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Archived: English Roadsters

AGE / VALUE:   Robin Hood Sports (26 x 1 3/8). posted by: William Soon on 9/3/2003 at 11:27:48 AM
Hi guys,how're you all? Fine,I hope!
Well,recently I just bought a Robin Hood Sports (Gents)with 21" frame.It cost me about US$85!!
I'd give it about 8 out of 10.Frame and fork is virtually rust-free and without damage.Fenders have some blisterings though.Frame paint is quite good with the transfers fully there on the downtube;a bit of the transfer missing on the seat tube;but the decals is good on the full chaincase and the headbadge is very nice-all alloy with the painted 'Robin Hood' and 'Nottingham,England'.Handlebar and cranks chrome are very nice.The Raleigh(Westrick)rims are O.K. but the rear one has seen better days.It's a single speed bike,but not using SA hubs.Chainring is 46T driving a rear France-made Philips 18T freewheel. Non-original tyres with Woods valves inner tubes;a cheap-o saddle(local-made) with a nice China-made rear carrier rack(mouse-trap type).The bike doesn't have a lighting set.

Well,mine doesn't have the pump pegs and the bottom bracket oil hole.Chainring is the square-cut pattern type instead of the Raleigh Heron symbols chainring or the older one with the lettering 'R I N' as the one on my Gazelle.
Fender stays are thin rods,not those narrow metal strip.The serial number is 'FM 27926'.

Well,I'm guessing it is from the early-mid 70's. But I'd like a slightly more accurate year.So guys,please help me out here.ALL comments and advices would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much.All the best and GOD BLESS!!! :) :) :)

With regards,
William Soon,Malaysia.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Robin Hood Sports (26 x 1 3/8). posted by Jacques on 9/3/2003 at 8:46:50 PM

AGE / VALUE:   Info on old Dunelt posted by: DanB on 9/3/2003 at 1:03:35 AM
I have an old Dunelt 10-Speed When I got it in the late 60's it was already well used. A decal on the downpost claims it is a lightweight. There is a serial number stamped on the frame by the rear wheel that is 10839BT. The rear gear cluster is smaller than most. The Head logo looks like the one at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2189437598&category=420 except that the "cone" is light blue and the rings are red and where this on says "England" mine says "Birmingham 40". The crank says "BRAMPTON" on the left crank and the right crank has some sort of logo stamped into it. But it is partially worn away, so I can't tell what it is supposed to be. Any information about this bike is appreciated.
Thank you.

AGE / VALUE:   What am I gonna do with him? posted by: Chris on 9/3/2003 at 12:23:57 AM
"I have not called you. I am not gonna call you. I'm too busy."
He's not mad just really busy. I left my picture and card under the glass in his desk with my number.
This is not good. Now I have to stop in all the time.
Every junk bike on the planet is piled up and in my way and we talked about this. I told him it's working against him. It's a hassle. I stood looking at a shelf full of old handlebars. I will get at that again and bring some of them home. I am flying blind here. I don't know what to bring back. Found 26 X 13/8 tubes with Presta valves there. So the search for those has ended.
The stuff that is piled up has no value aside from scrap.

AGE / VALUE:   Strange sightings here! posted by: Chris on 9/2/2003 at 7:23:00 PM
What is us up with these weird symbols?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Strange sightings here! posted by Chris on 9/2/2003 at 7:29:58 PM
Now they are gone.Good. Never mind.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   After Market 3 Speed Mudguards posted by: Demarest on 9/2/2003 at 3:04:50 PM
Have to hate my 3 speed, I can't get off of it, despite, having a few other nice bicycles offering,

For a few days, I rode the others, replacing mudguards to something else for every day wear,

The mudguards, have a sun decal on the back fender, about a third of the way up, a circle, with rays, two cirles within, worn decal, but on one of the circles, reads "Britan..." then it wears off, in the middle of the circle, a big red Q and then, from the rest, I think, apparently, this spells Quick, on the bottom, from memory, it reads something like C.G. & wears off again, the bottom, for where it is made I believe says, Birling,

These are excellent mudguard/fenders, aluminum, folded like the raleighs, no chrome bullet at front of the front mudguard/ fender, but like folds, button reflector on back. the back mudguard adjusts, not only in the mudguard/fender stays, but also, as to the size of mudguard/fender to be used, sliding into each other. Oh, and the front, came with a built in mudflap.

