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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   who wants it? posted by: Robert R. Lane Jr. on 9/24/2000 at 3:38:24 PM
I just bought a 1953 Schwinn boys bicycle. and I have no desire to do a proper restorationa dn I don't need another bike to ride, it is in good condition the rear wheel is not stock, everything else is. Front badge in very good restorable condition as well as the rest ot the bike. Any bids. Thanks... Robert

   RE:FOR SALE:   who wants it? posted by Randy on 9/25/2000 at 10:34:50 AM
Hi Robert,
Can you tell me a bit more about the bike? Is there a name, a tank, a
rack, or a light? Also, where will it be shipped from, what State?

   RE:FOR SALE:   who wants it? posted by STEVEN on 10/19/2000 at 11:14:28 AM

WANTED:   sturmley archer 3 geared back wheel or any other wheel with cog(s) on it. posted by: Guy Moseley on 9/24/2000 at 8:58:40 AM
sturmley archer 3 geared back wheel or any other wheel with cog(s) on it.

I am looking to motorise my bike, and i need a wheel with at least one cog on it, so that I will be able to connect to my front forks, and then onto an electric motor.

I would preffer a wheel of sive 26inches, but sizes a little smaller would be fine.

I am willing to pay whatever you think is fair, as i do not know much about the cost of these goods.

I live in the UK, so therefore would preffere not to import anything.

Please get in touch by emailing me : Guym@talk21.com


   Unsolicited suggestions. posted by Oscar on 9/26/2000 at 8:07:56 AM
You want to put a rear wheel on the front fork? I would bet that a 3-speed hub would be too wide. Maybe a 26" rear wheel with a hub for a freewheel. This should be a readily available second-hand part.

Remove the freewheel and replace it with a single-speed freewheel (it's narrower). Also remove any extra spacers on the axle so you have a narrow-enough area between the locknuts to fit it onto the fork.

Good luck! If you get your creation up and running, let us know.

WANTED:   schwinn soft grips BMX posted by: joe harcharik on 9/23/2000 at 9:26:43 PM
I'm looking for some good soft grips for a schwinn bmx bicycle that won't hurt my hands when i do jumps.

WANTED:   "double pitch" chain posted by: Hie on 9/23/2000 at 8:23:04 PM
Where could I get a "double pitch" chain? My dad would love to be able to be able to get his 1940 Schwinn Excelsior going. Is "double pitch" the same as "skip tooth"? If you have one to sell, you could email me directly. Thanks.

   RE:WANTED:    posted by Kevin C. on 9/24/2000 at 4:58:52 AM
It's the same as skip-tooth, with one-inch pitch instead of the modern 1/2-inch pitch. Memory Lane Classics sells it new, as I recall for about $20.

MISC:   schwinn skipper posted by: rick on 9/23/2000 at 12:38:09 PM
I have a Schwinn Skipper that need information on. The serial # is c226443 so I think it may be 52 or 53. It is original and is in great shape except for rock chips. I don't have an idea, as to the worth. Rick

   RE:MISC:   schwinn skipper posted by KevinC on 9/24/2000 at 4:55:21 AM
That would be March 1962. I don't know the value but I have seen a few around. Finding one in really great shape would probably be unusual because younger kids were rough on them.

MISC:   Sears chrome Fleetwood posted by: Ian on 9/23/2000 at 10:30:01 AM
A few years ago some friends gave me a Sears fleetwood bike. All chrome, three speed internal hub, stick shift. Its in pretty good shape and all functional. Where can I get info as to value, year, etc? I have looked all over the web but it is a big place. Does anyone have a clue or is anyone interested in this bike. Its a pretty cool machine.

WANTED:   Brake Shoes posted by: Karen on 9/22/2000 at 10:20:58 AM
I need a pair of brake shoes for a 1959 Columbia FireArrow
bike. Would appreciate any information. Thanks very much.

WANTED:   STINGRAY FRAME posted by: MIKE on 9/21/2000 at 7:01:38 PM
looking for reasonably priced frame and fork for a 12 year olds first project.other parts ok to but mainly want frame and fork.prefer coppertone but will consider other color.paint must be good,year and other parts are not important.must be reasonably priced he's only 12 years old

   RE:WANTED:   STINGRAY FRAME posted by Carmine on 9/25/2000 at 6:44:55 AM
A genuine Sting-Ray frame in that color could be pretty pricey. You would be lucky to find one for $100. But if you would accept other brands of cantilever frames (Huffy, Sears, etc) you can probably find something nice for $20 to $50

   RE:WANTED:   STINGRAY FRAME posted by christian on 9/25/2000 at 8:20:23 PM
If you don't mind doing some paint work,
I'll sell you a '69 frame and fork with the nice
chrome fork crown included. The only catch is, you have to paint it and the
original kickstand has been replaced with a bolt on.
I will include the bolt on stand. This would make an exc.
start for a first project. You can get coppertone paint at a fairly reasonable price and do it yourself.$40.00 shipped
E-mail me directly if your interested.
thanx, Christian

FOR SALE:   schwinn stingray posted by: jerry harlow on 9/21/2000 at 10:27:08 AM
1972 Schwinn Stingray for sale. 5spd. rear slick. all original. In very good conditon. $350.00 plus shipping.

