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MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by: James on 6/18/2001 at 9:26:32 AM

I posted this in the collector's and classified section of the Schwinn forum and maybe this is the correct place for a question. I have a February 1966 (as told by a Schwinn dealer reading the serial number) 3 speed Sting-Ray in blue. It's a fenderless model in about a C-7 condition. The bike is blue with a silver glitter smooth sting-ray seat in nice shape. The 3 speed is mounted on the handlebars. The grips are a fatter white grip compared to grips I've seen on reproduction krate bikes. Chrome is nice and tires appear to be original. Everything else on the bike looks to be original and works fine. I was wondering what the approximate value might be for this bike. The dealer didn't want to get involved with givinf a value for the bike. I tried ebay to find out but couldn't find a bike set up the same way. I ride the bike alot and have been asked numerous times to sell it but I have no plans of selling it as I do enjoy riding it and it's the only Sting-Ray I own. I just would like to know an approximate value. Please respond here as I don't have a PC at home (college student on a budget) and can check for replys when I'm at the library.
Thanks in advance!!

   RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by Cal on 6/18/2001 at 9:51:37 AM
It's really tough to tell without seeing the bike. The more original the bike is, the more valuable it is. I'll refrain from giving ballpark prices since the last time I gave my opinion on prices someone accused me of sniffing glue!
Your best bet would be to just enjoy the bike and keep it in a safe place. If you're really curious, buy a price guide. Beyond that, I'm out of advise.

   RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by Value is only what you can get from it. on 6/18/2001 at 2:20:41 PM
A lot of people on the Schwinn board think that if a fender has been replaced due to a bend, the whole bike is just Parts. A few washers out of place and scrap it. Unless it came from them its not original. They firmly beleive that every single Schwinn made was produced with the exact same parts as the model they have and all other opinions are wrong.
Since Schwinn serial numbers only contain the date, nobody can prove right or wrong anyway.
GM routinely substitutes part B for part A to keep production going. And those armchair experts still deny that a Corporation as large as Schwinn would ever do such a thing. I have a lot of Schwinns and no 2 are the same.
even my Continentals are all slightly different. I personally wouldnt sell that bike, so to me i would put its value over $300.

   RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by Pretty Obvious on 6/19/2001 at 9:08:38 PM
Gee, GARY M, aren't you the bitter boy. Yeah, we can figure out who you are. And FYI Mr Smart Guy, Schwinn's policy was to send dealers "Newsflash" letters whenever a part was changed. Even the smallest. Example: when they ran short of Schwinn star washers in 1966, they sent a Newsflash to dealers to let them know they would be using Sturmey Archer washers for a month or so until the supplier of the star washers made a delivery. So you CAN know exactly how your Sting-Ray should be configured if you really want to know bad enough. You just want to convince people that your pieced together bikes are kosher, and you hate the guys you can't snow.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by Sick of BS on 6/19/2001 at 10:36:56 PM
Look Dork I have NEVER EVER Sold a StingRay. I dont intend on it. I keep mine. I dont need to bullshit people. and if think that a company that has no idea what model they just produced from the serial number has a list of every change they made, man thats some tall tale. There is a ton more money to be made on Current Treks, and Cannondales then those old spindly little kids bikes. I have mostly Heavy and middleweight bikes. I personally wouldnt trade my 62 Typhoon Straight bar Kickback for any of your little kids bikes. So why dont you go tell the world all you know about stingrays. I could care less.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 6/20/2001 at 6:22:41 AM
Hey All,
Everyone enjoys a lively discussion, but please don't resort to personal attacks and profanity.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

