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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Sprite Bicycle posted by: Henry on 9/13/2000 at 7:53:58 PM
Ladies Classic 10-speed English road bike, bronze metallic in color, original Brooks saddle, very good original unrestored condition, photo on request $395 obo/consider trade. Please E-mail or call (478)746-4674 after 9:30pm EST if interested

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Tandem Chicago/Milwaukee Area posted by: Adam G. on 9/13/2000 at 5:55:59 PM
This one is a RIDER, coaster single speed tandem. Original paint; missing fenders, chainguard, and front brake caliper; front fork has been switched. I do have a pic, see below for the URL. I have cleaned and regreased all of the crank bearings, and cleaned surface rust from the S-7 rims. I do have a late '50s middleweight fork (blue in color though) with the caliper mount hole, and can probably come up with a useable caliper and cable that I can include with the bike.

This bike is looking for a good home! I'd like to say $100 but I'm definitely open to any offers or interesting trades! Please be local because I would dread shipping this one... I'm right in the middle between Chicago and Milwaukee. Here's the URL......


   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Tandem Chicago/Milwaukee Area posted by Chip on 9/21/2000 at 7:57:40 PM
Adam,I am interested in the tamdem and I live about 1hour north of milwaukee.Please email me.

FOR SALE:   Maillard Helicomatic Hub posted by: Mike (the bike dork) on 9/12/2000 at 4:43:50 AM
Bon jour, mes amis! Voulez-vous le Helicomatic? Just a few days ago, I posted that I have a little piece of history. I'm sorry to see it got buried, so I'll bring it up again...briefly.

Reviled by some, lauded by others, the Maillard Helicomatic hub was a true innovation. It was the first cassette hub on the marketplace. They made thousands of these things and equipped 80's Peugeots with them. Like many "firsts" in the world, it didn't make it and parts are not available.

I pulled a good condition Helicomatic hub off of a dead Peugeot. I could sell it, but I'd rather give it to someone who can use it or its parts. Please e-mail me.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Maillard Helicomatic Hub posted by Keith on 9/13/2000 at 7:23:07 AM
Bravo! This is the kind of thing that makes this site great and marks it as a place where enthusiasts can come and escape the excesses of the purely commercial guys. Givng it away -- thank you!

FOR SALE:   NINGUNA SUBASTA EN LÍNEA DE LA RESERVA posted by: joe on 9/11/2000 at 7:33:14 PM
Quisiera disculparme por doble fijando eso era accidental. En cuanto a fijarse tengo cada derecha. Estoy vendiendo de una colección entera de bicicletas, de piezas y de algunas probabilidades y extremos que tomé en el comercio para las bicicletas. Si usted elige hacer una oferta en los items es totalmente su opción. No estoy torciendo ninguna brazos a la oferta ni compro ninguna items que tenga para arriba para la subasta. Estoy utilizando todos los activos disponibles para anunciar esta SUBASTA de la RESERVA de NO y continuaré. Abuso del privilegio de estos sitios libres del Web? Algunos dicen sí, otros dicen no. Desemejante de otros que dejen comentarios, no utilizo un email address falso y también proporciono a un número de teléfono. Lo diré otra vez, si usted tiene algo que decir a mí o sobre mí usted tiene mi email address y mi número de teléfono. Se insinúa que estoy perdiendo el espacio de la paginación en los sitios del Web. Pienso que gimoteo continuo sobre lo que estoy haciendo está perdiendo el espacio. He vendido 100 de bicicletas y los items relacionados y hechos lo que pienso son una contribución del almirante a la manía de la bicicleta. Hay las épocas en que quisiera saltar adentro y agregar mi comentario pero no lo hago. No porque quién cuida. Es un sitio para las bicicletas y no para ventilar fuera de diferencias o de celos. Soy justo dando a cada uno una ocasión de comprar el Bic

FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE ONLINE AUCTION posted by: joe on 9/11/2000 at 7:23:47 PM
I would like to apologize for double posting that was accidental. As for the posting itself I have every right. I am selling off an entire collection of bicycles, parts and a few odds and ends that I took in trade for bicycles. If you choose to bid on the items it is totally your choice. I am not twisting any arms to bid or buy any items that I have up for auction. I am using all available assets to advertise this NO RESERVE AUCTION and will continue. Do I abuse the privilege of these free web sites? Some say yes, others say no. Unlike others who leave comments, I don't use a fake email address and I also provide a phone number. I will say it again, if you have something to say to me or about me you have my email address and my phone number. It is insinuated that I am wasting page space on the web sites. I think continuous whining about what I am doing is wasting space. I have sold 100's of bicycles and related items and made what I think is an admiral contribution to the bicycle hobby. There are times when I would like to jump in and add my comment but I don't. I don't because who cares. It is a site for bicycles and not for airing out differences or jealousies. I am just giving everyone a chance to buy bicycles and parts at a real great, not good, but great prices. If you choose to bid on the items I have up for auction, great. If you don't, your loss is another's gain.

