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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

FOR SALE:   stingray for bid at ebay posted by: todjob on 5/5/2001 at 7:49:20 PM
tomorrow or monday I will have a 1975 schwinn stingray 3sp for sale on ebay and to watch you guys fight over it and cut each others throats i will set the price starting at $1.00/ a buck /1 george /a single dead president but heres the catch, i will offer this bike for a buy it now offer at $185.00 that includes shipping (not ins.) yes shipping included if you use the buy it now option,no bull ligit deal look for it sun or mon my ebay name is todjob

FOR SALE:   1960's Mattel vrrroom bike posted by: john on 5/5/2001 at 6:54:47 PM
I have a Mattel Vrrroom bike for sale. It is red with a white seat. It has the vrrroom motor,the key part on the handle bar to start the motor has a piece missing.The gas tank is chrome with opening lid to hold your stuff. It has very deep butterfly bars. All original I am the original owner. It is a very rare bike. White rims, original tires with very low miles. some light rust on top of chrome tank.It even has a chrome exhaust pipe. very good condition.BEST OFFER GETS IT. Make an offer, I"m not trying to get rich on this,but I wish it to a good keeper.I can get all the serial # for you but I dont have them in front now.

FOR SALE:   1960's AMF womans Roadmaster Skyliner For Sale posted by: Scott St. Peter on 5/4/2001 at 7:36:28 AM
I have a 60's 24" AMF womans Roadmaster Skyliner. All original parts and rides great. Tank light works. Some paint wear in spots, but overall very solid. I'm only asking $60.00 plus $25.00 S&H. Please email if you are interested and I can send a photo. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE: 1960's AMF womans Roadmaster Skyliner For Sale posted by Scott on 5/4/2001 at 2:20:57 PM
This is the web address were you can see a photo of the bike.

FOR SALE:   " HIAWATHA" GIRLS BIKE posted by: STEVEN on 5/4/2001 at 12:07:37 AM

WANTED:   Old Raleigh lightweight parts wanted posted by: Geoff Rogers on 5/3/2001 at 6:54:15 PM
WANTED: Parts for prewar Raleigh Record Ace, including:
26 X 1-1/4 Endrick rims, 32/40 spoke, prefer black but chrome is okay. With hubs and spokes okay, too.
Bailey or Marsh or other prewar-type dropped handlebars
Dropped-type stem, for "headclip fixing"
Old lightweight hubs
Wingnuts for wheels
4-speed S-A rear hub
Club-type cushion grips
Old Dunlop tires. Or tyres even.
Decals: the ones Lloyd's don't offer, i.e., Chrome Moly Tubing oval. Yeah, I know.
28" rims in good shape (32/40 spoke, rims alone or wheels)
Late-style short chainguard
Front fender
Fender stays for front and rear
I have bikes and parts to trade (see below).

FOR SALE:   English three-speeds for sale posted by: Geoff Rogers on 5/3/2001 at 6:44:11 PM
Several old Brit bikes for sale, to wit:
1940 Three Spires Gazelle Sports. Top tube shift, original, needs cleaning. Rides well. Spearpoint front fender. Asking $175.
1960 Dunelt lady's sports. Original purplish paint, rides well, decals mostly worn off. $75
1966 Dunelt lady's sports. Original nice black paint, super chrome, TCW hub. $65
1967 Dunelt men's sports. Original turquoise paint, weathered and rusty but restorable, $45
1962 Humber Pegasus lady's. Original met. blue paint, TCW hub, rides well, new tires, paint fair to poor. $65
1969 Schwinn breeze lady's (how did that get in here? Oh, yeah. Sturmey-Archer parts for the Brits), met. green, rides great, not too bad shape, decent chrome but lotsa scratches. And it weighs about twice as much as the others. $35 (cheap by the pound).
1971 Triumph sports men's, blue, good paint and chrome, very original, Dunlops, needs cleaning but very easy restoration, $75
I also have some prewar 28" Raleigh rear fenders and a gearcase from a Rudge-Whitworth, missing a few bits.
Prices do not include shipping from Massachusetts.
Geoff Rogers

FOR SALE:   Color Tires! posted by: thetoyking on 5/3/2001 at 6:33:06 AM
I have a Goodyear 20x2.125 Yellow Slick. It is used but not worn out. Black line looks goon. Color is good. Rubber is soft. $20 plus shipping. I also have 2 Tractor Grip Yellow 20x1.75 front tires that are NOS. $15 each plus shipping. Red Tractor Grip Red knobbie with white line NOS $25 plus shipping. Green Tractor Grip with orange line 20x1.75 $15 plus shipping. E-mail if interested.

