AGE / VALUE:   rod brake robin hood posted by: erik mcdonald on 8/21/2005 at 6:49:42 AM
i've just found a men's robin hood with rod brakes. the bike is black with a rivited robin hood logo. the fenders are white with raliegh decals. it has a single speed freewheel hub. both front and rear hubs have raleigh industry stamps. the cog is stamped 'Bayliss Wiley' the rims are stamped 'Dunlop' 'Raleigh Industries'. the frame has a serial number spamp next to the seat clamp the number reads 10001 GA. if anyone can give me info such as year of manufature ect.. i would be very greatful.

AGE / VALUE:   Gear cables posted by: Edward in Vancouver on 8/20/2005 at 10:23:18 PM
Was reading some postings near the bottom, and I read Kurt K's about making a gear cable. Don't really need to solder the cable, here's what you:
Trot off to a hobby store, the kind that carries model railroad stuff, they usually have an assortment of thin brass tubes, about 24"long and in various diameters. Bring a bit of the cable with you and see which tube provides the best fit when you slide the cable in. Arrange you cable the way you want, cut off a 3/4"piece of the brass tube, and crimp it on. This is pretty much what the factory did as well. I've used this setup on several S/A hub bikes, two with FG's which put quite a bit of strain on the cable in 1st. No problems. This arrangement allows you to use what ever cable housing you want (I'm partial to the old style coiled s/s housing..) and custom lengths without the clumsy looking bolt-on piece.

Also, I've made my own rear brake cables for the doubled lugged brake cables using modern cables and housing with a tiny stop at the brake end, anchored on to the cable with two set screws. I bought this device from Sheldon Brown's site. Works great, barely noticeable, and decent braking thanks to "slick" cables and teflon lined housing...


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Gear cables posted by Chris on 8/21/2005 at 2:28:54 AM
Before this advice, I went off hunting and hoarded the extra long cable that you need when your 28 inch Raleigh Tourist D.L.1. rod brake roadster needed a new gear shift cable. I have some still in my stash in packaging and I guarded it like it was gold. The packaging held tight and in a whisper I asked if the shop had any more for me to buy. I went everyplace buying up cables to keep my fleet of Raleigh's working.
Sure I wanted original ribbed housing, or better still the old waterproofed cotton housing but the best thing to do is make it as Edward describes here.
Cable as long as you need it! Make up the endpiece and ride!

Another thing! No more tube crazyness! Some of you fellow Americans will remember stretching a 27 X 1 1/4 th tube because we could not find replacement 28 X 1 1/2 tubes! Not anymore! We have tubes galore with the better presta valve to boot!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Gear cables posted by Kurt K. on 8/21/2005 at 2:24:25 PM
Great advice there, Ed.

I'm very familiar with those brass sleeves - been a model railroader for some years, incedentally - and I have a few here. Might try the steel sleeves also.

Will try your suggestion, but I think I'll still solder the sleeve to the cable. I'd rather have that little bit of extra security holding the sleeve on, then having it pop off halfway through a long ride.

As for you Chris, if you don't stop your gear-cable-gloating, I'll post more pictures of my NOS stash of "R" nuts. ;-)

Take care,


AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A. HYBRID GEARING Partrooper project posted by: Chris again on 8/20/2005 at 6:23:52 PM
I am learning (or relearning) that old B.S.A. bottombracket spindles do not fit with Raleigh crankarms. Am going to see if a Raleigh spindle will fit in the B.S.A. bottom bracket cups. I am trying to use Raleigh cranks with a Raleigh spindle with original B.S.A. cups. To my delight, the original B.S.A. spindle and cups have zero wear on them. Whole thing is because I do not like to ride the original B.S.A cranks due to the sliding bar type pedal. Did the servicemen have boots with long heels? Did they hate the pedals on this as well? Can I go to longer 7 inch cranks? Decisions, decisions.

