AGE / VALUE:   BSA KA-66704 posted by: Warren on 6/2/2005 at 12:13:32 PM
Hi from New Zealand
I have had my BSA KA-66704 for a long while now, but would like to know it's age and value. Has BSA stamps steerer tube and BSA sprocket - one gear only. Serial number is on seat tube. Any help would be hugely appreciated - i've been searching the web for days now trying to get some kinda clue! Looking forward to hearing from someone on this. Happy to post a pic later if needed!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:    posted by: Tom on 6/2/2005 at 4:43:33 AM
Has anyone heard of a bike called Invicta. I met a man today whose father and grandfather built bikes in England in the pre 60's called Invicta. They were a race style frame, lightweight.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: posted by sam on 6/3/2005 at 12:08:00 PM
The Invicta name dates back to the 1890 (Invicta tricycle) but I think Invicta built motorcycles because Classic Transfers has "decals" for them.---sam

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:    posted by Chris on 6/16/2005 at 8:57:48 AM
I have a 11/57 Invicta ladies model that has been in the family since 1957. It has a SW rear hub. It has been redone about 5 times. They were made in Birmingham. Good to know there are repop waterslide decals out there.


AGE / VALUE:for sale posted by: paul on 6/1/2005 at 11:54:05 PM
1974 Platinum 3 speed Raleigh Sports 21 frame
1998 Forever copy of 1936 Raleigh Tourist, rod brakes, 3 speed der' dark green with really nice graphics, both bicycles nice shape never left outdoors $150 your choice. delivery within 25 miles of Boston, MA possible. Thanks for looking, by the way, Red Raleigh ca. 1963 previously offered and sold for $150 on it's way to "left Coast" as we speak! paul

MISC:   Nice to see you back Chris! posted by: Kurt K. on 6/1/2005 at 11:12:03 PM
Welcome back - we've haven't seen you in a while here.


AGE / VALUE:   interesting part English bike on ebay posted by: sam on 6/1/2005 at 7:40:54 PM
No telling what changes this bike has under gone ---

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   interesting part English bike on ebay posted by Kurt K. on 6/1/2005 at 11:05:49 PM
Idiots like this seller set me fuming - the kind of person that adds that little "extra" to the story of whatever he sells...

Since when is "restored" synonymous with "refurbished?" Never - and he probably knows it.

Something tells me that this bike could just as well have been built prior to WWII as it could possibly be early post-war.

Those bars don't seem to match up either - quite possible that the Schwinn grips give a clue as to the origins of the handlebar, eh? The cranks also look suspiciously like the standard Raleigh Industries design of the '60s, although I believe I've seen earlier chainrings with this same design, not necessarily made by Raleigh either.

No doubt it's a very long strech for the seller say that it's all-original. That's a tall tale in itself...

Incedentally, the fork crown looks a little bit like a BSA - the fork, however, does not concur with this theory.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   interesting part English bike on ebay posted by Geoff Rogers on 6/7/2005 at 7:10:04 PM
It's an odd one, for sure. I think what we have here is an old club bike, judging by the spearpoint front fender and the headclip fixing for the stem. It has obviously been modified with Schwinn components, notable the wheels (New Departure hubs on an English bike? Never!), handlebars and stem, and that silly old ballooner saddle. But original? I think not.