FOR SALE:   Peugeot Folding 5-spd bicycle posted by: Terri Henry on 5/2/2001 at 7:53:05 PM
Peugeot Cadre Allege/Nouveau Style 5-speed single downtube is hinged for folding both the seat and handlebars have quick release. bicycle is white with black and gold letters tires are 37-430 wide whitewalls it has chrome chaingard, front and rear fenders,front and rear racks with black and white stripped bungie cord straps with chrome handles these are made to the rack and not removable. seat is black wide and has two big springs hanging from the bottom. it also has a chrome generator with front and rear lights. bike is in perfect condition except for cracked rear tailight.

WANTED:   NONPAREIL Bike posted by: Gary M on 5/1/2001 at 10:45:50 PM
found this thing, wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Looks to be the same as the Cleveland Welding bike in the pic database. More info in Balloon tire message.

WANTED:   Trike fenders posted by: Joe on 5/1/2001 at 4:10:59 PM
I need fenders for a 26" Schwinn town & country
Help me please!

WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by: Gary on 4/30/2001 at 8:36:45 PM
R18174 Schwinn Frame 3 speed rigging. what model itis it?

   RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by Cal on 5/1/2001 at 5:41:08 AM
Could be a Jaguar. Check the picture database.

   RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by gary on 5/1/2001 at 8:36:50 PM
its a bare frame, was hoping to find out by serial number

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by BillG on 5/2/2001 at 4:55:28 AM
Unfortunately, Schwinn serial numbers do not contain model or color information.

   RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by Gary on 5/3/2001 at 9:31:34 PM
well then i can make this into any 55 model year model produced? i dont want to cheat anyone, but i can get enough vintage schwinn stuff to make this nearly any model i want.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by Jim on 5/4/2001 at 4:08:13 AM
Well you can make it almost any model within a couple of ranges. Threespeed set ups did come on many models. However things like hand brakes were more common to other models. What style is the rear bracket on the frame. Is it a ribbon that would hold a brake? If so you could use it for a Jag or a Corvette.(I'm assuming the frame is a middleweight) If it is a plain fender mount you could build it as an American or another more basic style Schwinn.

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by sam on 5/4/2001 at 10:15:22 PM
also check the fork to see if it's drilled for a brake.The corvette's were drilled but the delux american(with the ribbon bracket also )was not drilled for a front brake because they used a clamp on brake in 55

   RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by Gary on 5/5/2001 at 12:08:12 PM
The Frame is set for a handbrake. its a ribbon. the fork is drilled for a brake.

   RE:WANTED:   Model info 55 Schwinn posted by Gary on 5/8/2001 at 6:52:10 PM
Now there are 2! i just got a twin to the first one, its a 56 model 3speed frame.

FOR SALE:   Swap Meet June 24, Boston, MA posted by: Joe on 4/30/2001 at 6:38:00 PM
Bicycle Swap meet, June 24, 2001. Under the Bridge, Boston, MA. Interstate 93 North or South. Approximately 1 mile North of Downtown Boston, Exit 28 Sullivan Square around the rotary "Under the Bridge" Rain or shine.. This show is free to everyone and vendors.. If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you.

FOR SALE:   old style leather helmets posted by: miguel on 4/30/2001 at 6:23:29 PM
i am looking for an old style leather racing helmet. preferably black in about a 7 3/4 size. if anyone has any leads or even just their proper name, i'd ppreciate it.

   RE:FOR SALE:   old style leather helmets posted by Art on 5/1/2001 at 11:36:09 AM
Kucharik (?) is one of the brand names. I saw one go on e-bay.

WANTED:   Sturmey-Archer twist grip shifter posted by: Rich Delombard on 4/30/2001 at 6:04:46 PM
I need a Sturmey-Archer twist grip shifter for a Raleigh RSW-16, ca. 1969. Either a whole twist grip shifter or some of the internal parts, like the detent and the spring wire keeper.

Also, does anyone know what types of springs where enclosed in the original style back rack? They are both gone (or it is gone if there was just one). I'm not about to take apart my other RSW rack to see!

   RE:WANTED:   Sturmey-Archer twist grip shifter posted by bernie on 5/4/2001 at 6:27:27 PM
ive goy some twist grips.email me if you still need one and whats a fair price?

WANTED:   Let's Make a Deal!! I want to trade some stuff!! posted by: Matt on 4/30/2001 at 12:54:53 PM
I'm looking for the following:

Nice Sprint Derailleur
Nice, Straight, no pitting, 1966 Stik Shifter Shaft
Sears 24" Spyder Stik Shifter (Twin Top tube style)
24X1.75 Raised White Letter Slik
24X1 3/8 Raised White Letter Front Tire
Huffy Flaming Stack Chainguard
Black Glitter Lever Covers
Lime Green Babac Brand Glitter Lever Covers
Day-Glo Orange Lever Covers
Day-Glo Orange Flag Valve Caps

I've got a ton of stuff to trade, tires, parts, accessories, seats, some complete bikes, etc... send me your wish list and let's make a deal!!

   RE:WANTED:   Let's Make a Deal!! I want to trade some stuff!! posted by bernie on 5/4/2001 at 6:26:11 PM
how about some day glo orange streamers?
got about 6-8 sets.