ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Rudge Whitworth posted by: stephen hogben on 6/3/2008 at 7:07:07 AM
Nearly done,saddle needs to be re-covered.Keep trying to upload photo,but cant work out how to do it! Have asked before but cannot do it.If anyone can tell me step by step in plain english,suitable for a 5 year old,I would be most grateful!!!!!!

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Halifax Vintage bike day posted by: Warren on 6/1/2008 at 6:00:03 PM
It was bike week in Halifax and they hosted their first vintage bike exhibition. Penny Farthings, 40's Carlton, Claud Butlers, Condors, Clevelands, CCM's, Bianchis, Moultons, Raleigh Pro's, Motobecanes, Tourists and these. Look at the pair of Superbes that showed up...early 60's, dark navy blue with unusual decals, chrome fork tips, white starburst headtubes, Raleigh prop stands, lighting kits. Really beautiful, 9 outa 10's.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Halifax Vintage bike day posted by Chris on 6/5/2008 at 6:23:00 PM
1950's Raleigh Superbe. note the brakes and pedal caps Nice. rare.

You lucky man for getting to be there and take pix. I am jealous. Thanks for the post

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by: Pete on 6/1/2008 at 3:19:55 PM
Look what turned up on ebay and what it's making.
Item number: 160244485474


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: ebay item posted by Warren on 6/1/2008 at 7:16:40 PM
I prefer yours!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: ebay item posted by Matthew on 6/2/2008 at 10:25:08 AM

That's what it made. Seller didn't really know what he had and for once I didn't tell him. I thought it would be nice for somebody to get an X-frame cheap(ish).

Matthew - going going. its Gone!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by KEvin on 6/2/2008 at 3:24:54 PM
Matthew -- I'm glad you didn't tip the seller off. I hate it when meddling third parties kill my good deals. By the way, how much do you think that bike, in that condition, is actually worth?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by Pete on 6/3/2008 at 9:02:48 AM
I seen one a month or so ago in as bad if not worse condition with many wrong parts and looking very sad make £261 and the buyer had to shell out probably more to have it sent to Thailand.I guess it all depends on who's watching it and how much they want it.
I had to wait years to find the one I now own at an affordable price.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: ebay item posted by Matthew on 6/3/2008 at 10:52:42 AM

I'm not sure that helping a seller to maximise their income and helping buyers to find correctly described items is meddling but I take your point. Pete is right with his comments. I guess a rideable X-frame might be worth £500+ on a good day?

Matthew - not so meddlesome

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by Kevin on 6/3/2008 at 2:58:03 PM
I believe that those who provide unsolicited appraisals to strangers should be willing to pay the amount they say the piece is worth. When a seller puts something up at auction, it is worth whatever the last bidder says it's worth.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: ebay item posted by Matthew on 6/3/2008 at 3:14:15 PM
I have never and would never suggest a sale price to anyone I didn't know but I will explain to them what it is they are selling occasionally. I have still picked up bargains after explaining to a seller what it is they are selling. I think that is part of the community of eBay, which sadly seems lost a little now.

Matthew - honesty, works for me.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by Kevin on 6/3/2008 at 6:22:13 PM
The next time you find a nice X-frame at a flea market, priced at "10 pounds or best offer," you should offer the seller 500 pounds for it, and explain to him how rare his bicycle is. Honesty ... works for me.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by Pete on 6/4/2008 at 4:34:45 PM
It's gone back up on ebay again.The seller didn't want to post it overseas.(sounds familiar)Item number 160247770598
I fancy there is a little bit of unpleasantness creeping into this discussion which is not called for and is probably all a misunderstanding on something that has been interpreted the wrong way.I have been reading Matthews comments for a few years and he has always been fair,just and honest and a fantastic source of information with an obvious true love of what he posts about on the forums and a great sense of humour.
Here's hoping the x frame goes to a good home at a fair price and the slightly unpleasant comments come to an end.
Pete.....needing a spell checker.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   ebay item posted by Steve on 6/5/2008 at 1:59:20 AM
Well said.
It won't be coming here that's for certain, it looks as though it's got a puncture !

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   How to hook up gear cable? '37 Raleigh posted by: Jon on 6/1/2008 at 12:58:51 PM
I acquired this bike for my son. I guess it to be a '37, based on similar pictures I saw here. It is marked Raleigh Gazelle. The gear selector cable isn't hooked to the hub, so it's stuck on high. We need to know how to hook that cable back up. We were assuming we need to remove the rear wheel first.
If anybody has any advice we'd appreciate it. My son is absolutely enmoured with this bike and I am, too. It's OG and rides like a dream.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   How to hook up gear cable? '37 Raleigh posted by Kevin on 6/1/2008 at 4:18:07 PM
Is the indicator rod (the long threaded pin that threads into the hub, with a little chain on one end) still on the end of the brake cable?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   How to hook up gear cable? '37 Raleigh posted by David on 6/2/2008 at 7:00:15 AM
If there's no chain hanging out of the end of the drive-side hub, the indicator will need to be added/replaced. If you're lucky, someone unscrewed and lost it and the axle key inside is still in position so a new one can be screwed in. If not, you'll have to disassemble to some degree to get out a broken indicator (maybe just removing the RH hub nut would be enough). There are lots of resources on the web for servicing Sturmey AW hubs. Reasonable handiness and patience is all that's required.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: How to hook up gear cable? '37 Raleigh posted by sciencemonster on 6/2/2008 at 7:06:07 PM
What a cool license plate!

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   How to hook up gear cable? '37 Raleigh posted by Steve on 6/2/2008 at 11:55:27 PM
Yes, I thought the licence plate was interesting.

Is that a regular/standard legal requirement in the area or just a bit of fun ?

I've heard faint stories about this subject here in England (another form of tax payment maybe), but as of yet nothing (to my knowledge) has come of this.

Steve - tax is never far away !

AGE / VALUE:   Armstrong posted by: Gordon on 6/1/2008 at 6:53:12 AM
Can anyone fill me in on where in bicycle history Armstrong fits in? I have a fairly nice original ladies bike with SA 3 speed that I believe is dated 1963. Looks like a Raleigh clone to me, but this isn't my area of expertise.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Armstrong posted by sam on 6/1/2008 at 7:34:36 PM
Started in 1918 by Henry Fearn.Hi-quality hand built frames were a trademark of Armstrong Cycles.Became part of the British Cycle Corporation.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Armstrong posted by Travis Gordon on 6/6/2008 at 2:17:49 PM
I have a Armstrong bicycle myself, about a mid seventies one, and i was wondering what the price woulde be if anyone knows. I would give the condition a 7 out of 10.thanx