MISC:   The American Dream posted by: Oscar on 9/11/2000 at 2:31:20 PM
Not to continue the whining, but sometimes I think the line between business and hobby gets blurred to a furry fuzz. When hobbyists cross the line from collectors to businessmen, they seldom do well…neither as collectors nor as businessmen. A business is licensed, dependable, open during predictable times, and oriented toward consumer demand. This all requires the commitment of the business owner.

A lot of folks think that the American Dream is to retire from the 9-5 and get a domain name. Be you own boss. Do what you love. Sleep in late. Work in your underwear. Flaky, huh?

The problem is that people won’t flock to you just because you’re having a great time. You have to be out there, selling your product. Talking to customers. Answering the phone. Selling a good stuff that people can use. Shipping out orders on time. Being dependable. That’s the American Dream – building a good, solid business. Otherwise, you’re just a flake.

   RE:MISC:   The American Dream posted by Keith on 9/13/2000 at 9:49:36 AM
I see a blurry triangle -- enthusiasts at one point, "serious" collectors at another, and dealers at the third. This site has been populated by enthusiasts -- and that's been great. Serious collectors, the guys who write books, have lots or truly rare museum quality stuff, etc., well, they're too busy having wine and cheese parties on the coasts to hang with us. Dealers. There are good ones and bad ones. I've dealt with both. Heck, this site is provided by a dealer! Even the good ones try to get every last dime from you that they can -- that's fine, it's the Amecican way. You don't have to buy it. But at least the good ones are honest about condition, terms of the sale, shipping, and the like. Bad ones just suck. Here's one last thought. The Schwinn site was populated by a bunch of morons who spent their time posting childish messages using anonymous names. The few decent people who were at that site were drowned out by the dorks. Schwinn is down, so we get its a-hole refugees. At least if they hang out here, it will just be in this part, or the ballooners and muscle bike sections.

FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by: ABiker on 9/10/2000 at 7:40:17 PM
If there's anyone out there that knows how to abuse a free forum (or two), it sure is you!

   RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Amazed on 9/10/2000 at 10:10:50 PM
No doubt! First it was three posts a day on the Schwinn site. Now it's 2/3 of a page on Oldroads! That's ABUSE.

   RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Oscar on 9/10/2000 at 10:13:06 PM
Salt & Pepper shakers??, Blenders?? I didn't come here to see a freaking garage sale!!

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by ABiker on 9/10/2000 at 11:51:36 PM
That's what I'm saying! If I were Oldroads I would delete both of his (and these) posts. What a waste of space. Learn some TACT. Anywhere there's some free space to place an ad, Joe abuses it. It's pretty rude to take up 2/3 of one page IMHO.

   JOE IS A BOT posted by Nat on 9/11/2000 at 7:18:28 AM
It's the only thing I can think of. I went to Sullivan for that show on Sunday; nothing there but teamsters. Plus, the repeated spamming, and the lack of replies to emails makes me think "Joe" is someone's clever web-bot to capitalize on us old-nike addicts...

   JOE IS A BOT posted by Nat on 9/11/2000 at 7:18:42 AM
It's the only thing I can think of. I went to Sullivan for that show on Sunday; nothing there but teamsters. Plus, the repeated spamming, and the lack of replies to emails makes me think "Joe" is someone's clever web-bot to capitalize on us old-bike addicts...

   RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by JOEL on 9/11/2000 at 7:59:56 AM
To post all that one time is abuse. To post it TWICE is just obnoxious. Does he really expect to attract buyers by doing this?

   RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Keith on 9/11/2000 at 9:40:23 AM
This is an abuse of this site. I say delete the whole thing. By the same token, I would also delate all fake name postings. ALL of them.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Art on 9/11/2000 at 11:25:13 AM
I love this site....but the auction post on the for sale site is ridiculous. I'd delete them. Ban auctions. Limit sale posts to 2 or 3 a day if that is what this guy does. I hope this crap doesn't portend some strange new trend for this site. I've seen this site as a place that collectors can sell, swap, talk, etc. That many postings is a commercial adventure. It doesn't belong here.

   RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Kevin C. on 9/11/2000 at 5:00:11 PM
Joe has another problem, too: he doesn't know how to pack a bike for shipment. I bought one on eBay from him and it appeared to have been dropped into a box. No packing, holes in the box, loose parts, missing parts.

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by joe on 9/11/2000 at 7:16:57 PM
When leaving coments you should at the least leave a real email address instead of hidding behind a computer.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by joe on 9/11/2000 at 7:20:16 PM
All my bicycles are packed with bubble wrap and boxed properly. I am not responsable in the way the carrier handles them. Get real.... If you had a problem why didn't you contact me. This is the kind of whinnig and jealousy I am talking about.

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   GEEZ JOE! posted by Kevin C. on 9/11/2000 at 8:36:57 PM
There's no "fake" email address here. There was no bubble wrap, either, or any other kind of packing. And I did contact you, several times. I waited a month for the bike then found parts missing. You offered to "file a claim." Big deal.

   QUIT YOUR WHINING! posted by JOEL on 9/12/2000 at 6:54:36 AM
Your emails are getting real stupid. You can't blame people for the damaged during shipping. Even if there was bubble wrap or not, NEW bicycles are not shipped with bubble wrap and parts are missing from time to time and we file claims against shipping on as need basis. So if this person offerd you to help file a claim why didn't you? Because you are one of those web site antagonizers with nothing to do and add no value to the hobby.

   Imposter... posted by JOEL on 9/12/2000 at 11:51:27 AM
Obviously I did not post that last comment.

FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE ONLINE AUCTION posted by: joe on 9/10/2000 at 6:55:52 PM

Greetings to All:

Joe Rapoza presents a NO RESERVE online auction. Start date is October 29, 2000 through November 8, 2000. The opening bids are listed on the last page of this email. You must bid the minimum opening bid.

I will do my very best to describe every bicycle and part in full detail. If there is damage or vital parts missing I will explain just that. If an item has all original parts or additional parts that may not be visible in the picture I will also explain that in the description. Please take a good look at the bicycle or part and the description prior to emailing me with question such as "what color is the bike", "or is that a NOS part when the box is present". I will do my very best to provide an accurate and honest description. * I will use a simple numbering system 1-10 to rate the each bicycle or part. 1 being the lowest 10 the highest. I will provide additional pictures via email. When sending emails please use the subject line "Request additional pictures of item #350 Schwinn Fastback". I request that you give a brief description of the item to avoid any possible errors, along with the item number given in the listing name and NOT the computer generated number i.e. (#350 Schwinn Fastback and not 98765432). All emails will be answered in the order received. We welcome phone calls from 7:30pm to 10:00pm EST., my phone number is 508-669-5222. I expect a great turn out with some outstanding buys. I ask that you please follow these few simple rules so we may answer as many emails and phone calls as possible throughout the entire auction giving everyone a fair chance. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO EMAIL ME OR PHONE ME PRIOR TO THE AUCTION WITH QUESTIONS OR REQUEST FOR PICTURES. My staff is ready to send pictures at this time and I will be available to answer phones calls every evening until the last day of the auction. On the last day of the auction November 8, 2000, it would be in your best interest to call me to avoid any last minute emails going unanswered. If for any reason you are having problems registering on the auction site please email me and I will forward it to a Xbid support technician. Hot email addresses are prohibited from WWW.XBID.COM.

All Bicycles have a $15.00 handling fee plus the cost of shipping. I will use United Parcel Services WWW.UPS.COM as my shipping company for every bicycle. To view shipping cost, use the following information: (Balloon tire bicycles require 2 boxes) each box is approximately 55x6x30 with an approximate weight of 30lbs each. 20 inch/Muscle bicycles require only one box with an approximate weight of 40lbs each. My shipping zip code will be 02769. Bicycles will be shipped in the order which payment is received.

PAYMENT: I request that all bicycles, parts and shipping cost be paid by U.S. Postal Money order ONLY. Unless other arrangements have been made.

