WANTED:   need a hand posted by: paul viner on 11/19/2005 at 12:18:49 PM
would anyone have an exploded drawing of a shimano 3cc 3speed coaster brake hub or a link to one.just finishing my latest project and the hub came in three boxes ,not normal one would say

   RE:WANTED:   need a hand posted by Gordon on 11/20/2005 at 1:56:20 PM
I may have one I can scan. I'll try and get to it today.

   RE:WANTED:   need a hand posted by Joe M on 11/21/2005 at 2:59:27 PM
There are a few early diagrams here at oldroads:
And some newer model diagrams at Shimano's web site;
Maybe these will be of some help?

   RE:WANTED:   need a hand posted by Gordon on 11/22/2005 at 1:17:36 AM
I don't know if this will be any more help than the others already suggested.



   RE:WANTED:   need a hand posted by paul viner on 11/22/2005 at 12:39:21 PM
from all the replies i have been able to reassemble the hub and surprisingly it works photos of finished project to come soon thank you Gordon and Joe M

   RE:WANTED:   need a hand posted by Lawrence on 11/22/2005 at 8:20:50 PM
I don't have it at hand, but I'm pretty sure Glenn's has a section on maintaining shimano 3 speeds.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   I have a lenton Grand Prix posted by: enrique on 11/18/2005 at 8:20:03 AM
hello everyone. i p/u this nice bike a lenton grans prix. the Serial # on the seat lug is 69849RA. there is another # under the BB that is different. the model is a reg harris. the paint is really bad, so i'm having the decal remade. i would like to get some orig. equip. back on this bike, like maybe the handlebars, seat and rims. i tried some vintage campy high flange hubs, but these dont fit thru the dropouts. the diameter of the axle is to big. now i dont want to file the drop outs. currently, the rear hub is a normandy lux. comp. i think th orig. were bhrace light, can anyone confirm that??

how can i build rims for these?? will any normandy lux hubs work? or was there a different size for raleighs??

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: I have a lenton Grand Prix posted by paul on 11/18/2005 at 11:59:57 PM
I have a 1958 Lenton Grand Prix Reg Harris model, all original and unmolested. It has Sturmey Archer FM 4 speed hub with 3 cog cluster and Cyclo Benelux derailer, Williams single chainwheel up front, turn down steel bars with original ivory tape and plugs, Brooks B16 saddle, 21 inch frame of Reynolds 531 main tubes, 27 X 1 and 1/4 replacement gum walls on steel dunlop rims. Transfers are beautiful as are the graphics!I can send digi-photo if interested. Also the bicycle is for sale. $350 you pay shipping from zip code 02351, Continental US only. paul

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: I have a lenton Grand Prix posted by enrique on 11/22/2005 at 8:02:44 AM
sure send me pics at Ricbog@aol.com

AGE / VALUE:   original Mercury posted by: sam on 11/17/2005 at 5:18:01 PM
This is an original Mercury roadster:
Not Mine etc---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   original Mercury posted by John on 11/22/2005 at 8:35:28 PM
Thank you, Sam. That one looks a wee bit more "vintage" than the one I saw - and have subsequently purchased. No collectors value, I'm sure. Just a tear-apart and for casual riding. Cleaned up rather nicely. Needed all the usual stuff - oiling and adjustment. Gave me some fits at first but all's well now. Still, I intend to tear it down soon and learn something. The neighbors love it, what with the generator lights and all. The've asked me if I have telegrams for them as it is a "courier" model. Pretty fast bike, too.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Armstrong 3-Speed posted by: Paul on 11/17/2005 at 3:40:37 PM
Is this the right discussion forum to ask questions about my Armstrong 3-speed? I just picked one up and am curious to find out more about the year it was made, the company, and good resources for stock parts or at least reproduction parts. I had posted at the Lightweights forum but was told I'd probably have better luck here. Thanks. Paul

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Armstrong 3-Speed posted by Spike on 11/17/2005 at 5:59:51 PM
Not an expert here but I have an Armstrong 3 speed as well.
Mine is what I call Raleigh built. And of course resembles a Raleigh.Assuming yours has its original Sturmey Archer rear hub there should be a date on it.There are plenty of general 3 speed parts right here.
If you want I can email some pictures of mine to see if it will help identify yours. Spike


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Armstrong 3-Speed posted by Paul on 11/17/2005 at 8:54:57 PM
Thanks for the advice. I'll check the hub. It's pretty much all stock except for one of the cables.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   royal enfield posted by: Michael on 11/17/2005 at 12:10:39 PM
I have a ladies Royal Enfield bicycle made in Reddich, England with a sturmey archer 3 speed and dyno hub with factory fitted lights, I would like to know what year these were produced and type of seat that came with it as it is the part not original.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   royal enfield posted by David on 11/18/2005 at 10:16:33 PM
Both the SA 3-speed hub and the SA Dynohub should have 2-digit years stamped into them and, probably, month numbers as well. If both are reasonably close to each other, the hubs were probably built no more than a few months before the bike was assembled. Most likely, the original saddle was a Brooks B-72 or B-66 (see www.permaco.com) or a Wright's or another brand very similar tensioned leather saddle.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   royal enfield posted by Chris on 11/20/2005 at 1:52:45 PM
I owned one from 1937 and it was a ladies frame model with a k- 4 hub gear.
Marvelous and sweet and a total joy to own and ride. I remember that July night, that evening date gliding down the lane under the moonlight. Pick a good pair of bikes, better yet, pick a gem of a cycling partner and go have a magical experience.


    royal enfield posted by james on 12/3/2005 at 2:43:03 AM
i found an old bike in a skip in a nice part of Edinburgh one night I was walking through a nice part of the city. It's a royal enfield, red in colour, ladies frame , It has both mudguards on the wheels, the rear having a reflector. It has whitewall tyres, white pedals and white handle grips. Can anyone give me any info on it, I have been looking briefly to find a jpeg of one online to no avail. can anyone give me any info on the bike.It was in beautiful condition. pump n all, the tyre was a bit deflated but I pumped that up...couldn't believe my luck..JKB

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   royal enfield posted by paul on 7/9/2007 at 5:26:11 AM
i recently got a Royal Enfield 10 speed bicycle,the color is blue lower fork legs are chrome, it is rough,butworth restoring i think, my question is can anyone tell me the year,and any other info on this serial #j009326, thanks for helping if you can paul.