AGE / VALUE:   FRENCH Roadster posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 7/22/2005 at 11:44:35 PM
Here's something you just don't see often. A 3-speed Motobecane Roadster style bicycle. 27" wheels no less!

(or at least purportedly, 27")

Definitely different.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

MISC:   Skyway 3 speed - Aluminum Lugs posted by: Bryant on 7/21/2005 at 11:10:08 AM
Probably not the forum for this, but I'm not sure where else to go. I'm restoring a Skyway 3-speed for a friend's father. Doesn't look real special, has a Shimano 3 speed hub, and the paint is really faded, but from what I understand, his dad really likes the bike. An interesting part of this bike is the lugs. I first noticed that the seat post is tightened down like the stem, no seat binders here. Weird, but I've seen it before. While stripping it I noticed how thick the headtube and bottom bracket shell was. Then I checked them with a magnet. They are made of aluminum, as was the top of the seat post. Now I figure this bike to be early to mid 60's. Anyone ever run across another 3 speed with aluminum lugs?

   RE:MISC: Skyway 3 speed - Aluminum Lugs posted by Ed Lang on 7/22/2005 at 2:12:25 AM
I have a Skyway and I seem to get very little magnetic pull from the bottom bracket. This is strange! I will have to look when I get more time. I have restored another bicycle that is nearly the same, a Grants dept. store brand and the bottom bracket was cast steel I think. These bicycles were made in Japan in the early 70's. I think European 3 speed light roadsters are easy to repair. Sears used to import from Austria and I see many of these at garage sales. This might be a better choice for ease of repairs. Ed Lang

   RE:MISC:   Skyway 3 speed - Aluminum Lugs posted by Dick in FL on 7/23/2005 at 3:46:13 AM
That quill-type seatpost clamp is a clue to the presence of cast aluminum lugs. Castings don't generally possess the requisite ductility for a conventional clamp. Hence the stem-type design. For that matter, aluminum frames cannot secure a seatpost with the same crude clamp (a la Schwinn Breeze)over a longitudinally split seat tube. I have a bike with your seatpost arrangement; it *never* is loaned out (pain in the *ss to reset the seat).

Keep your eyes peeled for those Austrian-built Sears bikes. Sears is the Rodney Dangerfield of bike collectors .... no respect. But I am crazy about those Daimler-Steyr-Puch bikes they offered.

   RE:MISC:   Skyway 3 speed - Aluminum Lugs posted by Ron on 7/24/2005 at 1:32:25 PM
I had a Kabuki back in the 70s that had the same kind if seatpost. The frames were made by clamping the steel tubes in a jig, and then casting the aluminum lugs in place. There was a fitting on the back of the seat post that looked like a seatpost binder, but it was only for hanging the cable stop for the centerpull brakes.

   RE:RE:MISC: Skyway 3 speed - Aluminum Lugs posted by Ed Lang on 7/27/2005 at 6:00:01 PM
I have a Steyr Sport Racer. I think the frame is far better than my 68 Raleigh Sprite. The frame geometry is a little longer. The Hub is Steyr 3 GANG and the shifter is Steyr labeled. A first rate light roadster.

FOR SALE:   Bike Museum deacc posted by: nat on 7/21/2005 at 6:57:57 AM
You may be interested in the following from the Canberra Bicycle museum.

MISC:   "Antiques Roadshow FYI" Wednesday posted by: Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. on 7/19/2005 at 11:12:09 PM

July 20. Wednesday night at 8pm on PBS (WGBH, channel 2 in Boston).

Not sure about other markets, and only 90% sure it will be showing in Boston on Wednesday the 20th.

You'll see bikes from the 1930s to the 1960s. I'm not sure if we'll be on for 30 seconds or a couple minutes.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

   RE:MISC: posted by Mike on 7/22/2005 at 1:36:38 AM
Did anyone see this? FYI wasn't on my channels here in CT last night. I'm not sure when it will be on. Did anyone happen to tape it and upload it to an online site? I'd love to see it.

   RE:MISC:    posted by Jeff R on 7/22/2005 at 1:48:17 AM
It was a rerun of the program that aired last winter. It featured high wheeler and other turn of the centurey bicycles. It was on channel 2 Boston. I think another bicycle FYI will be aired July 27th.

   RE:RE:MISC: posted by Kurt K. on 7/22/2005 at 4:59:10 PM
Same here...

WANTED:   Brooks B72L saddle posted by: Kurt K. on 7/19/2005 at 3:15:37 PM
Mum's been complaining about the old Mesenger "matress" saddle on her Columbia Tourist, so I thought I'd get her a nice, used B72L. Anyone here got one they'll part with?


   RE:WANTED:   Brooks B72L saddle posted by Smith Weygant on 11/23/2005 at 2:39:34 PM

vintage BROOKS bike bicycle seat B72L B72 - used - NR Item number: 7197542176

2 hours to go. Good Luck.