AGE / VALUE:   B.S.A. Paratrooper bike update posted by: Chris on 6/20/2007 at 3:22:57 PM
Seat post is in. Alloy, extra long, ordered it out of a shop catalog. No problem. Done.
26.00 mm

So much for my mistaken impression that the B.S.A. Airborne ( paratrooper) bicycle took a bastard size seatpost.

Sram chains are in, two of them they go thru the Huret Alvit fine.
The Alvit does not work well with thumb shifters better to use a stick shifter and my crazy T bar shifter will work fine. New modern cables do not stretch but will the ends work in my shifter? We shall see.

AGE / VALUE:   LUSCIOUS BELL ON E- BAY posted by: Chris on 6/20/2007 at 3:15:49 PM
e- bay item #300122978720 vintage Lucas BELL NO. 30 1950'S RALEIGH RUDGE

boxed, n.o.s. part of his father's bell collection.

A beautiful thing, isn't it?
Not my auction, no relation to seller.

AGE / VALUE:   What happen when others work my territory! posted by: Chris on 6/20/2007 at 2:07:16 PM
What can I do? He got there and I did not. He calims this is his crowning achievement and I believe him. Good pal o mine is working my territory. I saw it today. It was luscious hanging there mocking me. The bike said to me : You loser! You don't own me! Youre buddy beat you to me and now he owns me! It laughed at me. I left the shop and did not reveal I heard it laugh at me......
It was a. Take a deep breath here...............
drum roll..............
All chrome Schwinn Paramount touring bike all Campy, tall frame as original as they came.

was wedged between two huffy's

he gave $25.00 for it. Guess it's worth $2,000.00 or more.

Not really hearing voices. But if I do start? It'll be because some bike pal o mine beats me out to the really good stuff. This is a good example.
I should buy it. I'd save on Shipping!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What happen when others work my territory! posted by Chris on 6/20/2007 at 2:20:58 PM
The bike had small angels flying around it and they were singing "Vintage Chrome Campy equiped Schwinn Paramount for 25.00!" then they picked up my bike pal and carried him about the shop singing all the time as I looked on and called for him to come back and finish lunch with me.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What happen when others work my territory! posted by Bryan on 6/20/2007 at 9:14:21 PM
Perhaps the devil in you should take command of the situation while he is getting busy with the angels!


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   What happen when others work my territory! posted by Chris on 6/21/2007 at 7:10:42 AM
I spend my life hitting every garage sale, estate sale, e.t.c. and he pulls a chrome plated , Campagnolo equiped, Schwinn paramount, out of my neighborhood, my very backyard almost for 25.00?

The angels may as well have been there because this was truly miraculous! He swore it was the truth.
I will have to go door to door from now on. Like a deranged bounty hunter on the prowl for vintage bicycles.
It was not a new acquisition, not a trade, not a pals bike either.

Most troublesome is it is not mine.
The Paramounts and Superiors are a Scwinn class all their own.
To get my hands on one of these I thought I would have to pay a lot on e- bay or drive to a collector pal's lair in Lorain, Ohio and get lost on the Ohio Turnpike again to get my hands on a bike this nice. Pull strings, pay a lot,
But No!
25.00 find
Also? Who keeps their Classic Paramount (stored, or wedged as he put it) between two Huffy's?
I looked at my things in storage that are mixed in his stash and tried to lick my wounds and console myself.

You know that likely some wife is gonna get yelled at when hubby comes home to find the Paramount sold and for only 25.00!
No original owner is going to let it go for that insulting sum.

AGE / VALUE:   Royal frame on ebay posted by: sam on 6/20/2007 at 7:12:17 AM
Chris,is the Royal frame on ebay your's?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Royal frame on ebay posted by Chris on 6/20/2007 at 2:01:54 PM

AGE / VALUE:   English Tandem posted by: sam on 6/18/2007 at 12:55:52 PM
You never see and old prewar English tandem except on EBAY.UK.But at the Abita show sure enough a guy brought one he had just got at an estate sale.Unrestored,had S/A Tandem drums (3speed)and rod brakes too.Mudgards,26X1&3/4s tyres that were old but still held air.Compleat bike,original paint.Very dirty!!Light& bottle gen and cellouid covered bars(front) very heavy well built tandem
It's 4 sale in the New Orleans area--got his adress and phone if interested---sam(would cost at least $500 to ship one of these to US.)