If anyone has ever seen this, I would appreciate any additional input.


AGE / VALUE:   CCM RANGER posted by: robert on 9/1/2003 at 11:50:37 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE: CCM RANGER posted by Warren on 9/2/2003 at 3:23:09 PM
I believe they were made from the late 50's through the 60's.

Value depends on condition but even then it would be hard to get more than $50 for one.

AGE / VALUE:   children's training bicycle posted by: Josie on 9/1/2003 at 10:53:26 PM
My husband was given a child's training bicycle, he was told it was from England and that the couple's children learned to ride on it, so probably from 1940's-50's. Here is the information we have off the bike....
Red frame, red leather seat, red handgrips with Bluemels written on them, Red luggage rack mounted on top of rear fender, blue front and rear fender, 20 tire spokes, lettering on tires is Raleigh 30lbs/in 2ATM 52-203(121/2 x 21/4) foreign. it has cable brakes and a split fork, underneath the handlebars is a metal piece sticking out with the letter P stamped out of it. there are training wheels with it that are white with white plastic wheel and solid rubber tire (original?) If you have any information on this bike please contact me. Thank you

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   REMOVING FORK LOCK posted by: Peter on 9/1/2003 at 12:32:06 PM
Copuld someone please explain how to remove a forks lock from the frame of a 1950s Rudge. I have the key for the lock.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   REMOVING FORK LOCK posted by Edward in Vancouver on 9/2/2003 at 2:01:47 PM
There are exploded views here on this site, of locks including Rudge. The whole lock is anchored to the fork by one screw. You'll have to remove this screw then place the key in the lock and turn. A little aluminum shaft will pop up. With a pair of pliars twist and pull the shaft out, now the whole lock will come out. Take a good look at the parts diagram of how the aluminum shaft looks and how the pieces fit together.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   REMOVING FORK LOCK posted by Peter on 9/5/2003 at 6:39:49 AM
Thanks Edward. Once I knew how it worked it came out without any problems.

AGE / VALUE:   Sprite Date ? posted by: Drew on 8/31/2003 at 9:19:55 PM
Only a bike nut such as myself would drive 150 miles to a bike swap to trade a bike to someone who has a bike shop 5 miles from my house! This is what I did....my new bike is a Raleigh Sprite 5 speed, circa 1970s. Trying to determine year of manufacture. Has spider type chainring, pre three spoke type. It's a classy looking bike(much like a Sports), ivory paint, 25" frame. Any info helpful.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sprite Date ? posted by Bryan on 8/31/2003 at 9:52:36 PM
Does your Sprite have the Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub or deraillers? If its the SA S5 hub, congratulations, thats one cool bike (I've got one too). It would be a 1967, but I've never seen one with Ivory paint. To my knowledge, thats the only year they made the Sprite with the S5 hub, but they made it with deraillers for many years. Check out the Retro Raleighs website for more info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sprite Date ? posted by Dick in FL on 9/1/2003 at 3:09:16 AM
Congatulations on the Sprite. There must be an acquisition fever going round; I picked up two myself. Actually the second one was masquerading as a Canadian-built Sears Free Spirit, but it was classier and better-built than any Free Spirit I had ever seen. The frame, dropouts, fork crown, lugs, wheels, Heron-stamped cottered cranks all are identical to my Nottingham Sprite. The wheels are stamped "Sun Wheel Ltd. 02 1981". Unlike the Sprite which has smooth un-Raleigh-like fenders, the Free Spirit has cromed steel fenders crimped with typical Nottingham creases (but no bullet). A final curious detail: Both these bikes have a conventionally-shaped lug between the top tube and head with a convex arrowhead pointing back at the rider's crotch. My Superbe and my Robin Hood both have a concave lug shape at this location. Were Raleigh clones made in Canada?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Sprite Date ? posted by Warren on 9/1/2003 at 4:00:16 AM
That's a bizarre one...a Sears-branded Raleigh? Many Raleighs Sports and singlespeed roadsters were sold in Canada under different names...Supercycle and Eaton's Gliders (for a period) are two of the big ones. They even made a Twenty and sold it as a Supercycle. Never seen a Sears though...mind you I rarely look at them. Free Spirits are notoriously crappy but I'll start looking closely now.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Sprite Date ? posted by P.C. Kohler on 9/1/2003 at 4:20:55 AM
The ivory colour dates this to c. 1973-75; a rarish colour for the Sprite but not as rare (or as yucky) as yellow!

