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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by: joe on 9/28/2000 at 1:42:00 PM
I have 300 or so bicycles and parts for auction all NO RESERVE with the lowest opening bids. Balloon Schwinn, J.C. Higgins, Colson, Firestone, Elgin, Roadmaster and many more as well as 20" Krate, early and late Fastbacks, Manta Ray, Screamer, Huffy and many more. NOS parts lights, speedos, generator sets, tires, used schwinn parts. New Departure boxes with contents. Everything goes. For more info please email. Bicycles and parts at give away starting bids every item to be sold with NO RESERVE. Please email me for the complete list. Don't miss it. Thank you.

Joe Rapoza

   RE:FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by Christopherrobin on 9/28/2000 at 5:01:57 PM
The guy IS letting us here know about this auction and for that I am glad to see. One of the reasons why someone would stop by oldroads.com would be to get information on where to find a bike auction. He does seem to have a variety of old bikes.

   RE:FOR SALE:   NO RESERVE AUCTION EVERYTHING GOES posted by Jim on 10/1/2000 at 11:33:01 PM
I'm trying to find parts for a 1937 Elgin Robin for my father, who is restoring his boyhood bicycle of that make. Do you have any parts for such a bike? I am especially interested in the front fender with the built-in light, the crank, chainguard, seat, badge, and the zeppelin shaped tank. Thanks.

MISC:   Info on Sear's two piece bike posted by: Jim Anderson on 9/28/2000 at 7:35:32 AM
I have recently become the owner of a Sear's bicycle tote kit. This is a two piece bicycle that screws apart near the pedals and then can be sort of folded up to put in a car trunk or whatever. The bike is in mint condition and I have the original parts list and owner's guide. The tote kit mode number is 507.485300. I can not find any one who has any clue as to the year or value of this bicycle. Even Sears does not know as they inform me that they do not deal with bikes any more. Numerous shops have yielded no results either. I am hoping some one has perhaps seen one of these bikes or maybe collects them. I would appreciate any help or info offered. Thanks, Jim.

   RE:MISC:   Info on Sear's two piece bike posted by rd on 9/28/2000 at 8:29:55 AM
You can go south around the RV parks and pick them up for very little. They are not hard to come by and have little collectable value.

   RE:MISC:   Info on Sear's two piece bike posted by ChristopherRobin on 9/28/2000 at 5:08:23 PM
You got the standard answer from them. However I hope that this company has kept some kind of record archives and that it is in good hands.It would take time and money for them to give you the answer you wanted and they are probably concerned with and working on todays problems and concerns.This is in a box somewhere, buried. Hopefully someone will put out a book on the history of Sears. That would be a great book. Such a big store, known by so many, over so many years. Keep asking in places like this.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Info on Sear's two piece bike posted by ChristopherRobin (the jade- ite Emperor) on 9/28/2000 at 5:12:08 PM
You are not the only one to have one and appreciate it. The boaters and RV people may have these or something similar. That was a good tip. I have never seen a Sears folding bike since I was really little in the Sears store. Keep stoping in at garage sales.

FOR SALE:   Raleigh Chopper seat post (2) posted by: Christopherrobin@starmail.com on 9/27/2000 at 2:43:43 PM
Raleigh Chopper seat posts 2 of these at $10.00 each plus shipping ChristopherRobin@starmail.com

FOR SALE:   Schwinn 5-speed fastback posted by: adam on 9/27/2000 at 2:21:50 PM
For sale - Red schwinn 5-speed fastback. NM condition-all original. chicago, IL.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn 5-speed fastback posted by Kurt on 10/10/2000 at 5:47:36 PM
What yr. is the bike and how much?

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN KRATE PARTS posted by: JOEL on 9/27/2000 at 12:05:05 PM
For Sale: 70 Krate Parts, wheels, fenders, brakes, KF frame, bars, stem, deraleur, crankset, original paint cotton picker guard. Chrome parts are good to excellent. Email for detailed discription and price.

MISC:   400+ Pictures! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 9/27/2000 at 7:42:10 AM
We now have over 400 pictures in our searchable Vintage Bicycle Picture Database. Thanks to all who've been sending in pictures.

VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

WANTED:   PRE 70 SCHWINN FRAME posted by: STEVEN on 9/26/2000 at 9:56:30 PM

   RE:WANTED:   PRE 70 SCHWINN FRAME posted by christian on 10/1/2000 at 6:18:04 PM
I have a good project frame for you and at a good price.
E-mail me directly, and you may expect to hear from me
after five on weekdays.
I also have some parts to help complete it.
Also, the shipping would be very cheap. Thanx, Christian

   RE:RE:WANTED:   PRE 70 SCHWINN FRAME posted by STEVEN on 10/19/2000 at 11:11:59 AM

WANTED:   value posted by: mike on 9/26/2000 at 9:17:35 PM
I have come into possession of 2 bicycles 1 a girls schwinn
hollywood in excellent condition circa 1960's and a mens skyway also in good condition,3 speed with shifter on the grip also 60's or early seventies.If anyone can tell me the value of these bikes or where i could research them further,i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you

