AGE / VALUE:   Not gloating; just sharing. posted by: Matthew on 4/1/2006 at 9:17:18 PM
Hi Folks,
I just wanted to share a moment with you. I found myself this afternoon, sat on my shed floor, working on a 1953 Ladies 'all steel' and listening to the Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4. My thoughts at the time? 'You lucky bloke.'
My own shed, my own time, my favourite piece of radio broadcast and my favourite hobby. It's the simple pleasures which are the most rewarding. I could be wealthier than I am, I could have a better job (though I love what I do & don't want to change) and I could have a bigger house but I don't think any of these would make for a better life or take away those simple pleasures.... like cycling.

Matthew - musing.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Not gloating; just sharing. posted by Lawrence on 4/4/2006 at 12:33:34 AM
Matthew you are a lucky bloke!
What is it about the shipping forecast? I always enjoyed it too. The King's Singers did a psalm setting of it--hilararious! Also Mrs Bales on "As Time Goes By" would qoute it before serving tea at precisely 4:36 p.m. etc. The juxtaposition of a ladies "All Steel" and the shipping forecast: stangely complementary! I trust you had a mug of tea at hand!
Oh...every English bloke needs his own shed! Think of Wesley on "Last of the Summers Wine!" Better yet an allotment (Arfer Fowler on EatEnders) on which to situate it. AND...a Three-Speed to get him to the allotment and then to the pub. OK I have to go and have a pint of IPA now!
Thanks for your posting Matthew--I always enjoy them!!!!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Not gloating; just sharing. posted by Lawrence on 4/4/2006 at 12:35:04 AM
I meant EastEnders of course--not Eat!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Not gloating; just sharing. posted by Matthew on 4/4/2006 at 4:00:18 PM
The Shipping Forecast; never better than when read by Charlotte Green. We move into dangerous ground here but Charlotte reading 'Tyne, Dogger, Humber, Thames' etc is better than certain private physical activity.

Sheds should be an inalienable human right.

Matthew - East 4 reducing 3, poor, precipitation in sight.

There is a brilliant book 'Attention All shipping' by Charlie Connelly ISBN 0-316-72474-2. Its a wonderful 400 page Brysonesque romp thropugh all the shipping areas.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Free generator posted by: Paul on 4/1/2006 at 8:10:59 PM
I just finished getting a '34 Hercules Roadster up and running. While not pretty and having some later parts, it sure has a sweet ride that seems better than my '60 Hercules (but not as comfortable as my recumbents!).

Anyway, I took off an old Lucas bottle generator that I will not be reinstalling. It's black and quite heavy. I am willing to give it to the first person who wants it and is willing to pay the postage in the U.S., about $4. I can get the model number of that is important.

Email me at

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Free generator posted by steve on 4/4/2006 at 12:09:14 PM
i would love to have that bottle generator...i have a mid thirties herc in the collection..that was missing the generator when i got it in 1957..have never been able to get one despite being in the bike business the past 55


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Free generator posted by paul on 4/4/2006 at 11:44:39 PM
Sorry, you were the second person to ask for it. paul

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Free generator posted by steve on 4/5/2006 at 11:56:56 AM
oh well.... i am still a of time ta keep lookin...thanks for being a good person and offering it to those that can get pleasure and use from it..rather than just hoarding it up in a lost and forgotten box of old dusty parts...that eventually get thrown out by others who have no clue what they are arent those early hercs amazing bikes....thanks any way...steve


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   '51 Raleigh Sports "C" Tourist progress posted by: Kurt K. on 3/31/2006 at 2:21:38 AM
Just thought I'd post two quick progress photos I took this evening of the '51:

The chaincase was an eBay find - it arrived this evening, and I wasted no time mounting it. (P.S. to Larry: I'm keeping yours as a spare for a future project. It came in handy regardless though, as the eBay chaincase did not have the rear frame clamp).

The Heron bracket is an NOS, correct 1950's variant from Tamera "TJ" Haley from the Schwinn Forums.

Have yet to find a badge. The original was one of the aluminum ones - not brass.

So far, the project is progressing well - all I need are these items to complete it:

Front hub axle
SA trigger shifter "3 or 4 speed"
BB spindle (Possibly. Not sure if the one I have will fit)
Rear brake and gear cable
Brooks B.66 saddle
Seatpost (easy 'nuff)
Pump (looking for an original black Raleigh pump of the era)

Soooo...there's still a bit to go, but she's getting there.

Take care,


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   '51 Raleigh Sports posted by nat on 4/5/2006 at 2:10:52 AM
I've got a NOS front axle - I'll post a photo to see if you want it. It's probably 60's/70's - in the box - Yours for nix.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   '51 Raleigh Sports posted by nat on 4/5/2006 at 11:49:40 PM
Will this do Kurt - Code says - 3162 Axle?


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   '51 Raleigh Sports posted by nat on 4/5/2006 at 11:50:45 PM
& a little bit closer now


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: '51 Raleigh Sports posted by Neal on 4/6/2006 at 6:43:07 PM
Nat, maybe it's just my angle, but that looks like a rear, quick-release (hollow) axle. I think Kurt is looking for a solid front axle.


   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: '51 Raleigh Sports posted by nat on 4/6/2006 at 11:44:14 PM
Is that what it is? That would explain why its asymetrical.

WANTED:   Raleigh Industries front hub axle posted by: Kurt K. on 3/31/2006 at 2:12:08 AM
Anyone have a spare axle along with the washers and nuts for a '50s Raleigh Industries hub?

Here's a photo of the axle I'm seeking:

(pic might not be up until a few minutes from now)

The one on the hub in the photo is stripped, and less bolts.

Need this to begin building the front wheel for the '51 Raleigh Sports "C" Tourist.

Got it? Email with price to

Take care,


MISC:   Bizarre safety video posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 3/30/2006 at 4:28:32 PM

Not for dialup. See if you can spot a very uniquely mounted S/A trigger shifter.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:RE:MISC:   Bizarre safety video posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 3/31/2006 at 2:27:00 PM
LOL... I'm sure Matthew. Just think.... I don't recall seeing that as a child... but had it been presented to me the year it came out... I would have been a rather impressionable 4 years olde.

Explains a lot!!!!! ;-)


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:MISC:   Bizarre safety video posted by Matthew on 3/30/2006 at 6:18:33 PM
Scared the formal dress pants off me. The faces were hideous but the moral was very good. 15 minutes of hilarity. Thanks Larry.

Matthew - no monkeys here!