AGE / VALUE:   WANTED posted by: ron on 8/13/2006 at 12:06:40 PM
hard find, Looking for a 28 inch royal sunbeam, please if you have any leads please forward them over!! Missed two on ebay lst year, let me know, thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh rim posted by: Andrew on 8/12/2006 at 3:15:39 AM
I have an old Raleigh roadster, about 1948.
I need new rims and am having problems finding them.
Any ideas? The are 26 1 3/8.

thank you,
- a

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Raleigh rim posted by Neal on 8/12/2006 at 6:12:08 PM
Old Bike Trader lists them for sale: Otherwise, Endrick 26 1 3/8 inch rims come up frequently on eBay.


AGE / VALUE:   A Trip Down Memory Lane posted by: Matthew on 8/11/2006 at 11:54:20 AM
Not content with painting, rebuilding and restoring elderly bicycles I am always happy to ride them too. Having had the desire to do another 'road trip' I considered options. Ride down to London (120 miles), make a pilgrimage on foot, walk the Pennine Way etc but all of these were either too risky or too difficult to organise at a distance. So back to plan 1a, a ride circumnavigating the county of Norfolk. A 200 mile jaunt, which bike to take? Something durable, lightwieght, with gears, that would be the best idea. So I chose my trade bike, a 1930's single speed, heavy as a dump truck and slow. It'll take me 5 gentle days to do the journey. I'm not going to waste my time, I'm going to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society. These good people support dementia sufferers and their families and also fund research into what causes this awful distructive disease.

I'm off on the 3rd September and home 5 days later. I'll keep you posted on progress and let you know the outcome. Meanwhile I'd better get some tyres sorted for the bike! Sheldon has been a great help with sizing, it seems the wheels are probably 650B rims. The 26 X 1 and a half tyres that I bought will fall over the rims, whoops!

Matthew - riding along on my trade bike honey!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   A Trip Down Memory Lane posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/14/2006 at 9:35:55 AM
Wow... that's quite the peregrination in an of itself... never mind on a single-speed trade machine. And for a great cause as well. I would do the same... but on the 800cc motorbike for certain. ;-)

Best of luck to you... and RIDE SAFE!


Larry "Boneman" Bone - Pondering the tree-trunks that Matthew will have for legs after THIS ride!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Robin Hood price estimation posted by: Rene on 8/10/2006 at 12:22:48 AM
I just receive from my aunt a bike 1959 Robin Hood model with 3 speed (serial number 883838RC). It got is original paint with the crest, original cable break and breake , original seat .It come with white fender. The only thing seam different are the tire. It is in a very good shape.I will be agree if someone can help me to estimate is value. Thanks for your support,

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Robin Hood price estimation posted by Rene on 8/10/2006 at 12:34:27 PM
I want to add some info about the Robin Hood 1959. It is a male frame (deep red color)with racer handlebars, leather saddle (Bristol),all metal pedal, 26 1/4" wheel.


AGE / VALUE:   Humber front mudguard attachment factory boo- boo posted by: Chris on 8/9/2006 at 9:44:49 PM
The trash men continue to cuss me out and strew spilled trash on the lawn, stacking the cans up like pyramids e.t.c.

Parted this bike out. It was a ladies 26 inch wheel bike.
This is the third Humber bicycle I have seen with this kind of attachment. Where the front fender attaches to the front fork there are always round holes for the fixing screw and nut to go through these are brazed/ welded and are a fixed part of the fork.
This bike was fron 1955!
On all the Raleigh made bikes. Raleigh, Humber, Rudge, whatever. Not on this third Humber, There is one on one side and then on the other side where you'd expect to find another one instead there is a round clamp, cleverly painted in the original frame color where they cheated at the Raleigh Factory and covered up a boo- boo and instead of re-doing it properly they used these clips. It is noticeable and after so many Humber bikes I see a pattern here.
This is the kind of thing (once detected) that gets one canned and escorted out the front gate. How many passed thru quality control before this was corrected? They probably thought: "Oh well, they're export for the states anyways!"
The eyelets were not taking to the fork due to somebody not knowing what they were doing in assembly so they clamped on a clamp and flawlessly (from there) attached the mudguards.
This bike was too far gone. When removing bit parts, I always go to and remove the metal cable stopper for the Sturmey- Archer 3 speed hubs. I collect these metal cable stopper thingies in jars and cannot seem to get enough of these. What the heck, they're small.I must have had a plastic one break and it must have registered in my brain because I cannot get enough of the old metal type now.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber front mudguard attachment factory boo- boo posted by Kurt K. on 8/10/2006 at 10:00:22 PM
Chris, have you thought of dropping me an email before you send those "items" out for the trash man?