P.C. Kohler

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by: Tom on 8/31/2003 at 5:35:17 AM
Anyone know what this bike might be. Interesting looking. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2190051792&category=420

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by Matthew on 8/31/2003 at 4:50:09 PM
By thwe looks of the main photo this cycle has a sloping top tube and I would hope one of our contributors can give you accurate information on this but I would guess, and it is only guess that it is from the 1920's. I have seen many sloped top tube Raleighs all of which have hailed from around one side or other of WW1. i.e. 1910 to 1925. The provenance for a sojourn in Bermuda only serves to add to the delight of this machine which in my opinion is worht far more than a DL-1. The rear brake raises a few questions too as it looks to be a hub brake but is earlier than the Sturmey Archer ?B series hub brakes (as in KB etc).
An interesting find and a very worthy addition to any collection. NMA

Matthew, waiting for the roast beef to settle.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by Tommaso on 8/31/2003 at 11:10:21 PM
That bike takes you back in time, to the era.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by David Poston on 9/1/2003 at 12:01:44 AM
What about those handlebars? They look kind of odd on this bike. Are they replacements, perchance? The cloth chaincase frame looks interesting. I'd like to know when they used these. Does anyone have Raleigh catalogues dating back to the 1920s?


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by Tommaso on 9/1/2003 at 1:05:25 AM
For a "Raliegh", simple mistake in typing, but I wonder, if that will narrow down the # of bidders?

I'm getting the hang of some of this, I found for sale a Hercules, nothing near the condition of the auction item, but same/similar make as #: 3623753357 ,

That Robin Hood, discussed below, no bids yet, that might be the way to go.



   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by P.C. Kohler on 9/1/2003 at 4:16:28 AM
As late as 1939 Raleigh still offered a sloping top tube machine: the model 9 "Light Roadster" with 22" or 24" inch frame with 26" x 1 3/8 Westwood rims. No chaincase. Front and rear rim brakes. Single gear. Cost £5. 10 s.

However options abounded as usual including the Eadie Coaster brake (which I imagine this is) with a front rim brake. Hub brakes, three-speed gears etc. could all be fitted.

I don't think Raleigh ever offered those oil-cloth covered gearcases... rather a cheap and nasty fitment for a Raleigh methinks. In those days, gents machines didn't come with gearcases except the best models. These cost 9 shillings extra so it was cheaper to buy a off-brand oil-cloth one as the owner of this machine obviously did.

By the way, David.... you could also get this machine with North Road DROPPED HANDLEBARS and short pull-out brake levers... the perfect "club" bike for you!!

And yes... a LOT more interesting than yet another DL-1 on eBay!!

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by David Poston on 9/1/2003 at 6:45:49 AM

Wait, are those dropped handlebars turned upside down (or right side up, however you look at it)? They looked funny in the picture. Rod brakes on dropped bars? This is news to me.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by David Poston on 9/1/2003 at 6:59:26 AM
OK, a glance at my 1938 catalogue shows the same bike PC made reference to--the Light Roadster Model 9X with sloping top tube, front and rear rim brakes, and the option of a dropped North Road handlebar, "with short pull-up lever brakes" as an extra. But this bike on e-bay looks older, maybe 20s? The reflector looks quite different.

