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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   28" Metal Clad Wooden Rim posted by: JOEL on 10/1/2001 at 10:41:59 PM
WTB: one 28" metal clad wood rim.

Thanks VIN for all your hard work!!! JOEL

WANTED:   Delta Three rib parts or light (prewar) posted by: Tim Brandt on 10/1/2001 at 5:58:45 PM
I need a bezel and lens for a delta three-rib fender light. I was told any prewar delta bezel and lens will work. If you have a complete light and don't want to part it out I may buy the whole light.

MISC:   Free Spirit posted by: Elizabeth on 10/1/2001 at 5:31:17 AM
I have a Free Spirit brand 3-speed bike, bought in the mid 80s, and had a Free Spirit muscle bike as a child in the 70s, and just saw a Free Spirit 10 speed in a thrift store today...How come I don't see any listing for them in the search engines here?

   RE:MISC:   Free Spirit posted by tim on 10/1/2001 at 6:02:40 PM
Because they are junk. Not a collectible bike. You can't give them away. Sorry.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Free Spirit posted by Jeff on 10/2/2001 at 6:45:06 PM
Tim could have been a bit kinder, but...

Bicycles are like tools. Have you ever bought a set of wrenches at a flea market or a 'closeout' store? They may look like wrenches, and they may actually work a few times, but then they get soft and rounded and you can't use 'em.

Same thing with really really cheap department store bikes made after about 1970. They look like a bike, and you can ride 'em for a while when they are brand new. But they rust, get out of tune easily, and break WAY before a bike of even slighty better quality.

   RE:MISC:   Free Spirit posted by tim on 10/8/2001 at 6:13:25 PM
I'm a realist, I call them how I see them. I really tried but I couldn't sugar coat it for a fee-spirit. They make me cringe. The question shouldn't be what it is worth, but why it was made.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Free Spirit posted by JimW. on 10/9/2001 at 8:27:14 PM
My pal Willy has a term for crappy discount store tools: full-scale replica. The same term could apply to this sort of bike.

FOR SALE:   FS: Gray, fitted cables for Sturmey-Archer 3-speeds. $6 each, shipped. posted by: Kevin C. on 9/30/2001 at 2:25:14 AM
These are new old stock, for Raleigh Sports, Schwinn Racers and similar three-speeds. $6 each, postpaid.

   RE:FOR SALE:   FS: Gray, fitted cables for Sturmey-Archer 3-speeds. $6 each, shipped. posted by Tim P. on 10/1/2001 at 3:48:08 AM
Hey Kevin, Will I have to wait for three weeks for you to ship after I pay you like the last deal we had because you were sick, or could I expect a timely shipment? Tim P,

WANTED:   Schwinn Cycle truck posted by: Frank on 9/30/2001 at 12:56:38 AM
Looking around for Cycle truck parts I have been disapointed to no belief. These thing are either ratted and locked up...Like they been sitting in the bottom of the ocean...or nothing but big Dollars.

I plead for help with information so I can hand Make one sharing photos and measurements. I wont to make two of these over the winter. just never have had my hands on the real thing yet. I will use these as vending bikes for my T-shirt printing Business...


   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Cycle truck posted by sam on 9/30/2001 at 5:57:21 PM
Frank,have you checked into the worksman cycle truck.They are an industory bike sold out of N.Y.--sam

FOR SALE:   King Liberty Bmx Frame posted by: Keegan Dimmick on 9/30/2001 at 12:25:13 AM
I have a King Liberty bmx frame for sale. Original serial number still readabel (K284). $100 or best offer. Thanks
Keegan D.

WANTED:   PRE WAR ACCESSORIES posted by: bike@antiquebikeparts.com on 9/29/2001 at 11:05:07 PM
Hi I am always buying pre war USA made bikes, parts and accessories please email bike@antiquebikeparts.com directly- thank you

MISC:    posted by: test on 9/29/2001 at 12:26:12 AM

FOR SALE:   STINGRAYS, KRATES, MUSCLE BIKES posted by: MATT MUTCHLER on 9/13/2001 at 4:28:22 PM
CALL ME AT 815-282-4655

FOR SALE:   Cinelli Value Help? posted by: Fred on 9/13/2001 at 3:56:48 PM
I have a red Cinelli that I purchased new around 1985. It has all C Record components except for Super Record brakes. The bike is close to pristine and has only been ridden '1000 miles. How can I find the current value?

Thanks, Fred

   RE:FOR SALE:   Cinelli Value Help? posted by Ben on 9/13/2001 at 7:09:22 PM
Try the vintage lightweight discussion group.

FOR SALE:   ?? 1937 Elgin?? posted by: Cheryl Jo on 9/13/2001 at 9:26:13 AM
I found this bike at a garage sale and had visions of fixing it up for personal use. However I never seem to get to it and have since been led to believe it is a true classic that should go to a collector. The seat and chain are unusual and I was told by these items that it is a 1937 Elgin. I do not know anything so I am just repeating what I was told. I will send picture if you have interest.

   RE:FOR SALE:   ?? 1937 Elgin?? posted by JOEL on 9/13/2001 at 12:39:00 PM
Please send a photo.

FOR SALE:   f/s: nos carlisle road grippers posted by: john on 9/12/2001 at 5:19:14 PM
i have one more pair of nos carlisle road grippers. email me for pis. $20 shipped. thanx.

FOR SALE:   70's Huffy Mono-Shock posted by: jeff on 9/11/2001 at 6:03:40 AM
have a nice original Huffy mono-shock bike from the 70's,
not sure of year, make offer can supply jpeg. can tear-down
partially and ship parcel mail, I'm in wis.

WANTED:   info on HUGE cruiser posted by: john on 9/11/2001 at 12:43:58 AM
saw a huge cruiser at a bike shop the other day. he had 2 bikes, a red and a white, they seemed to be new. i didnt get the name of the bikes. well i did but i forgot, was something like huge or colossal or something like that, looked like 28 inch tires, any ideas? john

   RE:WANTED:   info on HUGE cruiser posted by Paul on 9/11/2001 at 5:00:39 AM
Probaby the "Monster Crusier" made by Coker tire:


WANTED:   speedometer instructions posted by: john on 9/11/2001 at 12:36:36 AM
hello folks,
looking for instructions on how to install a schwinn speedo drive on my manta, please help. john