It will take a MINIMUM of 14 WORKING days to ship each bicycle. We will do our best to ship them the day after payment is received. With such a large quantity of bicycles it requires many boxes which are free from local shops. PATIENTS ARE A REQUIREMENT.

All parts have a handling fee of $3.00 plus the cost of shipping. Items that can be readily determined to have a weight of less than 2 pounds have a flat rate of $3.20 plus $3.00 handling. Other items will be estimated and shipping cost determined upon completion of the auction. Parts will be shipped in the order payment is received.

1 - 10 rating scale.

The value of an old bicycle is merely a subjective estimate. I am judging these bicycles on the low side rather than inflating them. I do not claim to be an expert and it is difficult to get most experts to agree with each other as egos usually get in the way of objectivity. I am judging them to best of my ability. You should ask as many questions as possible before you bid if
you are not sure about an item.

Item and Description Opening Bid

1. 1937 Columbia Westfield 25.00
2. 1940 Columbia Hanging Tank 100.00
3. 1941 Elgin 25.00
4. 1954 Roadmaster 25.00
5. 1948 JC Higgings 4 Star 25.00
6. 1936/37 Columbia 25.00
7. 1938 Schwinn Pre-War Pioneer 20.00
8. 1930’s Red Robin 20.00
9. 1941 Colson Marathon 100.00
10. 1947 Columbia Civilian Paratrooper 25.00
11. 1939 Columbia Motobike 20.00
12. 1954 Western Flyer 25.00
13. 1930’s Harvard Deluxe Broken frame 10.00
14. 1947 Girls JC Higgins 50.00
15. 1940/41 Firestone Pilot 25.00
16. 1958/59 Schwinn Red Phantom 100.00
17. 1948 Roadmaster 100.00
18. 1970’s Huff Eliminator 25.00
19. 1960’s Firestone 20” Sidewalk 10.00
20. Schwinn Fastback 25.00
21. 1941/42 Iver Johnson War Grade 100.00
22. 1970’s Schwinn Pixie 10.00
23. Schwinn Fastback 25.00
24. Schwinn Stardust 25.00
25. Schwinn Speedster 10.00
26. Schwinn Fairlady 25.00
27. Schwinn Stardust/Fastback 25.00
28. Schwinn Fairlady 25.00
29. 1968 Schwinn Orange Krate 100.00
30. Columbia Trojan 30.00
31. 1950’s Hercules 10.00
32. 1970’s Sears Screamer 50.00
33. 1970’s Huffy Rail 10.00
34. 1950’s Schwinn Ace 24” 10.00
35. 1940/41 Rollfast (Hoppy Candidate) 100.00
36. 1960’s Columbia middle weight 10.00
37. 1937/38 Elgin Motobike 100.00
38. 1960’s Rollfast Flightweight 25.00
39. Schwinn Fastback 25.00
40. 1937 Sterling Special Deluxe 25.00
41. 1941 Columbia Superb square fender 25.00
42. Rollfast 25.00
43. Rollfast 25.00
44. 1950’s Shelby Trojan 25.00
45. Rollfast 25.00
46. 1940 Elgin 4 Star 25.00
47. 1948 Monarch Super Deluxe 100.00
48. 1937 Westfield 50.00
49. 1954 Columbia 24” 25.00
50. 1960’s Western Flyer 20” 10.00

