AGE / VALUE:   triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by: chris on 5/13/2007 at 3:07:31 AM
hi i have a triple triangle bike and i was wondering if anybody could help me to identify what it is
it has the word compitition on the top tube and handbuilt below a british flag sticker on the seatpost tube


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by chris on 5/13/2007 at 3:33:37 AM
sorry this is the pic of the bike


   RE:AGE / VALUE: triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by WArren on 5/13/2007 at 8:31:48 AM
Almost definitely a GT. They tried to patent the design although I've seen knock offs.

The forks, shifters and components place it around '87?

Anyone else.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 5/13/2007 at 10:02:58 AM
For a secong there, I thought I was going to open up a pic of an old Thanet....

Yeah, I would say that's a GT too.

I had GT 21 speed MTB with the triple triangle frame. A nice machine indeed.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by Warren on 5/13/2007 at 4:36:18 PM
I reread this and realized that it has a Brit flag on it. GT was USA so it might be an imitation british bike in the GT style.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: triple triangle frame ..any ideas of make? posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 5/14/2007 at 4:59:37 PM
It certainly does not appear to be one of these:

Interesting to note the triple triangle design dating back to 1950, eh?


Larry "Boneman" Bone

WANTED:   pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by: Denise on 5/13/2007 at 3:09:06 AM
I'm looking for either a pair of replacement / original / reproduction pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle, or some kind of functional pedal that I can stick in the empty hole short term to make it ride-able until I can find the real thing. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

   RE:WANTED:   pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by David on 5/13/2007 at 8:46:50 AM
Almost any pedals should do. (Exceptions are pedals from older American bikes and from French bikes). The BSA pedal threading is now standard for almost all new bikes. Be aware that the pedals are different - on the LEFT side of the bike it's LEFT-HAND threaded; i.e. you turn it counter-clockwise to tighten it.

   RE:WANTED: pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by sam on 5/13/2007 at 9:34:26 AM
If your bike has the original cranks David's post will not work.The airborne has special slide thru pedals.Best would be originals--easest is to change out the cranks to standard Cottered type English cranks,and do as David said.

   RE:RE:WANTED: pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by Christopher on 5/14/2007 at 7:04:37 AM
I have been working on this for a long time, going crazier and learning all about what interchanges and what won't.
I worked on mine yesterday!
I threw the original B.S.A. slide thru pedal style crank set immediately into the trash. Yes, it was a sin and rather stupid of me. I suggest to you to remove the crank set. Do save the cups and especially the spindle.

I have a Hercules crank set on mine and Have a Phillips spindle working with that. Hercules and Phillips parts work with the B.S.A. I am looking for a B.S.A. crank set but have discussed this with a shop and he's saying for about $60.00 He'll measure the bracket and find me something new and modern and cotterless and it'll be 1/2 x 1/8 chain! that will fit in there. So there is hope with the new stuff in the dealer books at the bike shops! Old Raleigh crank parts will not fit with anything but a Raleigh spindle. So we have to keep Hercules, B.S.A., or Phillips parts away from Raleigh Spindles they do not interchange. Raleigh spindles will fit into the B.S.A. Hercules, Philips cups.

My Phillips bottombracket adjustable cup won't go all the way into the B.S.A. frame. Hmmmm?

B.S.A. thread is 24 T.P.I.

When I see these on e- bay after they have been changed into a regular crank set they always have another old school crank set in it. Pedals, after you have a crank set on it can be old Raleigh Sports pedals or Phillips pedals or whatever you choose. Hopefully something with reflectors of course.
My Raleigh Sports pedals fit the Hercules cranks.
Try to find a lettered B.S.A crank from the old bicycle junkyard you know of. That will make it look quite original.

I put front fender on the bike and the problem I am having is getting the rear fender to not cockeyed. The B.S.A curved frame is not kind to a rear fender. It's sitting without a rear fender.
A fellow named Krikorian rode around the world on his and he has a 3 speed with a cyclo cog adaptor on his and he had his picture taken at the B.S.A office in the 50's and I am looking for the article I have of it. Mine is a F.W. 4 with the cyclo cog.

Have fun, don't be afraid to go to the bike shop and let them put in a new cotterless spindle and crank set in it. Be sure to specify that you want either 1/2 X 1/8 or derailer chain in it. If you remove the original cranks, save them. And remember that if you change it from orginal you will lessen the value of it. Original's go up to 700.00 where as an updated bike won't sell or sells for less. I have been watching these on e- bay and that what's seems to be the deal with these. Any quesations post here or e- mail me.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED: pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by Chris on 5/14/2007 at 1:21:59 PM
Phillips fixed cup with the four holes in the face of the fixed cup for use with a pin type spanner tool or a hammer and punch did fit the fixed cup threads on my B.S.A Paratrooper bike.

It is used with a Phillips bottombracket spindle and the adjustable cup is original B.S.A. The crank is a 46 tooth Hercules crank set with the rounded arms. The length of the crank arms are 6 or 6 1/2 inch. The Raleigh Sports pedals that were made in the 1970's by Union of West Germany fit like a dream and they spin nicely and look great.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED: pedals for a BSA Airborne bicycle posted by Chris on 5/14/2007 at 1:23:44 PM
I have had this fixed cup in my wooden parts drawer for over 25 years!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   on ebay right now.... posted by: Warren on 5/12/2007 at 5:25:06 PM
a 53 Sports for $85 for US buyers.

Rusted but worth the restoration issues. Intact chaincase.

Do it!

item 220111632938

AGE / VALUE:   Stainless steel K.M.C. bicycle chain posted by: Chris on 5/12/2007 at 1:19:41 PM
New arrival or at least new to me was seeing the new STAINLESS STEEL K.M.C. bicycle chain in 1/2 x 1/8 size.

I mentioned that I did not like it and he admitted that back in the early 90's it was crappy but quality has really improved and this stuff was stainless steel and never rust.

It was 20.00 a box.

I passed on it, but first time I ever saw Stainless steel chain.

AGE / VALUE:   Mafac Racer brakes on a Raleigh Sports? posted by: Chris on 5/12/2007 at 1:16:34 PM
Bike buddy tells me that the Mafac Racer brakes should be used and enjoyed and not relegated to the parts drawers. Especially with modern commonly available brake pads.
Better than original Raleigh steel calipers? I asked.
Yes, oh yes , Mafac racer brakes are awesome!

Ok, I 'll report back here after a road test.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Mafac Racer brakes on a Raleigh Sports? posted by Warren on 5/12/2007 at 2:11:45 PM
Great brakes but they can be squealers.They can be toed in easily but they rebound and get noisy again. I suspect there are more Mafac Racers in existance than any other alloy brake set. Put on a TA front rack and they look sublime.