AGE / VALUE:   "Make the man pay!" It's an antique Schwinn! OOHH! posted by: Chris on 9/24/2005 at 12:36:57 AM
Today's Schwinn find was a painted, ladies bike soon to go on the bay.

The seller commented that:
It's an old Schwinn, a collectors item and thus I was gonna pay and pay good. Any joy was not to be had because this baby was going to be expensive. Very expensive. The flaws were no matter because the Schwinn name was gonna nullify every drawback.
So? So what its a ladies Schwinn frame, so what it has been brush painted? So what it is missing the chainguard? So what the rear fender is a mess? So what ther badge is toast?
Oh and it's old too, prewar!

The wife called out to him to be kind to me, to get rid of it, to accept my offer. He yelled at her until she retreated into the house.

What called out to me was, the marvelous original and lovely wheel set and tires, the stem and bars not much else.

I talked sense and he took my offer. I'll offer it up for parts in the next few days.

FOR SALE:   slightly damp parts posted by: Clyde on 9/24/2005 at 12:15:54 AM
For Sale: Misc. 3-speed parts, frames, tires, cables, fenders and complete bikes - slightly submerged in water from Lake Pontchartrain. Don't need boat to reach them, unless levee breaks again from Hurricane Rita.

Seriously, does anyone have hints on salvaging my bicycles or dealing with the insurance company? The high water line is about chin high so brackish water came up above the BB on bikes hanging by the rear wheel from floor joists in the lower area of our house. At least those 3-speed hubs weren't submerged. Since most of the bikes (Raleighs, Dunelts, Armstrongs, etc.) were garage sale or thrift store purchases, I doubt the insurance company will cover the value we OldRoads guys place on them. I did move my French road bikes upstairs and evacuated with a mountain bike, but my beloved 3-speeds are really taking a beating from the damp conditions. I rescued one mtn. bike and have sprayed it thoroughly with penetrating oil until I have time to disassemble and rebuild the headset and BB. Mold is growing on the Brooks saddles (some obtained from Bill Lane). I figured I'd coat them with Proofhide after washing the grime and salt off.

Well the family is OK and most of the pets are accounted for; so I can always find other vintage bikes (but probably not from my former New Orleans sources). And no, Bill's house shouldn't have gotten damaged by the water from the levee break.

   RE:FOR SALE: slightly damp parts posted by sam on 9/24/2005 at 1:25:54 AM
Hi Clyde,(we meet at the end of the Abita Show)Good to hear from you---wish it were under better conditions.Spray the heck outa the bikes with WD40(WD stands for water displacement) I'd Wash the saddles with clean water, use a hair dryer(not on hot) to dry them some.Then Lysol spray to kill mold and germs--then proofhide.Get to them as quick as safe to.
A couple of Guys you might know from Bayou bicycle Mark&Alf are working in Dallas now.John P had a tree in his roof,Ernie lost his house and truck(but said his bikes were OK!)---sam

AGE / VALUE:   Royce Union "Lord Royce" posted by: on 9/24/2005 at 12:26:08 AM
Today's find was a 40 year old Royce Union "Lord Royce" ladies dual top tube bike.Made in Germany. The original owner said that she wrote a paper to answer the Rice Krispies contest and she won. She told them why Woody Woodpecker was the best cartoon character and she won. Her dad did not berlieve her until it arrived and she asked him to assemble it.

Complete but rusted severly, it had not been ridden in 20 years. A nice friend of hers overhauled it and so it has a replaced Sturmey- Archer hub. The bike has foam on the handlebars.
Picked up for the Altenburger Brilliant brakes set, the rear hub and other bit parts. Rubbing your body part against the rusted frame tubing would be like rubbing against sandpaper . The bike has a rust problem so terrible it is not safe to ride it. saved it for parts.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Royce Union posted by David on 9/25/2005 at 11:25:53 AM
The "Royce Union" brand is very strange. It sounds English, but I've never seen it on an English bike. Japanese Royce Unions are fairly common. And here it is on a German bike. Anyone have any real info on it?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Royce Union posted by Chris on 9/26/2005 at 12:52:36 AM
It's a weird bike. A rear rack that resembles J.C. Higgans middleweights. A English front rack so rusted I can't make out the manufactuer. The half chainguard has a pie plate, and a guard that wanted to be an fully enclosed chainguard then it quits and leaves the chain exposed. 1960 Sturmey- Archer hub was replaced. This one is old, more than 50 years old. I'll keep it intact now that I remember how old the lady claimed it to be.

Lady pal has a mens version she likes very much so now we have two of these.
Yes, any real info would be good to see.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Royce Union posted by Joe M on 9/26/2005 at 3:17:50 AM
I have a Royce Union here, all apart, that says Made in England. It looks pretty much about the same as an early Hercules or similar, It's got an S/A AW hub, Dunlop rims, and the paint and logos are placed the same as on any other older Raleigh or TI built bike. The Headbadge and rear fender logo are intact, and I have a parts bike thats nearly identical except for the added name "Savoy". I have seen a few from Holland, and I believe from Germany as well, I am not sure that they were all from the same manufacturer though. I hadn't given this bike much thought until I saw this post. The rear fender decal says Royce Union, but just above, says it's a product of "Union Cycle Company, LTD "Made In England". The headbadge reads the same. The badge uses two rivets, one top, and one at the bottom. The wire fender braces are attached via two screws and a small strap to the inside of the fenders, and chainring spells out "Royce Union". The overall bike that I have is very rough, and probably beyond restoration, but I saved it for parts. I believe the rear hub date was late 50's.
If you email me direct, I can send you a pic of the headbadge. This bike also reminds me of the Royal Enfield bikes that Joanou Cycle imported and sold out of NY back then. Judging by the threading, it wasn't made by Raleigh, it appears to use a non-standard threading, maybe Whitworth? It's different from both the Raleigh 26tpi, and standard threading, the Bottom Bracket shell used a Thompson style crank axle, like found on some German built bikes in the 60's. The parts bike is basically the same bike but with "Savoy" everywhere this one reads Royce Union.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Wanted: Fulcrum clamp & gear cable posted by: Kurt K. on 9/23/2005 at 10:07:12 PM
Looking for a simple downtube-size (1-1/8") late '70s fulcrum clamp and Sports-length black gear cable (the 3/4 exposed, 1/4 housing type) to complete my Coffee '75 Sports.

Drop me an email at if you got 'em...


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   1940 Phillips roadster for sale posted by: Geoff on 9/23/2005 at 4:29:39 PM
In an attempt to clear some space for a couple of new acquisitions, I must sell a bicycle or two. Thus I have listed my very nice, original 1940 Phillips-built rod brake 26"-wheel machine on ebay. Sorry I didn't note the item number but it's listed as a "1940 Phillips rod brake roadster bicycle". It is really a lovely old thing, very original except tires and a pleasure to ride. I have several others slated to go, including a '63 Lenton Sports (20-30 tubing), a 1940 Stoddard cheap club bike, a 1950 Superbe which has been brush-painted, and a couple of DL 1s, including one really nice original one, plus several 50s and 60s Sports machines in various conditions.
Geoff Rogers
Shutesbury, Mass.