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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1971 Fuji S10S Road Racer posted by: Charlie on 10/6/2001 at 8:07:04 PM
I'd like to sell my S10S 10-spd. It's in good condition. All reasonable offers considered. I'm located in NH.

WANTED:   1946 LaRay posted by: Mary Sue Duris on 10/6/2001 at 3:28:34 PM
I am looking for information and pictures of a 1946 LaRay Powercycle. Can anyone help me? Thank you Mary Sue (webmarysue@webtv.net)

WANTED:   13 Tooth Sprocket for Coaster Brake Hub posted by: Bruce on 10/6/2001 at 3:44:24 AM
I am looking to buy a 13 tooth sprocket for a coaster brake hub. I believe that sprockets for most coaster brake hubs such as SRAM/Sachs, Shimano and Sturmey-Archer are all interchangable. These sprockets have 3 splines. It seems that the smallest size is 13 teeth and that is the one I am looking for. 14 tooth sprockets are available from modern parts sources but I have never seen a 13 tooth one in a catalog. If you have, please tell me. But some bikes came originally with 13 tooth sprockets. Perhaps someone has swapped one out for a larger sprocket and that elusive 13 tooth is sitting in a parts bin. If you know of any available, please let me know.

Thank you!


   RE:WANTED:   13 Tooth Sprocket for Coaster Brake Hub posted by VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 10/7/2001 at 4:34:55 PM
Bruce, we just found 2 NOS Sturmey-Archer 13 tooth sprockets, still in the box. $5.95 ea. Part number SAAW2113. You can order on-line at:


   RE:WANTED:   13 Tooth Sprocket for Coaster Brake Hub posted by Elizabeth on 10/8/2001 at 4:54:43 AM
I just changed out my Swing Bike rear wheel with a new 20" wheel bought from a local dealer, and I was comparing the sprockets as well as the spoke configuration: the old one had 13 teeth and the new one has 14. Can anyone explain why the change in number of teeth over the last two decades? (btw, I don't want to sell the old hub...)

   RE:RE:WANTED:   13 Tooth Sprocket for Coaster Brake Hub posted by Cal on 10/10/2001 at 12:47:19 PM
It all depends on the number of teeth on the front sprocket and the type or riding to be done on the bike. A smaller number of teeth on the back scprocket means the bike is in a 'higher' gear.

FOR SALE:   Prewar Elgin Mens Original w/SW Floating hub posted by: Jim on 10/6/2001 at 3:12:41 AM
Check out the details on the Schwinn forum a photo is there as well. Seller name bikeyard. $400 shipped. You can also email for photos.

MISC:   vintageBenotto Italian racing bike posted by: Eric on 10/6/2001 at 2:26:08 AM
I had received this bike in a batch I bought. I only restore balloon tire bikes. This is a real odd looking bike. The wheels are hollow aluminum. I was told that it is from the 50-60's era. I am interested in selling it, but do not know it's value. E-mail me if you are interested. Thanks.

FOR SALE:   BALLOON TIRE BIKES posted by: Eric B. on 10/6/2001 at 2:20:52 AM
24"Donald Duck bikes, boys and girls. 26" prewar Schwinn DX, boys and girls, MATCH SET. Columbia boys 26" w/ horn tank. Misc. parts. All items will be at Trexlertown, PA for the annual bicycle swap meet on Oct. 7, 2001. E-mail for prices and details of any bikes you are interested in. Thanks.

MISC:   What is it??? posted by: krash90 on 10/5/2001 at 3:08:15 AM
Did Schwinn make a bike called the "Renegade"? If not, who did and when was it made? Thanx!

WANTED:   shallow drop handlebar posted by: chris andrews on 10/5/2001 at 1:18:52 AM
Ever since the 70's all? the handlebars have been a fairly deep drop (even on juvenile girls' models). I'm looking for a shallow drop that resembles a "north road" bar turned over -- the north road with parallel hand grips (not what Nito calls north road.) I seem to recall that one such bar was called "Lauterwasser". The straight part near the stem was not very long, and then the bars dropped at an angle (15 degrees?) before bending forward and then dropping, and then back to the handgrips. This style was common on prewar English "sports" and "club" bikes. Width should not exceed 16 inches, and alloy would be preferred, but decent steel acceptable.

WANTED:   Swing Bike to trade for Dyno Roadster posted by: Gary on 10/4/2001 at 1:54:28 PM
I have a blue Swing Bike in unrestored condition that I would like to trade for a Dyno Roadster stretch beach cruiser (preferably in black but I'll consider any). I am the original owner of the Swing Bike, had it since I was a kid. It's got rusty chrome and flat tires, but everything on it is original. The hand lever and brake line for the front brake is missing, as well as the hand grips. Everything else is these. I think the tires are even the originals, though they could probably stand to be replaced. Paint is decent with normal wear and tear, I did put a lot of miles on this bike. With new tubes and tires, this bike is ready to ride. You can email me at heavyg@warpnet.net Thanks.

