ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Best of England? posted by: Riley on 8/7/2007 at 7:47:31 PM
Creating my best English roadster. I'm 5'3" so a colt frame, Brooks saddle and ???? My parts collection includes some old armstrong (Brompton) parts are they comparable to SA stuff. Lots of joy and smiles finally getting to pursue this hobby but a serious lack of knowledge. Any help appreciated.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Best of England? posted by Matthew on 8/7/2007 at 10:54:11 PM
Hi Riley,

Small riders unite! I'm a bit taller than you* (don't get a chance to say that often - not even to my children). I can ride up to 21" frame but do much better on a 19". You aren't limited to a Colt. Most roadsters come / came in smaller sizes than you think. You just need to search. Many if not all major English cycle makers would have made 'youth' models of the Big Daddy roadsters. Its worth searching.

Matthew - in minature.

MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by: Doug on 8/6/2007 at 8:46:42 PM
A friend has a men's 3spd bike which has the name "Garry" on it. It has a distinctive Raleigh type frame and parts on it. The hub says 63 8. I'm just curious about the "Garry" company. Was it from Garry, Indiana? Or where? There was nothing in the database. Just curious!


   RE:MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/7/2007 at 2:08:37 AM
Hmmm... Interesting. Could very well be yet another re-badged Raleigh.

As far as being made in Indiana... maybe... but then, hopefully the folks would have gotten the spelling right... as the name of the town is Gary, Indiana.

Best of luck with the machine, regardless of it's heritage. Do post up if you find anything more about it.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:RE:MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by Chris on 8/7/2007 at 11:28:19 AM
It could be that somebody had their name put on it.

   RE:MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by Tom on 8/7/2007 at 3:57:28 PM
Hi Doug
The bike you are talking about is a Garry made for the Ashdown hardware company in western Canada. It is spelled with 2 r's. The Ashdown company was huge back in the day with stores in most western Canadian cities. I have also seen a Garry with Saskatoon on the headbadge. I have a mens 28" CCM made Ashdown Garry bike with CCM cranks and double top tubes. Yours could have been made for them by Raleigh and sold here in Winnipeg. I have not seen a 3 speed before. Some 28"wheel bikes still around.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 8/7/2007 at 5:24:25 PM
Awesome Tom. Never ceases to amaze me... the font of information that we, as a collective, seem to have.

Well DONE sir!


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:MISC:   Where was this made/sold? posted by Doug on 8/8/2007 at 10:00:29 PM
Thanks Tom. That's funny,... I ask here at Oldroads and get the answer from a local collector.
I should have asked you first. LOL
Thanks. Send me an email.


WANTED:   Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by: Mark on 8/5/2007 at 4:19:03 PM
Greetings, Guys -

I'd like to mount a rear rack AND fender on my old Raleigh Sports using the existing eyelets. However, the current bolts I have are too short to reach all the way through (and have enough sticking out on the other side to put a locknut on it).

SO, I'm looking for 1 inch by 1/4-inch-diameter bolts with the odd Raleigh 26 tpi threading. Do any of you know of a source for such bolts?

Many thanks!

Mark McClure


   RE:WANTED:   Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by Matthew on 8/6/2007 at 12:55:55 PM
Hi Mark,

they are not Raleigh Thread. they are British Standard Cycle Thread.

I hope this helps.

Matthew - unwinding

   RE:WANTED:   Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by Mark on 8/6/2007 at 2:25:08 PM
Matthew, thanks. I have seen that BSC designation in my Internet search for bolts.


   RE:WANTED: Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by ekim on 8/9/2007 at 6:24:51 PM
Above listed site will have the bolt you need.

   RE:WANTED: Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by Ed on 8/11/2007 at 3:48:09 PM
Is Witworth threading the same as English bicycle thread? Ed

   RE:RE:WANTED: Looking for long Raleigh bolts posted by Warren on 8/12/2007 at 7:30:33 AM

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Finally found a Raleigh posted by: Al Fickensher on 8/5/2007 at 7:09:23 AM
This week we got a [likely] 1970 green Superbe with no more than the expected amount of character-marking on the frame, fork and chainguard. The green paint has a gorgeous deep gloss to it so it's probably been recently rubbed out and waxed. Even more importantly [to me anyway] most of the decalling is intact and still bright. At first-blush there aren't any kind of "FIX-ME-FAST" mechanicals screaming out at me.

