ENGLISH ROADSTERS:Brooks Saddles posted by: Uni on 7/19/2008 at 2:39:25 PM
Brooks Saddle disassembly. Can anyone please give step by step instructions?
Does anyone have a expanded diagram of any Brooks Saddle with rails?
Thanks in advance for your help.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:Brooks Saddles posted by Matthew on 7/20/2008 at 5:12:58 AM
HI there,

As long as you are methodical and careful there are no big surprises in taking a saddle to pieces, but one would have to ask; Why?

If the reasosn is to get rid of rust or to clean the frame then I understand but why other wise?

Matthew - intrigued

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:Brooks Saddles posted by Chris on 7/21/2008 at 6:16:02 PM
Do you intend to put it back together with the original rivits? Or will it look wrong with non- original hardware store rivits?

I'd leave it intact....

AGE / VALUE:   Cornwall posted by: S.H. on 7/19/2008 at 7:52:03 AM
Hello all,back from hols in Cornwall,Lands end,St Ives etc,etc.Very nice apart from hard bed,hard chairs and the caravan which was not level!Stand up wobble 3 steps sideways nearly fall over then realise no your not drunk(or was I?)On the way to Lands End passed a group of cyclists (doing 45 mph,downhill)they arrived a few minutes after us and had just finished the John of Groats to Lands End run in aid of cancer charities.Only saw one old bike,a penny farthing which years ago had done the same trip!Did however manage to get a side stand for my Hercules that did not interfere with rod brakes!

These Taiwan chaincases I see offered on e- bay (right now) for your Raleigh are not originals made by the origonal Raleigh company.
and I don't see the necessary mounting hardware included in the deal. No mention of hardware is made.
The color is off and more importantly is the end piece is not the same.
Oh sure, the "pie plate" piece is probably interchangable and perhaps the "slide center piece" is also.

but it is wrong. We find these on old doner parts bikes and in the cycle jumble, garage sale and off of other bikes found on e- bay but one has to be careful with old bikes because of all the re- pop stuff that is out there. Finishes, and hardware and mounting issues abound with these chaincases they need to be original.

There is one on e- bay roight now and it's up to 66.00 and for that you can find a whole bike, original from the 1950's in tatty but original condition with almost all the parts still on it.

Chaincase parts are in demand for these bikes and that's why the stuff freom Taiwan is selling but, it's not original.

Same thing with the Taiwan decals (transfers) as well they are not exact and look like hell on a bike. be patient, you are re- building a thing that is magical and the sure-ist way to mess it up and destroy the magic is to use d- grade parts.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   BEWARE BUYING CHAINCASES FOR YOUR RALEIGH posted by Chris on 7/19/2008 at 8:20:15 AM
I have taken in bikes that have these copy decals and have black spray paint and silver spray paint over chrome.
It makes me shudder.

Original is best. These were rolling works of art, from a different era and it was all better than you know or imagine it was.

ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by: Mike on 7/18/2008 at 8:42:58 AM
Hi all: I am wondering it it would be feasible to switch out 28 inch rod brake roadster wheels and replace them with the 26 size. Would anything have to be done to the bike? Would 26 inch wheels look strange? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Steve on 7/18/2008 at 9:00:55 AM
Can I ask why ?

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Mike on 7/18/2008 at 9:10:02 AM
Hi Steve: I was afraid someone would ask, exposing my "eccentricity."

Two reasons: First, the 26" wheels are much easy to find tires and tubes for. Second (the REAL reason), My DL-1 from 1978 has north road handlebars and I'm trying to convert it to a 1939 bicycle. The only bikes that had north road handlebars were bikes like the Superb, Dawn Tourist, Safety..and they all had 26" wheels. I cannot for the life of me find the earlier squarish flat style handlebars of the Model 1 except for Indian and Chinese versions which seem quite inferior in both fit and finish. So, I'm exploring this option instead.


