AGE / VALUE:   Question, need help. posted by: Christopher on 1/30/2008 at 4:24:00 PM
I am looking for something that will use and accept 1/8 th chain. I am running a Sachs narrow 1/8 th chain it is new chain.
The rear wheeel that gave up the ghost is a 26 x 1 3/8 size with an old atom 5 speed "old school Schwinn Sting Ray" derailer cluster. this derailer cluster takes 1/8 th chain.

I have a Huret Alvit derailer on the bike and it was operating the 5 speed cluster perfectly as it did back in the day.
the Huret Alvit rear derailer takes 1/8 th chain even though it is intended for derailer chain.
With the narrow 1/8 th chain I did not need to file or fiddle. Most people don't know that you can find narrow and regular 1/8 th chain but you can!

this is hybrid gearing territory, you know, the old sturmey archer 3 speed with the derailer cluster on it making it a 9 speed or whatever...
Only,I switched to a all derailer cluster making the bike a 5 speed actualy, a working 4 speed, with 28 tooth being the largest low gear cog on the derailer cluster.

Now........... I want a larger cog giving me a lower gear. I would like another four speed cluster with like

24, 28, 32, and 34.
gear ratio
It has to take 1/8 th chain.

I need a cluster built, and the hub to go with it.
What rear derailer that will take 1/8 th chain can I use? Is there a long cage Huret Alvit or is there something else I can acquire and use.

I want to keep 1/8 th chain and NOT use derailer chain.
Now, 28 teeth is the largest on the old Atom 5 speed cluster and anything larger and the Alvit derailer will not shift it. 28 is the limit for the basic alvit.

So, I need a larger 4 speed range and this cannot be very wide and spread out because the untra stiff frame of the B.S.A. Paratrooper bike will not stand ANY spreading at all. In fact the lowest cog on the atom could not be used due to the curve of the BSA frame.

I have been flying all over and very happy but the low gear of the atom derailer now has one chipped tooth, I broke 6 spokes and cannot find a replacement and I decided to go to an alloy rim.

I need and want a new hub and a wider range so I can go up hills and not struggle.

I don't want to convert it to dearailer chain because that would mean a new front chainring and finding a new cotterless spindle that will fit the B.S.A. bottom bracket shell is not a thing I can do right now.

Can somebody make up a custom 4 speed derailer cluster and mount it on a hub that will fit into the tail end of my B.S.A. paratrooper? I will pay $$$$

Also, I'll need a rear derailer that will shift it.
Parts need to be new, no worn hubs.
My hub is trashed.
On e-bay I just saw an...
Middlemores, the seat maker made a B.S.A. paratrooper bike only with subtle differences, theirs has another shade of war paint and the wing nuts are slightly different.
"Coventry, England" is marked on the Middlemores version of the B.S.A. paratrooper bike.
Coventry had the snot bombed out of it in WW2 and so I am interested in it also because all you ever see and hear about is the B.S.A. version. One of which, I have.

Also, and you know I was going to ask.......

What happened to the original tooling that made these B.S.A. airborne paratrooper bikes?

Anybody have pictures of the factory or now, factories there were two!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Question, need help. posted by Steve on 1/31/2008 at 6:27:38 AM

Fascinating question(s) but I don't know the answer.
It's probably the type of question I might be asking in five years time when I've completed my Roadstermania apprenticeship.
I'm particularly interested in the gear ratio subject and when I finally settle on one of my bikes for a given period I am considering experimenting with different sized sprocket/teeth set-ups just to see what suits me best....or is the standard S/A AW the best thing ever since sliced bread ?

Going completely off the subject, I was caught up in a slow moving traffic jam yesterday (nothing unusual about that)...the vehicle in front of me was a motorhome (nothing unusual about that either) the registration number of the vehicle was A1 BSA.........makes you wonder doesn't it ! Where's it all gone ?