Item and Description Opening Bid

51. 1970’s Columbia Lil’ Pal 20” 10.00
52. 1947/48 Colson 50.00
53. 1937/38 Pioneer 55.00
54. 1950’s Black Knight 25.00
55. 1950’s Garage Special 5.00
56. Schwinn New World 25.00
57. Schwinn Fastback 25.00
58. Schwinn Fastback 25.00
59. Ferry Tricycle 25.00
60. Roadmaster 24” 20.00
61. Colson War Grade 25.00
62. Iver Johnson 50.00
63. Pioneer 25.00
64. Schwinn Hornet 100.00
65. Schwinn Hornet 50.00
66. Schwinn Hornet 50.00
67. Schwinn Hornet 50.00
68. Columbia 3 Star Deluxe 50.00
69. Schwinn Hornet 50.00
70. JC Higgins 25.00
71. 1930’s Hartford 15.00
72. Schwinn Girls 3 speed Serial AG 25.00
100. Schwinn Goose neck 12.00
101. 3 Speed parts 10.00
103. NOS Bell 15.00
104. Schwinn Speedo lot 1 Speedo, 1, 20” Driver,
2, 16” Driver, 16” Cable 25.00
106. 2 Schwinn Script Brakes 12.00
107. Quality Ignition parts box empty 50.00
108. 2 NOS Weinmann Cables 7.00
109. 2 cap guns with holsters 9.00
110. 26” Wood rim with script ND hub 22.50
111. Schwinn Panther Chainguard 15.00
112. NOS McCauley Chainguard 13.50
113. 1950’s Cigarette Machine 28.00
114. 3 Schwinn Mags 21.00
115. 3 Schwinn Cranks with Mags 26.00
116. 3 Schwinn Cranks with Mags 26.00
117. Schwinn 3 Speed Shift Cover and
5 Speed Download Tube 20.00
118. NOS Sprocket Made in France 10.00
119. Schwinn sprocket 11.00
120. 1950’s Columbia coffin tank with Delta Horn 23.00
121. 1800’s Drinking Cup 17.50
122. NOS Darwin Stop-lite 20.00
123. NOS Delta Redguard taillight 16.50
124. Delta light NO MOUNTING BRACKET 15.75
125. NOS Delta sealed beam light 65.50
126. Used Delta Redguard taillight 8.75
127. Used Delta light 40.00
128. NOS Delta Hubba Bubba light 12.75
129. NOS Schwinn Derailleaur 6.75
130. NOS Briitax Derailleaur 5.00
131. 9 NOS Dorcy Generator light 9.00
132. Elgin 4 star rear fender in primmer 10.00
133. 1950’s Columbia fenders and chain guards 8.00
134. NOS Raleigh 27” Tourinton Fenders 6.00
135. NOS Wald Fenders 7.00
136. NOS Wald Balloon 26 Fenders 10.00
137. 1948 Monarch Fork 5.00
138. 3 Schwinn forks
(1 Girls Fastback & Coaster Stingray, Stingray Jr.) 11.00
139. Old Game 20.00
140. NOS Block generator 6.25
141. Elgin 4 Star head tube shroud 10.00
142. Gun cleaning case (empty) 1.00
143. Schwinn Wald Ramshorn & Ape hangers 20.50
144. Schwinn Girls Balloon Handle Bars 10.00
145. Schwinn Ape Hangers (dated 1967),
Manta Ray and Wald Ramshorn handle bars 27.50
146. NOS Huret speedo 12.00
147. NOS Huret speedo 20.00
148. Used Nation handle bar horn 3.00
149. 2 Bendix hubs 12.50
150. NOS Huret Speedo 10.00
151. 9 NOS Mileage Meters and 1 Chain Extractor 10.00
152. NOS Complete Set of Weinman 730s
For Schwinn Fastback 25.00
153. NOS Set of Weinman 1020s
For Schwinn Krate (missing one lever and cable) 25.00
154. NOS Set of Weinman 1050s 10.00
155. Schwinn Lot, Hand Grips,
NOS Parts call for details 15.00
156. NOS, 12 Ball Type nipple 48"
Cables 43" Case, Phillips Bikes 5.00
157. 5 Used Lights 1.00
157. NOS Axles Lot, 9, 5/16 x 5 1/2,
158. 25 Crown-24, Wald, 18 Misc: 7.00
159. NOS Windshield Moped? 15.00
160. NOS English Made Child Seats 12.00
161. NOS Cable Lot, 200 Huret, 20.00
162. 2 Fenders? 1 Schwinn Goose Neck 10.00
162. NOS Cables 13, Vista 60” x 65” White,
2 Rampar, 8 Fisher 7.00
164. NOS Wald 24 Chrome Balloon Fenders 7.00
165. NOS Wald 20 Chrome Fenders 9.00
166. NOS Wald 26 Chrome Middle Weight
Fenders 2 Rear & 1 Front 7.00
167. Empty Tire patch can 2.00
168. Raleigh NOS 20 x 1.75 tires 15.00