   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Matthew on 7/18/2008 at 10:04:22 AM
Hi Mike,

The net effect would be to significantly alter the overall balanced appearance of your bicycle and possibly the handling too. You are probably aware that the 28" and 26" refer to the rolling diameter of the tyre and not the wheel size? Therefore reduction of 2" is a significant proportion of the overall diameter (approx 3.5%). The mudguards would be further from the tyres and less efficient.

I think it would look strange if not 'wrong'.

Matthew - just an opinion.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Kevin on 7/18/2008 at 10:46:52 AM
Would the brake rods be long enough to reach to the smaller rims?

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Steve on 7/18/2008 at 2:42:18 PM
Tyres and tubes are obtainable, you might have to cough up for postage fees, I'd rather do that than contemplate the other business.
I'm not an expert on this subject, but have you really tried every possible avenue for these handlebars, sometimes I've travelled many miles to acquire a part I really wanted...returning home with a rusty bike that I didn't really want in order to acquire the part.
Oh well, the spare parts bin just got bigger !

Steve - I feel uneasy about this !

   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Chris on 7/18/2008 at 3:23:43 PM
I do know that you could put 26 inch wheels in a 1948 raleigh record ace that was sold with 27 inch wheels on. it lowered the bike so my shorter pal Joe could ride it.

I don't know about a tourist d.l.1. though, i will have to think about it the Texas sun is frying what brains I still posess.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Alonzo on 7/18/2008 at 3:54:31 PM

Other than aesthetics, I think the brakes are the biggest issue I found when I changed the wheel size. I retrofitted a DL-1 frame with 27" alloy rims and drum brake hubs. Works great. 28-inch rims have a bead size of 635mm. 27-inch rims at 630mm. Not hardly noticeable. In fact, the smaller tires probably make a bigger difference than the rims.

I love the frame geometry. Until I find the missing parts to restore it to full DL-1 glory, I'm gonna ride the beast as is.


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Chris on 7/19/2008 at 8:25:42 AM
Just don't bend the fork and make it into a "lowrider bike" like the one I rescued from the ghetto of Detroit. Thankfully I had a stash of replacement, original forks.

If English Raleigh bicycles like the Tourist D- L- 1 rod brake Bobby bicycles were young women, I would be Hugh Hefner!

I have been around the block, obsessed with these and looking back I had quite a few.
Chris- still perfer old bikes

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by sam on 7/20/2008 at 6:59:24 PM
The answer to you question is: 26"wheels will not work on 28" wheeled DL1 frames.
But girls rod brake roadsters were made By raleigh.Sunbeam and others made 26" wheeled rod brake men's framed bikes.
Rod brakes most likely could be added to sport frames .

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS:   26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Kevin on 7/21/2008 at 4:15:15 AM
Some 26" bikes were made with rod brakes and the "squarish" bars you mentioned. I have a old men's Hercules that has those features.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Jeff Bikeguy on 7/23/2008 at 6:49:05 AM
I've been told by some so-called experts that this was "made" from a 28" wheel DL-1. It has 26 inch wheels with 2.0 tyres. Perhaps they were wrong.


   RE:RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Chris on 7/23/2008 at 8:52:51 AM
They had something like this in Raleigh South Africa's rod brake bikes. But I never got to really examine one but I do remember seeing this exact bike in their catalogs They chromed the whole thing like this too. You really have something here. Rare!

what you were told is correct.

   RE:ENGLISH ROADSTERS: 26 inch wheels on a DL-1 posted by Ed on 7/23/2008 at 4:59:51 PM
700 x 38 wheels are a better choice if you want to make things easy. Very close to the original size

WANTED:   Leather tool pouch posted by: Mike on 7/18/2008 at 7:26:28 AM
Hi: I am looking for a hard leather tool pouch for the back of my Brooks saddle. I'd like one that looks original to a c. 1940 Raleigh, the kind with the metal ring clasp (no plastic clasps).

Many thanks! Mike

   RE:WANTED: Leather tool pouch posted by sam on 7/20/2008 at 7:02:02 PM
brooks started offering their leather tool pouchs.An't cheep!But you can order a new one---sam