However, the thing that still puzzles me are those handlebars.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Interesting Ebay Roadster posted by MR on 9/1/2003 at 3:00:40 PM
Oh BOY! Wow! A real (and I mean real) collectable Raleigh, finally. It's gonna go for BIG bucks! Pre-war, sloping top tube, cloth, or leather chain-guard frame, DAMN!

WANTED:   Raleigh ? posted by: Rif Addams on 8/30/2003 at 5:43:01 PM
Hi all,
I am new to the English Roadster type bikes, I mostly own midweights, balooners, and motorized oddities.
Anyway, I was told that in the late 1970's or early 1980's Raleigh imported bikes with 28" wheels into the U.S.
Is this true? and if it is, Where can I get a set of Steel 28" wheels or a whole bike? what can I expect to pay?
It doesn't necesarily have to be raliegh, but they do need to be steel wheels and the wheels and frame of the 28"
I'm trying to replicate the bike I rode from San Francisco to New York. I miss that bike, after a journey like that the vehicle takes on a personality and becomes a part of you. Sure this won't be the same, but enough of the components will be from that one to be close enough.
Thanks all,

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh ? posted by Mike on 8/31/2003 at 9:41:55 PM
Your thinking of a Raleigh Tourist, they are colectible and sell for $100 to $500 depending on condition. Look on ebay...

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh ? posted by rif on 9/1/2003 at 2:54:51 PM
Hey thanks for that...
The bike I rode wasn't a raleigh, that was just the name I knew of a more "modern" bike that had the 28" X 1 1/2" wheels. The bike I rode was a 1905 Mead Roadster frame / fork with period saddle, rack, bars, and stem.
Mounted upon this was a modern 148cc Whizzer engine. We custom built the wheels with aluminum hoops, .120" spokes, and a New Departure model D coaster hub. The frame broke in half (beyond repair) at the New York state line.
Like I said, when you ride for two months upon a vehicle likew that you really get attached to the thing. All the other components from that original bike are still useable, except the wheels. We had a major pothole inciident in Ohio near the Pensylvania state border, and I will use Steel hoops on the next one. Anyway I would like to get another frame.
I have considered having my experienced and talented friends help me to scratch build a frame, but their free time is limited and after all they did for me for that first bike, well I would not feel right asking them for this sort of favor again. I feel that might cross the line into taking advantage, which I just will not do.
Once again thanks for the responses, I greatly appreciate it!
Keep the Tire Side Down!

   RE:WANTED:   Raleigh ? posted by David on 9/1/2003 at 4:51:25 PM
I infer this is related to the Wyman re-creation bike ride that Sam Lingo alerted us to a while ago. Is there any more info on how it turned (is turning?) out? The old links are gone.

   Wyman run site posted by Robert on 9/2/2003 at 5:33:36 PM
Wyman run site


   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Raleigh ? posted by Ken on 9/3/2003 at 2:02:42 PM
Hey Rif, congratulations on doing the Wyman ride! I just missed you - Sam, who helped get the bike ready for that ride, told me you had engine problems not far from where I live. Wanted to buy you a beer. Anyway, Sam is your man for 28" wheels- I believe he gets them in Mexico.

   RE:Wyman run site posted by Rif on 9/4/2003 at 9:59:06 PM
I will be updating the site tonight with MANY more photos and the first chapter of my tales of the road.
Sorry it took so long but I've had other things that needed my attention a bit more since my return.
Thanks for your patience and support.

WANTED:   FRONT FORK posted by: ron on 8/30/2003 at 11:29:26 AM
Very unlikely situation happened the other day and I need a DL1 / Raleigh 28 inch front fork, circa whenever! The paint must be in great shape. Thanks for your help.

   RE:WANTED:   FRONT FORK posted by Bryan on 8/30/2003 at 6:02:56 PM
Do tell, what is the unlikely situation? Don't leave us hanging like that!

