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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

MISC:   Tri-Bike posted by: sue on 7/27/2000 at 9:07:05 PM
Does anyone know anything about a tri-bike? It's an old kids bike that could be converted from a 3 wheeler into a 2 wheeler. It's about the size of a large tricycle. I'd like to sell it but can't find any info on it anywhere. Year and Make are unknown. The only thing written on it is tri-bike. Thanks for any info.

WANTED:   1980's Schwinn Mag Scrambler posted by: George McGown on 7/27/2000 at 7:57:48 AM
I would like to buy a 1980's Schwinn Mag Scrambler. It does not have to be stock. Actually I would prefer one with Tange forks and gooseneck stem. I would take just about anything, however. FORT WORTH TEXAS

FOR SALE:   Bicycle domain name for sale/trade posted by: Greg on 7/27/2000 at 7:36:53 AM
I am offering my registered domain name for sale or trade.
www.classicriders.com is the name and it's great for vintage bicycles, motorbikes, pedal cars, etc... Create your own web site with this name and you will be set. Email me for details and/or offers.

thanks, Greg

WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by: Rosemary on 7/27/2000 at 5:41:28 AM
I am looking for a Large grocery delivery Bike that has either 3 or 4 wheels with a large delivery basket attached, they were used in the 40's and 50's. I think it may have been a schwin. These bikes were used to delivery Grocery's
in New York City and surrounding areas.

   RE:WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by JD on 7/27/2000 at 7:00:41 AM
Schwinn made the Cycle Truck from 1930s-60s but it has only 2 wheels. Several companies have made 3 wheelers and (I THINK) new ones are probably avalable from Worksman Cycles (they have a website). They also make a 2 wheeled cycle truck for delivery. There are also old stock kits made by Schwinn avalable pretty cheap that will convert a 2 wheel bike to a 3 wheeler with basket in the rear. Good luck.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by Susan on 7/28/2000 at 8:07:54 AM
I am looking for a 3 wheeler and can not find a used one. I broke my foot( it has healed now) but my 2 wheeler makes me nervous. I would like to find out more about this kit. Where should I look or who can help me?

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by jd on 7/28/2000 at 10:43:34 AM
I have seen them advertised on the Schwinn forums (www.schwinn.com) but the forum is shut down temporarily. It is called a Town and Country I think. There seem to still be a lot of new kits avalable.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by Kevin C. on 7/30/2000 at 11:29:18 AM
How about a set of training wheels? Most of them, I think, adjust to fit an adult bike. Town and Country Schwinns often go for $300 or more and they are very difficult and expensive to ship because of their weight and bulkiness.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Old Grocery Delivery Bike posted by JimW. on 8/1/2000 at 10:43:20 AM
Worksman definitely sells 3 wheelers. JB Importers has less
industrial ones in their catalog. Any bike shop can order one
for you. There's a Canadian company called Industrivel:
that makes a nice conversion kit.

WANTED:   murray chopper posted by: greg on 7/27/2000 at 3:54:30 AM
if you have parts for a murray chopper or some custom parts please let me know i am looking for a sissy bar or anything that will fit this bike

FOR SALE:   1975 Bob Jackson - Collectors Dream posted by: James & Amber on 7/26/2000 at 5:21:43 PM
Completey original 1975 Bob Jackson with all Campagnolo accesories. Has original stickers and decals. Clearly visible serial numbers on bottom of frame. Bob Jackson frames are now hand made and customised but in the earlier years were factory produced as this one was. We have several pictures that can be sent to anyone interested via e-mail. Any further questions are welcomed via e-mail. Bike was recently assesed at $900.00. Our asking price is $600.00 and we will accept reasonable offers.

FOR SALE:   STANDARD CO. "STREET" BMX BIKE!!! posted by: ARMAND on 7/26/2000 at 12:59:17 PM

MISC:   Old Murray Women's Bike posted by: Gen on 7/25/2000 at 10:03:06 PM
I have an old Murray coaster women's bike, 26 inch I think...it has had a horrible paint job but has a really interesting chainguard with sharply pointed ends like fins on 50's cars...