Take care,


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber front mudguard attachment factory boo- boo posted by Matthew on 8/11/2006 at 12:27:24 PM
I sorry Chris; I'm going to stick up for British Industry here. I don't think you've got the right idea about what went on. The forks would be drilled and threaded on a jig. then they would be checked before being placed into a stillage and moved to the paint shop and then on to the assembly line. The staff who fitted forks probably only did that job and would not accept sub-standard parts. Any parts that were short of the mark would be returned or recycled. These were the days of high employment, labour intensive production and 'British is Best' mentality. I think what you've discovered is an alternative method of construction or even a post production 'fix'. If you are in the US of A then maybe this came about when CKD kits were assembled. As an Englishman I don't go along with the "Oh well, they're export for the states anyways!" idea either. We still take pride in what we build (Pashley, Lotus, Morgan etc)and exports are the life blood of any island.

To be honest I can't quite visualise what it is you are describing but I have come across different methods of fitting front mudguards on the same make of bike. Varying methods may come about doue to improved assembly line processes. On a statistical point the likelihood of one individual finding three 'bodges' on bikes of over 50 years age, on another continent, is rather slim. I do not doubt your finds in anyway but I don't think your hypothesis is correct.

Matthew - maybe wrong?


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Humber front mudguard attachment factory boo- boo posted by Chris on 8/12/2006 at 7:29:40 PM
It would not be the first time an hypothesis of mine is not correct but I know what I see when I have it sitting there in front of me three times on the same model bike.
Whoever assembled these bikes, must have run into a problem and used these clips. If I had a new, never used Humber bike with this clip in place on one side I might be correct in blaming the factory but admittedly, these are used, old, 2nd, 3rd, or by now, 15th hand used bikes.
When the piece where the front mudguard attached they look on the bike to see what part can be used to provide an immediate fix and the doner part becomes that tail light clip. But... Why the matching paint?

It was the famous Humber fork and the cool decals and paint schemes that got me hooked on Humber bikes. 27 years of intense scrounging looking for all things British bicycle and the number of old shops I have gone through and raided and things found for me and bought.
I have seen/ own/ owned a lot of Humber bicycles.
Perhaps to be fair to the folks who were buiding these at factory the right only mudguard tabs never held onto the forks and so somebody at the cycle shops reached into their parts drawers and used a Genuine Humber/ Raleigh rear taillight clip and mounted it on the fork. (On the right side of the fork, all three times.)
Now, there is a open hole in the lower part of the fork where the brazing for the donut piece broke off and now there is a hole in the fork. So to fix it they used the tail light clamp to fix the front mudguard to the bike. The fork was left in service in the bike.
I have seen this three times now, and original paint was covering everything.
These are lovely fixes, that work and hold up 50 some years later.
However, I always look a bike over when getting it for the first time and part of my massive, detailed, super- collosal bike overhaul is looking at what is wrong.
I find wrong grips, wrong seats, Schwinn parts on an english bike. I find Schwinn forks rammed into English frames and then the usual, like berarings that have not been serviced in 60 years, cranks that wont turn because they were never serviced, wasted cables, gear cables all messed up, wrong pedals rammed into the cranks and then somebody welded it in place so I am totally up the creek when restoring it and I have to discard cranks and reach for the stash to replace a crankset.
First thing I notice on these Humbers is the fork.
After seeing the same clip arrangement on the right side of three Humber Sports 22 inch frame 26 X 1 3/8 wheel , cable brake bikes all with original factory paint over them I still wonder but as you said, Quality control would have caught and fixed this and it would never have made it out the door. Especiallly in 1955.
It is very weird.

The 28 inch wheel Humber bikes have a different mudguard brace and it has a large hole on the end where it fits over the front wheel hub axle.
So this goofy fix is only to be seen on the 26 inch wheel cable brake versions.

I sent a 28 inch wheel fromt duplex fork out to a frame builder and had it come back with a longer steer tube installed. So the Humber double or duplex fork is rebuildable unlike a Raleigh fork. They enjoyed the job.

The important thing here is to be out saving these awesome old bikes.
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