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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   1952 Indian Princess posted by: Craig on 2/28/2001 at 3:19:16 PM
Indinan Princess,in good working order,has had brush green paint job,clear coat,original?seat,horn?,oiler on BB,3 or 4 speed s/a shifter(upside down),rod fenders,original pedals,chainguard very good,no bends/kinks,just covered with green paint...,one brake lever not original,rear fender reflector missing,most of the chrome has been rusty/wire-brushed...nice silver headbadge.Rides nice,no bent fork,seems fairly low miles.Dated by rear hub (AW),original cables/casings,all metal shift pulley,fulcrum,replaced rear fender brace.Shuresta adjustable alloy kickstand.$185 plus pack/ship...

WANTED:   Bullseye bottom brackets posted by: bev on 2/28/2001 at 2:15:19 PM
My U.K designed and built ATB ( mid 80's 'AVENTURA' ) has a
Bullseye bottom bracket unit fitted. However the axle
threads are stripped, and the thrust bearings are missing.
I would like to replace it with a new or as new similar
unit. I need left and right red anodised bearing holders,
thrust bearings and a 5 1/2" long axle ( slightly shorter
135 mm would be OK ). I would be prepared to buy a Bullseye
unit of any length, as long as it is in as new condition,
and sort out the axle problem separately. Finally, I also
need 2 small Bullseye stickers to complete the restoration.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you can help
I look forward to hearing from you. I will post technical
details of the 'AVENTURA' ATB to the discussion area.
condition unit with any

WANTED:   Columbia Tank posted by: Rick on 2/28/2001 at 12:28:10 PM
Wanted: 1959 Columbia Fire Arrow Tank - Dual Lights

FOR SALE:   60's MURRAY MISSLE - MINT CONDITION posted by: Robin on 2/28/2001 at 11:14:17 AM
Red & White with tank and headlights, has been restored & repainted. This bike is a beauty. The bike is rideable and in excellent shape. $260 plus shipping. Email me for picture & information

FOR SALE:   50's TULANE BIKE FROM NEW ORLEANS $175 posted by: Robin on 2/28/2001 at 11:13:17 AM
50's Tulane made by Betat & Son of old New Orleans. Fully functionable, all original, including paint, has tank, excellent condition and rideable. $175 plus shipping. email for picture & information.

FOR SALE:   Heavy Duty Schwinns 70's - $200 each posted by: Robin on 2/28/2001 at 8:54:52 AM
Two yellow heavy duty's for sale. They are fully functionable and rideable. $200 each plus shipping (approx. $40 ea). Please email me if you're interested. I can email photos of each. One has a hard tail and springer front end, the other does not, but the paint is better then the one with the extras. Will deduct $40 if you want both of them at one time. Thank you.

WANTED:   prewar columbia fenders posted by: Tino on 2/27/2001 at 5:57:34 PM
I am looking for some columbia fenders, they have to be in fairly good condition. The fenders that i need are the same ones pictured as the columbia being restored on this site.

FOR SALE:   F/S - Schwinn Handlebar Tags posted by: Jeff on 2/27/2001 at 4:24:15 PM
Mint original Schwinn "Super Serviced" hang tags as seen on page 18 of Liz Fried Schwinn Sting Ray book--$15 each shipped

FOR SALE:   F/S Stingray/Muscle bike Ads - Boys Life - 1963-1969 posted by: Matt on 2/27/2001 at 12:53:34 PM
Ads only, not complete magazines, nice, full color ads, email for
pics, dates, descriptions. I've got the 63 Christmas Ad, 65 Ad with
high loops pictured, 66 Fastback Ads, 67 Fastback Ads, 68 Krate Ad, Sears Screamer Ads, AMF Ads, etc... Prices range from $10-16 shipped. Also have some slot car ads as well.

FOR SALE:   F/S 1973 Disc Brake Lemon Peeler posted by: Matt on 2/27/2001 at 12:46:34 PM
Very nice bike, had it at the Milwaukee show. Pics available upon request. Older recovered seat, perfect stripe, couple of dark spots, no rips. Rear fender has very slight bend at braces, hardly noticeable. Perfect chrome on both wheels, springer. Slight discoloration on inside of left handlebar side. Good grips, no rips. Perfect chrome on shifter, decal on side worn around edges. Paint is an 8.5 easy, several small scratches, largest on the top tube behind shifter, under cables. NOS Cables. Repop rear RWL slik, perfect front original superior. Disc brake caliper is missing the lock screw and spring, otherwise complete with perfect chrome. I'm trying to be as descriptive as possible, pictures tell the real story. The chainguard and screen is nearly perfect. Paint is very shiny. This is a very nice bike. Serious inquiries only, pics available this evening upon request. Asking $1300.00 plus shipping.