Does anyone know where I might find the serial number?
If this might have some value as whole or parts?
Where I might be able to find some info or pictures about Murray bikes???

thanks Gen

   RE:MISC:   Old Murray Women's Bike posted by jd on 7/26/2000 at 2:39:18 PM
Hard to say without more info. But I THINK I know the chainguard you are discribing. Sort of hockey stick shaped with a fin that runs the length of the top??? I have only seen a couple of these and I believe they were used on early middleweight Murrays in the late 50s.

There are no serial number lists for Murrays that I know of. you might look through the pictures here, at BIKEICONS, and on EBAY to find a similar bike. Post a little more info and maybe someone can help. (tire size, features, ...)

MISC:   2 Schwinn Bikes posted by: Michael DeMoss on 7/25/2000 at 5:53:35 AM
I don't know much about bikes but I just got two Schwinns form a garage sale. They are both red and it is the original paint. One is male, the other female. One says Schwinn Speedster (the male) and its serial code is LJ566824 the other is a Schwinn Breeze (the female) and the serial code is CM535223. The seats are in decent condition but the frames have a few rust spots. Can someone tell me what these are worth?

   RE:MISC:   2 Schwinn Bikes posted by Bob on 7/26/2000 at 9:51:37 AM
Speedster is a Nov/74. Breeze is a Mar/77. Neither is a collectors item but nice bikes.

WANTED:   Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy 26" boys bike posted by: Al Stein on 7/24/2000 at 7:43:31 PM
An original boys seat for my Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy 26" bike. Looking for a good to excellent seat, will consider a girls seat or correct cover material. I am willing to pay a strong market price for the right condition seat. What other 26" parts do you have? I have some parts for trade/sale.

MISC:   Schwinn Runabout posted by: Dick on 7/24/2000 at 2:21:09 PM
I have a Runabout like the green one pictured in the database. I am curious as to the years of manufacture, quanity produced and value, it is original and even has the original tires. Its cute but certainly no muscle bike. Thanks for any help.

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Runabout posted by ChristopherRobin on 7/25/2000 at 9:20:56 AM
This is a very fun and fast little bike. I would get one if you can.

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Runabout posted by Jim Bissell on 7/28/2000 at 6:15:28 AM
I have owned a Run-a-bout since age 10 and from what I have gleened over the internet, it appears as though the Run-a-bouts were produced from 68 to 69, the 68's seem to be green in color, the 69's brown. Current market value in great shape w/org tires go between $450 and $600. Couldn't tell you how many were made!

WANTED:   JC HIGGINS FENDERS posted by: JASON on 7/23/2000 at 6:11:59 PM
I'm looking for a set of deep, rounded, JC Higgins fenders. I have a beehive springer fork, if that makes any difference. I'm only able to find the peaked, narrower ones.Braces would be nice, but not absolutly necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please check your parts stashes!! Hehehe

WANTED:   Winton bicycle parts and literature. posted by: Bernie Golias on 7/23/2000 at 5:20:32 PM
I am in need of parts for a Winton ladies bicycle circa 1892-1897.
I need cork grip handle bars, hand brake, Winton scripted pedals, and a ladies saddle(Sager or Garford).
Any leads to parts and literature would be greatly appreciated.

MISC:   info need posted by: mike on 7/23/2000 at 4:37:53 PM
need info on a very old "columbia light roadster safety", by pope mfg co., patented nov'77 .....june'89, serial # on rear sprocket 13327 any comments appreciated

FOR SALE:   Ingo Bike posted by: Brian Rumberger on 7/22/2000 at 2:41:24 PM
I have a '37 Ingo Bike that I'm looking for information on to possibly sell. The bike is a scooter type with a small front wheel and a spring board that works in tandem with an eccentric rear wheel to propel the bike forward. They were only produced for two years and were discontinued for the war effort. Truly unique - quite an oddity.
This one has sruface rust throughout, a worn wood plate with part of rubber mat w/ logo still intact, no kickstand, front brake doesn't work, but there are no dents, rear handle and wheels are intact. Paint dull, but needs buffing. Tires might hold air, but no stem on tube to find out.
Any info would be appreciated. Believe valued around 500 current condition, but uncertain. Working on getting digital pix.