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Archived: English Roadsters

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Message for Brian T. posted by: Edward in Vancouver on 8/2/2003 at 2:39:47 AM
Brian, just stripped down a '62 ladies Sports, and have the parts you're looking for. Give me a shout.

AGE / VALUE:   One pricey little booklet! 1898 Humber bicycle catalog item #3537224688 posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 8/1/2003 at 10:00:51 PM
The auction ended at $538.00 for the 1898 Humber bicycle catalog!
item #3537224688

Aside from the information in it, I don't underdstand why it should go this high.

Is the illustrations in this by somebody famous? It is very well done. Art value? probably so.
That's a lot of money for just a paper booklet. This one is special yes, but $538.00?
I'm not understanding something here obviously.
Oh, if only we found these in our finds, huh?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   One pricey little booklet! 1898 Humber bicycle catalog item #3537224688 posted by Ian on 8/5/2003 at 10:22:46 AM
Chris, sometime try and get hold of the books of papers presented to the International Cycling History conferences or even just copies of the Boneshaker newsletter put out by the Veteran Cycle Club. When you see how vehemently some of these people argue the smallest little details of the rights and wrongs of cycle history you might understand why someone might pay this much money for a book to back up an argument with facts. If it was an 1870's catalogue or earlier it probably would have made thousands.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   One pricey little booklet! 1898 Humber bicycle catalog item #3537224688 posted by Chris on 8/5/2003 at 4:10:15 PM
Thanks. You hit the nail right on the head. exactamundo.
Another reason to collect anything bicycle related on paper that is old.
I knew there was a good reason somewhere.
Who among us has seen the actual bikes in this catalog?
Or owns something like that?

AGE / VALUE:   Green paint from the gods posted by: Chris on 8/1/2003 at 7:36:04 PM
The green paint on the new Jaguar. I want that on my Hercules, all over. Then the gold decals and box lining.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Green paint from the gods posted by Chris on 8/2/2003 at 7:25:56 PM
The black Jaguar next to it. No other carmaker has such luscious black, Flamenco red and Forest green. Glassy, deep, thick. They know how to paint!
Still happy with the Honda, it's all I need, but that Jag paint!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Green paint from the gods posted by sam on 8/2/2003 at 8:13:18 PM
Isn't Jaguar owned by Ford?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Green paint from the gods posted by Edward in Vancouver on 8/3/2003 at 1:04:18 AM
Hey, yeah. A couple of months back I got a Ford brochure for fleet vehicles, just the regular F 150 and Econoline stuff, but Jaguar, Volvo, and Land Rover were in the Brochure as well!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Green paint from the gods posted by Chris on 8/3/2003 at 4:53:48 PM
Maybe so, but the paint is not shared and thank God for that.
This green, black and
red paint and the way it is done is never seen on any Ford.

AGE / VALUE:   Tinkering with the Scot posted by: Chris on 8/1/2003 at 7:03:20 PM
How do you remove fixed gear skip tooth track cogs?
I 'll have to make a chain whip with old chain and a bar.
But I wonder how they really did it.
I want to remove the cog for cleaning and polishing.
No pitting in the races of the Flying Scot! Not anyplace!
Oh that Brampton headset! Yow! Yea!
Bike is being overhauled and put back up on the wall No parts are being put on another bike, nothing out of the order I found it in. Nice thick cable in the rear brake on the fixed gear track frame. She had the brake shoes resting on the tubular tire. Brake is set up with a rear rack bridge clip so that the original rear brake bridge is not used. Smart idea!
Seat post is stuck in the frame. Aluminum and steel. I'll leave it alone. It's cool.
Perhaps I'll take it to the upcoming Scottish festival!
Alloy tubular rims I'll not polish I'll leave those alone.
I will have to find one of these in my size one of these days. Satan will say: "You should have told me you wanted it in your size!"
The cable casing is unique. I have no such thing exactly like it in the stash and I have never seen it anyplace. Red, plastic, old, ribbed cable. Beautiful and rare!
Sitting on the beach last night I thought of it and wanted to ride it but it's too small for me. Looking at all the paths and lovely scenery and it's too small a frame! Drat!
I held the fork for a moment when I re- greased the headset and cleaned and polished the headset and as I held that fork I thought:
I am not worthy!
I mean, look at the work of art it is!
The rear wheel is done, finally they match!
Back to the Lenton Sports!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Tinkering with the Scot posted by Chris on 8/1/2003 at 7:27:36 PM
Back in the day before they closed down one could walk in off of the street and order one of these. You would wait a while but it was all made to order. In your size, with all the goodies, brand new!
She ordered it in 1956 and got it in 1957 the bike is a '57
It was $150.00 back in 1957. She said she could have bought a used car for that amount.
A lady fixed gear cyclists out with a flip flop skip tooth hub with an 8 and a 9 tooth cog. Back in 1957. She was the real deal, I would say.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dawes with nervex lugs posted by: Joel on 7/31/2003 at 6:54:50 PM
Can anyone tell me what I got?- Name plate says Dawes made in birmingham england. Its got nervex lugs and chrome seat and chain stays How old is this bike? Thanks for your help,Joel