I have a cotterless spindle that fits but what cotterless set up to use? I don't like cotterless anyways. Yes, I keep it and the tools but I'm so much in love with older equipment.
I have a F.M. wheel with a cyclo cog three lugged type but only the two largest cogs are usable the smaller will have the chain rub on the frame and 8 speeds is enough for me and that's without a front changer. Found my seatpost in my own stash and have the brooks B- 90/3 on it. There are no eyelets on the rear for a rack. I don't want to drill.
I could spread the frame for the third cog buy I don't want to and I don't need the smaller cog anyways. I'll flop about switching things until I find something that makes me happy. Lights- modern or dynohub type?
I thinned out and now am missing things, wishing I held onto them.
People came up asking at the last garage sale if I had any shot guns for sale. I looked at the guys stunned. Ah,no. No guns. You go have fun, knock yourself out! Not for me. I'll buy all your Snap On tools from your wife while you are at work and if you come home on lunch than I'm hopeful that you own no guns either!

I look for tools, and antiques, and of course the bikes.
Lady pal of mine delights in finding the real pearls and real gold and diamond jewlery at the sales for 5.00 and she and her sister are teaching me to spot it. Then I am to give it to them! Special clamps are needed to route the gear change wire as well. Digging into all the boxes is fun. The house is renovated and clean and organized and all my collector packrat pals are quite convinced that I have gone mad. The B.S.A. folding paratrooper hybrid gear project is fun and it would not take so long if I was not so indecisive. A motor on the thing? Is that next? I hate having all the drunks who have lost their licence come by asking for parts and rims and stuff, they are all riding mountain bikes and thankfully, I have no parts for those.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A. HYBRID GEARING Partrooper project posted by Chris on 8/20/2005 at 7:12:25 PM
If gasoline keeps rising, the common man on a bike will not be an alcholic who lost his drivers licence but just a dude out and about on his bike.
Another thing- When was the last time you saw a lady cyclist who has lost her licence and therefore was on a bike?
No, women with an bike tend to be homeless bag ladies. I am sure that women loase their license as well I guess they just wink at some fellow and get a ride to the bar. I don't know.
Wrapping up the summer having found nothing bikewise at the garage sales.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A. HYBRID GEARING Partrooper project posted by Matthew on 8/20/2005 at 8:46:58 PM
I don't think I'd want to mess with anything other than standard on the BSA but each to their own and I hope it works well for you, better ridden than hung on a wall.
Regarding ladies on bikes. Norwich, Norfolk, England, is full of ladies on bikes, young mums with trailers full of toddlers, working girls nipping to work without the hassles of parking, and lycra clad sportys whizzing by like I've stopped. But why is it always the chunky girls that ride kn''kered MTBs with rusty chains?

Matthew - not flying just falling with style.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A. HYBRID GEARING Partrooper project posted by Bryan on 8/23/2005 at 1:27:22 AM
Working girls on bikes, never saw that spectacle before!

AGE / VALUE:   take a look at e- bay u.k. posted by: on 8/20/2005 at 6:18:09 PM
Go to e- bay . Item # 7177309860. Take a look at the way he has these spokes laced. Hey, if it works. I have never seen this before but it is likely necessary to bend the rules when using this sort of modern rim.

Love those threaded drivers! Any project of this sort is not complete without an alloy shell.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   two things needed for two projects posted by: Neal Lerner on 8/19/2005 at 2:20:01 PM
Please let me know if anyone has the following for sale/trade:

1) A rear double-ended brake cable with grey ribbed housing (this for a 1953 Rudge project).
2) A 26 x 1 1/4 alloy rim (this for a 1955 Trent Sports rehab project). I have one Araya 36-hole (thanks, Kurt!) and would like to find its mate or a close relative.


Neal Lerner


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: two things needed for two projects posted by Warren on 8/20/2005 at 3:38:28 AM
Tough rims to find although a nice pair of Weinman Alesa's just sold on ebay.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: two things needed for two projects posted by Chris on 8/20/2005 at 7:16:33 PM
26 X 1 1/4 th. Too narrow for me. What brand tires are you running on these rims?

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: two things needed for two projects posted by WArren on 8/20/2005 at 8:21:16 PM
I've got a dozen NOS Dunlop Gold Seals with nylon cord from the late 60's. Great tires and will take 75 psi easily, (rated for 65)

I have a couple of the older Dunlop Champion club tires and they just say "Inflate Hard". I suspect old pumps didn't reach dangerous pressures.