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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

MISC:    posted by: greg on 4/21/2000 at 9:07:05 AM
I have a Raleigh stinger bike it is a stingray style bike with a metal flake banana seat,one speed with a coaster brake.can anyone tell me about this bike?is anyone intrested in buying it????????????

   RE:MISC:    posted by Jeff on 4/21/2000 at 11:33:00 AM
What tire size? That will help identify it.

   RE:RE:MISC:    posted by greg on 4/21/2000 at 11:52:53 AM
the name on the bike is zinger not stinger the tire size is 20x1.75

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:    posted by greg on 4/21/2000 at 12:30:51 PM
front 20x1.75 rear 20x2.125

   RE:MISC:    posted by jj on 4/27/2000 at 5:25:49 AM
Can you post a picture of this bike? I never heard of a Raleigh Zinger.

WANTED:   Orange Krate or a green one posted by: Larry on 4/21/2000 at 8:07:05 AM
I have a friend looking for as Krate in good shape 5 speed. I said I would hunt around. I know e bay , but would rather just get one if the price is reasonable, and avoid the hassle

   RE:WANTED:   Orange Krate or a green one posted by Stacey on 8/16/2000 at 8:38:13 PM
my neighbor has an orange krate that has been painted blue wanting someone to make an offer...needs some restoration has all original parts....please reply A.S.A.P......

FOR SALE:   2 bike Firestone and paratrooper bike posted by: Larry on 4/21/2000 at 8:04:04 AM
Columbia 1947 Paratrooper bike in good shape and a Firstone cruise no tank on this model.. Make offer --- and I can send pics.

   RE:FOR SALE:   2 bike Firestone and paratrooper bike posted by Dale on 4/22/2000 at 9:24:59 PM
I would be very interested in seeing that bike

   RE:FOR SALE:   2 bike Firestone and paratrooper bike posted by dan on 4/23/2000 at 2:31:04 PM
what make is your paratrooper bike and is it foldable ? how much $ are you asking ? please send pictures ! thank you ,dan

FOR SALE:   Ross posted by: Larry on 4/21/2000 at 7:59:24 AM
Ross 20 inch Ray style bike in good condition and running Make offer

MISC:   Pee Wees bike posted by: Larry on 4/21/2000 at 7:51:24 AM
I worked on the movie and there was more than one bike. Some were just parts of bike as for his wheelie scene put front on a lift , and some w ere just cheapos made up out of cardboard parts an such and painted and one or two dolled up to look the same.They were all not much actually Check out the prop Dept at Warner Bros. and check the credits at the end of the movie for a prop rental co. name

FOR SALE:   stolen bike-help! posted by: George on 4/20/2000 at 7:37:34 PM
Call up a dragnet, comb the whole area, my DX was stolen! I know it may not do any good to use this, seeing as how it's country-wide, but just in case. God, my bike means everything to me. I think I'll go off my block 'till I get this fixed. IF you do see it (a shot in the dark), it's got saddlebags, Wacky Wheels, etc. My name's on the back of the seat on a little chrome plate-property of George-Dallas, Texas. Please help!

   RE:FOR SALE:   stolen bike-help! posted by Jeff on 4/21/2000 at 11:35:30 AM
Sorry to hear about your loss. You have the serial number RIGHT????

If not, the good that can come out of this is to remind everyone to record their bicycle's serial numbers..!

FOR SALE:   Chrome Schwinn Paramount posted by: Keith on 4/20/2000 at 10:15:05 AM
There's a beautiful chrome Schwinn Paramount on Ebay -- not mine -- item # 312372988. The bidding is barely over $300. The bike is clearly worth a lot more than that -- someone from here who'd appreciate it, or who could find someone who would, should go for this one.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Hornet posted by: Greg on 4/20/2000 at 9:59:55 AM
Nice 100% original Hornet purchased from original owner. Has Schwinn Typhoon Cord tires, just needs carrier and fork straightened a little. $600 shipped. Check it out here,

WANTED:   Trade un used trains for bike posted by: Dan S on 4/20/2000 at 9:18:23 AM
Would like to trade entire Lionel train collection (about $1300-$1400 ),sets,cars,track,large transformer,buildings&acc.All postwar and modern 027 gage for nice clean orig or restored (Schwinn only )Stingray,Fastback,Mantaray or Krate bike or bikes depending on what you have and condition. Am no longer intrested in the trains, most used only once or twice by me.

FOR SALE:   1949 Raleigh Clubman and 1950 Dawes posted by: mario on 4/18/2000 at 9:41:41 PM
Sold as a pair only. I have a 1949 Raleigh Clubman, with 1949 stamped Sturmey 3 speed hub,
and front dynohub. All original details, original green finish and decals, very old 531 decal,
Bluemels ivory colored "noweight" mudguards with Raleigh logo,
matching bluemels ivory pump with raleigh logo, front light attached
to right fork blade, rear red light. brooks pro saddle, alloy drop bars with
rubber-fitted raleigh-logo green lower-bar cover, on one side only. Steel raleigh brakes, stem, cranks, seatpin.
26 inch Dunlop stainless rims in perfect immaculate condition, these are sweet rims.
tires are modern replacements. Dawes is a ladies bike, with the same old 531 decal as the raleigh.
The model is not evident from the decals. The decals are intricate swirly lines all over the place, really
sweet, but unfortunately faded. Beautiful headbadge, sturmey 1950 3speed hub, alloy mudguards and matching alloy
"britannialloy" pump. bike has "bonderized, for rust resistance" decal. Brooks b72 saddle, nice original stem, incorrect schwinn mustache bars,
bautiful oval-cross-section steel crankset with "N" on back (nervar ?). I purchased these from the original
owners, and older couple who bought them in 1950 in england while students. Sold as a pair only
for $800. thanks for reading.

WANTED:   rear light lens posted by: Kickstand on 4/18/2000 at 8:00:10 PM
I need a 2 3/8" diameter red glass bullet shape glass lens made by Doray Lamp Co., Chicago, ILL #BL25DC. Need one, will buy extras. This looks like a truck clearance light lens. It is used on an old motorbike for a taillight. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   1968 Man's 26-inch Schwinn Racer posted by: Glenn H. Schell on 4/18/2000 at 6:33:23 PM
FOR SALE: 1968 Man's Schwinn Racer, 3-Speed, Sturmey-Archer
Hub, Schwinn generator, lights - front and rear.
Bike is green and in excellent condition. All
original. $100.00 plus S&H.

FOR SALE:   J.C. Higgins Rear Rack posted by: Glenn H. Schell on 4/18/2000 at 6:30:05 PM
FOR SALE: J. C. Higgins Rear Carrier Rack, "Cheese-grater" style,
excellent condition, less lens, primed.
$15.00 plus S&H.

FOR SALE:   Marrow Skip-Tooth Hub posted by: Glenn H. Schell on 4/18/2000 at 6:27:08 PM
FOR SALE: Marrow Skip-tooth hub, with chain, manufactured by
Eclipse Machine Company, Elmar, New York.
#PI-36-6. Excellent condition. $60.00 plus shipping.

FOR SALE:   1961 J.C. Higgins Diamond Jubilee posted by: Glenn H. Schell on 4/18/2000 at 6:24:21 PM
FOR SALE: 1961 J. C. Higgins, Diamond Jubilee, Stainless steel
spokes; new tires; extremely good front springer;
black and white paint on tank. Man's 26-inch.
Needs decals and rear lens. $125.00 plus shipping.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1961 J.C. Higgins Diamond Jubilee posted by wayne curlew on 4/29/2000 at 10:51:53 AM
would like to see pict. of j.c. higgins diamond jubilee