AGE / VALUE:   Mead decal posted by: sam on 4/6/2005 at 6:43:42 PM
The decal on the mead ranger seat tube says "Mead Cycle Company of Chicago--and Liverpool England"Where am I going to find this Decal!---sam

MISC:   ccm posted by: Alonzo on 4/6/2005 at 11:07:34 AM
Hi Guys

I picked up a 3 speed Imperial Mark iv CCM last year.It has a sturmey archer twist grip shifter and the aw hub is marked 63. The bike is in very good shape and is gold coloured with crowns all over it. I find there is lots of info around on the old English bikes but I am finding it hard to get info on the old CCM'S.I was wondering if there is a good source of info on theses great old bikes.These were quality machines probably comparable to there English cousins. Please can someone help me with info on these bikes.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Tire size posted by: Ralph Yoder on 4/5/2005 at 9:50:19 PM
I have a 55 Norman Western Flyer bike. Its wheel rim is shot to rust. How can I tell what size tire it took?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Tire size posted by sam on 4/6/2005 at 6:43:16 PM
all the Western Flyers(english imports) I've see used 26X1&3/8" rims---sam

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Phidelphia Bike Show posted by: Ted on 4/5/2005 at 1:26:19 PM
When and where is the Phildelphia 3 speed bike show this year and swap meet?

FOR SALE:   Tires posted by: Tom on 4/1/2005 at 4:37:51 PM
I came across a bunch of old tires new from the 70's and am selling for cheap. Some are strange sizes. Here is a list, none are British made. 24 x 1 3/8, 22 x 1 3/8, 16 x 1 3/8", 16 x 1 3/8 37-335, 20 x 1.75, 20 x 1 3/8", 26 x 1 1/4" EA1, 26 x 1 3/8" to fit 1 1/4" EA1 rims(Schwinn). All are old style block tread.
I also have some new chrome and painted fenders for British bikes, also some used chrome and painted fenders.
I have some 24", 26" and 28" rims for British bikes, 32,36 and 40 hole. Email me with what you need and prices, all cheap. I have to clean out my old stuff before summer.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Tires posted by Tom on 4/2/2005 at 3:52:40 PM
The 26 x 1 1/4" both sizes are sold.