AGE / VALUE:   Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/28/2005 at 11:37:10 AM
Matt sent me a bunch of pics of the bike he described earlier. I'm thinking it's an early club bike... possibly even cobbled together many years ago by a previous owner.

You can view the pics here. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by David on 8/28/2005 at 5:16:38 PM
I'd go with the club bike guess. Are the frame angles as slack as the pix make them appear? Fixed/freewheel hub? Very cool stem. Crank looks sportier than usual. Tire size? Weight? "....Model" on the seat tube: what did it say?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by Matthew (Not Matt) on 8/29/2005 at 9:00:02 PM
I'm with David on this one. I'd go for pre-1939 and say what a gem, if it were mine I wouldn't restore it I'd just care for it. It deserves some love but is a great machine without needing to look like new.

Matthew - keep looking, the gems are still there.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by Warren on 8/30/2005 at 8:58:40 PM
Could that be Reg Harris Model?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by Kurt K. on 8/31/2005 at 12:42:31 AM
I must agree with Matt on the 1930's era. The bolt-on Heron lamp bracket wasn't used after '48 or '49, I believe, and the machine has details which point to an earlier model.

It is a pity that we do not have any photos of the front fork, although from what I can see from photo #19, the fenders appear to be direct bolt-ons, with no provisions for quick-release, unlike the RRA and Lenton Clubman, for example.

In fact, from what I have seen, most of the details of this bike (including the script on the downtube) point to it being a 1930's era Model 31, essentially, the "Raleigh Sports" model. Not to be confused with the Raleigh Sports DL22 model of the 1960s and '70s of which we know very well, or the later Raleigh Sports Model 21 of the 40's.

Unfortunatly, Sheldon's 1939 catelouge, the only 1930's catelouge of which we have access to online, states that Model 31 only came in Black enamel, with an cost-optional Blue, Maroon or Green finish. A Model 33, "Silver Speed Sports", is noted in the catelouge as coming in Metallic Silver with a Sturmey AM 3 speed medium-ratio hub.

Perhaps this model was available in the creme color which you see here earlier (or later) on in the year. If there's any member of this community that could answer these catelouge-related questions, it'd be P.C. Kohler. To my knowledge, he has the largest collection of Raleigh catelouges on this community.

As for the flip-flop hub, I have suspicions of it being an addon, but don't quote me there - yes, I have my doubts as to whether it's an addon or original equipment too. Same with the stem and bars - never seen such a gooseneck on a Raleigh before, and the bars don't match much of anything in the catelouges save for a few models of the early '50s.

If possible, I would like to know the rim size on this machine - I'm guessing 26 X 1-1/4?

P.S.: I believe it's very safe to say, Warren, that this is not the Reg Harris model.

All the best,


   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Photos of Matt's interesting find posted by Warren on 8/31/2005 at 3:32:22 AM
Sorry for not looking closer...look at the rear mudguard points...above the axle! Must be early. The cranks are also fluted on both sides. Serial number?

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by: Chris on 8/28/2005 at 6:03:18 AM
It was 2.00! The homemade sign mentioned rising gas prices!
picked up a Schwinn 3 speed (the 24 inch frame, heavier than the Raleigh Sports model) (It has the upside down hat decal ) today and boy, what a difference 40 years make when the bike has been left outside.

Rusted frame. Compare that to original new. Look at rims all rusted and compare that to new. Study the tires and compare that to new condition. There are parts missing and I cut my hand, tore chunk out of a finger on the thing. bled everywhere- I'll be parting it out and it's a shame to toss out what I don't wish to keep and that means 90 % of the bike. The old Schwinns, unless they are balloon tire or kids bikes like the krates I don't keep. I can't believe the way these end up and how they look. How the various parts respond to neglect and what the rust and weather affects things. It's interesting to see I must say.

Wing nuts, hub stuff, the metal stopper for the gear cable the indicator chain pieces, the alloy Weinmann brakes the badge off of the thing. All to be saved. The chain guard to be kept and the rest to be out at the kerb awaiting the garbage men. Seems a shame, I just have no passion for the Schwinn racer only to put the pieces in glass jars and boxed away. Now, if it were a Phillips or a Raleigh or something British or French now I'd be excited!
Hey, it beats finding mountain bikes! Some of the early Schwinn racers had alloy shell 3 speed hubs and Miller lights.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by Kurt K. on 8/31/2005 at 12:59:29 AM
The cheap Schwinn chrome can't hold up - especially on the rims. Second worse are the handlebars.

