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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   1969 FASTBACK posted by: STEVEN on 2/20/2001 at 5:44:42 AM

FOR SALE:   Wanted: Parts for 64' Sears Spaceliner posted by: Adam on 2/19/2001 at 9:42:47 PM
I am restoring my uncles Spaceliner from his childhood and I need some parts. A rear fender brace, or a whole fender if is is in better shape than the current one. The one I have is in pretty good shape except for the brace and the reflector. I also could use a tail light. And what is the chain guard suppose to say, most of the letters are rubbed off and I want to re-stencil it. I also would like a saddle that is O.E. in black.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Wanted: Parts for 64' Sears Spaceliner posted by Cam on 2/20/2001 at 5:23:37 AM
I've seen repop plastic taillight housings that look like the Spaceliner housing. They may be for Schwinns but they look right to me. Somebody here must have some.

The chainguard has "S P A C E L I N E R" written in block letters.

FOR SALE:   Mag Scrambler posted by: John on 2/19/2001 at 9:39:49 PM
Looking for a Mag Scrambler. If you can help drop me a line. Thanks

MISC:   FOR TRADE: NOS '68 ORANGE LINE KNOBBY TIRE for your early orange krate posted by: TIM on 2/19/2001 at 8:55:30 PM
Will trade this awesome tire for an NOS 16" GREEN LINE SUPERIOR krate tire.

   RE:MISC:   FOR TRADE: NOS '68 ORANGE LINE KNOBBY TIRE for your early orange krate posted by chris on 2/20/2001 at 9:09:57 PM
the orange line tire is realy nos the first krates don't have a scick it had that tire ..

   RE:MISC:   FOR TRADE: NOS '68 ORANGE LINE KNOBBY TIRE for your early orange krate posted by chris on 2/20/2001 at 9:10:44 PM
the orange line tire is realy nos the first krates don't have a slick it had that tire ..

   RE:MISC:   FOR TRADE: NOS '68 ORANGE LINE KNOBBY TIRE for your early orange krate posted by TIM on 2/20/2001 at 9:31:30 PM
yes, chris, this orange line knobby is really NOS. It says "SCHWINN STING-RAY" "20x2.125 MADE IN U.S.A." dated C(3 8)4...March 1968. Still has the white wax protectant on it. Never mounted.

FOR SALE:   Mint condition LEOPARD SKIN SOLO POLO SEAT posted by: TIM on 2/19/2001 at 8:47:15 PM
The real deal!! Original, super condition solo polo seat for your '64 sting-ray. No rips, tears, holes. Very slight fading along top edges. No disappointments here! Email for pictures and price. thanks.

MISC:   Some general notes... posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 2/19/2001 at 10:30:10 AM
1) We're working on a new section of our web site which will show step-by-step restorations and refurbs of various old bicycles. The first bicycle we're taking the time to document is the refurb of a 1930s Columbia-built Sterling. It's a sweet old ballooner and it needs help, but does not require a full restoration. We will keep all documented restoration and refurb projects on our site and plan to build up a good base of restoration photos, procedures and information as time goes on.

2) We've got a big update to our 'Bicycles and Parts For Sale' page coming soon. We've bought more Brit and American Musclebike, Ballooner and Roadster parts and are in the process of taking pictures and writing descriptions.

3) We've had a number of complaints about the inappropriate banter and anonymous backbiting that seems to be seeping into our site's Discussion Areas. Some people feel it is the result of the closing of the Schwinn.com forums. We will remove those postings as we find them and will record the IP information associated with each message. We've had several offers from internet security geeks who would love to "triangulate" the IP information, identify the posters, and submit them for prosecution under the new "DOS" (Denial Of Service) laws. I personal believe you all can police yourselves and those measures are not necessary. We will never implement any type of password/login system, and we will always allow people to post messages and questions without requiring a valid email address or anything else. I strongly believe 99 percent of the readers and writers here enjoy the free flowing exchange of information and are not too concerned when a discussion goes slightly off topic. In the end, we're all 2-wheeled enthusiasts with a broad range of other interests, too. Just try to keep the language at a 'PG-rated' level, keep it vintage bicycle related, and don't cowardly bash someone without using your true email address.