MISC:   WHAT IS THE VALUE posted by: MARTINEZ on 10/3/2001 at 10:09:48 AM

   RE:MISC:   WHAT IS THE VALUE posted by Jim on 10/3/2001 at 5:42:14 PM
I bet it is probably black and white. Has heavy duty rims. One just sold on ebay for $147. These did not come with tanks. I have one as well.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bantam Convertable posted by: Bill on 10/3/2001 at 3:40:04 AM
I have a 20 inch Schwinn Bantam Convertable, all original
except tires. Serial #EU502217. Anybody know what year
this might be? Also what is its approximate value?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bantam Convertable posted by Bill on 10/3/2001 at 3:49:23 AM
PS to above, Bantam is not actually for sale yet...Bill

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Bantam Convertable posted by Robert on 10/3/2001 at 4:44:54 AM
May, 1983 for the date (if I have read the serial # chart at this site correctly).

WANTED:   AMF Junior trike posted by: Lynne on 10/3/2001 at 12:46:03 AM
Looking to buy a (replacement) front tire for an AMF Junior tricycle which is 25-30 years old. The front tire and pedals seem to be all one piece. The tire is also has spokes and is of solid material and not air filled. The wheel itself is 12" in diameter and about 1 1/2" thick. (This tricycle is perfect for a 3 year old...just to give an idea as to its size).

   RE:WANTED:   AMF Junior trike posted by sam on 10/4/2001 at 10:30:05 PM
Memory Lane has them in their catalog-phone 419-832-3040

   RE:WANTED:   AMF Junior trike posted by goob on 10/4/2001 at 11:54:02 PM
try Texas Pedal Car out of Ft Worth.

MISC:   ridethe river walk this sunday posted by: rickey on 10/2/2001 at 7:25:59 PM
ride our bikes this sunday all ages he's & she's slow fast come one come all meet here at KNOWLES BICYCLE SHOP valley al. convoy to the trail -9am-10am sun.334-756-7561

MISC:   to lazy maby are you posted by: rickey on 10/2/2001 at 5:07:22 PM

well i took the time to post on several sites. let's ride the silver comet 9-30-01 well the weather was great we rode haha where were you all piled up in bead ya just being LAZY ..I allready know almost every one has a bike of course every one here has one or more especialle here, BUT DO YOU RIDE.you can get up and just say i will ride this sunday go for it i'll meet this group of people in VALLEY al. this or any sunday AT KNOWLES BICYCLE SHOP U.S.HWY 29 VALLEY AL.ONE HR. FROM MONTGOMERY--30-40-MIN.FROM COLUMBUS--ONE HR.FROM ATLANTA call 334-756-7561-mon-sat 9am-8pmthis sunday we will ride the river walk in columbus ga. all ages welcome so get on your bikes & ride...

   Took your invitation, had a good ride. posted by Tom Findley on 10/2/2001 at 6:16:59 PM
I drove from Stone Mtn. to Rockmart starting at 7 am. After stopping for breakfast, I found I forgot the map of Rockmart, and that it took linger to get there than I expected. I found the trail at about (;45 am, and rode the Phantom I took to Holland. The 2% grades felt really good, and I ended up going a total of 32 miles.

Thanks for posting the info. It got me there. I can only go about 14 MPH on the REAL BIKE, and have learned I can't keep up with a peloton. I am ready to ride another segment of the Silver Comet Trail.

   RE:Took your invitation, had a good ride. posted by rickey on 10/2/2001 at 7:02:35 PM
one white boy & one black guy took a close look at your cool phantom i told you i couldnot pass up the op to look at your bike well we realy enjoyed the comet one more time would you like to ride the river walk in columbus ga this sunday meetus here 9am-10am

MISC:   1958 MARK 1JAGUAR ????? posted by: mario locatelli on 10/2/2001 at 5:50:56 AM
i have this bike that i got at a garage sale for real cheap some of the paint is missing on the chain guard so i cant see the name. someone told me it was a 1958 mark 1 jaguar. any help on this would be appreciated. or if anyone wants it let me know. its a fixerupper. ill send u a picture if u want to see it.

   RE:MISC:   1958 MARK 1JAGUAR ????? posted by Tom Findley on 10/2/2001 at 12:26:13 PM
If the tires are 26" X 1 3/4", it is a Mark II Jaguar. If the tires are 26" X 2.125", it is the original model Jaguar, which was not designated Mark I. Page showing Mark II Jaguar:


Pic of original Jaguar: