AGE / VALUE:   Sheffield TE1 posted by: Anthony on 2/10/2008 at 10:21:44 AM
Recently bought a late 1960s 1970s English built bike it still has what appears to be original paint and says Sheffield TE1 on it,its a single speed with coaster breaks

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Sheffield TE1 posted by Warren on 2/10/2008 at 1:01:09 PM
"Ride a Wheel on Sheffield Steel" was the motto for Dunelt. One possibility...

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Sheffield TE1 posted by Chris on 2/12/2008 at 3:07:56 PM
Is it written as: Ride Awheel on Sheffield Steel?

with Awheel as one word and not as two words as in A wheel.

Anyways, good idea for a bumber sticker!

AGE / VALUE:   Location and date of Sheldon's Memorial service posted by: Chris on 2/8/2008 at 11:19:58 AM
I read in the Boston Globe obituary that Sheldon's Memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. March 2 at the First Unitarian society in Newton, in West Newton.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Location and date of Sheldon's Memorial service posted by Matthew on 2/8/2008 at 4:02:41 PM
newsnet 08.02.08

The weekly newsletter for members of CTC


Sheldon Brown

The paragon of bike mechanics, Sheldon Brown (63), died of a heart attack on Sunday 3rd February, following a brief and characteristically good-natured struggle with progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Although according to his blog he’d been for a short ride on his recumbent trike as recently as January 12th. Few people really do become a legend in their own lifetime, and this title may seem a trifle overblown for someone whose life work was to tinker with bicycles. However, thanks to his website, the reach of Sheldon Brown was truly global. He helped and influenced so many people in their grimiest moments. Sheldon Brown is dead, long live!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Location and date of Sheldon's Memorial service posted by Ralph on 2/13/2008 at 1:19:24 PM

I am led to believe one can order prints of this painting.

An interesting painting.


AGE / VALUE:   Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by: Mark on 2/6/2008 at 1:51:28 PM

I recently acquired a Raleigh Sports that I'm trying to date. I'll put pictures up when I get a chance, but in the meantime, maybe a few verbal details will provide a clue.

The serial number, located on the seat tube lug only, is AF 915C1. The SA three-speed hub is undated -- just nothin' stamped on there where you'd expect it -- but it is an AW model.

The writing on the top tube is just about worn away, but it looks like it was gold-colored and close to the head tube. The seat tube says "Raleigh Sports Model," the down tube says "The All Steel Bicycle," and the full chaincase says, in script, "Raleigh."

The three-speed "trigger" is actually a stick-shift on the top tube, with "Low" "N" and "High" settings. The shift-cable pulley is made of metal on a clamp-on band. The brakes are cable-operated rim calipers; the rims are not Endrick style.

There are metal oil filler caps on the left side of the bottom bracket and on the front and rear hubs.

I guess that's about it. I've put in the hours restoring a '70 Sports, and now I'm looking forward to this one. I have a feeling this is a pretty old bike, but the dating databases don't really shed a lot of light. Any information would be hugely appreciated.


Mark McClure
Santa Barbara, Cal.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Chris on 2/6/2008 at 3:07:10 PM
The hub is from the 1940's. For a while there, they did not date the A.W. the shifter was added in the 1960's and is not original to this bike.
With the metal oil filler ports in the bottom bracket My guess is this is old, from the 1940's.

We need a picture of this bike.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Warren on 2/6/2008 at 5:07:43 PM
Are you sure this is the 70's plastic console stick shift or is it the older quadrant top tube shifter. That sounds more apprpriate.

A nice bike...there was a Raleigh serial number chart that was recently researched...where is it folks?

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Neal on 2/6/2008 at 9:06:12 PM
I believe that the first year the AW hub came out, 1936, it was undated. Through the rest of the 1930s, it then had the year only added (AW-7, AW-8, AW-9). In terms of the shifter, you might be describing a top tube quadrant shifter. My 1937 Sports has one as shown in the pic I've hopefully attached.



   RE:AGE / VALUE: Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Matthew on 2/7/2008 at 11:28:54 AM
The description of the gear selector is of the pre WW2 type of top tube mounted selector. The later stick shifts were as fitted to a chopper and wouldn't fit a roadster or sports.

Matthew - making a selection.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Chris on 2/7/2008 at 11:46:48 AM
The shifter is from pre ww2 my belief is the whole bike is from before 1940.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Mark on 2/7/2008 at 9:18:09 PM
Guys, thanks for the input.

The gear shifter is the true quadrant type shifter, much like Neal's (above), not a Chopper shifter or anything like that. Mine has a black face with the "SA" in unpainted silver.

Upon stripping the components off the frame today, I discovered that the pulley bracket is actually a two-piece metal tube clamp. Also, the pulley itself is blackened, which I guess suggests a wartime or slightly post-war era.

I've only found two serial number databases, the one here on Old Roads and Sheldon's (rip), and neither really encompasses my number.

I've tried to upload a few photos. Maybe this will generate more ideas.

Best regards,

Mark McClure
Santa Barbara, Calif.¤t=Leftsidechaincaseandbboilfiller.jpg¤t=Leftsidechaincaseandbboilfiller.jpg¤t=Rightsidefullview.jpg


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Chris on 2/8/2008 at 2:24:22 PM
Ohh Baby! Now you just need:
26 x 1 3/8 alloy rims with a Sturmey- Archer F.M. Four speed alloy hub. A Sturmey Archer G.H.6 dyno hub and light kit, A long alloy seatpost with a new Brooks B- 66 leather seat. A big, vintage Brooks bag from e- bay.
a alloy handlebar stem and bars (modern of course)
A Raleigh or Lucas bicycle bell.

That chaincase is flawless! Not one dent in that thing is there!
A bicycle lock like the: Kryptonite New York Lock

Over haul it with new, old stock, original bottom bracket parts right and left hand cups and a new spindle. from e- bay. you'll need the tool Mark Stonich makes and sells he's at Bike smith design.

then new, original Raleigh headset cups (from e- bay) and ball bearings swimming in green Phil Wood grease!

Original Handlebar grips from e- bay.
tires, tubes, a reflective vest, dog spray,'

A Vincent Firefly engine too.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Age of my Raleigh Sports? posted by Mark on 2/9/2008 at 7:27:45 AM
Good suggestions.

I've already got a pair of Sun CR18 alloy wheels, one with an overhauled AW hub, one with a Dynohub. Got the Brooks B.67 and a Carradice bag, too. I'll look for the new bearing surfaces on eBay.

I love Mark Stonich's tool, but I've gotten by so far with a ball peen hammer.

You're right about the chaincase - it's very clean and dent free, with the gold script "Raleigh" still visible. That alone was worth the cost of the bike!

I stripped off the components today and the frame is straight and basically rust free. It's surprising how light the frame alone is. All those solid steel components add up, I guess.

If I were to refinish the bike, I'd be interested in taking off the crown races (if my terminology is correct). Would a tool like the Park RT-1 be appropriate?

I'll post a picture today showing the latest progress.

Thanks for all the input -



AGE / VALUE:   Link to sign Sheldons Guestbook posted by: Christopher on 2/6/2008 at 1:46:43 PM
The address to sign Sheldon Brown's memorial guestbook is as follows:

You will see the link to click on where you can leave your comment on what Sheldon meant to you.

There will be a memorial service in March, stay tuned.

AGE / VALUE:   Sign Sheldon's guestbook posted by: Chris on 2/5/2008 at 4:56:19 PM
Everybody, sign Sheldon's guestbook at his site

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Sign Sheldon's guestbook posted by Warren on 2/5/2008 at 7:33:05 PM
Chris...what's the link?