   RE:FOR SALE:   schwinn stingray posted by Tom on 9/25/2000 at 10:05:03 AM
DO you have any pictures if the bike?
What are the numbers?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   schwinn stingray posted by jerry on 9/30/2000 at 5:02:51 AM
Sorry Tom, No pictures I can that I can E-mail you. The serial number is lh536972. Anyother ?'s just throw me a note. Thanks, Jerry.

FOR SALE:   Stingray Fastback, 1971 posted by: Mike on 9/21/2000 at 6:13:42 AM
This bike is in very good condition, nice chrome, tires look new. Sky Blue. Just the usual scratches and scuffs here and there. Take a look: ebay item # 443886033.

FOR SALE:   1983 Original Schwinn CLUNKER posted by: Linda Stella on 9/21/2000 at 5:20:17 AM
FOR SALE: 1983 Man's Black Swinn Clunker EXCELLENT condition. Chrome chain guard, chrome balloon tires with nubbies still on it. Never seen rain, always stored in garage. Best Offer!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1983 Original Schwinn CLUNKER posted by Jim on 9/22/2000 at 5:28:30 PM
Where are you located?

MISC:   2000 Taboo Tiki Raffle posted by: Juan on 9/20/2000 at 9:20:42 AM
The Vintage Bicycle Club of Texas for this Christmas. The raffle is for 2000 Limited Edition TABOO TIKI bicycle. This is the last bike that Von Franco is customizing for Dyno. The bike comes equipped with coaster brake, front headlight, wide handlebars, comfortable seat, and is well detailed.

Ticket prices-
1 ticket for $1.00
25 tickets for $20.00

Raffle will be held at our December business meeting. Need not be present to win.

A flier for the Taboo Tiki will be posted on our website by this weekend. Check us out on the web http://users.argolink.net/vbcoft

MISC:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by: joe on 9/19/2000 at 6:22:24 PM
I have 300 or so bicycles and parts for auction all NO RESERVE with the lowest opening bids. Balloon Schwinn, J.C. Higgins, Colson, Firestone, Elgin, Roadmaster and many more as well as 20" Krate, early and late Fastbacks, Manta Ray, Screamer, Huffy and many more. NOS parts lights, speedos, generator sets, tires, used schwinn parts. New Departure boxes with contents. Everything goes. For more info please email. Bicycles and parts at give away starting bids every item to be sold with NO RESERVE. Don't miss it. Thank you.

Joe Rapoza

   RE:MISC:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by ray on 9/23/2000 at 6:44:00 PM
do you have a list??? pictures?? specially 20" non schwinn parts ..... kent@prtc.net

   RE:RE:MISC:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by Keith on 9/27/2000 at 8:52:32 AM
I appreciate Joe's restraint in this posting -- please don't encourage him to post the entire list -- it's miles long. Just email him. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   1941? Schwinn Excelsior DX posted by: Tom on 9/19/2000 at 2:34:48 PM
This is the same model bike and paint scheme pictured on the cover of "The American Bicycle". Deluxe seat and grips - painted rims. Original Schwinn Cyclone front tire. Missing the headlamp and rear rack. I have been told that there is just enouh rust to make its value as an "original condition" bike questionable and that it will probably end up as someone's restoration project. Have been told to put it up on Ebay for $500 or spend a $1000 to restore it myself and end up with an $1800 bicycle.

Any suggestions?

   RE:FOR SALE:   1941? Schwinn Excelsior DX posted by Kevin C. on 9/19/2000 at 5:28:02 PM
First decide whether you want to keep it or sell it. If you want to keep it, I would clean it up and keep it original. Lots of collectors would rather have an original bike, even if a little ratty, than a restoration. That's just my opinion; others will disagree.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1941? Schwinn Excelsior DX posted by Kath on 9/20/2000 at 9:50:59 AM
I agree with Kevin C. Clean it up as much as possible and KEEP IT ORIGINAL. Most of the collectors I know won't even touch a restored bike.

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   1941? Schwinn Excelsior DX posted by Tom on 9/20/2000 at 3:07:18 PM
Thanks for the insight. I'll keep that in mind.

FOR SALE:   BSA tour de france posted by: Ernie @ Bikes on Boundary - keeper of the bones on 9/19/2000 at 1:22:51 PM
For sale: 23" men's BSA-tour de france using all raleigh components,good condition -some scratches.