169. NOS Fender Braces, 5-16",
13-20", 2-26, 2-27 7.00
170. Schwinn Seat 10.00
171. NOS VDO 26” 27” Speedometer 10.50
172. Brooks seat 10.50
173. NOS 3 Speed Shamano shifter 4.50
174. NOS Wald 24 Middle Weight Fenders 7.00
176. NOS Michelin White Walls 20x1.75 10.00
180. NOS (crazy) 3 Speed converter 15.00
181. Schwinn Axle Bolt .25
182. Schwinn Chain Guard 3.00
183. Wurtlitzer 200 Wall box 175.00
184. Schwinn Pre-War Chain Guard 15.00
185. Generator light set 7.50
186. Schwinn tank with delta horn button 15.00
187. NOS Schwinn approved pedal 10.00
188. Lowenbrau Clock 10.00
189. Color Copy of Original Bowden Catalog 45.00
190. NOS Disc Brake caliper 7.00
191. NOS Blue Banana Seat 10.00
192. Budweiser Neon Sign 70.00
193. NOS 20” Carlisle White Wall tires 15.00
194. NOS Custom Cable Cover 6.50
195. Hunt Wilde Hand Brake Covers
(Schwinn) 3 Pair 10.00
196. NOS Raleigh Derailluer Cover 5.00
197. Flagstaff Cash Register Lamp 5.00
198. Schwinn 10 Speed Store Display 50.00
199. NOS Vista Krate tire 5.00
200. Gross Tire Repair can (empty) 4.00
201. Goodyear Clock 17.00
202. Hamilton Beach Blender 15.00
203. Hi-Plane Tobacco Sign 70.00
204. Schwinn NOS Krate USA Made 16” Tire 10.00
205. Ice Bar Sign 5.00
206. NOS Lenton Rear light 6.00
207. Leroux Bar Sign 6.00
208. King Pelican Sign 6.00
209. McGillcuddys Bar Sign 7.00
210. NOS Miller Generator Light Set 12.50
211. NOS Mobil Jet Oil Can (full) 5.00
212. NOS Hunt Wilde Reflector 3.00
213. NOS Union Generator Light Set 12.50
214. NOS Bicycle Radio (no mounting bracket) 7.00
215 (7) Bicycle Bells 15.00
216. Raleigh NOS 20 x 1.75 tires 15.00
217. Pepsi Cola Picnic Cooler 20.00
218. Pepsi Cola Soda Machine 50.00
219. Pepsi Cola Metal Carrying Case 20.00
220. Pinch Bar Sign 6.00
221. Coca Cola Blotter 6.00
222. Old RX Drug Store Display Lamp 15.00
223. U-Select it Candy Machine 15.00
224. NOS 3 Speed Generic Shifter 3.00
225. NOS Huret Speedometer 10.00
226. NOS Bicycle Steering Wheel 12.50
227. NOS 20” Stewart Warner Speedometer 11.00
228. NOS Schwinn Touring Bag 6.00
230. NOS Jet Flyer 18” Wagon 100.00
231. Coca Cola Westinghouse 110 150.00
232. Delta Horn 10.00
233. Raleigh Generator Light 10.00
234. Raleigh Battery Light 2.00
235. NOS 24” Pair Balloon Red Fenders 9.00
236. NOS 24” Middle Weight Burgundy Fenders 7.00
237. NOS Hubba Bubba Lights 7.50
238. NOS Reflectors 2.00
239. 25+ feet of NO Hard Rubber Tire 15.00
240. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
241. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
242. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
243. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
244. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
245. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
246. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
247. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
248. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
249. Misc.: Hubs 7.50
250. Misc.: Hubs 7.50
251. Misc.: Hubs 8.50
252. Misc.: Hubs 8.50
253. Misc.: Hubs 9.50
254. Misc.: Brake Arms 12.00
255. Misc.: Hubs 10.00
256. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
257. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
258. Misc. :2 Speed Gear 6.00
259. Misc.: 2 Speed Gear and Sprocket 7.00
260. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
261. Misc.: Sprockets 7.50
262. Misc.: Hubs 6.00
263. NOS Lucia Speedometer 10.00
264. NOS BMX Seat 10.00