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dawes with nervex lugs posted by Ed on 8/1/2003 at 1:43:43 PM
There are a few pictures and discriptions at http://www.classicrendezvous.com/main.htm.Look under British Isles and click on Dawes. I'am surprised at the Nervex lugs though.I've run across serveral Dawes through the years,but can't recall ever seeing one with Nervex lugs,but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.Good luck with your Dawes,it sounds very interesting.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dawes with nervex lugs posted by David on 8/2/2003 at 4:37:32 PM
Ask http://www.dawescycles.com/feedback.html

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dawes with nervex lugs posted by Russ on 8/4/2003 at 2:11:25 AM
Sounds like a Galaxy or a Super Galaxy. I want to say the first is a 531 main tube frame and the second is full Reynolds 531 tubing. I think it's a late '60s-mid '70s era model. Steel cottered cranks and Simplex derailleurs? Weinmann centerpulls?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Dawes with nervex lugs posted by Russ on 8/4/2003 at 2:16:40 AM
I forgot to mention - I think both models came with Nervex Pro lugs.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   1961 (?) Dunelt posted by: Pat on 7/31/2003 at 2:36:12 AM
Just a question about a bike my father purchased new while in high school, 1957-1961. It's a Dunelt 3-speed with rod style brakes. I've been looking over the internet for any information regarding the bike or company that made it. any info or links would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   1961 (?) Dunelt posted by Ed on 8/1/2003 at 1:51:47 PM
I checked the classicrendezvous site mentioned above. Not any more than a mention there. Maybe there's someone knowledgable about Dawes who can Jump in here and tellus more.

AGE / VALUE:   Chrome removal trick? posted by: David Poston on 7/30/2003 at 7:40:17 AM
I faintly recall that some people had posted something here regarding the removal of chrome, using some acid-something or other. Of course, I don't have access to a sand blaster machine, so I need suggestions that I can carry out in my garage.

I'm trying to remove flaking chrome from some small parts (e.g., lampbracket, rod brake stirrup guides) and black enamel them myself.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Chrome removal trick? posted by sam on 7/30/2003 at 8:01:12 PM
If you have an air compressor,Wal-Mart sells a sand blasting kit for $15 that uses a 5 gal plastic bucket(you supply) to hold the sand.Makes a mess!Also I've used a wire brush on a drill.This works but not as well.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Chrome removal trick? posted by CatfoodRob on 7/30/2003 at 10:00:23 PM
The secret is to thoroughly key thevsurface to enable the paint to adhere..... sandblasting works.
To get Acid to remove the crome you need to passan electrical current through it, not within the realms of d.i.y. really.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Don't get Westinghoused playing with current posted by Chris on 7/31/2003 at 6:54:34 PM
Problem is you can't fool around and wait after you remove the finish. It will IMMEDIATELY begin to rust as soon as it is blasted or stripped or whatever. You will need to prime it or re- chrome it or whatever but you cannot set it down and come back a few days later because if you do it will have rust on it.

I had a window done and they went on about how rust forms immediately and I decided to have them prime it for me right there in their shop.
It's fine now.
I have these OLD Westwood rims from way back in the day and they are really wide, wide, almost flat 28 x 1 1/2 Dunlop B- 5 section rims and they are luscious and I'l excited to own them and one of these days I'll be brave enough to have somebody re- chrome these.
I don't know whom to let do the job and I could not handle it if they were to lose these rims or mess up the job.
So they sit in the box.
Don't electrify or electricute yourself playing with passing current thru cleaner that could ignite and blow up.
Leave that to the experts.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Don't get Westinghoused playing with current posted by David Poston on 7/31/2003 at 7:39:18 PM
I think I'll stick to using sandpaper or one of those whirring wire-brush discs that you can attach to an electric drill. My goal, at any rate, is not rechrome anything (particularly rims), but simply to remove some flaking chrome and rust off little bits such as a lampbracket and paint it black. I like the look of black enameled bits anyway, particularly on my WWII-era New Hudson roadster.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Don't get Westinghoused playing with current posted by Edward in Vancouver on 8/1/2003 at 5:01:08 AM
David, Christmas may not be around the corner, but you should wish for a Dremel tool. Indispensible for cleaning, polishing, grinding, etc. Just holding it in your hand makes you feel like a dentist...only kiddding!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Chrome removal trick? posted by CatfoodRob on 8/1/2003 at 6:18:02 PM
Yeeeeeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww :)

