MISC:   Brooks Millbrook Saddle Bag posted by: Brian Collins on 5/22/2006 at 4:16:02 PM
Hello all,

I've just seen online pictures of the Brooks Millbrook traditional English saddle bag. It's approximately $US 90 and I've seen it online in the UK for 50 pounds (including shipping to the US).

Does anyone have this bag and can they offer a quick recommendation as to whether to purchase it?

Does anyone know of a better US dollar price?

I'm also looking for a Canadian mail order outfit that's named 'Biciletta' or something similiar. I hear it has good prices.

Thanks for the help and ride on,

   RE:MISC:   Brooks Millbrook Saddle Bag posted by tomasso on 5/23/2006 at 4:38:27 AM
http://www.labicicletta.ca/ <--- Try that for your latter question, good luck to your first!! : )

   RE:MISC:   Brooks Millbrook Saddle Bag posted by AL LOVATO on 5/24/2006 at 4:28:14 PM
try www.wallbike.com these guys seem to have brooks connection!

AGE / VALUE:   D.L.1.L. the L stands for loser posted by: Chris on 5/22/2006 at 12:11:01 PM
I spotted a Raleigh tourist ladies bike. Did not pay attention to the rider just the bike. I asked for one moment of her time. Cute but not nice. I said I loved this type of bike and wanted to buy the bike. She replied that this was her only way to work and she would sell the bike but she had to be going. I declined to take her to work. I don't know her. I gave her my number and she left. I don't think she believed me about the bike. Probably thought I was trying to pick her up. I was looking at the bike more than her and I was noticing nearly flat tires. She was a bit frosty but the cute ladies can be that way. Dating her or buying the bike? I want the bike given the choice. Still addicted to rod brake Raleigh's. Her mom gave her the bike. You never see these and not ridden by young cuties with attitudes. When I said that she was riding a Raleigh Tourist D.L.1.L. she commented that the L stood for loser. She is unhappy riding the bike it seems. Wish me luck in getting the bike. Perhaps I can get her another bike to ride to work.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   D.L.1.L. the L stands for loser posted by Chris on 5/22/2006 at 12:34:06 PM
Usually the younger generation is easy, how much do you give me for it? type attitude but it was her only means of transportation. Next time I'll be more specific and say: I am not trying to pick you up, I am a collector and just want to buy your bike. I miss finding these in the trash.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   D.L.1.L. the L stands for loser posted by Kurt K. on 5/22/2006 at 3:21:13 PM
Thought you were trying to cut back on your Raleighs, Chris.

Suggestion: Always keep some well-equipped, generic, light-roadster machines on hand - offer to trade one for the other.


   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   D.L.1.L. the L stands for loser posted by Chris on 5/23/2006 at 1:39:16 AM
The meeting was awkward, there was no time to tell her that the particular bike was easy and fun to ride. Gentle and elegant and one of the best commuter bikes ever made.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   D.L.1.L. the L stands for loser posted by Bryan on 5/24/2006 at 9:26:48 PM
Another problem I've encountered in similar situations is that as soon as you show any interest in buying the bike, they assume that it must be a "valuable collectors item" and they immediately become wary that you are trying to scam them.

I've had my share of success and my share of failure in these situations. I try not to come off as too interested, and I always make it clear that I want the bike to ride, not just to turn around on ebay.

Good luck!



WANTED:   Two 1950's Raleigh handlebars posted by: Kurt K. on 5/22/2006 at 2:09:56 AM
Need two 1950's Raleigh Sports handlebars in nice/very nice condition. Could also use one stem in similar condition.

Email at: cudak888@aol.com

Take care,


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Info on Hawthorne badged Hercules? posted by: Sandi on 5/21/2006 at 2:47:29 PM
I'm trying to find some information on a men's, Hawthorne badged,Hercules 3 speed. This is an odd frame stle with the top tube being split into two small diameter tubes, rather than a single larger diameter tube. The sturmey archer rear hub is dated 61....thanks for any help!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Info on Hawthorne badged Hercules? posted by Chris on 5/21/2006 at 8:05:52 PM
The bike was made by the Hercules Cycle and Motor Company. Hercules was a large manufacturer who made the bike for Hawthorne.
There are other bikes with this type frame design. A lady pal of mine has a Royce Union mens frame with the twin tubes.Is the trigger shifter and rear hub also made by Hercules or is it labeled Sturmey- Archer?

This is a neat bike. If you need any parts visit us here again and ask for help.
Have fun, ride safe, best wishes.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Info on Hawthorne badged Hercules? posted by tomasso on 5/23/2006 at 4:47:03 AM
Just adding onto the wisdom Chris said, Hercules struck up a deal with Montgomery Wards; the catalog; big store back then, hence, Hawthorne was there bike brand.

Hawthorne's already a good brand, making bikes back in the '20s or '30s at least; but the Hercules part, done in the early '60s I believe adds on more excitement. Good show!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:    Raleigh "Sheffiel"d posted by: Mark Tran on 5/19/2006 at 6:55:02 PM
There is a Raleigh "Sheffield" model for sale here in Seattle. I cannot find any info on it on the web or elsewhere. Was this a Raleigh made for the US market? Any info would be appreciated. MT


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:    Raleigh posted by David on 5/19/2006 at 11:31:52 PM
It looks like a 24" wheel kid's model with aluminum Japanese brakes, Ashtabula crank, etc. The reflectors suggest it's late 70s or newer. I doubt it's English-made, probably Japanese or Taiwanese.