   RE:FOR SALE:   F/S 1973 Disc Brake Lemon Peeler posted by Cam on 2/28/2001 at 5:00:46 AM
Sounds like a good price for an original with a Disc

WANTED:   WTB/T, Original schwinn, RWL slik 20x2.125 posted by: Erick on 2/26/2001 at 10:27:52 PM
Hi < I am looking for a Original real nice used condition RWL slik 20x2.125 and a front superior 16" , 73 dated if poss , talk to me ,

FOR SALE:   Auctions Complaints posted by: Kelli on 2/26/2001 at 8:18:50 PM
Greetings to Everyone,

I have been reading the complaints regarding auction costs, limited use, re-list policies on reserve auctions and the inability to email users. These restrictions concern me. This auction is yours. You are the auctioneer. They are the service providers.

I would like to invite all of you to make the transition to the auction site, WWW.XBID.COM.

On XBID, you can list your items free for as little as 3 days or as long as 9 months. Our system will automatically re-list the items for you if your reserve is not met. It will also inform you that the item has been re-listed and how many more times it will re-list the item up to the maximum amount of 9 times.

There is a thumbnail option that allows you to post a picture along side the item title on the search page. This option is great and saves a lot of time. Instead of clicking on the item you want to preview it is already viewable.

The credit card option is in place, for future use. Since there is no cost, you don’t need a credit card to buy or sell. When registering, you must fill out the credit card portion with 16 zero’s and logical future expiration date.

Email options: Email anyone you want at anytime or make your email private.

Feedback is great. But when someone leaves feedback that is derogatory or demeaning, we will screen that upon your request and if so delete it and ask the two parties to rephrase their negative feedback. If it is not warranted, we will delete it. Both parties will be requested to provide emails to support their claim.

Fraud will not be tolerated. A very difficult task for any auction site to prevent. If there is any substantial prove that anyone is committing fraud, they will be terminated from the site. The best way to prevent fraud is to pay by Postal Money Order or ship via UPS COD.

We will respond to your emails with a personal response not canned message format.

There are no paid advertising banners on Xbid.

We will never divulge personal information or sell email addresses.

So I ask again why are you continuing to pay fees? Yes, sometime in the future we will have fees but they will not take a percentage of your sale. You will only be charged a listing fee. We know everyone works hard and we are ready to work hard for you.

Why don’t you make the transition to XBID? The bicycle hobby is a very tight group of individuals and basically everyone knows everyone else. When was the last time you sold a bicycle or related item to someone that you weren’t familiar with? The site will work when everyone makes the transition and informs everyone that they have switched.

I ask you in a very constructive manner, to provide sincere feedback about this post on Old Roads or email me directly.

Thank you, for your time.

Sincerely, Kelli Medeiros, Xbid President

WANTED:   ''WTB:High Loop' posted by: Baldy Jeff on 2/26/2001 at 2:20:47 PM
Lookin for an original Persons high loop seat strut---recromed,cracked,unstamped or even one of those older stainless reproductions!!!!! Whadda ya have? Thanks!
Also... Buy/Sell/Trade Sting Rays + Parts -prefer '63 1/2- '66

WANTED:   Garelli Mosquito Bike Engine posted by: JC on 2/26/2001 at 1:37:21 PM
I'd like to buy a Garelli "Mosquito" bike engine. Made from the 50's to the 80's. 38cc, two-stroke ,mounted under the pedals,fuel tank over back fender. I sold two to a man in the East Bay area of San Francisco {if your out there!}about 4 years ago. nice or junk, running or not, you can also page me @ 1-650-377-7112 24 hrs a day. thanks ...JC

WANTED:   Information on Sachs internal 2 speed centrifugal hub posted by: Ray on 2/26/2001 at 9:01:14 AM
I purchased this hub because I like unusual drive train items. I put it on an old Schwinn Racer and put a Dana 3 speed transmission on the BB. The 3 speed transmission works just great with its grip shifter. The two speed Sachs works for riding but does not seem to shift at all. It has a coaster break arm that works fine and it sounds like a freewheel when it rolls but no shifting that I can tell. I varied speed and this did nothing, I even tried to do the kickback method thinking maybe it was like a Bendix, no dice. Anyone out there have any experience with this hub?

   RE:WANTED:   Information on Sachs internal 2 speed centrifugal hub posted by Cam on 2/26/2001 at 10:01:27 AM
Sorry I can't help at all with the Sachs, but I'd love to learn more about the **Dana**. It works on the Bottom Bracket? How big is it? What's it look like? What kind of ratios?

   Information on Sachs posted by Eric Zelenka on 2/27/2001 at 8:56:31 AM
Can ANYONE send me any information on Sachs www page if it exists? i search for some relativly new parts ...