ENGLISH ROADSTERS:Ranger Photos posted by: Jeff on 1/14/2006 at 6:12:53 PM
I put up a couple bad photos of a bike I built from parts of two bikes. I bought a womens Hercules at a garage sale for $1.00. It was all there but rough. I was given a Phillips Ranger that was missing many parts and sat outside for a few years. Both were marked as built by Raleigh in Nottingham. Using the best parts of both, I made quite a nice daily rider. Most parts are marked Raleigh or SA. The Hercules was 1971 but the Phillips had a Schwinn rear wheel so I don't know it's age. I have only the $1.00, two tires and tubes and lots of labor in it. See it at http://photos.genevaonline.com/users/arnold/index.html

MISC:Sweet Sports wheels posted by: Warren on 1/14/2006 at 3:30:22 PM
I've got a 55 Dunelt that would love this wheelset.

ebay # 6596462203

Shame they're not in North America...


   RE:MISC:Sweet Sports wheels posted by Kurt K. on 1/15/2006 at 12:54:51 AM
Funny you mention it - I just recieved a pair of beautiful stainless Raleigh Westricks (sans hubs) for my '51 Sports "C" Tourist two days ago. Bit pricey to get these from England, but the stainless rims are well worth it!


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:Sturmey BRC Hub posted by: Tom on 1/14/2006 at 4:37:04 AM
A while back I posted looking for a Sturmey Archer BRC single speed drum hub in 36 hole. I won one on Ebay, an NOS hub in original box. It is a 36 hole hub. I have NOS 26 x 1 1/4" rims for it along with NOS Dunlop tyres. I am building an Eatons Glider from mid 50's for a fixed gear single speed town bike. I have Luterwaser bars for it also. The saddle is an old Bristol Swallow style that had split leather. I found a local leather specialist that had a piece of thick honey leather and he made me a saddle top. The saddle looks great. I hope to have the bike done for spring. I am powdercoating the bike in black. I have a choice of white, cream or black bluemels for it also. I am not sure what transfers I will use. I may get custom lettering done. I will post pics when it is done.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Sturmey BRC Hub posted by Warren on 1/14/2006 at 5:58:47 AM
My kind of bike...look forward to pics.It's funny, I have a similar assortment of parts waiting to go on an interesting frame. Except the Lautwassers...I'm getting too old to bend over.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:A Bal-moral Tale Herculean efforts posted by: nat on 1/13/2006 at 4:45:22 AM
A Bal-moral Tale – Herculean efforts

Scrubs - old friend & restorer of things mechanical & electric, was cycling back from the pub ten or so days ago. His ‘61 Raleigh is mid restoration ( he’s just finished a pedantic re-chroming of the AG hub and is presently seeking a new rim). This night he was riding a Hercules Balmoral - picked up for AUD$50. His right knee was a bit sore (after putting a floor in at a mate’s house) - but he can’t stop riding - so he’d adapted his pedalling technique, the crux of which involved dangling one leg. He reckons his free leg clipped a support for the front mud guard causing the bottom lip of the mudguard (a little rusted & serrated) to lodge in the tyre’s tread, fold back on itself & travel with the wheel until the an ‘abrupt’ stop between the forks. He got off with a little gravel rash on the palms. Couldn’t happen on a Raleigh. - will post pix of the result later.



   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:A Bal-moral Tale Herculean efforts posted by Matthew on 1/14/2006 at 4:35:28 PM
In 1992 I was working fora small coach company in Mundesley, Norfolk. The yard was on a sweeping bend in the road and on a hill too, which made getting the larger vehicles in and out quite a job. It also meant that downhill traffic went by pretty quickly despite the 30mph limit, this included bicycles. I ran the office as well as driving and as the office window looked out onto the road I could watch what was going on outside. I often saw the same people pass by at various times of the day, including Mothers picking up children from the local school. One Mum was memorable for the very worn out Raleigh Sports which she rode. She used it like a buggy to carry the smallest of her children and the basket held school bags etc. They all lokked like a good meal and some new clothes would be a treat. She had maybe two or three children with two at school but one was only part time and was collected at lunchtime.
To my horror one lunchtime I heard a terrible scream and a child crying. Out on the hill this Mum and her youngest had been rding downhill towards the school when the loose front mudguard on the old bike had broken free of its mountings and had jammed in the front forks. The instant decelleration had thrown the unfortunate lady over the handlebars headfirst onto the tarmac, the child had remained in its seat but crashed to the ground with the bicycle. I rushed to help and stopped the traffic, recovered the child complete with bicycle whilst a colleague gathered the lady up from the ground. She was very shocked and more worried about her child at school than herself. I called the school and explained the trouble and a lady passing by went to get the child from school. I took them all home by taxi (we also ran these) and later her husband, a hard working chap with a worn out look about him, collected the bike and was very grateful to us for our help. The rear section of the front mudguard was now only 2" long and folded like tin foil. A few days later the lady was still shakey but rode a cheap MTB, the Raleigh probably went to the dump, it was in very poor shape.
This accident made me very keen to see that folks ride safe bicycles. I have always hated rattling mudguards but since then I have understood why. I don't mind how old or beaten up a bike looks (and I have used a beaten up bike to deter theives) as long as it is well maintained and safe.

Matthew - Ride safe.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:1924 Roadster picture posted by: Brian on 1/12/2006 at 4:12:20 PM
Love that "R" front lamp bracket!