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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   Roadmaster Ballooner posted by: Jim on 3/21/2001 at 6:10:16 AM
For sale barn fresh Roadmaster Ballooner. Nice restorable bike. Complete. Needs new tube up front to be ridable. Allstate tires some weathering but ridable. Has been repainted. Original paint is still underneath. It was Maroon and cream with orange highlights. Chrome is not bad, trussrods would need replating. A nice restoration project or just a good cruiser. Basic model of the Luxury Liner line up. Probably 48-52 era. $160 plus shipping and the cobwebs are free. I have another bike in original paint that is identical to this one(and was bought at the same time) if you would like to see the colors and paint scheme. I bought two from the original owners one brother decided to paint the other kept his original. check it out at http://bikeyard.home.mindspring.com/barn

MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by: Brian on 3/20/2001 at 8:04:53 PM
Got three old Schwinn Pixies, cant locate any #'s for date. Is there a special place the #'s were put on theses little bikes. All are complete, in various needs of repair. Any Idea of value?

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by cj on 3/21/2001 at 4:52:33 AM
On the headtube or the rear dropout, no? I haven't looked at a Pixie in a long time

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by .02 on 3/21/2001 at 5:04:14 AM
From past experience, some Pixies have numbers but not the letters to figure out the date. From what I was told you have to pull the crank to check for a date stamp on it. I'd check current and finished auctions on eBay for a value.

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by chris.s on 3/21/2001 at 11:19:14 AM
in the liz fried book it says the smaller schwinn had no ser# because the thives had lack of interst..

   RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by BillG on 3/22/2001 at 4:57:17 AM
>> in the liz fried book it says the smaller schwinn
>> had no ser# because the thives had lack of interst

I wonder about that one. Manufacturers put serial numbers on everything for a bunch of reasons other than theft.

My old toaster has a serial number. Is it there because Toastmaster thought someone would steal it?

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by chris.s on 3/22/2001 at 6:21:19 AM
Thats good about the toster,,,the liz book says (they never assigned ser# to this model.were that to small to be taken seriously?)

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Pixie posted by Brian on 3/25/2001 at 12:43:52 PM
hmmmm.... For whatever reason, there are no #'s. I wonder how they could be dated? Any ideas form anyone as to the value??

WANTED:   Folding rear basket posted by: Brian on 3/20/2001 at 7:55:31 PM
Hello all! Anybody ever seen or knows where to get one of those old baskets that fold open and closed, mounts over the rear wheel? Friend of mine has to have one...

   RE:WANTED:   Folding rear basket posted by cj on 3/21/2001 at 4:52:57 AM
I think most bike shops still sell these!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Folding rear basket posted by Brian on 3/21/2001 at 10:52:33 AM
Havent come across any around here, if ya see one let me know!! thanx.

   RE:WANTED:   Folding rear basket posted by stoney on 3/23/2001 at 11:47:59 AM
i have a schwinn folding basket that goes over the rear wheel and folds up on both sides. if you are interested let me know.

MISC:   bicycle websites posted by: christian on 3/20/2001 at 7:26:40 PM
hello everyone. along with this excellent web site, there are many other places to get the answers you need. one of which is The Bicycle Billboard: www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum
so if you would like to get the word out as much as you can, come on over and post your questions and pictures at our site too. and a "big thank you" goes out to this site, oldroads.com, which has been here for collectors as long as i've been in this hobby.

FOR SALE:   1978 Schwinn 5-speed Stingray posted by: Steve on 3/20/2001 at 6:21:34 PM
I have for sale a 1978 Flamboyant red 5 speed stingray. The bike is in near mint cond. No rust,Seat is mint,has speedometer,all original reflectors,fenders,grips,cables.etc.. Sorry i have no pics
asking $300.00 plus shipping to 47807..Thanks for looking..

MISC:   Info on Murray Monteray posted by: Chrystal on 3/20/2001 at 2:05:51 PM
I am interested in finding out any information concerning a Murray monteray. When were they made? Are they worth anything now? Would it be classified as a middle weight? Any information would be greatly appreciated - thank you.