Steve first year apprentice.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Question, need help. posted by Chris on 1/31/2008 at 1:48:02 PM
Thanks for your reply!
Hillary stone mentioned in one of his e- bay auctions that (and this is if I remember it correctly) that he uses a old 1930 something T.C. T something, anyways its a old Sturmey Archer two speed and that he uses a hybrid gear cluster on that and it's like a six speed or something.

It's one of his favorites, so for you, and the group here this is what I recommend because Hillary is a demi- god of old bikedom and it's wise to follow what he says.

I'm just a lowly, part- time subsitute teacher, but Hillary Stone is the dean of the college!

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Question, need help. posted by Warren on 2/3/2008 at 9:48:19 AM
I think you're asking for something that may not exist or is very rare. I'm only aware of 3/32 derailleurs that might shift a Campy Gran Sport long cage, Suntour VGT, Simplex LJ and many modern models of course.

Why is the front bottom bracket a problem? Is it a proprietary unit? It would be much easier to convert to the smaller gauge chain. I've got extra spindles lying around if your cups are standard.

Otherwise, stay with the 28 cog at the rear. You've gotta be tough to climb hills.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Question, need help. posted by Chris on 2/4/2008 at 10:54:27 AM
thanks for answering.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: B.S.A. parabike posted by Christopher on 2/5/2008 at 4:15:15 PM
I should not have assumed that the whole bike was made by Middlemores. Colin Stevens thought that the bike was made in Denmark and I agree. The seat and tires may be English but the B.S.A. parabike copy was likely made in Denmark.

He is going to update his web site now and he's excited at seeing the e- bay pix I forwarded to him. The adventure never ends more stuff appears just when you think you have it all figured out.

AGE / VALUE:   Brooks matress saddle vinal type posted by: Chris on 1/30/2008 at 10:58:47 AM
The bike hads a new, old stock matress saddle. A genuine Brooks, vinal top with the two springs and springs across the underside of it.

A cheap B-66. You can get them in stores for 8- 18.00 dollars.
This rattled and the nuts fell off of it, then the bag clamp. It just fell apart.

I should not have to tighten nuts on a seat as part of preventive maintence. Not for a seat.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks matress saddle vinal type posted by Larry "BOneman" Bone on 2/2/2008 at 5:02:57 AM
Hmmm... fortunately, 'twas only the seat that rattled and lost it's nuts, eh? ;-)

I have the "Mattress" saddles on a few of my machines... and in fact, my original Sprite when I was a lad was thusly equipped. Perhaps my tuchus is mis-guided, but I find them rather comfy.

But yes, I don't think they would age as well as the leather Brooks saddles... as you really can do nothing to maintain the suppleness of the vinyl... hence, it will dry out, crack... and deteriourate.

I've always found that any time you put vinyl tape on any such thing.... it just ends up being a mess.

I will have to keep an eye out though... I can't recall seeing "Mattress" type saddles out there... just plastic things with foam and a moulded vinyl cover over it.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Brooks matress saddle vinal type posted by B66 on 2/2/2008 at 9:47:14 PM
The B66 is a leather saddle; like the B72 but with coil springs. I'm not sure what the cheaper mattress saddles are called. Brooks don't bother making them any more, that's for sure.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Bayliss-Wiley freewheel. posted by: Steve on 1/28/2008 at 4:41:29 PM
Can anyone advise me if the 18 teeth Bayliss-Wiley freewheel (cog) is any different from the norm ?

I thought I was about to finish a bike off today by simply putting a bog standard chain on only to find that whichever chain I tried would not marry with the cog.

I'm sort of presuming the cog has a different pitch to all the other stuff I've got.
I'll find some more cogs tomorrow and compare them.
Finally, what dramatic differences will occur if I fit a cog with more or less than 18 teeth ? Hub is S/A AG 3-speed.
Many thanks

Steve - Spokes are tricky, cogs differ, hands filthy.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Bayliss-Wiley freewheel. posted by Warren on 1/28/2008 at 5:55:44 PM
Steve...I quote Sheldon Brown,

Modern bicycles use roller chain to connect the cranks to the rear wheel. Chain drives are among the most efficient means of power transmission known.