And in the meantime, please let us know when you see those inappropriate postings, and please bear with us while those people find somewhere else to get their kicks.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

FOR SALE:   re: old bikes for sale posted by: Joice on 2/19/2001 at 7:48:49 AM
Gee guys! I didn't mean to start a war out there ! All I want to do, is sell a couple old bikes! I'm new at this, and really did not know that my asking price, was too high, sorry ! Now that I know that information, I can lower the prices on the 3 old bikes, to $550.00 for all three of them, thanks ! How's that, better?

   RE:FOR SALE:   re: old bikes for sale posted by Jeff on 2/19/2001 at 9:07:54 AM
Please don't take it personally!

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   re: old bikes for sale posted by Joice on 2/24/2001 at 10:14:43 AM
Doesn't matter anyway, the two Sears bikes are sold. I still have the JC Higgens bicycle to sell yet. Know of anyone interested? It's going for $185.00 firm!

WANTED:   UNI crossfire posted by: guldgoa on 2/18/2001 at 9:45:58 PM
can anyone point me in the right direction? I wanted a uni crossfire when i was in junior high. but cuoldn't afford it.frame or complete bike ,any info would help.

FOR SALE:   1971 Lemon Peeler posted by: thetoyking on 2/18/2001 at 2:27:30 AM
Nice original Lemon, with correct S seat. Repop tires and grips. All the rest original. Please e-mail if interested. Thanks

FOR SALE:   24" Sears Spyder Purple 5-speed posted by: thetoyking on 2/17/2001 at 10:47:21 AM
Really nice purple spyder with Raised White Letter Slick. NOS Shimano 333 Stick Shift. NOS Purple Hunt Wilde Grips. Purple glitter Seat with three white racing stripes. Very nice chrome. Some stratches and rust on frame. Chaingurard is correct but faded. Still readable screen. Very nice bike! Wide 60's Style handlebars, Tall sissy bar. $150 plus shipping. Can be picked up in Ohio or Indy. E-mail for photos. Thanks!

WANTED:   Malvern Star Skidstar decals posted by: Jake Thompson on 2/17/2001 at 2:03:08 AM
I'm looking for the original decals for a Malvern Star Skidstar. If anyone can helpme please let me know

WANTED:   NOS Schwinn Scrambler Seat posted by: Greg Groth on 2/16/2001 at 11:27:55 PM
Looking for anyone with a NOS seat for a 1976 Schwinn Scrambler. Seat is a Sting-Ray Bananna seat, black, with "SCHWINN" in white letters on side. Seat I have is decent, but looking for a brand new one to complete restoration. (had it since new, and still love riding it).

FOR SALE:   1971 Sting-Ray Fastback Orange! posted by: thetoyking on 2/16/2001 at 6:15:49 PM
I am selling a really nice restored 1971 Kool Orange Fastback. Professionally repainted. Whitewall NOS Tires, NOS orange lever covers, orange/silver streamers. Repop pedals, grips, headlight, sissybar, silver glitter seat w/orange S. 5-speed shifter is correct. Really a nice bike! $650 plus shipping. E-mail me for photos. Can be picked up in Ohio or Indy area. Thanks!

   RE:FOR SALE:   1971 Sting-Ray Fastback Orange! posted by thetoyking on 2/18/2001 at 9:43:28 AM
here is the link to my web shots page that has photos of the bikes I am selling. Thanks!


FOR SALE:   The Bike Bug posted by: John Martin on 2/15/2001 at 3:32:45 PM
For Sale: NOS. Bike Bug Automatic Motor. This is the 2 Cycle
Motor that mounts on the front fork of "any bike". These motors
were sold by different "people" but were mostly sold under the
TAS label. Even SEARS sold them as "FREE SPRIT". The box is
weather worn but the motor is as new. $500.00 plus S& H.
Reply here.

WANTED:   Schwinn Decals posted by: Mike on 2/15/2001 at 2:57:58 PM
I have been searching for fork, top bar and chainguard decals for the following bikes:
Schwinn Spitfire 5
Schwinn Heavy-Duty
Please contact me and let's talk!