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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   saddle posted by: Harry Sahu on 11/25/2000 at 8:25:01 PM
I have a banana seat , needs recovering. The tag on the back reads Schwin. Asking10 dollars plus shipping which should be about 8 dollars by U P S.

FOR SALE:   cone for Raleigh 3 speed drum brakes, Drum side, must be in good condition posted by: Harry Sahu on 11/25/2000 at 8:20:20 PM
I need a cone in good condition for a raleigh 3 speed drum brakes for the drum side ,Please quote price if you have one for sale

FOR SALE:   Texas Rangerette Bike posted by: Dianne on 11/25/2000 at 2:52:17 PM
I have a vintage Texas Rangerette bike. Original paint. Looks to be from the 50's. There are stars cut out on the plate that holds the chain. Anyone know anything about this bike or the value?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Texas Rangerette Bike posted by Brian on 11/27/2000 at 7:09:34 AM
Lots of info on Texas Ranger and Texas Rangerette bikes in the archives here.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Texas Rangerette Bike posted by rd on 11/27/2000 at 8:17:49 AM
Texas Rangers have never caught on as collectable bikes. The value is just so so. If you can find someone who is not a collector but wants a different bike you might get $60 to $75.00 out of one.

WANTED:   Mongoose Californinan posted by: Jesse Cantu on 11/24/2000 at 11:09:11 PM
Hello. I am interested in aquiring a Mongoose Californinan about an 83 thru 85 model in red.

FOR SALE:   Elgin Wood rimmed bicycle posted by: Tim on 11/24/2000 at 8:45:21 AM
I have a boys 28 in. bicycle complete except for chain and one hand grip. This bike has factory paint but it shows a lot of age. Is this bicycle worth anything?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Elgin Wood rimmed bicycle posted by Cam on 11/25/2000 at 9:42:17 AM
Early wood-rimmed bicycles in fair condition go for between $200 and $2000!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Elgin Wood rimmed bicycle posted by Bob on 11/27/2000 at 2:08:05 PM
Most 28" bicycles are not very sought after by collectors. Nice basic models sell for 1-300 range. Accessories like lights, toolbox tanks, ... will increase the value and bad tires or rims will greatly reduce the value because these are very expensive to replace. (see Coker Tires website for pricing). Original paint bikes are getting harder to find.

FOR SALE:   stingray jr posted by: la on 11/24/2000 at 5:34:01 AM
70'2 stingray jr in pretty nice shape all orig red paint and seat.. this bike can be sold w/ or w/o fact schwinn headlight and tailight lete know if any interest...e mail me i have pictures thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   stingray jr posted by erick on 12/5/2000 at 4:44:40 PM
i am intrested tell me price. and pic email me thankyou

FOR SALE:   1967 Sting-ray posted by: Tim P. on 11/23/2000 at 9:09:24 PM
Original copper-colored "67 Sting-ray,tripple-blue band two-speed. Got from original owner. Missing tires. Has front caliper hand brake in tact, no fenders {not a deluxe}, seven-hole front chainring, original pedals, decals faded, paint is normal for a 33-year old bike. Sorry, not set up for pictures yet. f/s or trade for new reproduction blue Sting-ray. Thanks, Tim

   RE:FOR SALE:   1967 Sting-ray posted by Kevin C. on 11/23/2000 at 10:43:17 PM
Your email address didn't work. Would like to know more about the bike, and price. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1967 Sting-ray posted by eric on 12/5/2000 at 4:46:27 PM
i am intested email me. tell me price thanks

WANTED:   Schwinn Stingray banana seat. Blue posted by: Derek on 11/23/2000 at 8:40:57 PM
I'm in need of a sparkle blue banana seat for a '75 stingray. (some reason I love the '75's) please in somewhat of a decent fashion.

what you have.


   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Stingray banana seat. Blue posted by jimmy on 11/24/2000 at 3:35:45 PM
email adress didn't work i have a seat contact me

WANTED:   Thumb shifter 5 speed! argggh! posted by: Derek on 11/23/2000 at 8:40:57 PM
Durn it! I know someone has a 5 speed thumb shifter for sale. This is insane. I've been calling, emailing, posting ads for months and I get nuttin,nada,zip.....

COme on people. If you have a 5 SPEED shifter for a '75 stingray LMK



   RE:WANTED:   Thumb shifter 5 speed! argggh! posted by Eric Amlie on 11/24/2000 at 6:46:15 PM
Item #508796345
No connection with me

FOR SALE:   for sale all chrome jc higgins freightliner w/ tank posted by: jimmy on 11/23/2000 at 8:10:00 PM
all chrome jc higgins nice shape headlight lense is missing needs little cleaning i belive it's either a 1960 or 1961 the license tag said 61 it has a 2spd kickback nice decent bike 200.00 or best offer have picture if interested

WANTED:   Any 26" cantilever frame posted by: Zack on 11/23/2000 at 4:24:55 PM
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a used 26" cantilever frame. I prefer a Schwinn, but anything will probably work. Frame must be straight, but paint is not important. Please email me at dwood16@aol.com if you are looking to get rid of a frame like this. Thanks a lot.

   RE:WANTED:   Any 26 posted by JimW. on 12/1/2000 at 8:39:39 AM
Check with Gordon T. Bradbury, he can fix you up.

FOR SALE:   69 ladies robin hood 3 spd posted by: Bruce on 11/23/2000 at 10:18:44 AM
ladies 19" frame with 26" new tires/tubes, fresh tuneup etc. $95.00 additional $25. for packing and whatever shipping is. (this bike is ready to ride) Note: 2inch tear in the seam of the brooks vinyl saddle

WANTED:   used fork posted by: chuck on 11/23/2000 at 7:17:30 AM
looking for a used fork for a 20in. 60s or 70s schwinn girls bike, such as a fair lady. New York or New Jersey area.

   RE:WANTED:   used fork posted by gbradbur@dia.net on 11/23/2000 at 8:10:33 AM
If you can't find one in your area, I've got one. It is still in the bike, but I'm sure I can get it out okay. It would need a repaint. Asking $17.50 including shipping. If your interested I'll see if I can get it diassembled.

WANTED:   Wanted 20x16 musclebikes posted by: JOHN on 11/22/2000 at 9:15:39 PM
Wanted Huffy slingshot or Sears gremlin, Huffy Kool Cat, Rollfast Top Drag.



MISC:   1922? Mead Ranger Bicycle posted by: Al on 11/22/2000 at 2:04:16 PM
Does anyone have info on this unrestored bicycle? The patent dates start at 1913 and go to 1922 with other pat. pending. It belongs to a friend of mine who wants to sell it. I can e-mail pictures. It looks all original except maybe the pedels. It has a horn. The tank opens on one side. If the tires were replaced it could be riden. Thanks for any information.