265. NOS Mirror 2.00
266. NOS Raleigh Mirror 4.00
267. NOS Raleigh Mirror 6.00
268. Firestone outboard motor 20.00
269. Murray Diesel Pedal Tractor 15.00
270. Murray Chain Drive Tricycle 10.00
271. NOS 5 Pair Light Weight
Chrome Fenders with Brackets 10.00
272. New Departure Box 50.00
273. Schwinn Hubs and Brake Arm 10.00
274. Neverout bicycle lamp 17.00
277. Old tools 10.00
279. Old Lincoln Lube Guns 5.00
280. Pedal Car 10.00
281. Murray Jetflow Pedal Car 125.00
282. NOS Schwinn Fastback 20” Slick tire 10.00
283. NOS Castelli Pedal Tractor 150.00
284. Quaker State Clock 17.00
285. NOS Raleigh Generator Light 10.00
286. 3 NOS BMX Rims 15.00
287. 2 NOS Sissy Bar Head Rest 7.00
288. NOS 20” Rex Speedometer 15.00
289. NOS 4 Raleigh Rat Trap Pedal 1.00
290. NOS Sturmey Archer Shifter NO Bracket 5.00
291. NOS Misc.: Sissy Bar Lot 5.00
292. Scout seat 10.00
293. NOS Seat 7.00
294. Misc. Old Bicycle Seat Lot 1 15.00
295. Misc. Old Bicycle Seat Lot 2 15.00
296. Misc. Old Bicycle Seat Lot 3 15.00
297. Misc. Old Bicycle Seat Lot 4 15.00
300. Schwinn Blue Fastback Seat (Mint) 15.00
301. Brooks Saddle 10.00
302. NOS Schwinn Typhoon 26”
White Wall Balloon Repops 15.00
303. NOS Generic 3 Speed Shifter 3.00
304. Misc.: Lot of Rubber Tires 20.00
305. Schwinn Catalog Stand 15.00
306. Coca Cola Idea 55 slider (stripped out) 25.00
307. Coca Cola Standard
(Coin operated missing coin mech and tower) 250.00
308. Coca Cola Standard Cooler 75.00
309. Coca Cola Standard Water Repop Doors 200.00
310. Double Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers 5.00
314. NOS Stewart Warner Speedometer 10.00
315. NOS Black Faced Huret
Speedometer 20” in box 12.50
316. Schwinn Speedometer 1621 Miles 10.00
317. Schwinn Speedometer 0 Miles 10.00
318. Rollfast Speedometer W/ Driver 35 Miles 20.00
319. Cadet Speedometer 79 Miles 10.00
320. Cadet Speedometer 231Miles 10.00
321. NOS IKU Speedometer 10.00
322. NOS National Speedometer Electronic 15.00
323. NOS Cycle Speedometer 10.00
324. NOS 26” Balloon Carlisle Nobby Tires 25.00
325. NOS Sachs Huret Speedometer 10.00
326. NOS Huret 5.00
327. NOS Universal Speedometer 10.00
328. NOS IKU Speedometer 10.00
329. NOS National Speedometer Electronic 15.00
330. Seeburg Tear Drop Speaker 200.00
331. 1957 Schwinn Reporter 5.00
332. NOS Training Wheels (only no brackets) 3.00
333. NOS Chrome 20” Middle Weight Fenders 5.00
334. NOS Troxel Seat 6.00
335. NOS Bicycle Tennis Racket Holder 3.00
336. 3 NOS Royal Chain 16” Balloon tires 8.00
337. Early Tool Pouch with Design 15.00
338. New Departure Box 100.00
339. Columbia Catalog 7.00
340. 1948 Troxel Seat Catalog 20.00
341. Schwinn Reporter Newspaper (36 Total) 2.20 Each
342. American Bicyclist & Motorcyclist 15 Total 30.00 Lot
343. Bicyclist Journal 67 Total 2.20 Each
344. Murray Catalog 1962 8.00
345. Hunt Wilde Catalog 1963 13.00
346. Musselman & Bendix Hub
price total view picture 20.00
347. Rollfast Catalog With Price Guide 25.00
348. Schwinn Catalog 30.00
349. Raleigh Parts List (no pictures) 10.00
350. Phillips Parts List (no pictures) 20.00
353. Wald Catalog # 56 25.00
354. Armstrong Catalog (no pictures) 10.00
355. Hub Catalog outstanding pictures
bicycles, toys, trains, pedal cars, 1953-54 25.00
356. Columbia Catalog 1955 20.00
357. Ranger Catalog 1955 10.00
358. Raleigh Sturmey Archer Catalog (no pictures) 10.00
359. Schwinn Catalog 25.00
360. Columbia Catalog 1962 15.00
361. Delta Light Catalog 8 pages of Bicycle Lights 40.00

