WANTED:   Would someone PLEASE sell me posted by: Al Fickensher on 8/26/2007 at 7:40:01 AM
a set of axle wingnuts to fit Sturmey Archer front and rear hubs. Wingnuts on my Superbe would so enhance the projected image of dignity out there on the urban path amongst the crowded field of 2-wheeled rolling billboards.

old alf in Davenport, Iowa

   RE:WANTED:   Would someone PLEASE sell me posted by alf on 8/26/2007 at 7:51:39 AM
Hmm, how come I never remember that the system always cuts out the e-mail address when I try to include it with the message ! Must be impending dotage.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Good for a chuckle! posted by: Larry "Bonema" Bone on 8/26/2007 at 4:05:09 AM
Ebay item 300144578039


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Good for a chuckle! posted by JDuck on 8/26/2007 at 11:05:09 AM
Wow, only $200.00!! I'd buy it just for the keen seat and matching light. If I only lived close enough to pick it up. Oh well, my loss.

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Good for a chuckle! posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/26/2007 at 1:41:26 PM
You know... I didn't even note the price. That keen (absolutely PERFECT word for the timeframe) seat just got my to laughing out loud.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by: tony on 8/24/2007 at 3:09:57 PM
anyone know what good Alloy AW 3-speed hubs are going for these days? I have an extra I would like to sell.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by Chris on 8/28/2007 at 7:15:13 AM
These are faded white. Interesting what time can do.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by Jeff R on 8/24/2007 at 6:52:20 PM
At the Bloomfield bike swap last year I sold one for $70. It was dated 53 and looked almost new.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by tony on 8/24/2007 at 8:09:17 PM
Thanks man- This one is not new, but it is very nice. The internals are perfect with no wear. This hub is also a 53.

Any idea about the value of some NOS Sturmey rear axle wing nuts? I am not selling them, they are for me! I was just wondering how much those little things go for- They were given to me...

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by Jeff R on 8/25/2007 at 5:52:43 AM
I have several pairs. I paid as little as $30 for one set that was used but in pretty good shape and close to $100 for my 1st set which were like new. I think they average about $75 on ebay. Sometimes the fronts are more expensive than the rears.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by tony on 8/25/2007 at 10:15:57 AM
Thanks! I just finished polishing the Alloy hub shell. I have been using Blue Magic metal polish from the auto parts store- the stuff works better than anything I have ever used.

I need to brag about the box of sweet junk I bought the other day...
2 Pairs NOS orange Dare grips.
53 dyno 3 speed hub
2- 53 alloy AW hubs, very good shape
52 3 speed drum brake hub- I needed this to fit the internals into my KB hub on my 35 BSA.
And one more pair of NOS rear Sturmey wing nuts

all for $100- not bad

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Alloy AW posted by chris on 8/26/2007 at 9:19:26 AM
Dare grips in orange? Orange? White and black yes, but orange?
Never seen or heard of orange until now?
Can you post a picture of those grips?
I'd like to see them!

MISC:   A (lack of) vision thing (or) beware of ladies behind the wheel posted by: Chris on 8/24/2007 at 10:54:15 AM
I was given a ride with a lady friend yesterday. I was grateful.I always get yelled at if I say something like: "Watch it!" Then I hear: "I saw him, I don't need you to tell me how to drive!" type statements from her.

She was jumpy and I was trying to be good and quiet and not say something that might set her off. I did not want to get put out and have to walk 20 miles home.
She's drop dead georgeous, tan, and I was smiling and happy to be there with her.
Except........ she's spooky behind the wheel!
She came around a corner and there was an elderly man astride this cheap mountain bike and he was close to us and was attempting to ride across the street. I waited a half second and judged if she was going to stop for him but she kept on going. I could not believe it!

I said, (kinda Loud) "Watch it! He's crossing the street let him go on."