The fenders are disappointing tho, the front is a Raleigh black replacement one and a lesser black one at-that; has the baling wire stays rather than the "D"-cross section stays. The original green rear one, while having a really-nice rubbed out gloss, has a few very noticeable dings including a deep-vee prang where the spring-loaded rack mouse trap smacked into it over the years.

The front hub Dynohub may have been de-magnetized at some point because the dyno output is only 2-3 volts no-load on my VOM.

1) Looking for a nice original-paint green front fender.
2) Would like to find a key for the fork lock.
3) Would like a lead to a shop that can re-hab the dyno to operating condition.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Finally found a Raleigh posted by David on 8/7/2007 at 12:08:48 PM
You DO have the VOM set to AC, don't you?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Finally found a Raleigh posted by alf on 8/7/2007 at 4:22:02 PM
Hmm, well I thought I did, I do know the output of the Dynohub is AC but now I'm not sure I did do it right. I have two different VOMs and just now after reading the above post I checked the hub voltage with my other older VOM and got 5.-something with the wheel off the bike and me holding the axle ends in my hands while trying to get a fast spin by a short friction roll.

That result would lead me to believe I in fact have a working dynohub.

NICE! Thanks for questioning my method, it got me to try again.

Chris?, any chance you have a key for an NGN 26 lock

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Finally found a Raleigh posted by Chris on 8/9/2007 at 3:28:01 PM
No, Not that number. Sorry. The keys pop up on e- bay and a locksmith can help you out.
The keys say Wilmot Union Breeden on them

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Finally found a Raleigh posted by Michael on 8/10/2007 at 8:12:50 AM
You might try this guy on eBay for a key:

sale # 330153769565


AGE / VALUE:   Tesla Electric car on you tube posted by: Chris on 8/3/2007 at 7:30:45 AM
Go to you tube
Type in: Tesla car
I am very excited. My spirits are lifted.

I want to liquidate everything and raise the $100,000.00 and own one!
This is a project by the founder of Paypal.
The greatest thing I have ever laid eyes on next to my own children. This is a thing to pray for. Pray we live to own one.
At last a aluminum chassis, with an electric motor. It goes 0 - 60 in four seconds. Top speed of 135

2 cents per mile to operate. No gas, totally electric.

12 moving parts.

No exhaust, no gas, no gas line to rust away.

Take a good look at then go outside and look at everything today that is now, thankfully obsolete.

The tourism industry in Michigan is going to come back better than before.

We can afford to see the sites and beaches, and state parks and next to God returning and taking us to heaven and being reunited with my dead parents I can't imagine a greater, more wonderous thing.


This is exactly what out economy needs. Here in Michigan,
EVERYBODY is in forclosure!
All the homeless shelters are full.

I am so excited now. This is a reason to remain among the living!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Tesla Electric car on you tube posted by Chris on 8/3/2007 at 7:45:58 AM
We had a gas line/ gas tank rust away and it was leaking gas and it was hot and the fire dept came up behind me and ordered us out of the car. We nearly burned to death but I had it fixed and everybody was amazed I did not burst into flames. All of us.

It was very, very bad.

This new Tesla car uses no gasoline. Try to imagine this.

Feed the family, save for college, get proper medical care, have money for a breast cancer/ mamogram so you don't die of breast cancer like my mom did at age 60.

Men get breast cancer too.
Sorry for going off topic but this is so mind blowing and wonderful.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Tesla Electric car on you tube posted by Matthew on 8/3/2007 at 11:24:59 AM

You are most welcome off topic anytime, provided Vin doesn't mind. After all, we are all a bit 'off topic' just being here together.

Too few men consider the risk to their breasts or testes. Thanks for the reminder.

Matthew - as off topic as a bumble bee in a jam jar.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Tesla Electric car on you tube posted by Chris on 8/4/2007 at 6:35:10 AM
I was just surprised to hear that men get breast cancer. I am going to stay on topic from now on.