AGE / VALUE:Please make him stop it! posted by: Christopher on 12/20/2007 at 9:30:43 AM
This guy in Dallas, Texas who keeps offering this Hercules commuter bike for nine hundred dollars ( 900.00!) is getting on my nerves! This is an old three speed and at most, he'd get 75.00 for it.

He keeps listing this, over and over and over......

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Please make him stop it! posted by Larry "Boneman" Boneq on 12/21/2007 at 5:20:10 AM
"Great works are performed not through strength, but through perserverance." - Samuel Johnson

"There's a sucker born every minute." - P.T. Barnum

That being said.... I dunno how we can stop him!!!!!



Larry "Boneman" Bone

MISC:Raleigh LTD on eBay posted by: Joe on 12/20/2007 at 3:51:57 AM
Check this one out:


   RE:MISC: Raleigh LTD on eBay posted by Mike on 12/20/2007 at 7:29:27 AM
$1500? Only negative feedback? Shipping by Priority Mail (which won't accept a bike!)? I detect sucker bait here.

AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by: Chris on 12/18/2007 at 8:01:07 PM
Guesses on Age / Value??


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by Chris on 12/18/2007 at 8:04:35 PM
one more try on the picture:



   RE:AGE / VALUE: Ladies Raleigh posted by Warren on 12/19/2007 at 5:08:04 AM
early 70's...$20 and dropping fast in that snow.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by David on 12/19/2007 at 5:19:05 AM
I'd call it a parts bike. The crank and bars are still shiney, but they won't be for long.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by Chris-top-er on 12/19/2007 at 10:24:34 AM
If it were mine, and I left it behind, stashed with a lady pal whom I thought would not sell it,..... it'd be parted out by now and she'd have made $60.00 off of it. She'd have sold me too on e- bay! Some lady from Iowa would come collect me, the money would be in PayPal and off I'd go!
Wheather I wanted to go or not!
This bike is worth more than you think!
cranks, handlebars, grips, kickstand, bottom bracket, shifter, parts wheels alone can fetch you 60.00!

My D.L.1. is safe! Hee- Hee!

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Ladies Raleigh posted by Matthew on 12/19/2007 at 12:47:05 PM
Warren has it on the nail.

It would struggle to reach a tenner here in the UK. Uloved and none too lovely either.

Parts are worth more than their sum.

Matthew - Breaking for parts isn't heart breaking.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by Pete on 12/19/2007 at 3:40:48 PM
Chris, you seem to have fell into the trap that we have all been in at one time or another....where you try to save and or buy any older bike that turns up.As sad as it is you can't save them all and would probably be beneficial to yourself if you were to get a bit more selective about the bikes you buy? So many run of the mill bikes about lately, but I guess one day they wont be so plentiful so there is always 2 ways of looking at it.
Pete.....liking them older.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Ladies Raleigh posted by Warren on 12/19/2007 at 4:33:21 PM
It's one of those bikes that you disassemble and keep all the parts to fix the next (nicer) Sports that comes along.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Ladies Raleigh posted by Kevin on 12/20/2007 at 5:06:54 AM
I agree -- I'd part it out, keeping everything except the frame and saddle. Most of the parts on a girl's bike will work on a men's bike.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Ladies Raleigh posted by Christopher on 12/20/2007 at 9:28:52 AM
I like them ( old bikes) older too. And it's a shame this would be worth so little in Europe. You do keep these parts for another bike. You rescue these no matter what.
I sold my soul to old British Raleigh bicycles long ago. Completely sold out. It kept me safe, protected and happy from all sorts of mischif until four years ago whern I fell prey to a lady who put out old bikes to lure me in. And I confess, I went willingly. I have a daughter now!
I know this bike is low on the totem pole but I'd still strap it on my back and walk carrying it all the way home if I were walking and saw it out at the kerb!
Why? because somebody else would get it! But as I have said, there is a deeper thing to it.
(Christopher, who put more air in the tires of the B.S.A. paratrooper bike and rode into town to use the internet, grinning all the way, enjoying the ride. I'm off to work! now.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Raleigh posted by nate on 12/21/2007 at 2:05:47 PM
Even the frame is wroth something - make it a fixie or a single speed!

AGE / VALUE:Everybody loves the B.S.A. Airborne bicycle posted by: Chris on 12/18/2007 at 9:27:22 AM
Everybody loves the folding B.S.A. paratrooper bicycle. They don't believe it folds, they look at it and dispite the wing nuts they can't figure it out. They stare at it and until I fold it for them in demonstration, they don't get it. Then everybody exclaims: " Oh Cool! or Wow! That's neat!"
I met a WW2 vet who was showing a book on Camp Pendleton and he enjoyed seeing the bike. I point to the silver rifle decals on the down tube.
I get into cars and stash it in trunks and onto the bus and with 26 x 1 3/8 wheels its perfect. I meet folks who let me bring it inside all the time.

I need to punch more holes in my leather belt, I pull it further now. This means I have lost weight and that is good. I go all over on the bike.

I still catch grief for changing the bikes parts. Changing the original cranks and handlebars was unforgivable of me. Total strangers ask why the crank does not say B S A in it?
I am looking for a alloy handlebar stem that is longer than the one I have in it.


AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by: Chris on 12/16/2007 at 10:02:11 PM
Hi again,
Another one we can't find any info on...have you heard of it? Thought it might be English because it has rod brakes.
The head badge says 'Sensation' and 'Highest Quality'
See pictures at!9667EF8CC9A95C58!189/
Thanks for any help.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Mens Sensation posted by Matthew on 12/17/2007 at 12:56:50 PM

Please do not take offence at this comment as none is intended.

The bike is hideous and Chinese. It says HOPWI pressed into the rear rack. The rear brake looks like it might be a band brake and the whole thing shouts 'Nasty!' The head badge and lamp bracket look cheap and nasty which is a good clue as to its creator nation.

If it was English it would be called something like, Townmaster or maybe for a budget bike the Classique or Popular but not Sensation which sounds altogether vulgar. English bikes don't say 'highest quality', that is poor grammar. High Quality or high standard perhaps or undeniably 'Britain's Best'. (note apostrophe)

Sorry I have lost the plot now and probably offended several people.

Matthew - very slightly indignant.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by Kevin on 12/17/2007 at 6:52:23 PM
I always liked "RALEIGH: The All-Steel Bicycle." Very classy and English.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by Christopher on 12/18/2007 at 9:15:35 AM
The aristocrat of bicycles- Humber
Ride awheel on Sheffield Steel

Phillips- Renown the world over.
There were others.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by Christopher on 12/18/2007 at 9:25:33 AM
I guess to sum it up, once one have experienced the real, old school, classic British bicycles we never have a need to mess about with Chinese copies that have other strange to us names on them.

There are unacceptable diffrences in quality, the look has not been copied truely enough, the magic has been lost, or mutilated. Usually it's quality that is not the same.
Save your money,be patient, find a real classic and enjoy it. This bike you mentioned has no collector value. I have owned bikes, ridden them and sold them for more than what I paid for them years ago.
The enjoyment and magic is priceless.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by Chris on 12/18/2007 at 7:57:07 PM
Thanks for your info and comments... Blimey! you guys love your bicycles :-) That's cool, me too. Here's a better pick out of the pile of bikes we aquired...any guesses on age? [img][/img]

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mens Sensation posted by Chris on 12/18/2007 at 8:00:00 PM
Another picture - here's the head badge.