   RE:WANTED:   value posted by Frank on 9/27/2000 at 5:11:22 AM
As always, it is hard to judge value without a lot more information. Does the Hollywood (which is probably the more valueable of the two bikes if they are in equal condition) have a tank, rack or lights? And what are the tire sizes on both bikes?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   value posted by Mike on 9/27/2000 at 9:56:02 PM
Thanks for your response.
They are both 26" The hollywood has a saddle bag and a rack on the front.It also has a generator light and a bell.The skyway has a front mounted rack as well and a saddle bag.Both bags on these bikes are mounted under the seat.The hollywood is a aqua blue and the skyway is black.If you need more info please let me know.
Thank you

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Approved wrenches posted by: Jeff Moyer on 9/26/2000 at 9:35:50 AM
I have a set of SnapOn made wrenches with "Schwinn Approved" stamped on them. I bought them from a Mechanic in a Schwinn shop. He bought them through the shop he worked in the late 60's. Most of the wrenches have no wear on them at all. I really doubt tey were ever used. I will consider all offers on this beautifull set. Please e-mail me with offers. Thanks.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Approved wrenches posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 9/27/2000 at 2:47:18 PM
I do not believe that you can get these wrenches anymore from Snap -On tool Co.

WANTED:   Wards Riverside 26X2.125 WW Tires posted by: Matt on 9/25/2000 at 2:06:47 PM
Looking for a nice used set of Wards Riverside 26X2.125 WW Tires for a nice 1936 Hawthorne Comet.

WANTED:   trike frames posted by: Nathan Vargas on 9/25/2000 at 11:52:12 AM
I am looking for a 60's to 80's model shwin tricycle frame, does any body have any for sale?

   RE:WANTED:   trike frames posted by Frank on 9/27/2000 at 5:12:43 AM
If you can't find one, there are Lowrider shops that sell a bolt-on rear axle setup that lets you turn any bicycle into a trike.

WANTED:   '68 Raleigh Rodeo posted by: PapaTubby on 9/25/2000 at 10:40:57 AM
I'm looking for literature, catalogues or pictures of a '68 Raleigh Rodeo. Info on this model would be helpful. Were they all 3+2s? Anyone have one for sale? In green?

FOR SALE:   brakes posted by: nick on 9/25/2000 at 8:23:31 AM
forsale: old english caliper brakes, rough crome finish they came from an old english three speed with a grip shifter. the bolt is a screw instead of locknuts.

WANTED:   Robin Hood Decals posted by: Tina Payne on 9/24/2000 at 8:58:05 PM
I am going to restore a ladies Robin Hood. It mostly needs to be repainted and since it's not too valuable I may have to do without the decals. However, if anyone out there knows where I can obtain three decals I would surely appreciate feedback. Thanks!

   RE:WANTED:   Robin Hood Decals posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 9/27/2000 at 2:49:33 PM
Nick at LLoyds sells the decals. check out his web site, perhaps e-mail him and ask specifically. If they're not available at the moment hang in there as they may be offered soon. He keeps adding more decals(transfers) to the list.

   RE:WANTED:   Robin Hood Decals posted by Wendell on 9/29/2000 at 1:02:12 PM
I am also looking for decals and english parts. What web site is the gentleman taking about. I can't find it (need URL). Please help. Thanks!!!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Robin Hood Decals(transfers) posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 10/2/2000 at 7:44:49 AM
the E -mail address is: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/NICK_AT_LLOYDS/home.htm
The man to talk to is: Nick Tithecoth
Look at everything at his site,
Send a letter or E-mail him asking about Robin Hood decals

WANTED:   blue mud flaps, plastic spiral discs, and make-a-lite generators. Where they heck are they posted by: Matthew on 9/24/2000 at 8:05:14 PM
For some time now, I've been on a mad quest for blue mud flaps, Make-a-Lite generators, and plastic spiral discs. For the discs, you must have seen Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. I'm referring to the plastic, red & white discs that he had on his front wheel. The ones with the spirals on them. Anyway, I've been looking for those, along with the Make-a-lite generator and a set o' blue flaps for some time now, and i can't help but wonder, where are they?! I've searched high and low, and can't seam to find any! Help me, PLEASE!

   RE:WANTED:   blue mud flaps, plastic spiral discs, and make-a-lite generators. Where they heck are t posted by dave on 9/29/2000 at 7:32:33 PM
the "spirals" show up on e-bay occassionally. They're metal and made by "Darwin products" (i think). I bought two sets through e-bay this summer, each set at separate times. also, this is the season for bike swaps in eastern PA. good luck.

   RE:WANTED:   blue mud flaps, plastic spiral discs, and make-a-lite generators. Where they heck are t posted by dave on 9/29/2000 at 7:38:28 PM
dude; check out e-bay Item #447774569
blue mud-flap for $6.98 and nobody is bidding on it.