AGE / VALUE:   Humber bike update posted by: Christopher on 2/23/2005 at 12:05:51 AM
I finally got around to stripping the Humber bike for it's restoration. Now that's it's apart, it's bound for a box for awhile because of the fact that I have not found the Humber royal blue paint yet.

This is a 28 inch wheel, 26 inch frame bike with the square fenders. Humbers had square fenders, it'll be restored with square fenders too. I had this one brought over from England. The headtube is threaded in Phillips 24 t.p.i.not Raleigh 26.
The bottom bracket threading I do not know yet. That is the last thing yet to be done before the frame gets de-gumped and sent out for stripping. Some wonderful chap decided to weld and swage over the right crank to the bottombracket spindle and that'll need cutting into to get it apart. They were thinking" "Now that pesky cotter pin will never come lose!" they were right!
So I need a crank arm, spindle, cup and ring. Wasn't that nice of the former owner? I'm not worried but it's annoying as heck.
The fork is a bit longer than another 28 inch wheel humber fork that I have, that one is from a Raleigh made Humber. I still am not sure if this last Humber is made by Raleigh or not. I think it is not old enough to be original Humber and that it's a Raleigh made one except for the headtube threading being 24 t.p.i., and those square fenders. The hub is a K- 5. Interesting thing about the rear 3 speed Sturmey- Archer hub.It's got the scroll, ribbon style engraving but it is a blacked out style hub shell Not nickel or chrome. First Sturmey- Archer hub like this I have seen.
It is not K- 5 inside.
Did you know you can change out K- 5 innards in put in a basic later A.W.?
Now I do too! Solid, steel, hardened inside on the A.W. and it's actually still in good shape.
Because of the hub too, I think it could be a real Humber before the Raleigh take over.
The rear rim has a split in it. I guess it could be filled but I'll use another set of rims.
These are thin and lightweight yet they are 28 X 1 1/2 Westwoods. Seen more variations of Westwood rims amongst different time periods and manufacturers.
The decal on the front is gold with small lettering.Unlike any other decal yet seen. Still, Imknow lloyds will have them.
Things on the bike that are toast are:possibly one rim, handlebars, shifter, seat, worn out hubs.
The lamp braket is different from other Humber brackets I have and the enclosed chaincase was attached with the long bar in the side rear and I put in the nut on the inside and tightened it and kept tightening until I pulled it free seperating the parts and got it free. It's being restored as well.
The rear reflector also tells me it may be an original Humber. This is not Raleigh issue, even from 1935?
Anyways I had fun skinning my knuckles and bleeding all over the place.The fork is Phillips style with thin cups in the frame and then it uses these two smaller race cups that fit in the frame and use the smaller ball bearings. It's old and the original paint is long gone, this one is rough.
The Michelin man is running and waving both arms and he looks happy. No dignity or poise but rather happy go lucky.
These Michelins are English made. They are worn out too.

A soon as I nail this paint issue completely and get decals in hand I'll get it underway.I wish this was in better shape.
I'll use the fork from the other ladies Humber that I have this one in the Humber blue to try to get a scan and I'll get a bit of paint mixed up but I want a better different way to find this paint than that.
The chain is stamped Humber.
I think this is an actual non Raleigh made bike after all.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber bike update posted by Kurt K. on 2/24/2005 at 12:50:14 AM
My mouth is watering, I eagerly await any progress reports on this bike in the future.

Any chance we may see some photos?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber bike update posted by Geoff Rogers on 2/24/2005 at 8:38:00 PM
What a fun project this sounds! I saw a Humber like yours in England last fall at an automotive swap meet (lots of cycles there! I bought three, including a really nice, original 1956 Super Lenton that just arrived in a container). The Humber looked absolutely gorgeous from about ten feet away, but on closer examination, it was clear that the restoration was ruined by horrible paint. It was a lovely royal blue color, with new, beautiful decals, fresh chrome and so on, but the painter did not know what he was doing. The paint was orange peel, drips and runs, you name it, the problem was there. A shame.
Most of the cycles I saw there--and there were many, including several tandems and even a couple of tandem mopeds!--were weathered, neglected and often brush-painted but there were some really nice exceptions, including the Super Lenton. There was a lovely Humber club cycle from about 1954, similar to my Lenton, with a 531 frame, alloy FM 4-speed hub, and in mint shape in metallic bronze with cream celluloid mudguards. I didn't buy that one, as it was 300 GBP, but it was a beauty. The previous year there was a guy riding a 1938 Sunbeam around, just mint and original in an olive green color with full gearcase (of course) and perfect original decals, lights, etc. He wanted 300 GBP for that, I recall. Not cheap, but probably cheaper than buying a rat and fixing it, and besides, they don't make original any more.
By the way, I have one NOS 28" Westwood 40-hole rim, in case you want to buy one. I was saving it, but I don't think I will be replacing any rims on my 28" machines, and two of the three (both DL-1s) are for sale anyhow, so I can sell this rim if you need it.
Best of luck! I am hoping to see pictures, maybe some "durings" as well as "afters".
Geoff Rogers

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber bike update posted by alonzo on 2/27/2005 at 1:34:54 AM
Humber royal blue. Sounds dark, cool and delicious.

