MISC:   3 speed coster Shimano assembly posted by: Ed on 5/2/2007 at 7:40:27 PM
I was given a couple of 3CC Shimano hubs. One in a shoe box and the other on a wheel. Parts were missing from one to the other. I have re assembled from the two. But I get a little drag. The freewheeling is fine but the drive seems a little stiff in all gears. Any one with diagrams out there? My background is very good on three speed hubs I have rebuilt many types including AW, S5 Shimano 3cc and 333. Something is off with this hub. I know Shimano uses different patterns through the years but all I swaped out was the retarder spring assembly and brake shoes. What does the retarder spring assembly do anyhow? Ed

   RE:MISC: 3 speed coster Shimano assembly posted by Janos Markus on 5/12/2007 at 2:27:43 PM

I am in the same business. Found some exploded views of Shimano 3-speed stuff:

Both are without coaster brake.

Hope it helps,



AGE / VALUE:   Oddball Nissan for sure... posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 5/2/2007 at 4:23:38 PM
OK... not exacly English but sort of Roadster ish..... this thing is just bizarre...



Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Oddball Nissan for sure... posted by David on 5/3/2007 at 3:44:25 AM
Must have been imported by a serviceman - FREE shipping when moving home from Japan!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Painting fender pinstripes? posted by: Dave on 5/2/2007 at 7:24:15 AM
Hello again my new best friends! In restoring my worse-condition-than-thought Raleigh, I've had to respray 1/2 of each fender after doing a little bodywork. Now, I'd like to add the tiny gold pinstripe that was there originally. Any tips on doing this? It's so very thin, I'd guess no more than 1/32". And I promise, I will post pics when I'm all done :)

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Painting fender pinstripes? posted by Warren on 5/2/2007 at 10:31:26 AM
Auto parts stores have stick on pinstripes or buy buy a high quality lining brush from an art store and try your hand at hand crafted pins and box lining. If you're good at it, you can make some money!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Painting fender pinstripes? posted by Pete on 5/2/2007 at 1:47:07 PM
Avoid the stick on pinstripes they will always look wrong and the effect is made worse when the pinstripes join on an end or together etc.The stick on pinstripes can be handy though to use as a masking template to brush the colour on in between them.It is possible to get fine line masking tape which can be used in the same way.I used the pinstripe masking method on mine, it took a long time but the end result was quite pleasing and the minor imperfections made it look more as it should be.To see the end result from the suggested method copy and paste
www.ciderheadz1.f2s.com into your browser.I will apologise in advance for the quality of some of the images the camera was playing up and some are fuzzy and some ooze colour from the lines making them look bigger and brighter than they really are.In daylight the lines are not as visible as they are in the images.A striping wheel can be purchased to paint the lines on but then you need to have the skill to use it and they are expensive.To conclude:from my experience the mask up and brush on method would seem to be the best way to go with the least risk and least expense.
Good luck Pete.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Painting fender pinstripes? posted by Chris on 5/3/2007 at 1:01:32 PM
Have it done by a professional. This can ruin the whole bike's appearence if not done by a professional. Find a alcholic who can do pinstriping. Some old master that you'll have to bring out of retirement. Serriously.

   RE:RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Painting fender pinstripes? posted by Chris on 5/3/2007 at 1:23:38 PM
If the pinstripe guy is not slightly intoxicated give him something to drink before he picks up the brush or lining tool. This way he has a steady hand. Talk to painters and pinstripe artists and you'll find that my silly post is quite true.

AGE / VALUE:   Bianchi 3 speed posted by: Kevin T. on 5/2/2007 at 2:14:20 AM
I found a strange bike, womens in faded bianchi celeste w/enclosed chainring and campy derailleur one a three sprocket rear freewheel, it is mostly complete but I am missing the axle and left bearing cup is there any measurement chart available or how do you get something like that the B chainring is stamped 54 and it appears to be from that era comparing it to my English bikes thanks

AGE / VALUE:   5 star superb posted by: ruben on 5/1/2007 at 7:27:58 PM
i found a 5 star superb made in england w/ front drum break,i cant locate the serial #. im willing to sell or trade but dont know it s worth. help.