AGE / VALUE:    posted by: s h on 7/13/2008 at 1:10:41 PM
Oh well of on my hols tomorrow to Cornwall with wife,son his wife,his stepson,friend and girlfriend,grandson and grand daughter (1 today)should be lively! Going to have a look around to see if I can find any old bikes!Last time there hired a mountain bike which would not select any of the lower gears.Went on a ride called the Great Flat Lode mines trail,it was said to be a 9 mile ride,covering a lot of the old tin mines,which it did.However there where 2 things wrong with this description 1 It was not flat!Ha Ha flat went down some hills both brakes on,rear wheel locked solid and trying to somersault over my head!The Great Flat Lodes mine trail vertical drop trail would have been more suitable! 2 9miles,9 miles, what the hell do the cornish measure miles in,light years maybe!The first part of the ride consisted riding up Mt Everest and on the the top was a radio mast,carried on going for several hours,through a field of bulls,did they chase me,oh yes how fast can they run? very very fast I can tell you!Another large hill ahead,stopped at the top looked around and way way in the distance (you could hardly see it)was MT everest with the radio mast on top!This according to the brochure was half way round!Thinking of doing again this year.Must be barking mad!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by ken on 7/16/2008 at 1:45:32 PM
The flat part must have been under ground. In the Smoky Mountains they say you can buy and sell both sides of the same acre...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by Steve on 7/13/2008 at 11:20:06 PM
Perhaps safer to use two opposed to one long one !
Steve - chocks away

MISC:   Larz Anderson Bicycle Show & Swap Meet is only a week away !! posted by: Peter Naiman on 7/12/2008 at 1:49:26 PM
Just thought I'd post again about our Bicycle show and swap at Larz Anderson Auto Museum coming up this coming weekend in Brookline, MA on July 20th. To visit our website for full information about the show if you've not seen my posts with regard to Larz, or if you'll be a first time visitor this year, please click onto the URL below:

http://www.classicr endezvous. com/larzanderson .htm

If you plan on attending, either visiting to show a few bikes, or attending the swap as a seller, it would be appreciated if you could possibly pre-register. The registration form is available through our website, as well as photos of prior shows, and also directions to our event. I would also like to post a list this week of possible cycles that will be at the show.

I've had a few people from as far North as Toronto & Montreal, others from around the U.S. show interest in attending, so to find local accomodations in Brookline, MA please click onto the URL below:

http://www.findloca listings/ brookline_ ma_us.html

For other questions or comments about the show, you can call Susan at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum at 617-522-6547, although the Museum is closed on Mondays, or email directly to me @ hetchinspete1@

Best regards, and see everyone in Brookline on Sunday.

Peter Naiman

Milwaukee, WI


ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Help wih decals? posted by: Warren on 7/12/2008 at 12:16:28 PM
I bought a set of those repro decals from the guy in Thailand.
They have a yellow paper protecting the back of the decals, which are sticky. Has anyone else applied these? Any pitfalls I need to watch out for?


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Help wih decals? posted by Steve on 7/13/2008 at 9:59:22 AM
I always get the jitters over these type of jobs.
Last time I did this was for an "Emergency Exit" sign on a bus.
The transfer had to be immersed in water until it lifted off the backing in order for you to slide it onto the surface required...three years later I'm still waiting for it to lift.
I think there's a "sell by date" on transfers but hopefully you will be o.k. with a sticker type backing.

Steve - carefully does it

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Help wih decals? posted by Matthew on 7/13/2008 at 1:18:58 PM
Get yourself a good squeegee and get the area to be applied soapy and wet. Put the sticker on the soapy area so you can slide it about and then, when in the correct position, use the squeegee to force the liquid out from under the decal.

OR go to your local cut / applied vinyl shop and ask if you can watch them at work, applying lettering to vans etc. You will learn that way or they may be willing to do the job for you.

Matthew - stick with it

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Help wih decals? posted by Warren on 7/14/2008 at 3:27:08 AM
Thanks for the advice. There were a couple of extra small decals not needed on the Humber because of the bifurcated fork. So I experimented

I applied the decals dry, using a smooth , hard srewdriver handle to rub the decal on, rolling over it time and time again. The I applied water to the paper surface, allowing it to soak and slide off. This appears to have worked well. Will test it tomorrow.

AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by: Larry "Boneman" Bone on 7/12/2008 at 11:38:30 AM
Angsting over this one... at a yard sale... very nice shape with Brooks Saddle... all the alloy goodies, etc. All original....

I have 18 or so bikes in the basement now.... I didn't ask what the price was... and I'm sorely tempted to go back with the automobile and perhaps abscond with it....

Thing is... it's not exactly my cup of tea.... still I know it's a fine Raleigh nonetheless.....

They also had a completely original, nearly immaculate 73 Ladies Sports... Green with matching green rack on the back....

Mayhap I'll roll that way with the car... throw the bike rack on in the trunk... just in case....


Larry "Boneman" Bone - what's another bike in the stable anyhow, eh?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by Steve on 7/12/2008 at 2:40:05 PM
Your worse than me !


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by Steve on 7/12/2008 at 11:30:23 PM
Only difference is that mine are usually embarrassing wrecks that quite often won't even roll (or for that matter don't have wheels in order to roll).
I have to get them out of the vehicle (usually under the hours of darkness) quickly before any of our neighbours see them.

I then have to explain to my wife (who's very understanding, but still can't understand how she's ended up married to me) what a prized jewel I've just acquired and that the population of the whole world missed out on this one (apart from me), and that the world really is a great place !

Steve - breakfast time

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by Kevin on 7/13/2008 at 3:55:59 AM
An understanding wife is essential for the bike collector. The garage and basement are full (there's also a 1930 Chevrolet pickup truck in the garage); I finally had to move the 1934 Schwinn B10-E out of the living room. True love.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 7/13/2008 at 5:18:02 AM
Well... I did stop by to check it over again.... unfortunately, 'twas not a true "Tag Sale" price.....

They wanted $200 for it... cuz they said they saw it sell on Ebay for that much. Not sure if it was worth that much... but I was not willing to pay it.

Was hoping for a real steal... but that's OK... I really don't have the room for it.

Interestingly enough... the Sports went for $120....

Might be time to roll some of my superfluous machines out on the front lawn, eh?

I'm wondering if prices for bicycles are beginning to rise due to petrol prices. Would not surprise me.


Larry "Boneman" Bone - Angstless... for now....

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Carlton Super Course... posted by Steve on 7/13/2008 at 5:44:20 AM
Kevin, what you omitted to say was that you moved the 1934 Schwinn B10-E out of the living room and into the that really is true love !

Larry, I'm not sure if prices for bicycles are rising due to petrol prices or if it's purely a supply and demand thing, there's certainly more new bikes on the streets round this "neck of the woods", don't really see many oldies (apart from the odd one and mine).

Steve - the odd one

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Photos of Bike posted by: Spencer Howell on 7/12/2008 at 8:10:03 AM
Here are some pictures of the Raleigh DL1


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   Photos of Bike posted by spencer howell on 7/12/2008 at 9:05:27 AM
a computer guy I am not. my son took several photos of the raleigh dl-1 but I do not know how to put them in this message. I have tried to insert what seems like the proper info but no far, no luck


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: Photos of Bike posted by Warren on 7/12/2008 at 9:23:10 AM
Your pics need to be "hosted" by a service like Flickr or Picasa or you can sign on to the Readers Rides portion on this web site under General Resources but you must be able to modify the file size to fit.