I'm still looking for glorious Rudge Maroon. My frame is scrubbed of old paint, dents filled and primed black. Just looking for the paint.

If anyone has ideas, please let me know.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber bike update posted by Chris on 2/28/2005 at 1:40:33 AM
Yes, they'll be photos, very soon. I'm writing it up.

AGE / VALUE:   I started to put the tandem up....... posted by: sam on 2/21/2005 at 2:49:30 AM
...She said "can we go for another ride?"

   RE:AGE / VALUE: I started to put the tandem up....... posted by Rif on 2/21/2005 at 4:07:01 PM
So didja or didntcha?

AGE / VALUE:   Estate sale horror, losin the spirit of this. posted by: on 2/20/2005 at 9:45:22 PM
This estate sale! You would not believe it! Oh man. This house was really aweful, run down, old and just plain icky.
I ran home, showered and spent time cooking in my new kitchen.Nice neighborhood, house looked passable on the outside but on the inside..... Surprise! They'll condem this one for sure.
I'm always walking around hunched over because I'm too tall and terrified of hitting my head on something.

I'm de- pack -rat-izing myself. Cold turkey. No medication, and it's painful because I'm a collector and bike lover pack-rat at heart like the guys here. just cleaning, tossing out, selling and now another interior decorator! My first steps into a brave new world.


MISC:   It's raining roadster parts posted by: Warren on 2/20/2005 at 4:07:44 PM
It's my week...I got access to an old shop and bought a supply of vintage parts and frames. Top of the list is NOS, genuine Dunlop roadster tires in 635, 620, 597 and 590 mm beads. Yippee! Phillips pedals in mens sizes, Lucas light kit, Perry coaster hubs, Raleigh front hubs, Bluemel mudguards, Sturmey 3 speed triggers, a couple of AB hubs. Not cheap but fair.
Too bad my kids won't be going to college now...

   RE:MISC:   It's raining roadster parts posted by David Poston on 2/20/2005 at 9:44:00 PM
Are you selling Dunlop tyres?

David Poston

   RE:RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by Warren on 2/21/2005 at 12:24:56 AM
I basically picked up personal stock (for about 20 years). There are more tires there but the situation is a little weird and the guy won't sell them all. The 635 mm ones are not plentiful...maybe two or three extras. There are about a dozen EA3's for Sports models. I'll get back to you when the dust settles.


   RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by sam on 2/21/2005 at 4:10:05 AM
Warren,while you lookin,see if they happen to have a pair old Dunlop carrier tyres in the 26X2" size.These are not the American balloon tyre size.---sam

   RE:RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by Warren on 2/22/2005 at 12:31:13 AM
Do you know what the bead diameter is? I've checked Sheldon's site and it seems to be an anomaly. I'll look around just the same.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by James on 2/22/2005 at 9:57:33 AM
Might those be cream bluemels?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by Warren on 2/22/2005 at 1:57:38 PM
Alloy "Air Weights" and red "Lightweights"...

   RE:RE:RE:MISC: It's raining roadster parts posted by sam on 2/22/2005 at 10:16:29 PM
Warren , the Dunlop Carrier tyres 26X2" should say British F-12 .They were the same bead diameter as the Schwinn middle/weight rim only the Dunlop tyres were a lot fatter.Used on British Army bikes.Not likely they would have a set but who knows?---sam

AGE / VALUE:   OLD SCHOOL MR. BIB posted by: on 2/18/2005 at 10:18:34 PM
Man, the magic you can do with a good digital camera and extreme photoshop!

The picture of Mr. Bib, the old Michelin tire mascot dude, from the 1920's has come out well. Lifted from the old tire, run through the computer, tweeked and bam! There he is! Smoking a stogie, holding aloft the brandy snifter goblet full of broken shards of glass and waving at us!

Just one of many cool things that'll be on my website as soon as it's up.

What do you have in your bike stash that is neat, cool or special to you?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   OLD SCHOOL MR. BIB posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 2/20/2005 at 12:00:47 PM
Excellent... as I recall (nebulously), was not his full name "Bibendum"? or something of that nature?

I get perturbed when folks refer to him as "The Michelin Man". ;-)


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:AGE / VALUE: What do you have in your bike stash that is neat, cool or special to you? posted by sam on 2/20/2005 at 8:23:47 PM