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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   Schwinn Script Rear Reflector posted by: Ryan on 4/3/2001 at 9:31:56 AM
does any one know where I can get or find Schwinn Script Rear Reflector and/or a Schwinn stingray frame or whole bike.email me and I will send a picture of the Schwinn Script Rear Reflector if you think you see one thank lots Ryan

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Script Rear Reflector posted by RYAN on 4/3/2001 at 9:42:41 AM
e-mail is EMINEM231286@aol.com

WANTED:   schwinn 5 spd crank and chainring/sprocket posted by: jeff on 4/3/2001 at 2:10:57 AM
need a schwinn five speed mag sprocket and crank for a fastback

   RE:WANTED:   schwinn 5 spd crank and chainring/sprocket posted by christian on 4/7/2001 at 11:15:55 PM
got one cheap. email me. thanx

FOR SALE:   5speed..333 shifters NOS posted by: chris.d on 4/2/2001 at 7:58:46 PM
I have NOS shimano still in or. wrapers..35$

WANTED:   Schwinn Typhoon posted by: Robert C Kraft on 4/2/2001 at 9:24:53 AM
I recently acquired a Schwinn Typhoon, stainless fenders, seems to be all original, black paint with white lettering. Is this a collectible item? It seems to be in pretty good condition. Has a 1974 city liscense plate on it, so I think it's been in some storage for years. What does anyone suggest I do with this. At my age, have no interest in keeping this - just thought the old, single speed with coaster brake was nice. Thanx for any reply.

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Typhoon posted by Oscar on 4/2/2001 at 6:38:54 PM
I'm not sure how "collectable" it is, but if its in good condition, someone will likely pay money for it. Maybe $50 - $100. You can check its age by locating the serial number and checking it against the serial number list elsewhere in this site. The serial number will likely be on the left rear dropout (where the rear axle bolts to the frame). Otherwise, it may be on the headtube, below the headbadge. If it's really old it may be under the bottom bracket shell (turn the bike upside-down and look between the pedal arms.)

Someone ought to correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Schwinn stop making black bikes sometime in the early 60's?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Typhoon posted by Cal on 4/3/2001 at 5:04:49 AM
I've seen black Schwinn 'Heavy Duty' model bikes from the late 1970s in black.
I might also think an original Typhoon with chrome fenders (which will probably clean up quite well) would be more in the $125-$175 range.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Typhoon posted by goob on 4/3/2001 at 8:00:36 AM
Value sometimes is determined were the bike is located. They seem to sell mch higer on the west coast that the mid west and south don't know about the east.

FOR SALE:   SCHWINN STINGRAY LIQUIDATION posted by: BRAD on 4/1/2001 at 8:08:50 PM

FOR SALE:   truckload of goodies, watcha need? posted by: christian on 4/1/2001 at 6:41:33 PM
i have a variety of schwinn and non schwinn parts. off-brand triple tree front ends, sissy bars, wheels , tires,
reflectors, lights, speedos,etc. e-mail me with what you need and i will see if i have it. thanx, christian

   RE:FOR SALE:   truckload of goodies, watcha need? posted by christian on 4/17/2001 at 8:12:10 PM
Whats up, I need a blue and gray banana seat for a 79 fastback. Also im in search of a green and yellow schwinn stingray fastback.. Please get in contact with me ,,, thanx

FOR SALE:   Suntour Top Tube 5 speed Stick Shifter posted by: Jeff Imel on 4/1/2001 at 6:16:19 PM
I have a Suntour top tube mount 5 speed shifter for sale. Here's a photo:

Please e-mail me if you have any questions, & you can view my feedback on ebay under the user name "ferretbee".

WANTED:   '71 Manta Ray rear tire posted by: Justin Edin on 4/1/2001 at 4:45:57 PM
I have a '71 Manta Ray which is completely original with the exception of the tires. I have a NOS front but need the rear. Any information would be appreciated. FYI, this manta is kool orange and in very nice condition with a perfect manta seat. The bike is for sale and photos are available upon request. Thanks, Justin

WANTED:   part wanted posted by: randy on 4/1/2001 at 1:24:56 PM
Rear drive wheel fo a sears brand trike with 24" rims

WANTED:   Early 50's Columbia frame posted by: Jonathan on 3/31/2001 at 10:47:05 PM
Looking for a 3-Star or 5-Star model. Any leads? I dont care how bad it looks, I want a project.