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   taillamp hunt posted by: Geoffrey on 7/29/2003 at 2:05:48 PM
Hunting for a taillamp for my Raleigh, the kind with a grey colored body and deco looking red lense. I think Sturmey supplied these for mid 1950s to very early 1960s Raleighs? I have a lovely SW (1957 of course) hub I will trade if you're so inclined. The taillamps gotta be in fine shape though! I can email you a photo attachment of the one I'm seeking.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   taillamp hunt posted by Ed on 7/30/2003 at 5:08:36 PM
I have four of the rear lights you described,three currently in use one extra that I will be glad to trade for your hub. I have just taken a jpeg of the avaiable light and will send the picture attached to a note directly to you.If you are interested get back to me with your mailing address, I will enclude mine with the direct note.
Cheers, Ed.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Raleigh Spares Catalogue Posted posted by: P.C. Kohler on 7/29/2003 at 1:51:40 PM
One of the greats in British cycle literature is now scanned and posted, in full, on Roll Britannia (2).

This is the c. 1952 36-page Raleigh-Rudge-Humber combined Spares Catalogue featuring 1) exploded diagram of every model of the era showing each individual part and fitment, 2) separate parts list with description and parts number, 3) the most comprehensive Spoke Chart ever for British bikes listing every type of hub and rim of the era (and what a variety!) and 4) Workshop Tools.

This is in the FILES section of a new second Roll Britannia group as we've run out of room in the original one for big files like this.


P.C. Kohler

AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by: David Poston on 7/28/2003 at 8:17:02 PM

I thought about bidding, but when it jumped to $1000, I nearly fainted.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Ralph on 7/28/2003 at 11:40:15 PM
I like classic roadsters as much as the next guy, but that's just plain nuts.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: A new record? posted by P.C. Kohler on 7/29/2003 at 1:01:10 AM
Silly Season again...

I wouldn't pay that much for a 1948 Humber No. 303 28" "Royal Tourist" in Humber Blue, dynofour and with a working Dyno-Lux Car-Type Lighting unit. Not that I wouldn't agonise over it...

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: A new record? posted by Chris on 7/29/2003 at 6:20:41 PM
I gave $675.00 for my 1957 Raleigh Superbe with the 28 inch wheels. It has better decals, nicer rod linkage, leather mudflap, a nicer seat,and is totally original throughout.
With the key too! I thought I was really nuts as I handed over the money but I had this grin on my face and he laughed at me saying "Oh, Chris you are really hooked on these!" But still it was the nicest Raleigh to ever come into the shop second hand and it would have been long gone if he did not know me and reserve it for me. There were all sorts of "other fish" to come sniffing around it. We had a arrangement that only I was going to get whatever came in and this was not a free thing he did for me. There was a lot of folks looking at it and one fellow wanted it to use as a movie prop. The area jobber looked it over. It was causing quite a stir as it sat in the shop. Really. Folks were walking up to it right away and silently looking it over. It was weird. Even the mountain bike folks were aware that this thing had mysterious bike mojo magic.
I of course was completely under it's spell. I was kneeling down looking it over, wiping the dust off and occaisonally ringing the bell until I was told to stop.( It was loud and very British) He said Do you think I am running a shrine here? Bring me the money for it and you can take it home!
"They will be wanting a bell that sounds like that and all I have are these cheap bells that don't sound like that one! Don't ring it."
The stir was supposed to be caused by the new bikes in the front room.
He finally said "Get this out of here!"
I was scrambling to raise that amount and it was a hurried thing. I was worried somebody would out offer me and I'd lose it.
The full amount paid and two cold cases of that China beer Tsing Tao and everybody was happy. After work they were sitting around and he said: "Yea, Chris finally came and picked it up." It was the: Invasion of the Vintage Raleigh!
You never see these about. I get called for Sports and other stuff way below these. The basic Raleigh with the 28 inch wheels is seldom seen either. Both mine and the one up for auction is in great original shape. No dents and with the magical enclosed chaincase too.
Some folks swoon at the sight of these and hand over the payment without a second thought. They are looking forward to riding it and it is worth every penny to them. This was really a awesome sight to see in the shop with twenty years plus of dust on it.
Silly season? Sometimes I don't know or sometimes I disagree. Im just glad the "season" came.

