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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   New Departure hub parts posted by: JERRY on 12/12/2001 at 9:29:48 PM
lots of parts in stock, email your needs or wants, ..jerry.....

FOR SALE:   Schwinn biult louisville cycle & supply co. amercan flyer head badge posted by: JERRY on 12/12/2001 at 9:23:27 PM
These are nos, $ 10.00 each shipped.
Will trade for other nos badges, email for a pic...jerry...

FOR SALE:   Bendix 2 speed hub parts posted by: JERRY on 12/12/2001 at 9:18:47 PM
All 2 speed parts in stock, email with your needs or wants, will send pics.........jerry.........

FOR SALE:   schwinn-spitfire posted by: pete on 12/8/2001 at 10:25:51 PM
have a ladies 26" spitfire original.with a little care can be brought back like new.also have a girls rollfast. anyone interested please e-mail me. asking $100.00 each. i have pictures.

FOR SALE:   Ladies Raleigh Superbe 1974 posted by: Beth on 12/8/2001 at 6:08:33 PM
This Raleigh is in near mint condition! All original.
Has generator headlight and rear light,rear matching rack, Brookes Saddle and locking front fork. Best offer.

FOR SALE:   1955 Ladys 3 speed Raleigh posted by: Enzo on 12/8/2001 at 9:36:17 AM
1955 Ladys 3 speed 26" with front dynohub and rod brakes. There is rust on the chrome but the wheels are good with little oxidation.Full chaingard, dried seat. loosing storage,Best offer. Boston Area.

FOR SALE:   FOR TRADE posted by: JOE on 12/7/2001 at 5:59:08 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   FOR TRADE posted by CHRIS on 12/12/2001 at 10:58:22 PM

MISC:   Columbia Built parts posted by: Kris Gangi on 12/7/2001 at 3:51:31 AM
I am not a collector/restorer of bicycles. I have these parts (I apologize, I can't even identify them), and I'd like to know how old they are, and what they might be worth. I'm interested in selling them if they are worth anything. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.

   RE:MISC:   Columbia Built parts posted by Kris Gangi on 12/7/2001 at 3:58:07 AM
Sorry, I thought I could post a picture here, too. These parts are from the crossbar, where a battery might go, to power a headlight.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Columbia Built parts posted by Kim on 12/8/2001 at 6:56:21 AM
You can put your pictures in the picture database. There's a link for uploading on the main page.

FOR SALE:   schwinn 24" cruiser K03106 53? posted by: todjob on 12/6/2001 at 6:53:09 PM
schwinn date code says 53 but the serial is under the crank which i thought was pre 52? has juvie messenger tab seat chub grips im not sure if the rear fender is correct it dosent look right to me.skip tooth set up and delux guard and a hobjob painted headbadge (looks good from a distance) I can send pics. asking $80.00 shipped or best offer email me direct.

MISC:   Jim Huntingtons Sidewalk Bike Show Dec 8th posted by: Bikeyard on 12/6/2001 at 11:45:37 AM
This Saturday Dec 8th is Jim Huntingtons open house and sidewalk bike show. Bring your best, you make the show. Location 1005 Central Street Palmer Mass.
For directions and information contact Jim Huntington @ day 413.283.4113 or eves 413.267.5230

MISC:   any info on a russian bicycle posted by: eric on 12/5/2001 at 11:37:41 PM
i recently aquired a russian collapsable bicycle from russia. so far i know it was made by the minsk motorcycle amd bicycle factory in 1978.. it is all orgional in mint condidion down to the air in the tires hope any one knows anything else about the bike

   RE:MISC:   any info on a russian bicycle posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 12/6/2001 at 1:50:34 AM
If you have any reason to believe it is a Moulton copy or anything like one of his bikes contact the Moulton Bicycle club in England as they would love to see it. Please describe it better for us, what size tires, what the decals say, what size wheels, all that.