   RE:WANTED:   FRONT FORK posted by ron on 9/2/2003 at 11:31:07 AM
UPS decided to play ping pong with a very rare raleigh roadster of mine, the fork looks like it's walking somewhere!!! Keep eyes open guys, old forks are not the hardest finds.

   RE:RE:WANTED: FRONT FORK posted by P.C. Kohler on 9/2/2003 at 12:24:52 PM
Ron, you could fill a room with folks right here on this site who have had bikes damaged by "Brown". I insist on FedEx ground; not perfect but lots better.

Don't give up on the original fork, either. My '48 Raleigh Dawn had her fork bent in two directions by UPS but my local bike fork fixed it in short order and for lots less than you'll pay for a replacement. This is mild Sheffield Steel and can be "worked". You might try laying it over the head of your UPS guy first though.

P.C. Kohler

   RE:RE:WANTED:   FRONT FORK posted by Mark R. on 9/4/2003 at 3:04:10 PM
You can straighten the fork! It'll work fine. I bent mine badly riding into the front gate at work, and I fixed mine good as new by gently little by little bending it back into shape using a vise. You'd never know it had been bent. In fact, it tracks a little straighter NOW. It'll work, give it a shot!

AGE / VALUE:   hercules from the 60s posted by: sam on 8/29/2003 at 8:26:23 PM
Someone was asking about one of these sometimes back---http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3623753357&category=42314

AGE / VALUE:   Cool New Hudson--the other side! posted by: sam on 8/29/2003 at 3:00:53 PM
Cool to see the "other" cycle. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=421&item=2189638891

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Cool New Hudson--the other side! posted by Matthew on 8/30/2003 at 9:11:09 PM
There is nothing about this item that causes me to think that it is anything other than original, including the registration number. These machines are rare even here in the UK. Anyone buying it will have an unusual machine.
With reference to the sellers note about registration marks on mopeds or motorcycles being transferable. Yes they certainly are, BUT if the vehicle (any vehicle) has been subject to a reg.no. transfer, such a vehicle may well have an age related number. None of these age related numbers are transferable at all. I just want folks to be aware of this and not get caught buying a vehicle for its number only to find that you can't transfer it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Cool New Hudson--the other side! posted by Ian on 8/31/2003 at 9:55:46 AM
For lots of info on these and other weird and wonderful small powered machines, autocycles such as this, cycle motors and mopeds go to www.buzzing.org and then to "Search Archives". Regards, Ian.

MISC:   F&S Duomatic hub posted by: Warren on 8/29/2003 at 1:47:12 PM
I picked up a women's CCM GT 101 roadster from the mid 60's with one of these two speed hubs. It really works quite well...I'm thinking two speed Sports or club bike here....no cables.

Any experience out there with these? Are they clones of the Bendix?

Another bonus on the bike...barely used Dunlop Ranger tyres with white walls and original tubes. 28 X 1 1/2.

   RE:MISC:   F&S Duomatic hub posted by sam on 8/29/2003 at 2:57:44 PM
Warren,I've really never seen a F&S 2-speed,but some time ago Tom Finnly on the ballooner group showed a Bendix made by F&S.IS this one the auto kick-back to shift or the cable shift?For the record F&S made a 3-speed (both Coaster brake and free wheel)---sam

   RE:RE:MISC: F&S Duomatic hub posted by Warren on 8/29/2003 at 7:14:40 PM
It's the 2 speed kick back model although it will fall into first automatically if you have the pedals in the correct position.

It looks very much like the Bendix hub shell. Moulton released an "Automatic" model back in 65 that used this hub.

   RE:MISC:   F&S Duomatic hub posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 8/29/2003 at 10:22:27 PM
I have the indicator chain thingie for the 3 speed. Perhaps at least three. Shifters, new red ones too.
My mind won't call up the Sachs stuff righ tnow bit I know have that indicator chain!
Also a hub in a 20 inch wheel. Never ridden it but I have gathered it up along the way.
hollar if you need it
(Off line until Tuesday)