MISC:   Help identify Schwinn trike posted by: Brad Harvey on 3/31/2001 at 8:10:18 PM
Found an older Schwinn trike (the guy that had it thought it was from '64) Has a swinger front fork, tall two-support circular handlebars, chrome back axle and sprocket plate.
The chrome back axle is huge. Looks like original color was yellow. 20" wheels. Any help would be appriceiated.
Thanks in advance,

   RE:MISC:   Help identify Schwinn trike posted by jj on 4/2/2001 at 6:28:35 AM
A chrome rear axle? Sonuds like one of those new repop rear ends you can buy from lowrider shops. Schwinn didn't make a trike (Town and Country tri-wheel) with a chrome rear end.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Help identify Schwinn trike posted by Brad Harvey on 4/2/2001 at 9:59:42 AM
The guy we got it from said he bought it over 20 years ago and he has not done anything to it.
Were these aftermarket axles available then?
It is not a town and country. Serial #'s and body style check-out for 1964.
Thanks for the input jj.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Help identify Schwinn trike posted by Brad Harvey on 4/2/2001 at 9:59:43 AM
The guy we got it from said he bought it over 20 years ago and he has not done anything to it.
Were these aftermarket axles available then?
It is not a town and country. Serial #'s and body style check-out for 1964.
Thanks for the input jj.

FOR SALE:   Swap Meet April 8, Swansea, MA posted by: joe on 3/31/2001 at 7:26:28 PM
The swap meet is Free to vendors and the public, indoor and outdoor. Push, pull or drag it to the show. We want to kick the spring off with a great start. Email me for information. Email everyone you know...

MISC:   1970-75ish Iverson Bike posted by: Ron V on 3/31/2001 at 6:04:06 AM
I have come across an Iverson Bike bought in the 1970s. I was going to throw it out but someone mentioned to me that it might be worth something. I'm just wondering what it is and if its worth anything, please don't hesitate to email me at liftfreak@yahoo.com, I will supply you with a picture if you need. All I know is that it is a denim colored 1970ish 10-speed bike.

WANTED:   fastback fender set posted by: jeff on 3/30/2001 at 6:33:42 PM
needed to complete first restoration!

MISC:   No Clue What it is posted by: Dennis on 3/30/2001 at 3:14:50 PM
Well i recently purchased a Classic Schwinn if the serial arcive is right i have a 55 im guessing a wasp or a phantom but it has no tank or lights on it. it is in need of restoration..what i really nees to know about this particullar bike is what model it is. the front has a drum brake rear coster,rear rack,26.2/125 front and rear tires,but the arcive list says that no bike in 55 had a front drum brake on it in 55 if anyone can help me here please e-mail me at droadrunna@yahoo.com thank you.

   RE:MISC:   No Clue What it is posted by Gordon on 3/30/2001 at 7:13:33 PM
The front expander brake could be ordered on any Schwinn adult balloon tire bike in 1955 for an extra $7.50.

   RE:MISC:   No Clue What it is posted by sam on 3/31/2001 at 6:31:03 AM
The only difference in the phantom frame and the wasp frame were the way they were painted.If your bike still has the fenders and they are/were painted I say wasp , if chrome with a large hole cut for the fender light --then phantom.Sometimes you can still read the name on the chaingard even if if has been painted over---sam

   RE:MISC:   No Clue What it is posted by Dennis on 4/2/2001 at 1:52:38 PM
the crome on the front fender is rusted over i have been able to get some of it off with a little elbow grease the panit color as i can tell use to be either black or a dark brown.There is no hole in the front fender at all.. There is also a sweaden made rack on the rear of the bike.. the chain guard i cant tell if it is original or not in a few days i will have a pic of the bike posted here so yall can help i really appreciate this yal thanks dennis.