   Thanks for the info! posted by James on 6/20/2001 at 8:16:56 AM
Thanks for info.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by PaperMan on 6/20/2001 at 10:55:07 AM
Gary...If you never heard of, or read, the monthly Schwinn Reporters or frequent NewsFlashes sent to all Schwinn dealers in the '60s, Sorry. I'm not to blame for your ignorance. Schwinn may not have the records NOW, but they kept their dealers extremely well informed at the time, letting them know about every new model released, shipping dates, parts shortages, parts changes, etc. They even let the dealers know when they had to stop advertising certain discontinued models. This must come as a huge surprise to you, someone who seems to think Schwinn was a bumbling, incompetent bunch. In the 60's they were king. And worked hard to keep it that way. As a Sting-Ray guy, I do not pretend to know anything about, ballooners, middleweights or lightweights; nor do I try to answer any questions about those models. I do know Sting-Rays. Sorry if you think they're just kids' bikes, but alot of us think they're pretty cool. Please don't criticize those of us who take our kids bikes VERY seriously and take the time to learn every scrap of info we can. Don't criticize us because you don't take the time. And certainly don't try to say we make stuff up. It makes YOU look pretty petty and foolish.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by Cal on 6/20/2001 at 1:46:17 PM
Boy Gary. You are coming off as a really angry guy. James asked a simple question and you go off on this jag about how guys on the Schwinn forums are idiots! Where'd that come from?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   1966 Sting-Ray 3-spd value?? posted by dobie gillis on 6/22/2001 at 3:46:38 PM
cal, gary, im sure you are both a couple of good guys. but fighting is pointless. its not a competition, but a great hobbie to be enjoyed with your friends and children. using an example such as needing to know the correct washer for a bike? think about it. who the heck has that kind of info? i wont use my real name because ive talked to both of you, and you seem like good people. so lets settle it up , and try to help these newbies. we werent all born with the knowledge of bikes and had to learn from somewhere. lets help this guy out and all the other guys who need the info. and if you want to bash me for this, go ahead. im a bigger man than to let someone ive never met in person hurt my feelings. you all have a great weekend and i wish you many good rides.

WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by: Doug Reed on 6/18/2001 at 4:34:39 AM
looking for a front wheel S-7 20x1/34 in fair or better condition need 2 chrome fenders for 20 inch schwinn girls bike, and finally a s seat in blue for the 20 inch girls bike I am not sure of this bikes model but it has the exact frame of the stingray but middleweight type of fenders and seat if you have any of these parts for sale let me know price plus shipping to Omaha Ne. Thanks Doug Dugplumb@aol.com

   RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by MNSmith on 6/18/2001 at 8:06:09 PM
I have a couple of rim only 20" S-7's that you can lace to your favorite hubs. Painted, not chrome but chromable if needed. Interested?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by Doug Reed on 6/19/2001 at 9:31:47 AM
Thanks but I really need one with a front hub preferably with schwinn script.

   RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by jason oakden on 6/22/2001 at 7:23:43 PM
how can I get a hold of a sissybar and a chainguard for a
shwinn stingray?

   RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by jason on 6/22/2001 at 7:25:13 PM
how can I get a hold of a sissybar and a chainguard for a
shwinn stingray?

   RE:RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by steven on 6/25/2001 at 5:38:03 AM

   RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by Greta Ehlers on 7/2/2001 at 6:18:47 PM
I have a 20 in front wheel for a Schwinn girls bike in great condition. I also have chrome fenders in perfect condition for the 20 in wheels as well. Interested? I can send photos via email.

   RE:WANTED:   schwinnn parts posted by tom g on 7/3/2001 at 2:41:00 PM
have 20 X 1 3/4 schwinn front wheel s-7....near mint, $19
have blue and white S seat....$13 and have girls fender
set no rust....$19

WANTED:   murray fire cat posted by: wayne on 6/17/2001 at 3:41:06 PM
looking to finish my two murray choppers one is a purple cire cat the other ? but both are murrays thank you for your time

FOR SALE:   BSA Bicycle Agent Porcelain 2ble Sign posted by: Peter on 6/16/2001 at 2:59:22 PM
I picked up this interesting BSA Bicycle Agent Two Sided Porcelain Enamel Sign in Moscow Russia at the antiques market 2 weeks ago. It is about 18 inches tall and 15" wide. I assume it is from before 1914 and the outbreak of WWI. Does anyone have any idea concerning its age? Click here

MISC:   BIANCHI NEALECO? FOLDING BIKE - ANY INFO? posted by: michelle on 6/16/2001 at 11:02:22 AM
i founa an old Bianchi Bicycle at a Sale This Weekend ' Wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I've searched & searched here & on the 'net & can't find much. I don't know much about bikes - it has Wellgo Pedals made in Japan, Has 2 large Bianchi decals on the frame, also Made in Italy decal & Nealeco Italy decal on the seat post and handlebar post and says Sicur Brevettato (Italy) on the things attaching the seat and the handle bars to the frame. It's a beautiful red & it folds. It has a generator-type light on it, haven't checked to see if it works yet. One tire is Schwinn Spitfire & the other is made in Taiwan. Has a neat rack built into the frame on the back. Serial # 36785. Seat is wide - I don't know if it's leather or not - has metal springs underneath... Handle grips are white. Has hand brakes, white cables, one goes to rear, one to front. Can anyone tell me if this is an unusual or "common" bike? A search for Nealeco came up completely blank. Any idea of the age of this bike? And, of course, is it worth anything? I paid more for it than I would of liked to, but it was too cool to pass up!! =-) Thanks for any help! 'michelle in minnesota