I understand that you guys are being sensible and reasonable and it's best to find these for $60.00 at the garage sale and that is the goal to find one cheap and complete. Then there are folks like me who will run through the pricker bush hedge and beat you to it and be the first to hold it and ask: How much? And you thought you were going to buy it. My leg may be bleeding but I scored another vintage Raleigh and you did not.
Humbers in Royal Blue are another matter. That fork in that shade of blue? In 28?
Now anything in the Royal blue with the duplex for and I lose all reason. How to get my hands on it, who gets the payment shoved into their hands. Do they have any more? Any literature with it? What else they have? Do they have my card? Will they really call me when they find more?
Some are more silly when the season arrives than others. Some are senseless, it depends.
Some toss a roll of bills and the fellow that over paid big time still makes a profit when it is sold. This is strange. I have seen the plain Tourist with the 28 inch wheels have sold for 1000.00 before.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Smitty on 7/30/2003 at 4:38:35 AM
I understand
If a 23 inch lenton tourist pops up I just hope I'm the only one thats silly. I have agood excuse my wife allready has one and that just aint fare is it. I'm sure everyone can relate to that.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Ian on 7/30/2003 at 9:12:23 AM
As the saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and if in your eyes this is a thing of beauty then price is not really relevant. Having said that I think the buyer paid top price for a good but not perfect bike and I hope he is happy with it. As someone who has collected bikes for quite a few years and just recently sold many of them off to finance a new passion I have been pleasantly surprised to find that such was the interest that I made a modest profit on things that I had always considered I paid a little to much for. So if one can have hours of contemplative pleasure and enjoyment and exercise and still not lose too much money (or even make a profit) when replacing it later with a new love then surely live is worth living. Money is important to a certain level of existence but if one chooses to forgo other things for the pleasure of owning something like this then I cannot see too much wrong with that! Ian.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by sam on 7/30/2003 at 8:15:09 PM
Well said ,Ian.Sometimes you just gotta reach a little past what you though you could.Grab that peach out on the end of the branch---it's the sweetest!

   To all you who would not pay.... posted by Ray on 7/31/2003 at 3:13:49 PM
To those of you who would not pay over a G for this bike think about this. Some one was willing to pay and we collectors seem amazed but really we would never pay amounts like this because we are collectors. We are always on the hunt for a deal and would not consider paying these prices even if we had the money. If I or any of you wanted we could plunk down a wad of cash and buy an NOS bike tomorrow and I am sure you know where you could find one. Don't judge everyone by what you would do because they are not in the same place as you. This seller and buyer are most likely both very happy. The buyer in particular must have really wanted this bike and money was not an issue. Great for both of them. Most likely the buyer is not a regular collector but someone who really appreciates this bike. Turn it around, would any of you have a problem being the seller in this case. Would any of you tell the buyer that they are nuts for paying this amount if it were your auction. I think not!

   RE:First hurdle, Is it for sale at all. posted by Chris on 7/31/2003 at 7:51:14 PM
I think of all the times it is simply not for sale at all. A sign hangs up there telling it is not for sale.
Private collection. They don't know or say that they don't know and here they really do know who owns it.
Or they take your number and never call. Or the guy calls and laughs and says it's not for sale.

I ask "What will it take to get it down off your wall?" and they look at me and just shake their head. They won't even communiucate with me.
When that happens you go to the wife, mother or girlfriend.

The first hurdle to get over is: Is it for sale at all?
Some folks pass away while out riding their bike. I am probably destined to fall off the ladder trying to get up the 75 feet to where the old Humber is hanging covered with hairy dust from being there so long. Paying for it is not the worst part. It is getting it down without dropping it, falling or breaking your neck. Dropping it onto a glass topped showcase, getting thrown out of the place as you promise to have the showcase fixed. We stood there looking and my pal said: "Oh Geeze Chris, forget it!" We'll never get it down. I hooked up a rope and pulley and climbed down and then it came down gradually into my hands.

