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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Spaceliner springer bottom rocker plate bolt posted by: David Basker on 4/15/2000 at 9:04:07 PM
I want to buy a bolt which fits a Spaceliner springer, one of the four (two on each side - one fastens on the fork ends on each side and the other fastens at the spring rod ends on each side) they both hold the ends of the axle rocker plates which the front axle bolts to in the middle of each plate. Thank you to read and reply ! David Basker

   RE:WANTED:   Spaceliner springer bottom rocker plate bolt posted by Dan on 4/20/2000 at 9:13:28 AM
Have springer that I can't use. Springer takes diffrent fender than regular fork. Springer has some rust that won't come off,bolts are decent but nuts are rusty. Am probably going to sell my spaceliner sooner or later anyway.(girls without tank )Let me know if your intrested. Dan

MISC:   schwin suburban posted by: steve on 4/15/2000 at 8:39:07 PM
1971 schwin suburban 5 speed,27 inch wheels, speedometer,
all original in good condition without handgrips.
is it worth anything ?

   RE:MISC:   schwin suburban posted by Keith on 4/17/2000 at 11:57:20 AM
It is worth about $20.

WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by: Ken on 4/14/2000 at 7:52:42 PM
I am looking to buy a Shelby headbadge with the name TRAVELLER on it.

   RE:WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by Pee-Wee on 4/14/2000 at 8:33:05 PM
Memory Lane might have just what your looking for! Call 'em (419-832-3040), you won't regret it.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by Kevin C. on 4/15/2000 at 8:39:00 PM
You will if you get the rude guy I talked to last time.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by Gordon on 4/16/2000 at 10:29:30 AM
They weren't exactly rude to me, but they took me for a about $15.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by Mike Q. on 4/17/2000 at 6:13:41 AM
Yeah. Watch out for Memory Lane. I ordered a supposedly NOS Silver King sprocket and got a cheap, Asian knockoff. At least they took it back! They also sent a pair of adjusting screws that weren't as advertised. Buyer beware.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Shelby head badge posted by ChristopherRobin on 4/17/2000 at 10:16:36 AM
This is the first time I have heard anything halfway negative about Memory Lane! Everyone has a bad day and gets a bit snoty or snooty sometimes.

   THE RUDE GUY posted by Ralphbob on 4/17/2000 at 12:40:13 PM
The rude guy is Harv. He can be a bit of an azz sometimes but he's a good guy if you get to know him.

   RE:THE RUDE GUY posted by Pee-Wee on 4/17/2000 at 8:42:06 PM
I'm sorry if I may have said something that others found a bit false, or had a different opinion. You see, I have done a little bit of business with Memory Lane, and I never found them to be anything like that, possibly because I always talk to Larry, who is a pretty good guy. Although, there is one person who, if you get a hold of her, tends to be a bit rude, and her name is Sandra. Next time, try to talk to Larry.

WANTED:   orange crate posted by: Larry on 4/14/2000 at 6:34:43 PM
Looking to buy a nice orange krate 5 speed . I am sure E bay has one but I want it for a friend sooner not later

WANTED:   sting ray posted by: mike jr. on 4/13/2000 at 11:38:52 PM
hi, i'm looking for a schwinn sting ray lemon peeler.
i had one when i was about 12 years old, and sold it
for $50.00 to a friend. if anyone has one out there,
please get back to me. (needs to be boys.) thank-you

   RE:WANTED:   sting ray posted by jd on 4/14/2000 at 7:58:54 AM
You will find them for sale on EBAY. I'm afraid the resale has gone up a bit since you sold your old one.

FOR SALE:   schwinn grey ghost coaster posted by: jack on 4/13/2000 at 8:13:11 PM
currently on e-bay item#307320272 check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOR SALE:   1978 Raleigh Competition (maybe for sale) posted by: Tom on 4/13/2000 at 2:10:54 PM
I have a 1978 Raleigh Competition (231/2") I'm considering selling. The frame was redone by J.P. Weigle. Braze-ons were added and the re-paint is nicer than the original. NOS Campy NR & SR were put on in place of the old GS components. This machine has 0 miles and is in showroom condition. Two sets of rims (1-sew up; 1-clincher. I can
e-mail all the specifics to any interested persons. I'm located in SE Conn. and would be willing to deliver within a couple of hundred miles.