Chain size is specified by pitch and width. The pitch is the distance between rollers (1/2" on all modern bicycle chain). The width is the internal width where the sprocket teeth fit in. Bicycle chain comes in two basic widths:

* 1/8" chain is used on most single-speed bicycles, and bicycles with internal gearing.

* 3/32" chain is used on derailer equipped bicycles that have more than 3 speeds.

Chains for derailer applications also come in various external widths. Newer clusters which have more sprockets use chain with thinner side plates and flush rivets. (fini)

I would start with the old bike section. Your freewheel is a 1/8 are most if not all of them.

Sheldons website is a must-rear...multiple times.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Bayliss-Wiley freewheel. posted by Matthew on 1/29/2008 at 1:57:19 PM
Your Man Warren has it,

Without a doubt he's on the good money. (a sure bet)

Cogs, by the way, are made of apple wood, for the self lubricating qualities thereof, and are the sticky up teeth on windmill gear wheels. What you have on your bicycle are sprockets, in the hub are gears but the chain whizzes around the sprockets.

Matthew - shutting up right now.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Bayliss-Wiley freewheel. posted by Steve on 1/29/2008 at 5:31:32 PM
The chain is now wizzing around the SPROCKET like there's no tomorrow !

I've replaced the sprocket (slot in type - not thread type) with one off a 1970 hub, the original one had teeth that were roughly twice the thickness of the replacement hence the reason why I couldn't get a chain to fit.
Out of interest I called in at my local bike shop to get a proper chain splitter device and also showed him the sprocket to which he replied......"wow that's a fat one" !

The bike in question is a bit of a "bitza" but I'm having fun trying to work out what is original and what is off a lawnmower !
It is a Raleigh 28" x 24" frame acquired from the "back of beyond", I suspect it is late forties early fifties but I've finally ridden it today even though it's got the wrong chainwheel,cranks, pedals and no gear cable yet (fortunately it does have handlebars and a seat).

Apart from the above, the bike has got a "just right" feel about it.
When I've cleaned the green moss stains off the rear white warning patch I might just attach it to my Readers Rides collection.

Info much appreciated.

Steve I hope I've described all my bits properly !


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   updating DL1 posted by: Niels braam on 1/27/2008 at 6:39:16 PM
I would like to update my DL1 to a modern Shimano 8 speed internal hub. It seems that I need a 36 spoke wheel where as I have a 40 spoke wheel. Is there a source for a 36 spoke, 28" wheel that I can use to convert my DL1?

Thanks for any insights.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   updating DL1 posted by David on 1/27/2008 at 8:48:31 PM
I found a 36-spoke wheel on Ebay that I put a FW in. I think that a Chinese or Indian one wouldn't be too hard to find.

AGE / VALUE:   JOANNOU ADULT TRICYCLE posted by: puddin on 1/26/2008 at 3:52:58 PM
i ve just got a used tricycle its a joannou model de luxe tricyle i cant anything about the bike on line except that that its involved with jamis does anyone now about this bike


   RE:AGE / VALUE: JOANNOU ADULT TRICYCLE posted by Matthew on 1/26/2008 at 4:17:58 PM

Sorry to put you off but the Jamis doesn't look or sound Englsh and is probably outise the scope of this discussion board. Having said that we are such a wide and varied group with more knowledge than you can shake a stick at so some one may be able to help you.

Matthew - It's a three wheeled world out there.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: JOANNOU ADULT TRICYCLE posted by Joe on 1/26/2008 at 6:35:24 PM
This may help some:

Joannou Cycle is an importer, not a manufacturer, their current brand is Jamis, they have imported several brands of bikes, as well as marketed a few under the Joannou name.
It can be hard to tell sometimes who actually made some of those particular models. Your best bet is to go by how it's equipped. Keep in mind that they weren't known for high end bikes, they were often the lowest priced line that a shop would carry.

They have owned the rights to many names over the years, Royal Enfield, Cignal, Jamis, Hampton Cruiser, and a few lines which were badged 'Joannou'.