WANTED:   Vintage Style Generator Set For Sports posted by: Mike on 6/18/2005 at 6:42:41 AM
Well I'm at it again- searching for parts that is. This time it's for my 23 inch frame, 26 inch wheel sports. The Sports I use for recreational touring and for transport at school (law school this fall that is). Right now I have a Bullet Lamp that runs on 2 AA batteries. It produces a rather minimal amount of light. I've looked into Dynohub sets and these would be ideal but apparently they are very expensive these days. What I'm looking for is a vintage-style lamp set that would look proper on a '74 Sports (chrome Bullet-style lamp and a small round rear light) that puts out a worthwhile amount of light. The battery lamp I have now is useful for being seen by cars at dusk but isn't really great for my actually being able to see in dark conditions. Anyone know of a good generator set for reasonable price that has the vintage 74 look but puts out a decent amount of light? I have found several tire-driven models on ebay that look the part but have come here to see who has experience with this realm.


   RE:WANTED: Vintage Style Generator Set For Sports posted by Warren on 6/18/2005 at 11:48:58 PM
As far as tire driven generators, one of the better ones is the Lucas Pathfinder and there's one for sale on ebay for $45, see item number 6525695164 It has a big light.

Not my auction.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Welcome to Chainguard City... posted by: Kurt K. on 6/17/2005 at 9:03:44 PM
Got 19 guards in the mail today, 15 of them NOS w/shop wear - why buy one when you can buy a ton!

(Guards listed from top to bottom, left to right. Photo #2 only shows rows 2, 3 & 4)

1st Row:
#1 Raleigh Sports guard (Rudge Maroon), dual tabs
#2 Same as #1
#3 Raleigh Sports guard (Rudge Maroon w/pinstripes), d-tube clamp
#4 Same as #3
#5 Raleigh (Colt?) guard (Rudge Maroon w/pinstripes), dual tabs

2nd Row:
#1 Rudge Sports "wing" guard (Rudge Maroon), d-tube clamp
#2 Rudge Sports guard (Rudge Maroon w/pinstriping), d-tube clamp
#3, #4, #5 Same as #2
#6 Rudge-Whitworth Sports guard (blue w/dual pinst.) , P.N. B520CC/RW type straight end, d-tube clamp

3rd Row:
#1 Raleigh (Colt?) guard (Sky Blue), dual tabs
#2, #3 Same as #1
#4 Colt (?) guard (Carmine Red, no lettering), dual tabs
#5 Raleigh (Colt?) guard (Lime green, late '60s lettering), dual tabs

4th Row:
#1 Dunelt Sports "wing" guard ('67-72 all-gold ed.), d-tube clamp
#2 Sports guard (All gold ed., no lettering), d-tube clamp
#3 Sports guard (Turquoise, pinstriping w/space for logo, no logo), d-tube clamp



Not bad, eh? Hehehe...

-Kurt, sitting in the living room wondering what the hell to do with 19 chainguards...

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 6/16/2005 at 11:49:57 PM
Ebay item 7163226964

Feller sez he has more.... I enquired as to if any 23" frame machines were available.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Kurt K. on 6/17/2005 at 9:00:29 PM
It is a Colt humpback model - 18" frame confirms that. Would be interesting if he has any other adult sizes...


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Dick in FL on 6/17/2005 at 11:46:10 PM
I am sceptical of it being a Colt, Kurt. (Hey! That's alliterative!)I have 2 Colts both cursed with those juvenile 5.5" cranks which limit these fine bikes to unappreciative pre-adolescents. This Dunelt is claimed to have 6.75" cranks. Those grips are really retro; I defer to your expertise on those. Bottom line: If it "ain't" a real Colt, it won'thave those "preternaturally strong" Raleigh Westrick wheels.

If Raleigh Colts had existed when Thortsen Veblen wrote "Theory of the Leisure Class", he probably would have devoted an entire chapter to them. Nominally targeted for juveniles, they were too well constructed for kids who would outgrow them in 2 years. Their true niche was to serve as yet another emblem of Papa's conspicuous financial success.

But I digress!
Dick in FL

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Kurt K. on 6/18/2005 at 12:21:34 AM
Maybe it isn't a Colt, but the first picture in the ad clearly displays a sloping top tube. The '68 Colt shown below features the longer cranks:

(fix the tilde key on this link as usual)

Funny thing - I've seen a 1974 Raleigh Sports 19.5" frame model with those same short cranks (have a "reversed heron" chainwheel w/standard cranks standing by). Oddly enough, the small frame model in the '77 catalogue features the conventional length.

As to the grips, they are unquestionably the creme TG 'Made In England' type commonly seen on the Sports and other upright-bar models up until the early '70s.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Kurt K. on 6/18/2005 at 12:31:39 AM
P.S., he's advertising two of the Dunelts, and also has a Raleigh rod-brake Lion kiddie trike - doesn't seem like this fellow has anything other then juvinile models - heh!


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 6/18/2005 at 1:06:07 PM
Oddly enough, I've received no reply to my inquiry. A bit of a bummer, that, as I would be most interested to see if he has anything of the appropriate size.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Now this is rather interesting posted by Kurt K. on 6/18/2005 at 1:21:34 PM
Sometimes it may take a seller a day or three to respond - but if he doesn't in a week, just drop him another line.

Persistence usually pays off, seller'll probably get so darn sick of your badgering that he'll sell you whatever you want!


MISC:   Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Watertown Swap/ August 14th posted by: Peter Naiman on 6/14/2005 at 10:54:40 PM
More information on our show at Larz Anderson in
Brookline, MA, please visit our website.

Our webmaster, Vin Vullo has had an extremely busy
season at his shop in Cambridge, MA and has been
unable to update our original site, so I've built a
temporary site with Vin's help. To access the site for
further information about this years show please visit
out new and temporary website while we build a new and
improved site. Below is the link.


As noted on the site pre-registration is not required,
but we would love to hear from you before hand to find
out who is coming over and what bikes you will be
bringing to our event. If you wish to be on our
permanant mailing list, please contact me by email.

There will be a separate swap meet sponsored by Linda
Pernice on both Saturday and Sunday, August 13th and
14th in Watertown, MA about a ten minute drive from
our show. For further info on the swap please contact
Linda by email at: lpernice@juno.com

Best regards,
Peter Naiman & Maurice Bresnahan
Show Co-Chairman.


FOR SALE:   pink lady posted by: mike on 6/14/2005 at 9:17:48 PM
an old 50's style "pink lady" bike.says pink lady on the chain guard and the headbadge. . says "Behrens" on the seat post tube. the seat cleaned up amazingly, the tires are original and in good condition, they say"Dunlops Extra Prima" and "made in germany" the frame says "made in west germany. west germany isnt even a country anymore.

open to any offers. will trade for muscle bikes, parts, frames or projects. if theres n o takers its going to be scrapped. email me direct at sickcycles@optonline.net for more pics