She told me she didn't see him and then said she didn't think he was that close to us.
Um, that's not good.....
Well, if I didn't warn her, the old fellow would have been under our wheels and that's not good. Police would have been summoned, we'd be late for my meeting, and she's be even more crabby. The old fellow looked like a nice chap, he was a fellow cyclist, and I like to give my best effort not to run over anybody. Either behind the wheel or witness it as a passenger.

I was stunned she thought he was further off. He was right in front of us. I guess it's a depth perception thing?
This is the second time she's spooked me behind the wheel. The first time we all nearly bought the farm. Large speeding vehicle she just did not see.
If we had run over the poor fellow it would have been his fault, and especially my fault. Everything is my fault.
Her driving record is good but I fear something bad will happen out of the blue in the future.
Screaming kids, worries, being late, all these things add up to an increased chance of some accident happening.
The video monitor in the front where she can glance down at it is not with my approval, but she does it anyways and the excuse is: We only watch movies I have already seen 10 times over. So no new movies. It keeps the kids quiet. Still don't like it.
The old man did nothing wrong, he was out there plain as day and she would have had no excuse.

Also possible would be her ordering me out of the car to gather the poor fellow up and put him in the van and it would fall to me to help bury the fellow! She'd be telling me "I let her run the guy over" and she'd be handing me the shovel!
Everybody is fine. I guess two sets of eyes are really better than one.

I will spend more time trying to locate a set of positioning washers so I am not out there riding without brakes on the bike.

   RE:MISC:   A (lack of) vision thing (or) beware of ladies behind the wheel posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/26/2007 at 4:12:14 AM
Glad to hear you intervened on the gentleman's behalf. I had a colleague, bright guy.... relatively young, wife... kids... a very avid cyclist...

Say what you will about helmets... and on a bicycle, I don't care for them much myself... but my buddy Craig owes his life to his.

Female driving a large SUV... not sure if she had kids aboar... was yakking on the cellphone, etc... nailed my buddy pretty well. He was out of work for nearly two years.... is saddled with nearly incessant debilitating headaches... and came back to work just long enough to reach the early retirement age of 50.

Very dubious... indeed.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:MISC:   A (lack of) vision thing (or) beware of ladies behind the wheel posted by john on 8/26/2007 at 5:32:51 AM
her behavior, blaming you when she is the driver, is abusive. your behavior is clinically speaking, enabling. unless she is in your circle of friends, which makes things more difficult, you'd do her a favor if you told her flat out that she's dangerous, and then refuse to drive with her anymore. sorry if it's harsh, but take a good long minute and think what you'd feel like if she killed someone. the key is that she would blame you. the drop dead gorgeous part shouldn't matter.

   RE:RE:MISC:  The things you see on a bike posted by Chris on 8/26/2007 at 9:17:48 AM
Right on, John! And thanks! There is a lot wrong with the relationship.
The old fellow was right in front of us. Perhaps she has an eye problem.I'll bring it up, and try to get he to an eye doctor. It was scarry! He was out in plain sight not emerging from a corner or bushes. I can't ride with her something is going to happen, I have that feeling...
I saw 4 huge carp lazilly lurking in the river by the stone bridge. A thing you miss in a car. I am riding all over and enjoying it.

People are drunk, on drugs, angry about something, bad vision,something is screwy somewhere and they are all behind the wheel and it goes without saying they are all over the speed limit. Sorry to hear about your buddy.

AGE / VALUE:   FIND a way to buy this NOW] posted by: Matthew on 8/24/2007 at 10:54:56 AM
NOT my auction etc, but look hard at this then bid and work out how you'll get it home.
eBay Item number: 330157182319

Matthew - not genuine without this message

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   FIND a way to buy this NOW] posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/27/2007 at 2:16:19 AM
Very interesting machine. I generally limit my Ebay searches to this side of the pond... as the amount of drooling material that pops up from your side would lead to dehydration. ;-)

"In America, 100 years is a long time. In europe 100 miles is a long distance." - Unknown.


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