   RE:RE:MISC:   any info on a russian bicycle posted by eric on 12/7/2001 at 1:05:50 AM
thanks for the tip the bike i think has 20in tires the name plate under the handle bars is mmb3 with a pictuer of a bird it has a light and luggage rach a tool kit with all tools air pump and a tire repair kit..the bike folds in half.. has all origional tires reflectors abnd papoer work.. everything is printed in russian

FOR SALE:   Western Flyer Reproduction Bike posted by: Dave Patrick on 12/5/2001 at 4:03:19 AM
I recently inherited a Western Flyer Repro Biycle from a friend who didn't want to move it. He knew very little about it(it belonged to his mother)and I know even less. It has a dark green/light green male frame, chrome fenders and balloon tires(26x2.125). Other than a working headlight, there are no bells or whistles. Pretty basic. It is in good condition, but has some rust freckling on a few places on the wheel rims, fenders and lower frame. I have no idea what the bike might be worth, but I am interested in selling it and would like to get a fair price for it. Does anyone know where I might find out this info? Thanks!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Western Flyer Reproduction Bike posted by ? on 12/12/2001 at 6:57:13 PM
Your stupid!

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Western Flyer Reproduction Bike posted by Vindicator on 12/13/2001 at 8:21:43 AM
'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool
Than to speak and remove all doubt.

FOR SALE:   BIKE REPAIRMAN RETIRING; HUGE LOT FOR SALE posted by: Fred Trost on 12/5/2001 at 1:00:15 AM
Bike repairman retiring. Fifty-year inventory of all kinds of used bikes and parts for sale. Recumbents, 3-wheelers, pedal cars, odd and unusual bikes, wacky clown bikes for parade use, 800 bicycle wheels, boxes and boxes of parts. All must go. Will sell all or any portion for best offer. No email. Call 1-765-429-8300 or write to Fred Trost, 916 S. 20th St., Lafayette, IN. 47905.

   RE:FOR SALE:   BIKE REPAIRMAN RETIRING; HUGE LOT FOR SALE posted by Ivan Cruz on 12/7/2001 at 2:28:49 AM
I need a set of original set of wheel for a scwinn 26``. Please call 787-234-4300

FOR SALE:   1978 Raleigh Sport posted by: Ernie DeRushie on 12/4/2001 at 3:27:33 PM
I have a 1978 Raleigh Sport (Sturmey Archer 3 spd.), stored indoors, very minimal rust, original grey-blue paint. The seat is newer ('80?) and the plastic face on the gear switch is missing. Carrier installed, same vintage. Tires hold air. $100. Freight Extra.

MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by: Ironman on 12/4/2001 at 4:16:15 AM
I am trying to find what manufacturer produced a bike that I had when I was a kid. The bike was called "Spirit of '76", it was red, white and blue with white stars. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

   RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by Cal on 12/4/2001 at 1:15:47 PM
Schwinn made a Bicentennial Sting-Ray and Sears used to make Free Spirit bicycles. Maybe it was a Sears? Try looking at all 1976 bicycles in the picture database.

   RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by Ironman on 12/5/2001 at 4:25:59 AM
Thanks for the reply. I found a picture of my old bike and it was dated Dec. 1974. I looked at all the pictures in the database in that time frame and didnt see anything. Maybe it was Free-Spirit instead of Spirit of 76. Its been along time ago. Thanks again.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by Joel on 12/5/2001 at 3:14:48 PM
Scan the picture and post it. Someone will know what it is.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by Ironman on 12/9/2001 at 9:15:56 PM
Here is a link to a picture of my bike. http://www.americaniron.com/readersrides/spiritof76djt.jpg

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by Oscar on 12/10/2001 at 11:09:44 PM
I can't ID the bike, but I seem to remember Spirit of 76 was the name of the bicentennial Sears Free Spirit. That's a great photo. If Norman Rockwell were still around...

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Identify my bike please posted by JimW. on 12/11/2001 at 11:08:21 AM
I dunno, Oscar. I think Rockwell would have substituted a Jack Russell terrier for the poodle.