The basement is off limits. There is a guy that just shakes his head at you. You know they have a stash of old bikes.
I stood in the basement eyeing all the old goodies and nothing was for sale.
Then later,
Yes, he loved to do that to people. What all here do you want?
How much do you have?
Sure! Let me help. Got a truck?
I think the fellow will return from the great beyond and order the daughter to not sell anything. Ghosts that appear and put a stop to me buying it up. Why not, I have been through it all already. One day the stuff is all sitting there and I was gonna come back and then the next day it's gone.

He was selling you stuff? Sure, that was fine it was between you and him but now it's mine and it is not for sale!
That is a collector piece and it is not for sale!
"Walter" will appear out of nowhere with that big truck and fat wallet and take everything and it seems I am only ten minutes in front of this guy. He's voracious and we keep bumping into each other. He is not a ghost, he is quite alive. He knows everybody too. I do not. You gotta have connections and know people. I've been outside the clicque so to speak.
The fact that I have not been running into my arch nemisis means that I am not working the right territory.
I can imagine myself sitting in a full body cast unable to speak and he'll stroll in and say goodbye and grin at me after he has cleaned out my collection.
Older French fellow who not only would not sell it but was uniqely rude. Langauge. They say: "No it is not for sale, you little (whatever) in a langauge I cannot understand.
I don't even understand the words but they ain't moving to wheel it towards me!

It is garbage day and there is a bicycle rack there with all sorts of other stuff that makes me think somebody passed away and the house is being cleaned up before it is to be sold.
No bike however. Hmmm....
I gave the lady up the street my card but you know what? She is going to keep the cool old bikes for herself. I could tell by the way she acted, the look in her eye.
The one old bike she found started her a- collecting!
Whenever I find out that somebody was just there and now it all gone I describe "Walter" to them and see if it was this guy or not.
If only we looked alike!

   RE:RE:First hurdle, Is it for sale at all. posted by Edward in Vancouver on 8/1/2003 at 12:29:51 AM
Chris, while reading your many postings the same thought forms in my head: What makes you tick? I mean how did you get into the bike collecting groove? Did your Dad run an antique business? It's clear you're not in the game for money, so where does your passion come from? Braving farm dogs, irritated farmers, and getting into falling-apart barns shows more passion than I'm willing to give for a bike.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Smitty on 8/1/2003 at 2:50:15 AM
I am sitting here trying to figure out why do we like old stuff if your like me you probably have other old stuff. I will just sit and look at for hours. I don't think we do it for the money value although I got excited when I found out that one of my old campy del (NOS NIB) that i only paid 5$ for is worth over 150$ but that only makes me want to keep it more. Are we just trying to live in the past or relive the past. Naa we just like shiny chrome, brass , steal and just the right amount of aluminium. Carbon fiber and plastic belongs on stuff that flies

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: A new record? posted by ron on 8/2/2003 at 12:37:45 PM
Hey chris,
I'll give you a 1000, for your roadster, today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: A new record? posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 8/2/2003 at 7:08:58 PM
The handlebars are wider than any other rod brake handlebars and the finish is finer than almost any other bike I have ever seen. It has the chubbie thick grips.
I have the leather mudflap off of it and I want to copy it and offer leather mudflaps for sale.
Sorry, but I'm too addicted to these to part with it.
I do have your e- mail address however.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Mark R. (fresh from Virginia) on 8/3/2003 at 12:51:39 AM
I've said it before: $1000 isn't what it used to be. Figure it out in 1967 dollars. 1000 of todays spendolas in '67 dollars is less than $200. It SOUNDS like a lot, but you probably paid three times that for your stupid Klein that I wouldn't give you the time of day for(aluminum! yuck!). $1000 is a lot for that particular bike, but it definatly isn't too unreasonable.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by P.C. Kohler on 8/3/2003 at 1:57:05 PM
True Mark... I mean I still have my receipt for my brand new DL-1 from April 1978. Cost me about $380.00 way back then.

Hey, I have no problems with guys selling or buying these machines (or anything else for that matter) for whatever they want. And after what I just spent (quite wisely and sagely of course!!) on a near mint 1951 Raleigh Clubman on eBay this weekend, I should be the last to offer advice or comment. Then again, it still was way short of a grand.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   A new record? posted by Mark R. on 8/3/2003 at 4:25:10 PM
A clubman is a great old bike. If you bought a good one for under a grand, and you ride it as a user, well, it's worth it! A stupid "low" price roadracer today is $800-$1200 and you are getting third or forth level components. Want the best? Figure two grand and WAY up from there baby. Personally, I'd MUCH rather have a Cluban in good riding condition ANYDAY. I ride an Austro-Daimler roadracer made in '75. I had a Cannondale R-500, and I sold it because it had cheaper components, and was made from aluminum. My A/D has all DuraAce(older veriety). I much prefer the older bikes! I hope to find a Clubman myself one day before I croak :-)Point is $1000 is not so much for a good bike, especially a collectable.

WANTED:   Looking for a trade....... posted by: Stacey on 7/27/2003 at 4:59:53 PM
Have - S/A Dyno-Three AG Dated 1/53 40 Spoke, Good output, shifts well, light rust on shell.

Wanted - Any Working S/A Dyno Hub (Front or Rear)in 36 Spoke configuration... did they make it or am I chasing ghosts?

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for a trade....... posted by sam on 7/27/2003 at 6:59:04 PM
Yes they did make a 36 hole S/A dyno hubs.I think they were made for the Canada market as CCM used a 700 rim with 36 hole drilling.I got one from Tom in Canada.---sam

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for a trade....... posted by David on 7/28/2003 at 1:57:58 AM
They come up on ebay regularly. BTW, just today I saw a couple in downtown Boston on nice Gazelles with Dynohubs and a lot of European city bike goodies.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for a trade....... posted by Edward in Vancouver on 7/28/2003 at 4:29:27 AM
Up until the late '60's all Raleighs had the 32/40 spoking. And then some genius bean-counter figured out if both wheels were 36 spokes it would save on inventory and storage, after all, it's still 72 spokes for both wheels.
At this time I have several 32 spk front dynos(of which I'm thinking to cut the right flange off, weld together, and have a combo brake AND dyno, but I digress...) I know of a 36 spk dyno at a local sports consignment store, but it's laced to a 26 x 13/8 Raleigh rim

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Looking for a trade....... posted by Staecy on 7/28/2003 at 1:15:27 PM
Edward, email me please. Tnx

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Unusual English saddle at thrift shop posted by: Tom F. on 7/26/2003 at 9:44:50 PM
Found a very unusual saddle mounted on top of a much newer Murray.

Its a leather saddle, black springs front and rear in the configuration of a Brooks B130. See http://www.sheldonbrown.com/harris/saddles/b130.jpeg .

Its embossed "Phillips P1 Birmingham", and is fair to good condition: leather pliable but scuffed, no tears, rear nameplate with two strap loops looking good.

I know Phillips was absorbed by Raleigh about 1960, and I would guess this is off a Phillips rod type bike from the '50s at the earliest.

I have absolutely no use for it, and the shop wants $38.38 for the bike- I looked and found nothing else of value (to me) on the frame.

Still, I thought there might be someone out there that needed it. Do you think I'm close on its origin? Is there anyway an old off-brand leather saddle could be worth $40?


FOR SALE:   EA3 Sturmey alloy wheelset posted by: edgarecks on 7/26/2003 at 8:05:14 PM
Just posted these on ebay (#2185424656). Araya alloy rims, SA 5 speed alloy rear, SA alloy drum brake front. Want to go faster/farther on your Raleigh?

AGE / VALUE:   Totals posted by: sam on 7/26/2003 at 6:24:32 PM
A new BB with chaged barrings and axel came out to $4.50 add to that 40 cents for a packet of barrings.Tyres(28") at $5 a piece.Rear rack was $4.25.A set of brake blocks $1.80.Tubes $2.50 each.Got some cable housing--about 7 meters I think at $4.50.Pedals for the american bikes I have at $3.00 a set.And a few other bits and pieces.But now vacation is over and must return to work! Had fun lookin and finding things---got some bike work lined up for those free times when waiting for the call to work.And Vacation is a year away----sam

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Need help identifying manufacturer posted by: Joe Taylor on 7/26/2003 at 2:56:14 AM
I saw an interesting bike at a swap meet today. The bike had been repainted so there were no decals, but the head tube badge had a picture of a Lion and the name "ChureOHill De Luxe" or "ChurOHill De Luxe" and said "Made in England" underneath. It was a three speed, man's frame with a well worn Brooks saddle. It also had a Hercules rear hub a Dyno? front hub, cable brakes and 26 inch wheels. Anyone have any idea of the manufacturer? The serial number started with 565.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Need help identifying manufacturer posted by GMS on 8/21/2003 at 12:45:20 PM
Its a Phillips. Checkout the pics of the phillips bikes in the database and you will see, usually the headbadge should also say "Phillips" right on it