeks ago at a garage sale, and she said that she had to buy it (for $25!), since it was a copy of hers. The truly interesting part is that the hub on her 23" bike is dated 1/ 71, and this smaller bike has the exact same date! And they both sport the same bike shop sticker. So, these two Superbes, sold through the same shop 32 years ago (and perhaps may have shared floor space) meet again!

The woman decided that she wished to give the 21" to a friend of hers, and wanted us to transfer over the Brooks saddle and Raleigh pedals from her bike, as well as it give it a basic tune-up. I said "so your friend will have a nice old Raleigh to ride, but what's happening with your bike then?" To which she replied " oh, I don't ride it much anymore. Would you consider taking it in trade for the labour?" I quickly checked with my boss, offering to pay for her job ($40) if I could have the bike. He was fine with that, and once everything was changed over the bike was mine! So now it has a Brooks mattress saddle, which is quite comfy, and it sports a pair of cheap plastic pedals that will be changed out once I dig around and find a pair of originals at my local bike
co-op. This bike is one fine ride, the Dynohub works flawlessly, and the original front and rear lights glow happily at night. I have made two changes: I slid off the original plastic hand grips and replace them with a pair of the rubber repro grips I picked up from Sheldon a while back, as they are much more comfortable. And I installed a longer seatpost, because at 6'3" the stock one does not come high enough.

I'll post pics to my website very soon!

Cheers, Mark in Ottawa (Canada)

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Got myself a Superbe! posted by Matt Harter on 7/20/2003 at 3:53:36 AM
That is interesting, I got my first tourist in a very similar situation. An elderly woman brought a matched set of gent's and ladies tourists into the shop I worked at asking me to scavenge parts from the gent's bike to make her bike work again, her husband didn't need his bike anymore because he passed away. I told her that I would replace the parts needed on her bike with new ones at my expense if I could have the gent's bike, she agreed. She was quite happy that I wanted to ride the bike daily. I have had the bike for about ten years and I've put many miles on it.

She told me that she and her husband bought the bikes in New York and made a trian/bike trip all the way to Chicago. They rode them on trips along the route and then reboarded the train to travel on. The bike came with an SW hub dated from the late '60s.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Got myself a Superbe! posted by Smitty on 7/20/2003 at 6:00:13 AM
That Is what is great about this hobby. Just finding these bikes is half the fun. You could just get on Ebay and buy them but that would be too easy and besides that would just cause values to go out of sight. The way it sounds very few of use have actualy paid more than 20$ for any of these bikes. But when you think about is 400 or 500$ realy that unresonable for a fully equiped roadster in good condition. A new reproduction sting ray krate cost that much and its not much of a bike in comparison. Also I found out that all the parts stripped off of my 50s lenton sports were but in a box and given to a thrift store.
HAPPY HUNTING and good luck
If anybody finds them please tell use I would feel better if I knew they were not thrown away

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Got myself a Superbe! posted by Randy on 7/25/2003 at 1:27:00 AM
Can I ask a Superbee question? Bear with me I am not a typer. I have two superbees in my possession-- one is a 70s model--female--- the other has 57 on the rear hub. They both have dyno hubs but the 57 has the dynohub in the rear wheel assembly instead of the front. Has anyone seen one of these or was it common to have it in the front or back?Also , the newer one has a light, speedo, carrier behind the seat etc. would they have been stock on this bike? Thanks

AGE / VALUE:   bargin tables posted by: sam on 7/18/2003 at 12:45:29 AM
When bargin hunting at good will and you find only one pedal---pick it up.The other one may be 3 tables away.--sam

WANTED:   Raleigh Freewheel posted by: Tom on 7/18/2003 at 12:07:54 AM
I have a single speed freewheel with the Raleigh mark on it. I took it apart and found 1 of the 2 springs is broken. Where do I get another spring. Will the ones from a 5 speed freewheel fit. I have not taken a 5 speed freewheel apart so I don't know if they are the same.

AGE / VALUE:   Which chain tool? posted by: David Poston on 7/18/2003 at 12:00:28 AM
Does anyone know which chain tool (i.e., rivet extractor) I need for the standard 1/8" chain? I just bought a Park CT-5, but I don't if it's only suited for derailleur chains or not.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Which chain tool? posted by David on 7/18/2003 at 10:45:37 AM
You've got the right tool.

   More chain questions posted by David Poston on 7/18/2003 at 8:50:47 PM
OK, another question on chains--

When I go to "breaking" the chain,

a) Do I remove the rivet, or just do 6 complete turns as my "Glenn's Bicycle Manual" suggests?
b) Do I really have to bend or flex the plate to remove the link? Is this harmful to the chain?
c) When shortening a chain, must one shorten two links at a time?


   RE:More chain questions posted by Warren on 7/19/2003 at 1:59:55 AM
Try the six turns...this will depend on the thread on your tool and the chain width. You will have to grasp the chain and "bend" or flex the chain until it pops free. If it was too difficult you will have a harder time putting it back together. If you damgae the link you will have to take a length out and put new links in from a spare chain. You will very quickly become profficient. Remember to always remount the chain the same way it came off... there are 4 ways a chain can be oriented and you want the chain to be exactly the same to keep the wear patterns on the chain, cogs and chainrings consistent. When you shorten the chain, it will be evident that two lengths are the minimum or the chain will not go back together.

   RE:RE:More chain questions posted by David Poston on 7/19/2003 at 5:23:21 AM

Thanks for the tips.

Now, when remounting the chain--is it important that the same teeth match up with the same links? I've heard talk about old chains mating with certain teeth, so much so that your chain will skip teeth if it isn't remounted just right.

In my case, I am putting a new chain on old cogs, so is there anything I need to worry about?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Which chain tool? posted by David on 7/19/2003 at 2:38:33 PM
The particular teeth that engage your chain depend on the number of links and teeth and the factors they have in common. I guess every link will engage every tooth: even wear.