Schwinn Racers are useless to me unless they are in excellent shape, or if they are two-speed Bendix kickbacks. Keep an eye out for those Bendix-equipped Racers.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by Chris on 8/31/2005 at 11:29:40 AM
True, well said. The rims were toast and the handlebars gone, long gone too. not useless, i save the small parts like those steel gear cable stoppers, the chrome steel band that holds it in place and the sturmey stuff.

Bendix hub stuff of course.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by abe on 12/30/2006 at 8:45:53 AM
I recently got a hold of racer w/a 2 speed bendix kickback all I can say is wow great's a great bike

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by abe on 12/30/2006 at 8:46:21 AM
I recently got a hold of racer w/a 2 speed bendix kickback all I can say is wow great's a great bike

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Schwinn Racer posted by Bill on 1/15/2007 at 7:46:21 PM
No old bike will compete with a new one, with designs and manufacturing proceses constantly improving, but You don't see too many 40 year old bikes from other makers still out for a ride. Quality lasts, and that's why you can still find so many old schwinns on the bike trails.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Racer posted by Andy on 3/4/2007 at 10:23:53 PM
What size tires do those Schwinn Racers use?

AGE / VALUE:   test pic posted by: sam on 8/27/2005 at 11:05:57 PM
just testing how these pics work---sam


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Pothole posted by: Mike on 8/27/2005 at 6:20:13 AM
How can you tell if your fork is bent on a Raleigh Sports? I hit a nasty pothole the other night. The wheels seem fine and still true and all though. I'm not sure whether or not I bent the fork, I figured the wheels would flex out of true before the fork became bent.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Pothole posted by Mike on 8/27/2005 at 6:31:34 AM
And I would just like to add that I haven't noticed any serious wobble in the steering or anything.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Pothole posted by Mike on 8/27/2005 at 7:12:14 AM
Just did a brief test and yeah it's bent. The top portion of the wheel is not centered between the blades. Any suggestions on the fix? Or is this one where you just take it to the shop and let them handle it?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Pothole posted by sam on 8/27/2005 at 4:35:01 PM
First take the wheel off and then put it back on to see if the jolt moved just the axel in the drop outs.If the fork is bent a good bike shop can strighten it with no problem.Or a Do-It-yourselfer can also do this job at home--just depends on how good you are.---sam(did one--took one to a shop--your call)

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Pothole posted by Mark R. on 8/27/2005 at 11:05:35 PM
If your fork is bent but not too baddly, you can easily straighten it in a vise. You just have to be careful not to bend it too much at a time. They are made of a very mild steel, and will "cold-set" very easily. However, if you can't really tell simply by looking at it, it probably is fine. Try removing the wheel and re-installing it centered properly. If it does not look bent, rides OK, and you can't really tell, then it's fine.
I ran my Raleigh Sport into the gate at work, and REALLY bent the Hell out of it, the wheel went off at a 45 deg. angle from centerline and touched the frame so it couldn't turn, and the fork was obviously twisted halfway 'round. Also, the steering tube that goes up through the frame was obviously bent. I little-by-little first bent the forks and steerer straight again in a vise, and then realigned them so the wheel runs straight, and I have never had any problem with it since. In fact, I would defy you to even tell they'd ever been bent. People will tell you you shouldn't, but go ahead and try it if the forks are actually bent.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Pothole posted by Mike on 8/28/2005 at 8:09:37 PM
Thanks for the replies. Mine certainly wasn't as bad as the 45 degree bend, but I do think I did some mild bending when I hit that hole. I took it to a local shop last night, they're pretty good from what I hear. I told them to do a standard tune up with special attention to the front wheel and fork to make sure they were aligned. The waiting begins now, since here in DC the line for fixes is slow. However, I hope to have it back in top shape when it returns.

AGE / VALUE:   English tandem on ebay--in USA posted by: sam on 8/27/2005 at 1:12:48 AM
WOW! check out this :

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   English tandem on ebay--in USA posted by Kurt K. on 8/30/2005 at 9:24:41 PM
Unique, no doubt. But I would have expected bars like that on a 1960's juvenile Schwinn bike!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   English tandem on ebay--in USA posted by Steven M. on 9/9/2005 at 2:01:47 AM
We bought the tandem. The bars do look very unusual. To me they look like drop bars that someone took some artistic license with.

We had it dissasembled by the local bike shop and it will be shipped next Monday. I am curious if anyone knows anything at all about bicycles produced by Sun Cycles and Fittings Co.

When it arrives I plan on repainting the frame, rebuilding the wheels, and cleaning up all the parts. I would love to find a picture to help determine how authentic the parts are, but any advice would be appreciated.