FOR SALE:   Complete Bicycle Shop Parts Inventory For Sale posted by: Brian on 4/12/2000 at 7:50:59 PM
Due to death in family I have a complete bicycle repair shop inventory for sale. New old stock repair parts from 70's to 80's, tools, equipment. Too much to list. Will consider antique bicycles, antique motorcycle, motor bicycle or Whizzer trades. Located near Charleston, S.C.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Complete Bicycle Shop Parts Inventory For Sale posted by dale on 4/13/2000 at 11:10:23 AM
any bendix parts? Whole hubs or rims?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Complete Bicycle Shop Parts Inventory For Sale posted by Bob H on 4/14/2000 at 7:50:48 AM
Looking for Raleigh Choppers, parts, literature, and old bike shop decals(pretty much every shop had theirs.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Complete Bicycle Shop Parts Inventory For Sale posted by Pee-Wee on 4/17/2000 at 8:44:57 PM
Got any work stands?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Complete Bicycle Shop Parts Inventory For Sale posted by roy on 4/21/2000 at 7:03:26 PM
ill take anything you have for old 20 inch bikes (bannana) will trade

FOR SALE:   Schwinn ballooner posted by: George on 4/12/2000 at 5:35:54 PM
Just curious how much my bike might be worth. It's a red & white 1950 Schwinn DX with a tank, rack, Rocket Ray, and spring fork. On the back above the rack are a set of large leather saddlebags. On the handlebars are two "Safety Mirrors", a Cadet Speedometer, red & white streamers, and an American Flag bell. On the bottom of both fenders are a set of "Tingley Mud Flaps" and fenders are pinstriped. There are four red-jeweled hub caps by Schwinn. Feather chainguard. And on the front wheel reside a pair of red & white "Wacky Wheels". Whitewall Lightning Darts. Rear taillight with "Make-a-Lite" generator. And on the back wheel are a set of ELGIN skirt guards I had custom painted and fit to match the Schwinn perfectly. The whole entire bike is mint as well as the accessories. How much do you think it's worth, stuff and all?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn ballooner posted by George on 4/12/2000 at 7:09:43 PM
Meant to say miscellaneous, not "for sale"

WANTED:   Schwinn tandem chainguard posted by: Casey on 4/12/2000 at 9:47:31 AM
I need a chainguard for my 1968 Schwinn tandem. I've been looking for awhile and I stumbled onto this web site

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn tandem chainguard posted by JOEL on 4/12/2000 at 12:00:51 PM
Try the Schwinn Buy,Sell,Trade forum at www.schwinn.com. It's a good place to look for Schwinn parts.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn tandem chainguard posted by Casey on 4/23/2000 at 7:38:55 PM
I'm still looking any help would be appreciated.

WANTED:   Lightning Darts posted by: Pee-Wee on 4/11/2000 at 9:06:38 PM
Anyone got any Lightning Dart 26 x 2.125" whitewalls for sale?

FOR SALE:   1970 Brand New Columbia Boys Bike posted by: joe on 4/11/2000 at 11:04:20 AM
I have a brand new out of the box and assembled last week 1970 Columbia boys bike. Banana seat, 3 speed stck shift, both wheels are the same size. Looking to sell or trade for another bike.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1970 Brand New Columbia Boys Bike posted by roy on 4/21/2000 at 7:07:18 PM
i got a lot lets trade

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1970 Brand New Columbia Boys Bike posted by joe on 4/25/2000 at 10:17:37 AM
roy - i need your email address, I can send pictures

WANTED:   60cm 531 Road Frame posted by: Keith on 4/11/2000 at 6:20:08 AM
Looking for a decent 60 cm 531 db road frame and fork to hang Campy NR groupo on. No rust, dents, or crashes, and frame must be true.

   RE:WANTED:   60cm 531 Road Frame posted by Keith on 4/17/2000 at 12:00:27 PM
I found a Paramount, so never mind!

FOR SALE:   TONS of great stuff! posted by: xhtc@hotmail.com on 4/11/2000 at 6:07:15 AM
I have lots of stuff and will sell or trade, what do you need? Also, I BUY! One part or an entire collection.
See my Oldroads Page:

   RE:FOR SALE:   TONS of great stuff! posted by Jeff on 4/12/2000 at 5:19:25 AM
You are one lucky dude: Huge storage space and lots of 2-wheeled toys. (and probably an understanding spouse, too)

   RE:FOR SALE:   TONS of great stuff! posted by roy on 4/21/2000 at 7:09:58 PM
i love all bannana bikes lets trade

   RE:FOR SALE:   TONS of great stuff! posted by Jim Ford on 7/10/2000 at 8:28:46 AM
Hi Folks, Here's what I need. Horn and tanks for boys and girls Western Flyer X-53(any color will do, but good condition)Also, need (1)rear refector and complete front light and a top light cover with lens. Can you help?
Thanks, Jim

WANTED:   tank for old coast king posted by: mike jr. on 4/10/2000 at 9:39:09 PM
i have an old coast king electra 26" mens bicycle. i have all
original parts, but no tank. want to restore, the year is
between 1955-1960. please get back to me thank-you