   RE:FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE ONLINE AUCTION posted by scoot on 9/12/2000 at 7:26:35 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE ONLINE AUCTION posted by steve on 9/27/2000 at 2:27:16 PM
yo !!! joe !!!! ever heard of fred sanford ????

FOR SALE:   lowrider trike posted by: chris on 9/10/2000 at 5:53:34 PM
schwinn custom lowrider trike. Purple flake w/ murals.
144 custom daytons w/engraving all show gold&chrome.
custom upholstery.custom 20" back piece w/ sciccor lift
w/ rotating love seat.lots of custom parts and engraving
to much to list.asking 1.300 obo email for pix

MISC:   Harley Davidson 20" Bike posted by: Karen on 9/10/2000 at 11:55:17 AM
would appreciate information on a 20" Harley Davidson, black,
bicycle. Has made in USA and "Patent Pending". would like to know how old this bicycle is etc.. Thanks.

   RE:MISC:   Harley Davidson 20 posted by racerrex on 9/11/2000 at 6:14:16 AM
You need to describe it better. Does it have a plastic motor and bodywork. If it does it's probably an AMF Roadmaster Harley - Davidson Sportster (whew). Look at the place where the forks attach and see if it says Roadmaster there.

FOR SALE:   flying jet posted by: "" flying jet"" on 9/9/2000 at 11:09:36 PM
i have a bike, the headbadge reads" flying jet", any info??

MISC:   Orbea Info?? posted by: Nick on 9/9/2000 at 8:44:09 PM
My daughter has a '56 Orbea EIBAR, this bike folds in the middle, has two kick stands, a Capri-20 Speedometer, and a mod.5 Rinder Light. I can find no info on this bike and would like to know the value of the bike. It's in very good condition. Any info would be greatly appreciated. She is willing to sell the bike. Thanks Much..

WANTED:   could it be indian posted by: rickey on 9/9/2000 at 12:29:12 PM
it was very old when I was a younger boy ! it has 12"hard wheels big bucket seat full fenders wide cruiser style handle bars bookrack and a indian's head on the headtube pedals like a tricycle twotone paint red-white i think it could be from 1940's or mid 1950's maybe older any idea's youall my curiousity's killing the CAT !

   RE:WANTED:   could it be indian posted by Gordon on 9/9/2000 at 3:36:25 PM
Hiawatha bikes sold by the Gambles Hardware Stores had an Indian head on their forktube badge. I think it is more likely to be a Hiawatha than an Indian considering the time and the size.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   could it be indian posted by rickey on 9/15/2000 at 4:52:35 PM
can anyone put a ballpark price on this

   RE:WANTED:   could it be indian posted by rd on 9/16/2000 at 7:51:00 PM
I just bought one in fair shape for $80.00. I probably paid to much.

   RE:WANTED:   could it be indian posted by rd on 9/16/2000 at 7:52:44 PM
I just bought one in fair shape for $80.00. I probably paid to much.

MISC:   Need to find out what Year my JC higgins is posted by: mike on 9/9/2000 at 12:02:59 PM
I noticed when I was taking apart the JC higgins I bought it has a skip tooth sprocket, does anyone know what was the last yr JC higgins made this skip tooth sprocket and the seat is made out of cloth material. there is also a fin on the on top on the front fender too. any help would be great

   RE:MISC:   Need to find out what Year my JC higgins is posted by Pee-Wee on 9/9/2000 at 2:52:16 PM
I think that the finned front fender was used on middleweights. I'm not sure, but I think that the last skip toothed sprockets wer made in the mid 1950s.

   RE:MISC:   Need to find out what Year my JC higgins is posted by rd on 9/10/2000 at 8:50:45 AM
Skips were last used abt 1952

FOR SALE:   Maillard Helicomatic Hubs posted by: Mike (the bike dork) on 9/9/2000 at 9:28:59 AM
Does anyone like Helicomatic hubs? I have a complete hub set from a deceased Peugeot. These aren't made any more, and the cones and bearings are unique. Both front and read have qr's included. $25 shipped (lower 48). Un piece de la belle France!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Maillard Helicomatic Hubs posted by Mike (the bike dork) on 9/13/2000 at 8:44:49 AM
On second thought, that's a lot of money for something I can't use. I reposted the item yesterday. In the attempt to spread a brotherhood/sisterhood good feel, I'll give them to the first one who needs them. Please send me an e-mail.