   RE:MISC:   Info on Murray Monteray posted by cj on 3/21/2001 at 4:54:20 AM
They are middlewieghts. I think they were made from around 1987 right up 'till now. (ie. they ain't very old or collectible)

WANTED:   60cm/24" road frame & fork posted by: Keith on 3/20/2001 at 9:11:08 AM
Need to replace 531 Trek frame ruined by collision with dog. Specs: (1) 60cm/24" c-t; (2) decent quality (at least chromoly) lugged steel; (3) straight, no dents or rust; (4) clearance for 700 x 32 tires; (5) 126mm dropout spacing. Want to pay less than $100 (the 531 frame Trek was $105 as a complete bike). velohund@yahoo.com Thanks!

MISC:   Information Wanted On A 1932 Firestone Cruiser posted by: Duncan on 3/19/2001 at 1:35:28 PM
I am looking for information on a 1932 Firestone Cruiser.
The bicycle has 26 inch tires, is for a male, has original
paint in poor condition, has a light, a carrier rack,
a tank with holes in it, and a kick stand. Any information
and a rough estimation of it's value would be appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   Information Wanted On A 1932 Firestone Cruiser posted by JOEL on 3/19/2001 at 2:34:08 PM
Firestone bikes were made by several manufacturers at different times. Given the info posted, it could be any of them. All I can tell you is that it is not likely a 32 model since 26" balloon tires were introduced in 1933.

You might try looking through the picture database at Firestone, Monark, Dayton, Huffman bikes and see if you can find anything similar or zap me a picture if you have one.
More info would be helpful (chain type,stand type,markings,....)

   RE:MISC:   Information Wanted On A 1932 Firestone Cruiser posted by kevin on 3/20/2001 at 4:57:30 PM
I'm the owner of this bike. the bike was made by Monark. It's mostly black with some green. where the paint is scratched red is showing. the plate by front forks says firestone super cruiser. chain guard says cruiser. bike looks just like the 1953 firestone holiday.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Information Wanted On A 1932 Firestone Cruiser posted by kevin on 3/21/2001 at 3:10:02 PM
the serial # is A1574843
model # is 180-39A103

FOR SALE:   Viscount racing bike posted by: kevin on 3/18/2001 at 7:20:45 PM
Original mid-seventies racer, sealed bearing hubs and b.b. Aluminum fork, Crane rear der. Lambert brakes. In very good condition. pics available, make offer.

FOR SALE:   61 cm Mondia Special posted by: kevin on 3/18/2001 at 7:16:04 PM
Gorgeous Swiss made Campy equipped racer. In very good condition. Pics available. $600.00 or best offer.

FOR SALE:   1897 VINTAGE ANTIQUE CYCLIST'S CUP posted by: Dave on 3/18/2001 at 6:24:41 PM
FANTASTIC VERY RARE LATE 1800'S TURN OF THE CENTURY ANTIQUE TELESCOPING CYCLIST'S CUP - Made of Solid Brass with a plated finish - about 80% of finish remains; 2-1/2 inches in diameter & 3-inches tall. This cup telescopes open, or folds flat to about 1-inch tall. The cover is beautifully stamped with a design relief that says "CYCLIST'S CUP" surrounding Two Cyclists on a Bicycle-Built-For-Two riding through a beautiful country landscape. The cup is signed on the bottom "MADE IN U.S.A. - PAT'D FEB. 23, '97. $275.00 plus insured shipping. If interested, please e-mail dutz@massed.net for images.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1897 VINTAGE ANTIQUE CYCLIST'S CUP posted by Jim P. on 3/21/2001 at 3:47:14 PM
Hi Dave, I own several of these cups and have paid $8-$25 a piece for them. The nicest one I bought for $8 last year on ebay, and it has perfect nickle plating with no dents or wear. I think your pricing might be a bit inflated. Regards, Jim P.

