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Archived: General For Sale/Wanted

WANTED:   PK Ripper Washers for Frame and Fork posted by: Rob Budzinski on 6/13/2001 at 10:02:38 AM
Hi, I am looking for PK Ripper Washers for Frame and Fork. I may also be interested in a sticker set. Let me know if you have any info.


FOR SALE:   Need help identifying this old brake.. posted by: GS on 6/13/2001 at 9:38:43 AM
Need Help....
Can anybody tell me what kind of brake this is?
Sorry for the poor pictures.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


   RE:FOR SALE:   Need help identifying this old brake.. posted by Cal on 6/14/2001 at 4:58:08 AM
Looks like a Shimano disc brake.

WANTED:   PARTS posted by: JOEL on 6/13/2001 at 8:19:56 AM

36 Monark Silver King 24" front wheel, kickstand, headlight.

26" 3 speed coaster balloon wheelset, any brand, painted rims preferred.

Ingo Bike Parts

FOR SALE:   Muchos Bicycletas! posted by: Mike on 6/13/2001 at 7:09:23 AM
I've got lots of vintage bikes for sale: Schwinn Cruisers,
Rollfasts, Monarks, even a rare Mercury with a Morrow hub. Also Morrow hubs sold seperately.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Muchos Bicycletas! posted by Joel on 6/13/2001 at 8:19:44 AM
Can you send a picture of the Mercury? Any other prewar bikes?

FOR SALE:   NOS Sturmey Archer Sportshift 3 (resembles Sing Ray / Krate Shifter) posted by: Jim on 6/13/2001 at 6:31:39 AM
New Old Stock Sturmey Archer Sportshift 3, new in the box, Listed (by me) on ebay, item # 1155041967. I have several others, SA 3+2's, as well as the smaller variety Sportshift 3, & an NOS Perry Coaster in the box that I will put on my Old Roads reader's web page, "retrocycles" in the next few days before listing on ebay, to give Old Roads readers an opportunity to buy w/out the ebay hassle.

FOR SALE:   Wasp, Hollywood, Ward, SuperSport, Sears Folder posted by: Jeff Potter on 6/12/2001 at 12:35:49 PM
I used to read the "Classic Bike" newsletter and now have too many bikes. (I like roadbikes and recumbents more now.)

Here's some info on some *one owner* bikes (mostly) I have for sale:

*WARD CRUISER: I have a neat old MW 50's cruiser that was the top of the line model.
Paint chipping, fading, very little rust. 90% of add-on parts still there. Kickstand gone, but could be located. Maybe a light is missing---possibly a couple small items missing.

*SCHWINN WASP: Black, in pretty good shape. All parts there.

*SCHWINN HOLLYWOOD: Purple, in very good shape. All parts.

*70's SCHWINN SUPERSPORT: I have a nice condition SS from the early 70's, lime green, with
kickstand, generator lights and leather saddle. Non-lugged frame. A bit of paint fade and chip and part-finish corrosion, but the bike works great. I rode it on a long club training race ride a couple years ago. We pasted about a dozen team riders.

*SEARS FOLDER: Very good condition. It has two cargo racks which are very elegantly integrated into the frame design. 20" wheels. From the 60's probably. Brown.

*I'm located near Lansing, Mich. I'll ship, but pick up is best.

*I've taken photos of most of these now and can provide them soon. I could get SS#'s too.


FOR SALE:   -DAYTONS- 68 Spoke's posted by: none on 6/12/2001 at 3:32:34 AM
sup? I got a pair of 68 spoke Daytons (great shape) For sale so email me with an offer and i will reply right away or as soon as i can

WANTED:   Schwinn Beach cruiser seat posted by: Derek on 6/11/2001 at 7:18:54 PM
I'm looking for a seat. Hopefully the black one with the springs and schwinn logo on the back.
I'm looking for something in the 1989 cira.

thanks in advance.

FOR SALE:   Wanted Balloon tire bicycles posted by: Joe on 6/11/2001 at 6:56:07 PM
I have a few krates, stingrays and fastbacks that I would gladly trade for balloon tire bicycles. Please email me directly.

thank you.

MISC:   schwinn hurricane 5 posted by: sean on 6/11/2001 at 11:07:28 AM
i bought this bike from the original owner. the bike is in really good shape. very little rust all original. Ive been searching the sight but i cant seem to find much info. any help appreciated. i dont know anythig about this

WANTED:   Monarch Rocket Tank posted by: Joel Avila on 6/11/2001 at 8:07:55 AM

Looking for a Monarch Rocket Tank.
Any condition OK. Please give me
a call (408) 260-0895 or e-mail if
you can help. Thanks!

FOR SALE:   HELP posted by: DELL on 6/10/2001 at 9:41:05 PM
I have a B.F GOODRICH. It is a girls bike with a tank. It says challenger on the tank and crusader on the dropouts. How do I know what year it is. is it worth anything?

FOR SALE:   huffy cheater slick bike posted by: john on 6/10/2001 at 8:25:45 PM
amazingly nice condition huffy cheater slick bike. orange in color. very little wear on the entire bike. high rise sissy bar w/nos sissy bar pad cover and nos fun wheels mag inserts. this bike is awesome! $350 plus shipping. please email me directly for questions and pics. thanx, jc

FOR SALE:   PHILLIPS FRONT FENDER ORNAMENT posted by: Brian on 6/10/2001 at 6:50:37 PM
I need a front fender tip (ornament) for a 50's Phillips, also a pair of ladies handgrips for same bicycle.

   RE:FOR SALE:   PHILLIPS FRONT FENDER ORNAMENT posted by stage2 on 6/16/2001 at 5:57:57 AM
i have a 53 phillips mens ad a 55 girls that im parting out i dont know if the front feder tips come of or not.the fendrs r chrome,the boys chain ring has phillips cut out of it,the girls has hunt wilde grips i think in white,the boys has black grips that r pointed in the front,i bought these bikes for the 3 spd hubs everything slse goes,like 2 trade 4 schwinn tuff, AJ

MISC:   Robin Hood posted by: Joe on 6/10/2001 at 6:14:57 PM
Hey does anyone know what this bike is. I found it in my basement. It sais its a Robin Hood. Made in Notingham Englend. Anyhelp is gratefull.

   RE:MISC:   Robin Hood posted by Foster on 6/11/2001 at 6:25:27 AM
It's a classic English Roadster. You can find a lot of information on them under the English Roadster topic.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Robin Hood posted by Art on 6/11/2001 at 10:17:04 PM
It was made by Raleigh.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Robin Hood posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 6/15/2001 at 11:56:43 AM
Raleigh Cycle Company made the Gazelle line of bicycles but these were getting confused with the Gazelle Company of Holland line of bicycles. So Raleigh changed the name of this line of bikes to Robin Hood. The early ones came in lovely colors and the badge is neat. There was a Robin Hood Cycle company years and years ago but hardly anything is known about it. Raleigh possibly bought the rights to the name when Robin Hood Cycle Co. went under
Raleigh bought up a lot of companies like Rudge,Humber, Triumph bicycles,Phillips merged and became a Raleigh brand name too.