MISC:    bicycle posted by: Judy Coley on 6/16/2001 at 8:39:44 AM
Does anyone have information about a Sears Bicycle built for two? I bought one but need new tires and a chain guard. How can I determine how old it is? It seems to bhave the original paint, etc. Thanks

FOR SALE:   uni-cycle tires posted by: Doug Reed on 6/16/2001 at 7:06:40 AM
I have 2 Schwinn NOS uni-cycle tires for sale They are 24 x 13/4 fit s-7 rims and say schwinn uni-cycle on them very rare never mounted in mint condition want to sell here will list on e-bay in 2 weeks $40.00 plus shipping for both dont miss out.

   RE:FOR SALE:   uni-cycle tires posted by Chip on 6/21/2001 at 4:44:25 PM
Doug If you don't have any luck here selling .Try going to
http://www.bikeforums.com/ and then going to the unicycle

   RE:FOR SALE:   uni-cycle tires posted by Doug Reed on 6/23/2001 at 7:30:24 AM
Thanks for the info Chip!

FOR SALE:   PANTHER CHAINGUARD posted by: STEVEN on 6/15/2001 at 2:53:18 PM

FOR SALE:   FRONT FENDER LIGHT posted by: STEVEN on 6/15/2001 at 2:48:47 PM

WANTED:   Gym-Dandy Surrey Parts posted by: Crystal Montgomery on 6/15/2001 at 2:22:17 PM
Please Help! I need the following Gym-Dandy Surrey Parts:
a pair of peddles, handle bars and wheels measuring: 12x1.25. Please e-mail me if you can help me on this one or if you have these parts. Let me know what your prices are if you can accomodate me. Thank you! :) Have a great day.

MISC:   Firestone Info Needed posted by: Jerry on 6/15/2001 at 1:07:11 PM
My roommate has an older Firestone Cruiser most likely a 60's Warrior and I was wondering if anyone can give me anymore information about it there are two serial numbers on it under the bottom bracket is 434-2-161 and on the
rear dropout W150546 Any information is certainly appreciated

WANTED:   Need this pedal posted by: Ray on 6/14/2001 at 6:15:22 PM
Need the left pedal that looks like this one. Will buy set if you have. It is from a 1955 Peugeot that is nearly complete.

FOR SALE:   1917 Schwinn posted by: Bob Willey on 6/14/2001 at 10:14:52 AM
We have someone who has brought something to us, for us to sell for them. A 1917 Schwinn. We cannot find any information on this early model. For its age, it is in great condition. The person is leery of moving it around very much until we can determine something about it, and its possible value. I am working on getting pictures that I can post of it. It was kept in an attic for many years.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. We understand that Schwinn's records were destroyed in a fire around 1948.

   RE:FOR SALE:   1917 Schwinn posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 6/15/2001 at 11:49:18 AM
I don't remember the last time someone had one this old. This survived the scrap drives during the war when everything that wasn't bolted down was scraped. The serial numbers were lost and no doubt some records too but with some patience you will turn up information on it. We would love to see photos sent in to the database here at oldroads.com

FOR SALE:   I now have serial #'s for Ward, Wasp and SuperSport posted by: Jeff Potter on 6/13/2001 at 3:05:45 PM
I posted that I had several bikes for sale last night. I didn't have enough info to offer about them. I have since read a few "Classic Bike" issues and can say that the grade of these bikes is 6.

Here are the Serial #'s for some of the bikes....

Ward Hawthorne A98953 520
Super Sport K017962 22.5" frame
Schwinn Wasp F37459
(I can get the #'s for the Hollywood and Sears Folder if anyone wants.)

WANTED:   Rudge Sports Taillight posted by: Matt Ryan on 6/13/2001 at 2:53:42 PM
I've just about completed a restoration of a 52 Rudge Sports Roadster- 3 speed with dynohub. I am only lacking the taillight. The one I have is a cheap replacement. Any suggestions? Thanks,
Matt Ryan.