WANTED:   WANTED - OLD SUNBEAM BYCICLE posted by: Michael Abbott on 3/18/2001 at 7:51:04 AM
I had an old Sunbeam bycicle which beonged to my grandfather. It was stolen. It had an enclosed chain, a large leather seat with huge srpings underneath, and the old style mechanical brake handles (with levers going down to the wheels. Would love to buy anther one. Does anyon know where I could get it? My grandfather was English, and I believe Sunbeam is an English make.

   RE:WANTED:   WANTED - OLD SUNBEAM BYCICLE posted by JOEL on 3/19/2001 at 7:04:34 AM
If you don't get a response here, try the English Roadster forum. Someone probably has one.

WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by: Bruce Peterson on 3/18/2001 at 6:55:17 AM
Looking for John Deere Bikes; childs bikes are at the top of the list plus white 10 speed racer and blue 5 speed. Will pay top dollar for any of these in good condition and restorable. Thanks

   RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by rd on 3/18/2001 at 7:53:33 AM
what do you consider as top doller? I have several including a full set all restored and several unrestored ones.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by Beam on 3/18/2001 at 1:40:44 PM
Restored on anything kills it's value.
Only look for, or purchase something which is ORIGINAL.

Is the paint shade correct?
Are the replacement parts right for that year?
Is the chrome 2000 chrome or is it the richer (and pre-EPA) chrome?

No matter what bicycle you are purchasing (John Deere, aside) an original is worth your interest.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by rd on 3/18/2001 at 3:03:51 PM
I have over 200 bikes i think I know what I am doing I don't buy and sell bikes in fact I have never sold one and probaly won't but some have to be restored others dont you may not be athe only expert around. I thought about selling my J D because they are not good bikes ust carry the J D name as I am running out of room.

   RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by Bruce Peterson on 3/18/2001 at 5:33:56 PM
Wow! I guess I used the wrong word. I should NOT have used the word "restored" I should have picked words like rebuild which refer to the thought that I want to clean and polish original parts to have the bikes in excellect condition even if I have to used good original parts from other bikes. There are many JD bikes still available, but no new parts available from Deere. I have been able to rebuild bikes using only original clean parts and that was my intent when I used the "restorable" word. Sorry if I gave the wrong inpression.

   RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by banana bike on 3/18/2001 at 5:45:41 PM
unrestored bikes dont turn me on,nos does,but to a guy who hasnt seen the bike of his past,,a restored one shining new ..will pay for it $$$$

   RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by originals rule the sting-ray world on 3/18/2001 at 6:29:38 PM
spoken like a newbie nimrod.

   RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by kevin on 3/18/2001 at 7:13:59 PM
Bruce, I have one of the black J.D. road bikes. All stock and original in good condition. Make me an offer.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by guido the pot on 3/24/2001 at 12:14:22 PM
Originals may very well rule the "Sting-ray world" I believe the "Sting-ray world" is only a microscopic portion of the bike world, and that I am truly thankfull for! I doubt this guy is a newbie nimrod as you so eloquently suspect, perhaps his interests are just much broader than yours to include more than one type of bike. Just a thought.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   John Deere Bikes posted by originals rule on 3/31/2001 at 7:22:49 PM
Sorry John, but chrislana is indeed pretty new to the hobby by his own admission, and is into sting-rays and musclebikes. In that segment of bicycle collecting, spending alot of money for a restored bike is wasting your money. New Sting-Ray collectors don't always realize that and get burned by sharks. It can be an expensive mistake for newbies to make. Funny how some of the same guys who complain about the high value of nice original bikes and parts will spend alot on a restored bike. But it's their money!

WANTED:   Skyway TA posted by: Justin Franklin on 3/17/2001 at 9:38:53 AM
Skyway ta frame wanted. UK buyer aware of mailing costs. Any info appreciated!

WANTED:   Parts Wanted posted by: JOEL on 3/16/2001 at 2:44:36 PM
24" Lobdell double step sided rim or built front wheel (prewar balloon)- OR - a set of 24" wheels with drop center rims.
24" flat fender braces (set).
24" drop kickstand w/ears and clip.